Mattie and the Farm


Red was on the tractor disking the north pasture. It was supposed to rain over the weekend and the ground was hard and the grass low and tight. The grooves cut by the disk would aureate the soil and get the rain water to soak in deeper and quicker.

It was a boring job but Red loved the farm and being out and about at anytime. It was hot even under the short metal roof over his head. All he wore was his bib overalls, straw hat, and work boots. His attention was wandering and so were his eyes. Movement down toward the front gate caught his attention.

A small light blue car was parked just outside the gate and there was a young woman standing on the bottom rail of the wooden fence petting one of his horses. He didn’t recognize the car or the young woman. As he made the turn at the road end of the pasture, he shut off the tractor.

As the engine died, the young woman turned, looked his way, and waved. He waved back as he started walking in her direction. The young woman climbed down off the fence and walked past the gate to stand next to the opposite fence.

As Red got closer, he asked, “Can I help you?”

The young woman smiled and replied, “I love horses.”

Red nodded. “So do I.”

“I hope you don’t mind me petting yours.”

The young woman wore a short flared skirt that came down to mid thigh and a white blouse that wasn’t tucked into the skirt and had buttons open down below her breasts. The dark circles under her nipples made faint shadows, so she didn’t have a bra on. He wondered if she wore panties or not.

Red grinned and said, “You can pet anything around here you want.”

The young woman did a double take in his direction and then grinned as she held her hand out through the fence. “I’m Mattie.”

Red shook her hand and said, “I’m Red.”

“More brown than red,” Mattie said as her eyes took in the tan of his skin that was showing.

“I like the sun and hate clothes,” Red replied with a wink and a grin.

Mattie visibly shivered and said, “I’ve, uh, been known to lose my clothes from time to time. I love the sun also.”

Red nodded and said, “You’re not from around here.”

“I finished college last month and I’m staying with my aunt in town until I figure out where and what I’m going to do.”

“What’s your degree in?” Red asked

“Veterinary medicine.”

“Our vet retired a few years ago, so we’re having to call one from fifty miles away.”

“That’s what my aunt told me and the main reason I’m here in town.”

“So what is the problem?” Red asked.

“The money Mr. Becker wants for his practice and whether I want to do farm work or stay in a big city and do pets. Pets pay better,” Mattie replied.

“How are your student loans?” Red asked.

“Astronomical,” Mattie replied with a soft groan.

“So I guess the city will win out,” Red said.

Mattie took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Red’s eyes went to her chest as her breasts rose up and slowly went back down. “Which is going to make a bunch of us old farmers sad,” Red said as his eyes came back up to her face.

Mattie shivered under his eyes and then grinned. “It would make me sad also, I think.”

“Have you ever rode a horse nude?” Red asked with a wink.

“Uh, no. Thought about it, fantasies about it but…” the young woman said softly.

“If you ever get the urge, let me know. I have this fancy lambskin English saddle my wife used to ride on years ago. She said it tickled her fancy.”

Mattie had a faraway look in her eyes for a moment and then shivered hard. “I, uh, can, uh, see where she might get that from.”

Red chuckled and said, “Have fun petting the horse. I have to get these fields disked before the rain gets here.”

Mattie nodded as she watched the older man turn and walk toward the tractor. “Thank you,” she said loudly.

Red just waved over his shoulder.


It was five days later and Red was in the barn changing the oil in the tractor. He had beat the rain by a few hours and it had now rained for three straight days. The rain cooled things off but moved him inside to work. He was refilling the tractor with oil when a car horn sounded down by the gate.

He walked over to the open barn door and looked down the driveway. A pale blue car was stopped at the gate. A slender arm waved at him. He waved back and walked over to a box on the wall by the door. He punched a button and walked back to the door to watch the front gate roll sideways.

With the gate open, the blue car came through the gate. Red went over and pushed the button so the gate would close. Back at the door, he watched the car pull to a stop in front of him. Mattie scrambled out and ran into the barn. Her hair was damp and her blouse was wet in spots. “It’s raining harder than I thought,” she said as she wiped water off her face.

She had on a skirt very similar to the one she had on the last time she was here and the white blouse was stuck to her skin in a number of places and transparent. Red grinned as she used one Şişli escort bayan hand to wipe water off one arm and then the other. Several of the wet spots were on her breasts.

“So what brings you out this way on such a beautiful day,” Red asked with a smile as his eyes wander over the wet spots, especially one on the end of her left breast. Her nipple looked even larger than before under the transparent cloth.

“I was bored hanging around my aunt’s house and decided to take a ride. Like last time, I ended up here,” she replied. She noticed where Red’s eyes were and looked down.

When she shivered hard but didn’t try to cover up the transparent spot, Red said with a wink, “White blouses and rain are perfect for each other.”

Mattie looked around quickly and said, “I’d, uh, hate to make trouble with your wife.”

“She passed away about five years ago, so I don’t think that will be a problem,” Red said as he turned toward the tractor.

Mattie watched him walking away and said, “Hey, I’m sorry if I brought up a painful subject.”

Red stopped by the tractor and picked up a quart bottle of oil. “That’s not a painful subject. Me forgetting to finish filling the engine with oil would be.”

Mattie chuckled and walked over beside the older man. “Am I a distraction?” She asked.

Red looked at the younger woman as he finished adding that quart of oil. “Yes you are and you damned well know it.”

Mattie leaned over and picked up another quart of oil. Her breasts moved under the blouse, pulling the front tight against them as she was bent over the most. As she straightened up, the gap in the front of the blouse was wider. She grinned and held the oil out toward him.

Red took the oil and sat it on the top of the hood. “I need to check the level before I add another one.”

“You have four empty bottles on top of the trashcan and most tractors take at least five.”

“This one takes six but I’ve already filled the filter. That bottle is in the trashcan,” Red replied as he pulled the dipstick and looked at it. It was just below the ‘Low Oil’ mark. He put the dipstick back in. He reached up and got the quart of oil off the hood of the tractor.

He took his time pouring that quart in and rechecked the dipstick. He moved so he could reach the shifter and wiggled it to make sure it was in neutral. He bumped the throttle off stop with a couple of taps and hit the key. The tractor fired off.

He let it run for a minute or so and shut it off. He pulled the dipstick and used a piece of paper towel to wipe the end. Then he checked the oil level. It was halfway between the ‘low Oil’ and the ‘Over Fill’ marks.

“Perfect,” he said as he reinstalled the dipstick and gather up the empty oil bottles. He dumped the bottles in the trashcan and turned to pick up the cardboard box with the remaining oil in it.

Mattie had the cardboard box in her hands. “Where do you want this?” She asked.

“Uh, under the far end of the workbench,” Red replied in a distracted sort of way. The edge of the cardboard box was just under her breasts and there wasn’t a blouse in sight.

As she walked toward the far end of the workbench, he asked, “Uh, did you lose something?”

Mattie grinned in his direction as she bent at the waist and shoved the box on the shelf under the worktop. As she straightened up, she replied, “No. I know exactly where I left my blouse.”

“Those look even nicer without the blouse covering them,” Red said as his eyes openly roamed over her breasts.

Mattie made a soft whimpering, moaning sound as she replied, “Why thank you, sir.”

“No need to thank me. The pleasure is all mine,” Red said with a grin.

“Oh, no it’s not,” Mattie whispered as a big shiver ran up and down her spine. She shifted her hips from side to side and shivered again. “Eyes on me naked makes certain places slippery.”

Red grinned and shifted his hips from side to side. He could feel the head of his hard dick sliding back and forth in the front of the overalls. “Naked ladies just make me hard.”

Mattie’s eyes followed the moving tent in the front of his overalls and groaned softly. “I’ll, uh, take that as a big compliment.”

“It’s not as big as it used to be. Age does that to a man.”

Mattie grinned and took a deep breath as her eyes jumped up to his face and back down to the front of the overalls. “It looks big enough to me.”

“So says the half naked lady with wet panties,” Red replied with a grin.

“What panties?” She asked with a like grin.

Red nodded. “I figured as much but I gave you the benefit of the doubt.”

“No bra and no panties makes me feel sexy.”

“Not to mention letting you flash when and where you want too,” Red said.

“Accidents do happen,” Mattie whispered and she twirled around. Her skirt rode up and her ass and then her pussy flashed him.

“Accidentally on purpose is more like it.”

Mattie chuckled and said, “I could take the skirt off.”

“Would you please,” Red Escort Sultangazi said as he backed up and leaned on the rear tractor tire.

“I’m very tempted,” she said as she turned around slowly. With her back to him, she reached to the side and undid the button at the waistband of the skirt. It slipped down to the top of her ass.

She turned back to face him. The top of the skirt showed the start of the swell of her mound. No hair was showing. “I like to tease,” Mattie whispered as she turned and walked over to the ladder that led up to the hayloft.

“Teasing can be fun,” Red said as he pushed off from the tire and walked over behind the young woman.

His hands closed on her wrists and lifted her arms until her hands rested on one of the ladder rungs. “Why don’t you hold onto that while I do a little teasing of my own.”

Mattie let out a soft groan as his hands slid down her arms. When they continued down her sides, she made a soft whimpering sound. His hands stopped at the top of the skirt and slowly moved around to her belly and then up to cup her breasts. Mattie shivered as he held the undersides of her breasts, one in each hand.

Red gave her breasts a gentle squeeze as he leaned over to kiss her on the shoulder. “There are only bales of hay in the hayloft,” he said and then kissed the side of her neck.

“I, uh, love hay bales,” Mattie whispered as she tilted her head to the side.

“Sitting on, laying on, or bent over them?” He asked as he kissed her neck again.

“Yes,” she replied with a hiss in her voice.

Red chuckled. “With or without a blanket under you?”

“With isn’t as prickly,” she whispered and then groaned as Red’s hands moved up to cover her breasts. His hands were rough and callused on her sensitive skin. His lips trailed kisses up and down her neck as he massaged her breasts.

Mattie moaned softly and then gasped as Red’s hands disappeared from her breasts and one of them landed solidly on her right ass cheek. “Is that enough teasing?” He asked a moment later.

Grinning at the older man over her shoulder, Mattie raised her foot and climbed halfway up the ladder. She grinned down at him as she held onto the ladder with one hand and unzipped the side of the skirt. It fell down around her feet. She was still grinning as she started on up the ladder and the skirt fell to the floor below.

Red was grinning as big as she was as he watched her climb the ladder. When the skirt fell away revealing her ass, he groaned softly. As she started up the ladder, her sex flashed at him with every step she took. He groaned again and licked his lips.

At the top of the ladder, Mattie turned around and looked down. She had her feet wide apart. “Teasing begets teasing,” she said with a big grin.

“Uh huh,” Red said as he moved to the bottom of the ladder.

“Leave the overalls down there,” Mattie said quickly.

Red cocked his head to the side and grinned up at the young woman. “That will probably get you fucked.”

“And?” Mattie said and disappeared from sight.

Red chewed his bottom lip for a few seconds as he thought over what he should do. Was she playing a game or was she attracted to him? He didn’t have an answer so he toed off his boots and pulled off his socks. The overalls were laying on the floor when he started up the ladder.

He stopped at the top of the ladder and looked around the dark loft. The young woman wasn’t in sight. “Hide and seek?” He asked as he moved closer to the large pile of stacked bales covering most of the loft.

“Not really,” Mattie said to his left.

His eyes were adjusting to the dark. He quickly found her draped over a hay bale, her breasts hanging over the edge and her arms folded behind them. She was grinning down at him as she asked, “Which way is the rain coming from?”

Red pointed to his right. Mattie nodded. “That’s what I thought but I wasn’t sure.”

With that said, she stood up and tossed an old horse blanket down to a lower level. She climbed across the hay bales and angled down toward the left hand end. When she reached the floor, she disappeared around the end of the hay.

A moment later, light flared from that direction as she opened the loft door on that end. She stepped back into view and said, “I wanted some light but I didn’t want your hay to get wet.”

Red started to walk her way and she laughed. “Bring that blanket with you.”

“So you don’t like prickly,” he said as he went to get the blanket.

Mattie watched his hard dick sway back and forth as he moved. “There is prickly and then there is prickly,” she said with a grin as she moved out of sight again.

As he rounded the end of the hay bales, Red groaned softly. The young woman was standing spread eagled in the loft door opening. Her hands were high over her head and grasping the edge of the frame. Her legs were spread wide as her ankles were against each doorframe.

“Beautiful, just beautiful,” Red said as he tossed the blanket on a hay Taksim escort bale.

Mattie shivered as she turned her head to look at the older man. “Very exciting also. There may or may not be people outside in this rain but the chances of being seen are still there.”

“You can see that door from the road, if you look fast enough,” Red said to push a button or two.

Mattie moaned as her eyes went to the left. Her hips flexed back and forth and then from side to side, as she looked at the narrow strip of road visible between two trees on the far front fence line.

“I, I, I hadn’t realized that,” she whispered but she didn’t move away from the door.

“Please don’t fall out the door, if a car or truck drives by,” Red said as he moved over behind the young woman.

Mattie shivered hard as she whispered, “That would only happen if they suddenly blew their horn.”

Red moved closer and put his left hand on her belly as he pushed the head of his dick down with his right. He moved up against her back as he let go of his dick. It snapped upward and collided with her low slung sex with a loud wet sound.

Mattie jerked and groaned deeply as her hips flexed back and forth. His dick slid up and down her slit and rubbed against her clit. “You, you, I, uh,” she stammered as her hips kept right on moving.

Red moved his free hand to the ledge above the door. “I have you so coming is not a problem,” he whispered as he pulled her body tighter to his.

“Not what I had in mind,” Mattie said as her hips started to twitch and jerk. She was coming long and hard. There was a hot flood covering part of Red’s dick, which made him moan softly.


Mattie was sitting on the blanket over a hay bale as she opened her eyes. She was breathing hard. Her eyes were on the older man in front of her. His dick looked all wet and shiny. He hadn’t fucked her had he, she wondered for a moment? She shook her head and looked up at his face.

“You sure do make a mess when you come,” he said with a grin.

Her eyes dropped back to his dick and she shivered. “So it seems, but then again, I’m not used to riding a dick in the wide open spaces,” she whispered between ragged breaths.

Red shook his head. “The wide open spaces would be you bent over with your hands on a tree out in the middle of the pasture.”

Mattie groaned softly and shivered. “And then there was the matter of your dick rubbing me so deliciously.”

“More like you rubbing yourself on my dick,” Red corrected.

“Which brings us back to the mess I made,” Mattie whispered as she eyed the dick in question. When she licked her lips, Red took a step forward. Leaning forward, she stuck out her tongue. The head of his dick was still a foot away.

Red moved forward until the end of his dick was less than an inch from her extended tongue. “Would you like something?”

Mattie leaned back and grinned. “I could ask you the same thing but I already know you would like it.”

Red took another step forward and said, “And I have an idea you will enjoy it as much as I will.”

Mattie leaned forward and ran her tongue over the spongy head of his dick. Red’s hips gave a twitch at the feel of her hot wet tongue. When she sucked on the head, they both moaned softly. She held firm suction on the head as she pulled it out of her mouth. It came free with a slurping sound.

She worked her jaw back and forth, as she looked up at Red. “That is a mouthful.”

“So I’ve been told a time or two,” Red replied as he wiggled his dick back and forth in front of her.

Mattie groaned as she leaned forwards and sucked the head back into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around and round and then bobbed her head, taking more of it into her mouth each time her head went downward. When she had a little over half of it in her mouth, she groaned deeply as the big head touched her throat. With a soft whimpering sound, she lifted her head slowly.

She shivered as it came out of her mouth. “I, I think I’ve met my match,” she whispered as she licked the head several times. She moved forward to squat in front of the older man. In this position, she could lick his shaft from the base to the tip.

After a half dozen licks, she smacked her lips and looked up at Red’s face. “It’s definitely my flavor from top to bottom.”

“Not yet,” Red said with a grin. “But I have an idea it will be soon enough.”

Mattie’s eyes grew wide and her mouth hung open as she thought of his dick sliding deep into her vagina. It was by far the biggest she had ever sucks and she had never fucked one this big. She shivered and whispered, “Uh, maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.”

Red pulled his dick away from her face quickly. “Hey now, no biting allowed.”

Mattie giggled and said, “That was a figure of speech only.”

He pushed his dick back toward her and whispered, “I’m going to trust you on that.”

Mattie got a mischievous grin on her face and asked, “And if I do bite it?”

Red frowned and said, “Then I’ll flip you over and see just how far up that little ass of yours I can stick it.”

Mattie groaned deeply. “That’s, uh, pretty close to, uh, virgin territory back there.”

“Pretty close and virgin should never be used in the same sentence,” Red said and then asked, “How does that work exactly?”

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