Massage Therapy

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I came home from the last day of school before winter break to find several large packages and boxes on the front porch. I bring them in and see that they are all from Amazon. Claire will be home in a little bit from school, so I wait to open them unsure if she went nuts and bought a bunch more Christmas presents. When she gets home, she’s surprised by the boxes as well. Unsure we begin to open them. Ever since we started posting videos online we’d also made an Amazon account and wish list just for sex stuff. It is linked on our page online. A few people have bought us things throughout the year but mostly small things like panties. As we open the first set of boxes, we immediately recognize the items as having come from our list. As we open more and more it looks like someone bought out entire list.

It takes the better part of an hour to open them all but eventually we have everything out and can start to organize it. I put the sex toys in one box together: a vibrating prostate massager, a wireless remote bullet, two sets of cock rings, a glass dildo, a glass anal dildo, a clitoral vibrator, and a dual penetrator. Claire organizes the lingerie into its own box and pile: three pairs of open back panties, an open cup bra set, a garter belt set, a lace teddy, a mesh bustier, a gartered bustier, several assorted bras, sheer white stockings, black lace thigh highs, a leather halter dress, a leather bustier set. I move on to the accessories and organize them: several different types of gold and silver body chains, another set of handcuffs, a set of ankle cuffs, a studded leather choker, a blindfold, lace gloves in three different colors, and four different pairs of heels. Then we work together to sort through the big stuff. There’s a foldup massage table, a new set of tripods, a backdrop for photoshoots. There’s several lights designed specifically for recording videos and photography. As we finish, a slip of paper falls out from one of the flaps of the boxes.

“Merry Christmas from your number one fan,” I read aloud after picking it up.

“Guess eryaman eve gelen escort that explains that,” Claire says.

There’s only one person who could have spent this much–DeAndre the NFL player that won our contest to meet us. He gets paid millions of dollars, so a few thousand dollars on us is nothing to him. It looks like he did in fact buy out our entire wish list. We decide to make a video right away to thank him. I set up the massage table downstairs in the large living area. I put up the backdrop and arrange the cameras on their new tripods. I set up the lights and as I take a few test pictures I notice the quality is significantly better. I go back upstairs and tell Claire that I’m ready. Before I go back down, I slip off my clothes and put on a thong. I grab a bottle of baby oil and follow her down. She puts a sheet on the massage table before lying down on her stomach with her head on her arms facing away from the main camera. I go to the bathroom and grab a white hand towel and place it on her ass covering her pussy as well.

I begin the recording and massage her thighs and legs gently before rubbing her back and shoulder blades. Then I grab the bottle of baby oil and pour it all over her back. I rub it in across her back and shoulders until the glisten under our new lights. I repeat the process with her legs gently pushing the towel up to get the bottom of her ass as well. I rub my hands up and down her smooth silky skin and continue to massage her. After a few minutes I lift up the towel and take it off. I grab the baby oil again and pour it all over her big ass. I concentrate on rubbing it in all over her skin until every inch of her shines. She moans as I massage her ass by applying enough pressure that fingers indent into her skin.

She really begins to moan when I run my hand up and down her crack over her asshole and pussy. She lifts her hips up as I quickly rub her pussy for a few seconds before returning to massaging her. Then I rub her again and the wet noises of the oil bala escort and her pussy mix with her moans. I continue to rub her and then flick her clit with my thumb before spreading her glistening pussy lips. She twitches and moans and I return to massaging her legs for a minute. I return to her ass tough and insert a finger into her asshole and then finger her pussy. She moans as I do and she twitches more lifting her hips off the massage table. I repeatedly spread her ass as I massage alternate massaging her ass and rubbing her slick pussy. She lifts her hips up and I put my arm underneath and finger her that way while I tease her asshole again. As soon as she really starts to get going, I return to massaging her back.

Then I step to the side of the table and she rolls to her side showing her shiny ass and pussy to the camera. I pull off my thong and she wraps her lips around my cock. I put my hand on her head and guide her head up and down my cock and her moans and slurps fill the room. I reach down and rub her oily back and down to her ass. I grab her ass and guide her head on my cock by grabbing her ponytail tightly. I slap her ass as she gulps on my cock and then I pull away. She rolls onto her back and hangs her head over the edge of the massage table. She licks my balls as I lean over her and pour more oil on her front. I coat her tits and stomach and oil and rub it in is as she takes me in her mouth and down her throat. I ease my hips forward and backward as I fuck her mouth. I lean forward and rub her pussy as she moans through a mouthful of my cock. She gasps for air each time my cock pops free of her mouth. I grab her tits and squeeze them hard as she continues to suck my cock. I end by grabbing the sides of her face and thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth quickly. I pull out and she sucks on my balls for a moment.

I walk to the other end of the table and she scoots down towards me. I pour my oil on her legs and pussy and stomach so that she shines. Then spreads her legs and I push my cock deep into her. I etimesgut escort rub her clit with my thumb as I fill her tight pussy and slowly thrust in and out. She moans as her tits shake and she begins to shudder as she comes hard with my cock buried in her pussy. I continue to rub her clit as she convulses on the massage table. She shakes and moans wordlessly as she comes and comes. Her eyes close and her head flings back and she bucks her hips into me. I continue to fuck her but reduce speed as she slowly comes down from her peak.

She rolls over and gets on her hands and knees on the table. I pour more oil on her ass so that it is once again shinning in the light. I finger her asshole for a moment and then grab the new glass anal dildo. I use it to tease her asshole for a moment before I insert it halfway causing her to moan loudly. I pull it out and push it in several times until she’s taking it all the way to the hilt. I leave it in a moment and once again rub her pussy from behind. She moans as I return to fucking her ass gently with the glass dildo that curves to give her a different sensation in her ass. I grab her hips and pull her towards and rub the tip of my cock against her asshole.

Then I slowly push my thick cock into her tight ass. I pull out and push it in again until my entire head is in her ass. She gets less resistant until I’m finally able to start thrusting my cock in and out. I pour more oil on her ass and rub it in as I fuck her ass from behind. She moans loudly and whimpers with each thrust. I pull my cock all the way out and rub her ass with it before plunging it back in. I caress the area around her asshole as I thrust harder and harder. She begins to push back against me as my balls slap against her. I groan loudly as I get closer and closer to coming.

I pull out and only have to pump my cock once before I start coming on her round ass. I unload all of my cum on her thick ass and watch as it sprays onto her back as well. She moans as she feels each hot bust land on her skin. My cum mixes with the oil and drips down fast across her ass. It runs in a stream down her crack over her asshole and onto her pussy. From there, it drips more slowly onto the white sheet of the massage table. I smack her ass with my cock several times and then step back to admire my paint on her canvas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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