Me and my friend_(1)

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Chapter 3.

Sunday evening, around 7, I was at my computer doing some reading. I saw Jean sign in and waited to see if she was going to want to chat. It wasn’t long and she sent me a Instant Message, we started chatting and she told me how much fun she had on Saturday. She went on to say how it really turned her on letting her fuck my ass. She started chatting about her boy friend and how he wouldn’t do all the thing sexually that she wanted to try.
She told me that he would never give her oral sex because he thought that was “unclean”. He would let her suck him though. She also told me that he had a 8” cock, and he was very thick. She said that because of his size, it made up for some of the things he wouldn’t do. She went on to tell me how much she loved having her vagina sucked and licked. I again let her know how much I loved giving oral pleasure to just about anyone, male or female. She did mention that her boy friend was also bi, and that they wanted to try a threesome, sometime. We continued to chat for about an hour longer about a lot of different things until she said she had to get off line because her boy friend had gotten there.
Because Jean’s boy friend stayed at her place until Wednesday, I didn’t hear from her.
I was working on some business stuff Wednesday afternoon, when Jean signed in and wanted to chat, so I put aside my stuff and started chatting with her. She started out by telling me her boy friend had just left to go back to work and wouldn’t be back until Sunday evening. I asked where he worked and what he did but she changed the subject and asked me if I would come over Thursday and help her with some things she had purchased at the auction. I agreed and we planned on meeting at 1:00, at her place. We worked for about two hours at her place, then took some things to her shop.
Friday morning, at around 9, she sent me and Instant Message and asked me to come over and bring my “case of toys” and razor. I told her I would be there by 10:00. I got my things together and headed fro her place, arriving right at 10:00.
When I go there, the front door was open, I rang the doorbell, she yelled from her downstairs office to come in, close the door and lock it, and come downstairs. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I looked toward where her computer is, and there she was totally nude at her computer looking at pics she had taken of her and her boy friend having sex. They were hot, she was sucking his penis, and had most of it in her mouth. I couldn’t see his face but he did have an impressive cock. In an other pic, he was fucking her doggie style and the look on her face said she was really enjoying it.
As we looked at the pics, I stood behind her, massaging her soldiers and neck. The began moving my hands down to her breast, massaging each of them and playing with her nipples. As I was massing her titties, she said she loved taking pics while they were having sex. She turned her head and looked me straight in the eyes and asked if I would like to be in a “home movie”. I told her I never had been in one but would love to give it a try. We finished looking at her pics with one of her Boy Friend cumming all over her lips and breast. Really a hot pic.
She stood up, gave me a big hug and told me to follow her into the spare bedroom off her office. She told me to take all my clothes off, and that she would be right back. When she was gone, I did strip everything off. She came back with a bowl of hot water, which she sat on a chair near the bed. She asked me if I had brought my razor and shaving cream, I told her I had them in my case and was ready to use them. She laid down on the bed and in a very sexy voice said, “sir would you please shave me.” I went over to my “toy case”, got out the razor and shaving cream and went back to the bed. Took a wash cloth, washed her pubic hair, vagina and between her legs and began shaving izmit escort her. Lathered her pubic hair and carefully shaved her smooth. Then I put shaving cream all over her vagina. I massaged her pussy lips apart, keeping a finger in her pussy and shaves one side, all the time moving my finger back and forth in her pussy. Then ?I did the other side, repeating my finger movements. After I had shaved her smooth, I took the wash clothe and washed away all the cream.. I told Jean I needed to check and make sure I had gotten all the hair. I bent over her pussy, got my mouth over as much of her pussy as I could and began licking her. I then licked up one side of her pussy lip and down the other side. She began to moan softly, so I kept licking her pussy lips and all over her pussy. In the middle of my licking her, the cell phone rang and she answered it. It was her boy friend. As she talked to him, I kept on slowly licking up and down on her pussy lips. When they had finished the conversation, she told me he was wondering why she was out of breath.
I continued sucking on her cunt, which by this time was getting really wet with her juices. As I continued sucking her, I got hold of her clitty and started sucking on it. I then began putting a couple fingers into her and sucking her at the same time. She seemed to enjoy this action, so I added an other finger and then an other on until I had four fingers in her pussy. She was moaning again and asked me to just finger fuck her for awhile. I was glad to do this, but this time, when I brought my fingers almost out of her, I added my thumb so I had all my fingers and thumb fucking her pussy. I was awesome finger fucking her this way and she loved it, the moaning was getting louder and more frequent. I then pushed all my finders into her pussy and kept on going in. I got all my fingers in her and kept pushing and pushing. Jean was really getting into this, lifting her ass off the bed to take more of my hand. I pushed into her until I had all my hand deep in her pussy. I just stopped and moved my fingers around inside of her. She was telling me to fuck her more so I started moving my hand in and out of her until she stiffened moaned real loud and unloaded her pussy juice all over herself and me. I took my hand out of her and licked all her pussy juice of it and then stuck my tongue in her pussy and drank that delicious pussy juice from her cunt. She told me that was the first time anyone had fist fucked her before but that it would not be the last time. I went into the bath room to take a piss and clean up a little before we played with my “toys”. When I went back into the bed room, she had fallen asleep. I looked at her for a few minutes, watching her breast rise and fall, looking at that shaved pussy and wanted to wake her up, but I just looked at her lying there so peacefully. Then I noticed there were ropes tied to this bed also, so I slowly took the one nearest her foot and tied it, then I tied the other foot to the other corner rope. She began to move around, so before she woke up I found the rope near her right hand and tied it to her and the same to her left hand. By this time she was fully awake and asked me what I was doing. I said that we weren’t done playing and I thought she could use a good fucking. I went over to my toy case and found a dildo about the size of her boy friend and picked it up and went back to the bed and sat down and showed her the toy. I put it to her lips and told her to suck it like she did her BF. As I pushed it inot her mouth she started sucking it like it was a real cock. I held it and she bobbed her head up and dowm trying to gte all of it into her mouth. I let go of it and she kept sucking it. I went back to my case and got out a black 14’ dildo and brought it over so she could see it. Her eyes got wide and she tried to spit the other dildo out of her mouth but I kept one hand on it so she couldn’t. yahya kaptan escort I then got between her legs and started finger fucking her cunt, getting her wet again. I put the black cock at the entrance of her pussy and asked her if she was ready for a real fuck. Before she could answer, I pushed as much of that black cock into her cunt as she could take. I fucked her for about five minutes, hard and deep, with the other dildo still in her mouth. Then I turned around and got over her face with my cock near her mouth, I took the dildo out of her mouth and drove my cock into her face. I began face fucking her and at the same time working the black cock in and out of her pussy. She was sucking my cock for all she was worth while I was fucking her pussy hard and deep until she let out a cream can shocked the dildo with her cum, that sent me over the edge and I filled her mouth with my cum load and she swallowed all my cum. I got off her, took the black cock out of her cunt, licked all her cum juice from it and put it back in my toy case. She just laid there on the bed with a big smile on her face, totally satisfied. She looked up in the corner of the room and my eyes followed her look and there was a small video camera. She said, “We will have to look at that movie the next time you come over“, and just grinned. She had the recorder on the whole time we were together.
It was about 3, Friday afternoon and she wanted to go to the auction, so we showered, went out for dinner, and ended our day at the auction.

Chapter 4.

Saturday came and I was at my computer reading some stories from, when Jean signed on her computer. She thanked me for helping her with the stuff from the auction. She said she was busy all day but to be online Sunday afternoon. That was a little surprising because her Boy Friend was always there Sunday afternoon or early evening.. She signed off and I went about doing what I had to do for the day.
Sunday came and I knew Jean wouldn’t be online because of her commitment to playing at her church, so I just watched some TV and waited until afternoon to get on my computer. At 12:15 I signed on to see if Jean was online and she wasn’t, so I went to my favorite site and started to read a story. At 12:30, Jean signed on and I waited to hear what she had to say. She said she had just talked with her BF, and he told her he wasn’t going to be to her place until around midnight. He had to go out with some friends. She sounded a little upset but said that was ok with her, he needed his friends. Then she asked me if I could come over and help her with some stuff. I told her I could be there by 1:00 and both signed offline.
At 1:00, I was ringing her door bell. She came to the door wearing a sexy purple negligee and nothing else. She invited me in and closed and locked the door, turned around and gave me a big hug. She then to my hand and let me upstairs to her bed room. She had several candles lit and the blinds were closed, and her bed was turned down. She had me sit on the edge of the bed. She got down on her knees and took off my shoes and socks. She then stood up, unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, bent over unfastened my pants belt and pants and remover them as well as my boxers. She then started playing with my nipples, massing them and sucking each of them. That drives me wild amd as she was playing I reach through the negligee and started playing with her titties. She nibbled on them as she and I got into her soft plush bed, really comfortable. We played with each other for a few minutes until she raised herself up and straddled my body with hers. She looked so beautiful, still wearing her negligee. I could see her breast and her hard nipples and as I started to reach for them, she took my hard penis, put it to the entrance of her vagina, and sat fully on it, driving me deep into her pussy. I love gebze escort when a lady gets on top and controls the movements. She was in charge and there was no doubt about it. She raised up until I was almost out of her and sat down again, she kept this up for several minutes, then she would slowly raise and slowly come down again. She was driving me crazy but I was totally enjoying what she was doing. I could feel my cum boiling up inside of me and knew it wouldn’t be long before I had to get relief. I told her I was about to cum and she told me to wait for her. I could feel she cunt tighten around my cock and knew she was almost there. Just a few more strokes and she let out a deep moan, shook and came and at the same time I let go of one of the best cums I have ever had. She collapsed onto me and I just hugged her tight until we both caught our breath.
We just laid on her bed after that, cuddling for several minutes. Just holding each other and relaxing. After a few minutes she raised up on one elbow, looked me in the eyes and said, “That will teach him for not coming home this afternoon.” we both laughed!
She told me that when he called, she was ready for him and wanted to play as soon as he got there into the night, so because he wanted to “play” with his friends, she said to herself she would “play” with hers, and she called me. I sure wasn’t going to complain about that.
After a few minutes more of cuddling. She got out of bed and took off her negligee and got back into bed with me. She reached over me and started playing with my penis, stroking it until she got it hard. I reach for her vagina and started moving my fingers between her pussy lips getting her nice and wet. She let go of my cock and I rolled over onto her and began sucking on her breast. I then moved down her body, stopping to play with her navel for a few minutes, then I moved down to her shaved vagina, She spread her legs apart, giving me room to get to what she really enjoyed me doing, sucking her vagina. I started by parting her pussy lips with my tongue, I went down on lip and up the other, repeating this several times. She tasted so good that I just kept licking up her juices, over and over, yummy. After a fee minutes of this I made my way to the top of her pussy and started licking her pussy hood and getting her clitty hard. I then lick it and nibbled it. Jean was really moaning by this time, so I stuck two fingers in her pussy and starting finger fucking her while I sucked her hard clitty. She was getting wetter all the time I was sucking her clit, so I stuck in and other finger, and then the last finger. I fucked her with my four fingers, going into her as far as I could. I could see that she was grasping hold to the side of the bed and really moaning loud, so I tool my finders out of her pussy and then I pushed my whole hand into her opening and held it there, moving my fingers and thumb around in her. She was really wet by this time, so I pushed further into her pussy and began to move my hand in and out of her opening, Each time I moved my hand almost out she would moan deep and when I would push it back in, I would go further into her pussy until I had all my hand in her pussy. I then fucked my hand in and out of her faster and faster until Jean when stiff and end exploded with a stream of cum coating my hand. She came until her passed out. When she came back, I had removed my hand from her cunt and was licking her cum from my hand. She reached out and took my hand and sucked her cum from my fingers and hand. After she was finished cleaning my hand, she told me she had never experienced anything like that and that she wanted to try that again sometime.
It was getting late and she told me that her boyfriend would be there in a couple hours but that she wanted to get together again soon. We cleaned up and I got dressed to leave. Jean put her negligee back on and walked me to the door. We hugged and as I was leaving, she told me she had a present for me the next time we got together. I left, and as I was driving out the driveway, I saw her boyfriend driving in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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