MaryAnn and Her Hot Neighbor


MaryAnn was a features writer and associate editor for a regional magazine. When she returned home from Las Vegas, she wrote her assigned article about a high class hooker. Then, under a pseudonym, she wrote a much more erotic article on the same subject for one of the country’s leading men’s magazines. She hoped the erotic version would be suspected to be first person account of sex for pay in Sin City, because, in a large measure, it was just that.

Within a week her writing was done. She hit “send” and away the stories went. She wiggled her toes, stretched, sighed, and realized it was time for her aperiodic heart-to-heart talk with her best friend and sweetheart for life, her former husband.

“Ron, darling, that was a great adventure wasn’t it? I’m so glad we decided to have an open marriage. Being a widow is a bastard but being able to satisfy my sex drive knowing you would have approved allows me to enjoy the sex. And boy did I satisfy it and enjoy it in Las Vegas! I’m sure you could tell by the noises. You always loved to hear me make them didn’t you lover?

“Best of all that I was paid a nice sum to fuck a stranger. And what a lover the stranger was. He was so good I’d have paid him five hundred bucks. I left him with a smile on his face. Did you enjoy watching as much as you used to in real life?”

She know Ron didn’t watch. He was dead these last two years, and she wasn’t religious or otherwise superstitious, but her conversations with him kept her in touch with his memory. MaryAnn was so good at concocting a conversation she wondered if she cold sell fiction. Perhaps, if a market for porn returned.

She continued, “As usual I’m out of step with society. We whores — and that’s what I am now, huh? — are looked down on. Well C’est la vie. I did it because I wanted to, and I kept the money to boot. In fact I doubled my earnings in another poker game. All that my love and I don’t have a single regret. And I owe it all to you, my husband, who suggested we obey the first part of the Hippocratic Oath that tells us first do no harm. If we do that we are free to enjoy ourselves.

The thought of her departed husband brought tears to her eyes. She did miss him so much, but as he often said, “Our being in love doesn’t mean we own each other.” Talking to Ron helped chase away the bugaboos that still accompanied widowhood. She missed him so much, and their “chats” helped.

Then, she lay back and savored the memories of Ron and her wild adventure in Las Vegas. She had dozed off when the phone rang.

“Hello,” she said.

“Hi Maryann, guess who this is?”

Oh hell, one of those annoying calls! She refused to have an unlisted number because she felt she got enough feedback from her articles to make it worth the annoyance. With an audible sigh she answered, “I have no idea who you are.”

“Well I’ll make it easy for you. The last time I saw you, you had just given a young guy a blow job, then another fucked you hard while you screamed with ecstasy so loud the walls shook.” MaryAnn was sure she could hear a suppressed giggle in the voice. And no wonder, it had to be Judy her neighbor in north San Diego County and the woman she shared a wild night with in New York.

“You did indeed make it easy Judy.” She replied. “You were rather well occupied too as I remember. You were on your hands and knees on a bed. A young, very well hung, dude from Harlem was standing behind you pounding away. You tried to make a flippant remark. but your humor didn’t come through because you were in the throes of another grand orgasm, the third that I knew of. So how’s that for a memory, you little red-headed slut?” She hoped her own suppressed giggle was understood.

This time Judy’s giggle was real. “You know what? We are two of a kind. I don’t know anybody else I could talk about such stuff with. Who would understand that nice, respectable women could have a slutty streak running through them?”

MaryAnn answered, “I know only one other person I could talk about such thing with, and he is not a woman. Furthermore he has been dead for two years.”

“Still miss him eh?”

“Yes, I talk to him all the time. In fact I just finished a while ago. But you didn’t call to talk of our foibles. What’s up? You have a stack of young studs stashed away up there in our rich suburb?”

“Nope. I just wondered if you had some free time next week. I’d love to buy you lunch at ‘The Hideaway.'”

MaryAnn was glad to accept. “If you want to meet in that out of the way joint, you must have some hot stuff to talk about. Let’s make it Monday. Okay?”

She knew Judy well. They were so similar in so many ways. Both had crept into their forties. MaryAnn had lost her husband a couple years earlier. Judy was divorced when Josh Copeland had made her his third trophy wife and ensconced her in a multi million dollar house in a fancy inland community of millionaires and billionaires — no nine-to-five peons in what was euphemistically called “The Ranch.” gaziantep escortlar

They first met when MaryAnn wrote a magazine piece about how Judy, an interior designer, had renovated her new digs. They met again two years ago when both of them were seeking high adventure in Smitty’s Colorful Club in New York City. As the name hinted Smitty’s was actually a sex club where white women could meet young black guys and satisfy their secret yearnings.

MaryAnn was delighted to accept the luncheon invitation. One week later she showed up at the rather obscure restaurant. The Hidaway featured expensive but mediocre Mexican food. MaryAnn guessed that Judy had chosen it because it wasn’t crowded and they would have the opportunity to discuss their exploits.

Judy was already there sipping a glass of wine. The bottle, one with a French label, was on the table. Without asking she poured one for her friend. “Drink up,” she said with a smile.

MaryAnn took a sip then looked at the bottle. That didn’t help “Good stuff, she said. “I’m not familiar with the brand.”

“It is good stuff, appropriate for a reunion of two passionate and very evil women. At any rate drinking expensive wine is just one of the benefits of being a trophy wife.”

“And the others?”

“In my case one is having a damned handsome husband who is a fantastic lover when he feels like fucking me rather than someone else.”

MaryAnn nodded in agreement at that. Josh was a handsome dude, albeit one in his seventies. Every time she saw him MaryAnn compared him to Bert Lancaster in the movie Atlantic City. A night with him wouldn’t be hard to take as long as the Viagra held out.

Jody continued, “And a generous prenuptial agreement is another perk. This marriage won’t last forever. I might get wrinkles, or sag before he loses his virility. So far I love my situation. He gives me all sorts of freedom. He knows what I do in New York for example. Stuff like that excites him. He has shared me with some friends. I guess I am in fact a whore, huh?”

Was this déjà vu? MaryAnn had proclaimed her self a whore to her husband just a few days earlier. She answered Judy, “I suppose it is technically. But so what? If we have something valuable and someone else wants to buy it, who is to deny us the right.”

“Jesus, that’s a convoluted answer. Did you just say that off handed, or have you been thinking about it?”

“My God,” asked MaryAnn? “What did you put in this wine? We have been friends for years but not close confidants Now here we are, or here you are, sharing intimate secrets, and I am on the verge of doing so.”

“Oh my being a trophy wife isn’t a deep secret. Furthermore after I’d crossed some sort of line I found that I really enjoyed the added perks. Hell you saw me in action. I love sex and put few restrictions on it. But I have a feeling you have a secret you’d like to share. Is that so?”

MaryAnn poured herself another glass of wine. Then she took a deep breath and answered, “Yes, and it’s a secret I would share with only someone who shared a bed with me in a sex orgy.” Then she gave with a half frown/half smile. MaryAnn could punctuate a sentence with an expression.

Now Judy was excited. “My god gal, don’t tell my you have had an affair with another woman.”

For some reason MaryAnn blurted, “Not yet.” Then she wondered where that come from. It was something she hadn’t even thought about . . . until this very minute.

“Did you know that French wine is a truth serum? You just told me something that I bet you yourself didn’t know.” Judy paused, smiled and continued, “I’ll have to tell the truth now. I haven’t made it with another woman either. . . not yet. But what is your deep secret?”

“A guy in Las Vegas thought I was a hooker, a high class one. When I didn’t get upset about his mistake we sort of worked our way around to where he made his proposition. He wanted to impress a client of some sort and offered me five hundred bucks to fuck the guy. I mean to tell you it was an exciting idea. I saw the guy and he was a hunk, a real hunk. He had only recently retired from professional football and still had a body of steel. Oh he was also black, and that adds a bit of allure, as you saw in Smitty’s. I did it and it was wonderful. I can’t even work up a sizable amount of remorse.”

There she had bared her soul, and she didn’t still feel any remorse.

Judy smiled and said, “So join the club. I do the same thing except the money isn’t placed directly in my hands. It goes into a bank account, one large enough to cover very large purchases on my credit card. And I can’t even work up a sizable amount of remorse either. I just enjoy sex, sex of all sorts so far.”

“So far? What haven’t you tried?”

Judy decided to test the friendship. Her knee drifted over to MaryAnn’s. MaryAnn simply looked at her and smiled. Then Judy took her friend’s hand in hers, “Why don’t we go to our house? Nobody is home except for some discreet employees with sealed lips.”

MaryAnn squeezed Judy’s hand and asked, “Are you suggesting what I think?”

“Yup, and I think it’s high time don’t you?” Then Judy called for the waitress, produced her credit card wrote an obscene amount for a tip, and they head for Judy’s house, a few miles away. MaryAnn drove her own car of course and on the way she realized two things. She was a bit tipsy from drinking on an empty stomach, and her stomach was still empty. They had forgotten to eat.

Judy was out of her Mercedes coupe when MaryAnn pulled into the driveway with her BMW into the driveway, two high class hookers with the accouterments of the trade. Despite her four decades on earth Judy still looked like a high school cheerleader. She was stacked! Their new project was getting more and more exciting.

They held hands and walked around to the back, then upstairs to Judy’s bedroom. . Nobody saw them except maybe a discreet servant or so. They were paid well to keep quiet about what happened in the mansion in The Ranch.

Judy’s bedroom was what one would expect in a multi-million dollar house. Judy had decorated it herself. Naturally it had a big bed. Pastel colors set the tone as did a few stuffed toys. MaryAnn reflected that toys were a link to a more innocent time, childhood.

“Welcome to my own private sanctuary. I sleep here except when Josh asks that I sleep with him, sometimes with a friend of his. But this room is mine, and for this afternoon, yours.” She moved forward and put her arms around MaryAnn.

At first MaryAnn was curious. Then it became something she wanted to happen. Still she was happy Judy made the first move. She returned the hug and down into her friend’s face. She, at a mere 5’4″ was a couple inches taller than her friend. This might work out.

She put her lips on Judy’s. It was a real kiss, much like a high school guy kissing his girl friend goodnight on their first date. Then she ran her tongue along the redhead’s lips. Judy opened her mouth and soon they were doing their first Frenchie.

They broke away. Judy asked, “I think you have the idea. What would you like to do now?”

“Anything off limits?”

“Not that I can think of. Try me.”

“Both my husband and I loved foreplay — kissing, hugging, fondling, touching, cunnilingus. I think I’d like to do as he did I like the foreplay. My husband always seemed to love it as well. Would what would you think of my doing to you as he did to me?”

Judy, still clothed, smiled, pulled back the covers and lay down on the bed smiling up at her lover. MaryAnn took her place beside her, took her in her arms, and kissed her again. As they kissed Maryann ran her hands over Judy’s titties, but through her sweater. The next kiss her hand went under the sweater and she felt the body heat through her thin bra. She pulled up the sweater and kissed the part not covered by the bra. Her other hand went to the thigh. She was feeling her friend up, just as she had been felt up by Ron, and several others. “

Then Judy’s phone rang. “This is my private line that only Josh uses. I have to get it.”

Disappointed, MaryAnn kept her hand on her friend’s thigh as she talked to her husband. MaryAnn tried to discern what the conversation was from hearing half of it. She heard “Yes, she’s here. . . . we are kinda busy now (followed by a giggle) . . . I’ll ask her.”

She put the phone on mute and told MaryAnn. “He’s coming home, be here in a half hour or so. We can continue if we wish. He’ll either wait downstairs, or he will join us if you like. Your choice.”

My god! A wild adventure just got wilder. “Join us? What on earth does that mean.”

“It probably means he will watch then get in bed with us, if you have no objections he’ll fuck you.”

“He’s well into his seventies. Can he?”

“Hell yes, and he’s really good at it. His Viagra gets him hard but he lasts long enough to drive you wild. And he is still one handsome dude.”

“But how about you?”

“I said we had an open marriage. And remember I do love to watch.” .

Something that she would have considered depraved a few years ago now seemed exciting beyond belief. MaryAnn looked her friend in the eye and said, “Let’s go for it, and let’s get back to what we were doing.”

Judy gave her a wide smile and picked up the phone again, “Josh, it’s a go. We’ll see you in half an hour. Don’t bother to knock and the dress code is optional.”

Then she hung up the phone, and nestled in MaryAnn’s arms again. “Now on with the seduction.”

It had been exciting before. Now, with the added prospect of a third party joining the party it was even more exciting. MaryAnn returned to her seduction of Judy with a gusto The kisses were hotter, the fondling more meaningful. MaryAnn ran her fingers up and down Judy’s crotch. Judy raised her ass and responded. Then they managed to undress each other.

Now both of them naked MaryAnn pressed her titties against those of her friend. Judy reached up and rubbed their nipples together. Everything was a first. Everything was exotic. Everything was erotic.

MaryAnn moved on top. She pulled her vulva lips apart and rubbed her clitoris against Judy’s pubic hair. She kissed her lover again, the pulled back and said, “Oh Christ here it comes.” Like a man on top she moved faster and faster, “ooooh my god ooh god Judy I’m cumming.”

Judy responded by moving back while holding MaryAnn’s ass right against herself, “yes darling fuck me.”

MaryAnn had her first orgasm of the afternoon.

“Oh god, what do you want me to do next?”

“What did your husband like to do,” she asked. Then she said, “Hello darling. Double fun today if you like.” MaryAnn looked up and there was Burt Lancaster smiling at them. He commenced removing his clothes.

MaryAnn smiled and started moving down her body, again nuzzling and kissing her tits, larger than her own. Her tongue still moving as it made its way down to her belly, all while her hands were busy with Judy’s nether region. It was having an effect. The redhead was bouncing around on the bed. When MaryAnn reached her friend’s pussy and placed her tongue on Judy’s clit, her friend made with a loud moan pushed back hard. Soon she was writhing in ecstasy. MaryAnn felt she understood how Ron had felt when he did that to her. It became more poignant when Judy wrapped her legs around her neck shuddered and nearly suffocated her friend.

Then Judy said, “Let’s change positions,” and she returned the favor. MaryAnn, always excited by being watched, held Judy’s head in place and moved against her mouth. Faster and faster they moved. As she neared the throes of an orgasm she looked at Josh and smiled. A nude Burt Lancaster smiled back.

She pulled Judy’s head away from her pussy and asked, “I think your husband would like to cut it.”

“My husband has such good taste, as I’m sure he’ll soon realize.” Judy rolled off and Josh took her place.”

Josh acted as if she did indeed taste good, and MaryAnn was a most cooperative dessert. She closed her eyes and wondered if she could tell any difference between cunnilingus done by a woman or by a man.

Her academic interest didn’t last long. It quickly gave way to animal lust. She opened her eyes, looked at his wife, made the poignant comment “OH CHRIST” and commenced writhing in ecstasy as she had earlier with her female lover.

Josh moved on top, and kissed his guest for the first time. At least the kiss was his first on her lips. Well, actually the lips on her face.

Unaware of his quandary of which lips he had kissed, she guided the head of his cock in, then paused. Then she raised her hips, grabbed his grabbed his ass and lunged. “Okay Burt, let’s have a go at it.”

Josh recognized the cognomen. He was often compared to Burt Lancaster except he had a lot more money. And he didn’t mind at all because the woman under him was obviously willing and hot. They started the dance of love. He held her tight and moved slowly at first. About the time MaryAnn figured an old man wouldn’t fuck fast, as in the story “Johnny Fuckerfaster” he picked up the tempo.

Oh god this was it. The graying septuagenarian was giving her the fucking of her life, and he wasn’t slowing down to do it. Soon she was in the throes of ecstasy again, never a long trip for MaryAnn. She looked up at his handsome face, held him tight, met every thrust with one of her own.

Then she nearly screamed, “Look at me Burt. Look at me. I’m going to cum and you are doing it.”

At that she wrapped her legs around him, pulled him tight inside her, moved her ass rapidly, shuddered and cried. “OOOOH MY GOD YES OOOH YES YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD I’M CUMMING.”

Josh was generally able to last a long time. This was too much though. He was unable to hold off any longer. He responded to MaryAnn’s passion with those of his own. He held her tight, feeling her tits pressing against him. He grabbed her ass, and moved faster than before. Soon he felt it happening, that wonderful moment of orgasm, he had felt so often, but seldom as vivid as this.

His last strokes were short and deep. She responded again. When he let it happen she let out another cry and had yet another orgasm. The unasked question “was good for you dear” could have been with a resounding yes by both of them.

And Josh wasn’t without a sense of humor. “MaryAnn that was wonderful but can you feel my heart pounding? If I die I want you and my lovely wife to come to my funeral and tell everybody you both fucked me to death.”

MaryAnn asked, “But we didn’t both fuck you?”

Judy kissed MaryAnn on the lips, “Not yet. I gave you the easy one. It’s my turn now. If you have to leave you can let yourself out, but it’s been a wonderful afternoon. Let’s keep in touch.”

MaryAnn didn’t have to answer. Already her friend and her husband were in the midst of foreplay. A quick check indicated Josh was up to the task. She concluded that modern medicine, and maybe a couple hot babes, was wonderful for our senior citizens.

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