Match Met Ch. 06


This series will be a lot longer than I expected!


“How was your thanksgiving?” Sawyer asked, collapsing onto his couch and spreading his legs wide. Kiana looked into her bowl of homemade chilli with crushed crackers and swallowed.

“It was nice, how about yours?” She returned his question and noted his mild demeanor change. He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

“Quiet but nice nonetheless.” He had spent his Thanksgiving in his apartment with the NFL and takeout. Declan and Alison had of course invited him over but he declined their offer; he didn’t feel comfortable spending too much time with them. Their invites always seemed more like pity acts more than genuine desires.

“I know you didn’t spend it alone…” Kiana said, staring him right in the eyes. He glanced over at her and read her disbelief immediately. Her smooth skin scrunched over the eyebrows in a light frown.

“I did.” He stated gently. Kiana put her bowl on the coffee table and tucked her bare legs beneath herself.

“Why? You could’ve spent it with me, there was more than enough food—my dad wouldn’t have minded.” She said, trying to convince him on something that could no longer be chosen. But Sawyer smirked his classic smirk of opportunity and it made Kiana backtrack everything she said with intentions on finding what she might’ve slipped up on.

“So you do have family… Tell me more about them.” He commanded. He scooted towards her more and laid his head onto her legs. Kiana tensed the slightest bit but then relaxed again. Sawyer would need to find out soon if he would be attending her show in a few days. She placed a hand onto his jagged, masculine jaw and ran it into the nearby hair. She looked down on his resting frame and couldn’t recall a time he looked so relaxed. He was a young boy trying to fill the spot of a big man yet needing so much affection.

“My dad,” She broke her sentence with a light clearing of her throat. “He was a goofy man.” She chuckled a little. “That isn’t even the right word—he was crazy as hell. You could never predict what he was going to say next. But one thing everyone knew was that he loved me. He loved me more then he loved anything on this Earth.”

“However my mom,” Kiana smiled. “She hated it, she thought I’d never love her as much as I loved him because he spoiled me so much. My daddy let me do anything I wanted but my mom was the one to say no. She put her pretty ol’ foot down when she needed to but I didn’t dislike her for that, I couldn’t. She was so… sweet. No one could feel anything but love for her.” Kiana looked down at Sawyer and saw his eyes still wide open.

“My dad had a stroke a few months ago, he can hardly speak.” Sawyer’s heart clenched a little in his chest and was almost sure he felt his first signs of compassion. The heart wrenching, warming feeling so high up under his ribs had made him lose his breath for a moment. Even without his own father in his life, Kiana was able to make him sense what it was like to essentially lose someone with so much importance.

“His body is paralyzed on one side, and I haven’t seen him smile in months.” Kiana didn’t even know she was crying, she had no prior feelings of the act except the wetness on her cheek. She took in a sharp gulp of air and began moving below Sawyer.

“Excuse me.” She said, hurrying out of her seat and cutting on his bathroom light. Sawyer looked at the door from the couch and tried to figure out what his role was at that moment. He had absolutely no idea what to do but he had an idea this was his turn to do something. Kiana came back within two seconds and was back in her spot. Sawyer looked into her eyes and was taken aback to see she looked so normal.

“Come here.” She said, patting his spot against her legs again. Sawyer leaned his head back against the balmy skin and laid a supple kiss against her brown upper thigh. She glanced down at him for confirmation he was the one who had done such an intimate, sweet gesture as her insides shifted within her.

“Your turn.” Kiana whispered, coaxing him with a caress on his cheek.

“No.” Sawyer’s voice sliced through the open and air and left a chill on her skin. She swallowed loudly before straightening her back and halting her movements over his face.

“What?” She said through clenched teeth. Sawyer could feel her anger rising in intensity and sat up to meet her eyes. As expected, her features were twisted in a menacing look.

“I’m not ready to talk about it with you, can you respect that?” He pressed just an inch away from her russet, puckered lips. Kiana sighed and turned her head toward the window beside them. Obviously Sawyer was abusing his rights to deny her something but what was she supposed to say?

“When are you going to tell me?” She asked, looking into his eyes and searching for an answer. He kissed her quickly before burying himself into her neck and swaddling her into his arms. Kiana still awaited an answer as he kissed the skin on her neck.

“Sawyer.” She sikiş izle warned, staring at a wall behind him.

“Soon.” He mumbled incoherently.

“Soon” She repeated in her head sarcastically, finally settling into his hold.


Today was Kiana’s Christmas party at work and the women were expected to wear their Santa hats as they waited tables. She put on her hat right before sitting into her seat. She looked at the unfilled spot beside her and heaved a sigh deeply. Every day she seemed to miss Janelle the slightest bit more. This was the time of year they were always in one another’s company; sharing the love they had between them. But for the sake of her pride, Kiana would stick out her silent treatment a little longer.

She came in and sat down and Kiana hardly recognized her. She had a short haircut—a little past her ears. Her natural hair was straightened and in loose waves around her face. Kiana didn’t want to stare but she looked so beautiful. Her sturdily angled face was toned down by the feminine hair. Kiana cleared her throat and turned back to her mirror.

She checked the wall clock after a few more minutes and stood up, pushing in her chair and pulling her hat down a tiny bit more. She was on her way to the door that lead back into restaurant.

“Key.” Janelle whispered almost silently. Kiana stood at the door and closed her eyes for a moment. That was the only thing she’d said to her in almost a month. Her hands shook a little but eventually, she turned around. Tears were welling up in Janelle’s eyes but it did nothing to ruin her attractiveness.

“I… I miss you.” Kiana swallowed the sting in her own throat and closed the distance between them. Janelle stood up to meet her halfway and they instantly engulfed one another in a breath stealing embrace.

“I missed you too.” Kiana replied into her collar bone.

“I dumped him.” Janelle mumbled back. Kiana pulled away to look into her wet eyes and frowned.

“What?” She asked again, although she already knew what she said. Kiana just couldn’t believe it; they had been together longer than Kiana and Janelle had been friends. They hadn’t broken up once.

“You were right.” She said back, sniffling through her tears and looking Kiana in her eyes.

“Janelle, I’m so happy for you. You deserve so much more.” Kiana told her, running a hand over her wet face and wiping away her tears. Janelle had always been in a situation not fit for her. Brendan was trouble through and through. He was caught up in the wrong things and the type of girl for him was nowhere near the levels of Janelle. She was way too good for him in every aspect of the phrase.

“I know, I’m just pissed I wasted so much time with him.” She laughed stiffly.

“It was not a waste. Those years were filled with experiences you’ll carry into the next relationship, which will come and be better than the last.” Kiana told her sternly. A small silence fell between them.

“I like your hair.” Kiana told her.

“Thanks. I was thinking I’d try something different since the breakup and New Ye—” The door opening stopped her words and Kiana turned to see who it was.

“Do you want to get paid today or no?” Eric asked, wearing a red Hooters shirt and an irritated expression. Kiana and Janelle scurried out of the Employees only room to get started with work. They observed which tables they needed to tend to and got ready to depart.

“We can talk later.” Janelle called before heading toward her tables. Kiana’s heart raced a little.


“Alright girls, we closed up a little early today.” Eric started. Everyone was sitting in the Employees only room, waiting for Eric’s announcements.

“But I have a special Christmas gift to give you all.” Eric handed out an envelope to each woman and they didn’t waste a minute with tearing it open and leaving the wrappings wherever they lay. Kiana looked at Janelle and they both shared a suspicious look.

Kiana opened her mail and found a 200 dollar check signed out to her. She held it in her hands a second longer than she should have. She quickly put it in her purse and sighed in satisfaction.

I definitely need it. She told herself.

“But, I’ve also been tallying up tables you each have waited on this year and I have a special envelope for the woman who has waited on the most.” You could’ve heard a pin drop it was so damn quiet. Kiana looked around at the women who had more money than most people and knew they wanted that check for the recognition and respect amongst each other.

“Waiting on tables requires focus, timeliness and accuracy. With over 1,000 tables under her belt this year… Kiana Freeman.” Kiana’s head snapped up in surprise and her eyes widened as Eric walked towards her with that last check. She looked from his face to his extended hands. Janelle was the only one in the room to clap her hands in honest enjoyment. But Kiana didn’t care; she had an extra 700 dollars that the Lord blessed her with. She didn’t need anyone brazzers else’s enthusiasm but her own.

“Thanks Eric.” Kiana whispered. As if someone had rung a school bell, everyone began packing up their things and piling out of the door. Janelle looked at Kiana and shared her same smile.

“Dinner on you?” Janelle laughed, Kiana chuckled too.

“Not tonight, but you are invited to my show tomorrow of course.” Kiana told her. She began packing up her things.

“I’ll be there…You want a ride? I kinda want to talk a little more—make up for lost time.” Janelle said, fixing her hair in the mirror. Kiana took a hard gulp. Sawyer was waiting for her outside, probably mad as hell she was taking so long.

“No, that’s alright. We can just talk tomorrow.” Kiana continued putting her things inside her bag and securing her money in her wallet. When she met Janelle’s eyes, she was looking completely apprehensive.

“Key you better start talking, right now.” She said. She folded her arms over her chest and gave Kiana all her attention by pivoting her body towards hers and blocking her exit too.

“Sit down.” Kiana declared in a defeated huff. She followed her lead and they both gazed into each other’s eyes for a minute.

“You know that guy I had problems with that day?” Kiana tested her memory. Janelle looked bewildered, but she desperately wanted to know what she was talking about.

“No, who is it Key?” She was getting a little antsy. Kiana groaned.

“He was a dick to me that day and you came and helped—”

“Your dating him?!” She asked incredulously. Kiana shrugged her shoulders with a modest smirk and waited for Janelle to settle with that information. She looked off into the distance and took a sigh.

“He is pretty hot. He isn’t still an asshole to you is he?” Janelle asked a little more coldly. Kiana gave her a weird look.

“Of course not.” She said defensively. Sawyer was pretty good to her for the most part. He could be a prick sometimes but he was getting better.

“Good. Wait—how did this happen?” Janelle added, squinting her eyes in confusion. Kiana shot a glance at the clock and almost thought she could feel Sawyer’s scowl through the building.

“Nelle I gotta’ tell you everything later, he’s been waiting for almost a half hour.” Kiana gathered her bags up and headed for the door. Janelle watched as she rushed out the area and called over her shoulder.

“Be at my dad’s tomorrow around 5!” She said right before she closed the front door to the dark Hooters and walked toward the VW with the tail lights on. Some sort of vapor or smoke was exiting the back and Kiana wouldn’t have been surprised if it’s source was Sawyer’s head and ears. She chuckled at her own little joke but tried to kill the smile before she sat in the car. Sawyer didn’t spare her a glance. He threw the car in reverse and didn’t bother to check behind him. He sped down the street in silence.

“I’m sorry.” Kiana said meekly, feeling bad for leaving him waiting so long. She wasn’t showing him how much she appreciated his rides home from work when she came out whenever she wanted.

“Janelle and I are okay again, we were talking that’s why I was late.” She added. As if that information made him even more upset, he exhaled sharply.

“I should be happy about that?” He asked in a hard, monotone voice fit for slicing glass.

“Yes, she’s my bestfriend.” Kiana announced.

“I don’t like her.” Sawyer mumbled, checking his blind spot and skipping over 4 lanes in one second. Sawyer knew from that moment he’d picked up Kiana from the ranch house that Janelle was no good. He wasn’t going to pretend that he was content about the rekindled friendship, but he was also trying not to tell Kiana how to live her life. She would make mistakes that she needed to experience for her own sake. Even if Sawyer knew the right choice, it’s crucial he keep in mind that she was still learning.

“Well, it doesn’t matter what you think of her.” Kiana said almost inaudibly. She knew why she and Janelle were friends and that was all that mattered—Sawyer’s approval wasn’t needed.

“Alright. I was just sharing my thoughts.” He whispered delicately. Kiana cringed in her seat. Sometimes she felt as if she were re-enacting her younger adolescent years when she spoke to Sawyer.

“Are you coming to my dad’s tomorrow or are you going to meet everyone there?” Kiana asked. Nicolette, her dad and Janelle would probably all ride together. Richard had called to confirm he’d be attending the show too but Kiana didn’t get her hopes up that he’d show.

“I would but I get off work at 6 and considering the show starts at 6:30, I should probably head straight to the theatre.” He explained. Kiana nodded in understanding.

“What do you want to eat?” Kiana gave him a coy look and Sawyer pressed the gas pedal down a little further.

As soon as he opened the front door of the apartment building, Kiana was on him. She twirled her arms around fake taxi porno his neck and sculpted their lips together. Kiana was kissing him powerfully and Sawyer had his arms snugly over her hips. Sawyer pulled away to speak and Kiana moved her kisses down his neck.

“Honey… we need…to make it up these… the steps.” He panted, his eyes fluttering closed as she left her mark on his collar like the teenage girl she was. He hadn’t had a hickey in forever; he almost forgot how damn good it felt. Kiana was still clinging to him and he didn’t think they’d ever make it to his apartment.

“Sawyer I need to taste you.” She mumbled, the worlds jumbling together in the collar of his jacket. Sawyer groaned aloud, his dick tightening in his pants. Her velvet voice fell over his body and prevented all movement.

“Then let’s get inside.” He told her. Sawyer had his foot on the second step with his other still on the first. Kiana stood still between his legs and was now peppering her way down his chest. Her hands latched onto his belt buckle and began undoing it.

“No Kiana, we can’t do this here.” Sawyer tried to say it sternly, but it seemed to sound differently. Kiana was kneeling on the steps as Sawyer put his weight onto the railing behind him. Kiana shimmied down his briefs and his cock sprang out. She smirked before she laid a supple kiss on his tip with her eyes on him.

She laid his rod onto her slick tongue and invited him into her mouth. His pre-cum coated the top of her tongue and she purred at the taste. She worked up a steady pace and maintained it. She occasionally let him slide out so he could savor the popping sound along with her light panting as she knew that was what he liked her to do.

Sawyer bent down and pulled one of her tits out over her low cut Hooters tank top. He juggled the heavy brown breast in his hand as she continued to suck him off. Her nipple was puckering under his cold palm and the feel of it skimming over his finger was electrifying. Sawyer groaned explicitly and Kiana readied herself for his cum. She held her flat tongue out over her full bottom lip and captured the healthy amount of cum the left his purple tip.

Sawyer clenched onto her breast with a death grip while he came. Kiana swallowed all of his product. Sawyer pulled his pants back up and ventured up the rest of the steps with Kiana on his heels. When he opened the door, he unzipped Kiana’s coat and took off her boots.

She now stood in her work uniform and Sawyer seemed to want to devour her. The tops of her breasts were gleaming with deep gold undertones, her orange shorts defined her pussy lips and her thighs were full in the nylon stockings. Sawyer seemed to have all her clothes off at once and was bending her over the back of the couch.

Kiana waited for what he had planned for her. Anticipation mixed with her arousal and she whined out of eagerness. Sawyer slipped his tongue deep inside her ass and Kiana jumped in surprise. He licked up and down her crack multiple times. He found her slippery lips and spread her cheeks to get through the soft barrier. He managed to get his tongue through her slit and inside her hole. Her juices covered his face and he moaned at how ready she was. She tasted wonderfully; sweet with a pinch of salt and lots of water to dilute it out. Sawyer’s tongue swiped between her folds quickly and Kiana began to wither. His ministrations mimicked trying to scrape her entire clit into his mouth using only his tongue.

“Oh yes Sawyer, shit!” Kiana wailed, clenched onto the seat cushions and came inside his mouth. Sawyer stood to his full height and ran his hands over Kiana’s back. She fit so perfectly in his hands, he loved it. His hands roamed over the stretch marks covering her lower back and felt her tense a bit.

Kiana felt a little uncomfortable with the fact that he was paying the raised lines a little bit more attention and Sawyer sense it. So in response, he placed smooth kisses along their length. When she relaxed a bit, he pushed her up a little further over the chair so her feet weren’t on the ground and her chest was pushed deeply into the cushions of the couch.

“Stay right there.” He told her as he sprinted to get a condom. Her pussy was level with his dick in this position and a deep bend was put in her back. He gripped her fleshy, legs and plunged between the blockade that was her bottom. Sawyer breathed out a sharp breath when he entered her. She fit like a glove around his dick and her closed legs added just the right amount of snugness to her already tight pussy. He gave her half of his length and pulled back out so she could get accustomed to his size. The next thrust had his balls resting onto her clit and Kiana could definitely feel the difference.

She pushed her chest off the couch in a faint attempt to ease some of the pressure in her pussy. Sawyer gave her a few more seconds and then continued his slow descend and ascend of his dick. Soon he had a nice tempo and their pleasured moans were filling the large living room. Sawyer used his hand to pull his hair away from his face and followed the motion with his head. He gazed at the ceiling and as he fucked Kiana and tried not to marvel in how wonderful she felt to elongate the pleasure before his finale.

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