Male Bonding


It was just last week you sent me a message on the online dating site, after you checked my page. None of the primitive obscenities I get every so often, from those poor freaks who vanish once you try to meet them. Plain, honest, straightforward. I liked your profile and your pics instantly. The Skype interview I gave you confirmed my good impression. Wholesome with sharp little eyes, you look the serious type and a bit shy too. And you’re just 20, quite young for my own standards. With my 28 years ahead of you, I’m definitely old enough to be your Daddy.

We made an appointment for this evening. I have asked about what you were willing to do, and it seemed there was no major restriction. I understood you have little experience though, least of all with grown men. About my underwear requirements, you repressed a giggle when I said I wanted no goofy pants or socks.

You’re right on time. Here you stand apprehensively in the doorway, and I welcome you in. I can feel you’re nervous, but it’s a matter of pride for you not to back out once you’ve finally come over here. You’re glancing at me from aside. I’m not much taller than you, but quite stockier, a bit paunchy, balding and slightly greying. I must remind you of your college teachers, and all this alien generation you never make friends with. I’m a real man, a mature one, and even though I’m not exactly what you’ve been taught to find beautiful, you find something soothing to my sturdy features. Actually that’s what you came here for, hey?

You look good by all means. Cute, clean cut the way I like, with your hair very short. You don’t dress like a sloppy teenager. Blue jeans with a pair of tennis shoes, but on top, you have a smart navy blue sweater with white stripes over your white sleeveless shirt. See, I made an effort as well, to look the way you were expecting. Daddy like, with black leather shoes, grey flannel trousers and a shirt just as white as yours, but mine has long sleeves. You know what, boy, I think we’re more alike than we look at first sight.

I’m offering you a glass of cognac before we get on. You seem to hesitate, you’ve heard these stories of people putting strange things in your glass. But since I’m ready to have one too and toast with you, even if I don’t need it, you finally trust me and accept. You’re right, it’s good stuff, it’s a treat. I hear a slight snort of appreciation when you have your first gulp. That’s a good start, boy. I’m sitting here on the elevated stool as I watch you sip down slowly. Your cheeks are getting rosy and once you’ve finished, your eyes look a bit glassy and shiny. The frown on your face has vanished by now , and you’re staring at me almost defiantly. I stand up, and ask you gently to come over. You step ahead, and I feel how tense you are as I put my hands around your waist and press your chest unto mine.

You’re expecting me to kiss you but I won’t for the moment. I’ll just be just nuzzling you, fondling your cushy young body with my hands. I can smell the aroma of the liquor I just served you coming up from your lips. I know we are both thinking about each other’s odor : yours is mildly soapy and fruity, you use different shampoos and lathers than I do. I can only guess that you already scented that special aftershave of mine on middle age men before. And then there’s this hard to define touch that makes male skin smell different according to how old they are.

I feel your heart pulsating and your breathing gets deep and fast paced. I press my crotch against yours, several times, gently at first and then humping you harder. I look into your eyes and can tell you’re turned on already. I can feel the swelling in your trousers as you can feel it in mine. You’re panting as I remove your shirt, and lay my hands on your bare chest. Then I grab your nipples between my fingers, very gently, and this makes you whimper. That’s it, I just reached your soft spot. I’ll insert a finger in your mouth, and moisten your tits. They instantly get erect like two hard little nails. It works good, I’ll have you spit in my hand and make them all wet. See, you’ve only been here ten minutes, and you’re already moaning like a baby. Just let go, you’re in safe hands.

I’m in total control as I have you take off your jeans. You’ve followed the instructions I gave and you’re wearing nice blue briefs that perfectly mould your anatomy. I can see you’re tight in them but you’ll keep them on for a while. The shape of your bulging dick is visible, and it punches me in the stomach. You’re like hypnotized as I have Gaziantep Üniversitesi Escort you kneel down, pull down my zipper and let your hand make way inside my pants. My cock has risen fully as you’re palpating its outline. Time to get comfortable for me too. I take off my shoes, my clothes and my watch as you’re waiting for me down on your knees. All I’ll have left is a white tank top, and once I take my pants off and have spread my legs apart for you, my dick will be standing up majestically right in front of your face.

No, don’t put it in your mouth, not yet, there’s no hurry. Take it in your hands and play with it. I’ll keep on working your tits, I can see you love that. Lay your hands wherever you can and get to know my body. Fondle by balls, my belly, my ass. Make it nice and slow. You want to use your tongue, baby? Well, just lick my cock from underneath, all along the shaft and up until the head. If you really want to please Daddy, push your tongue further between the balls and the thighs. It tastes a bit acrid even though I’m freshly washed, but this is sex, boy. You’re giving me a real treat. My erection is firm and effortless, as if my cock had always been this hard . I slap it on your face and, rub it against your hair. Short as it’s cut, its touch gets crisp and electrifying like the soft spot between a cat’s ears.

You can take your pants off now, and I’ll remove my top too. Yes, we’ll keep our socks on, it’s just a male thing. You probably had some girlfriend who wanted you to remove them because it’s ugly, it stinks or whatever, and have you touch her in the dark only . Males are not so fussy when it comes to sex, they like it kind of raw. You know, It’s just like getting covered with mud when you play football, or with tar when you repair a car. It’s part of it all, and you’ll come to like it too.

You’re a delight to watch, your body is firm and smooth. You seem to take good care of it as your muscles and pecs are well defined. You’re barely out of teenage, but some frizzly hair is starting to flower on your chest. However different we may look, we’re two males in all their glory, about to perform the sacred act of love. We have the same club rising between our legs, and yours is just as stiff as mine. By now, I long to put mine inside you, and after this lengthy delicious foreplay, I know you’re ready for it and can hardly wait. I feel good and calm, I smile at you, and you timidly smile back , with your fresh juvenile face still blushing.

I take a glimpse of us in the mirror on the wall. You noticed it, but you’re not ready to watch yet. I see the reflection of my stocky body, with my balding head and my erect cock. And I keep wondering, how can such a handsome clean cut youth actually want this? I know the answer though, it’s just the magnetic power of manhood. Even if I’ve already been through it many times, it always remains as puzzling. I have no idea of what you’ve been starved of and why, probably you don’t either, but right now, we couldn’t care less. Daddy’s the cure.

You’re my boy, my baby. These are the words that come to my mind, not the reviling ones you may have heard or thought of. However submissive the position you’re in right now, I don’t feel the most remote despise for you, just a strong and benevolent tenderness. You’re down on your knees, waiting for me to penetrate you, and it’s alright, boy! I’m just more manly because I’m more than twice you’re age. Don’t fight it. Let yourself be overwhelmed. We’re just playing the role that nature and age has assigned us each, to get the purest joy out of it.

Open your mouth. Don’t turn your eyes away, look up to Daddy towering over you. I’ll push it in slowly, but watch your teeth. I pull back, push in, let you take your breath and swallow, I gently pat your face with it before I go in again. Use your hands, play with my balls, touch me. I’ll stroke your scratchy hair all the way down your neck and fondle your shoulders and chest. See, I didn’t forget how sensitive your nipples are. This is just heaven, boy.

You mouth is full of my cock but you can’t help letting out strangled moans. You’re on the verge of tears. Yes, baby, I know. Been a boy before. We both wish it never stopped. It feels like my flesh is melting into your velvet mouth. And you probably never have experienced such oblivion and bliss since you were a few months old and sucking on your bottle. I’m feeding you, baby, and I only guess what I feel must be pretty close to doing it literally. As odd as it may sound, that’s just the way it is.

Enjoy it, take your time, it’s all yours. This part of me you’re gulping is life. It’ s male energy, and a privilege to have. If you cultivate your own, it will go stronger with age. You have it and will develop it too. I’m pretty sure of that, at the sight your dick pointing up towards me with no hesitation, and actually leaking. Droplets of my precum have oozed on your face, and oh baby if you go on like this, all this juice is going to pour all over. I’m sure we’d love it both. Is this what you want or are you ready for something else?

I am very willing to fuck you, if you give me permission. I can tell you have little experience of this, maybe none. And you might be afraid it will hurt because you know by now that Daddy’s got a big tool. But you also know I’m an attentionate expert and if you let me, it will all go fine, so you might as well take the opportunity. We just have to release this tension and share pleasure one way or another. I’ll let you decide how, and there’s no hurry

Come to bed with Daddy. Let’s go to my room and lay down together. I’ll be on my back with my legs apart and my arms crossed behind my head, out to let you do whatever you feel like. But baby, don’t suck my cock anymore, because you got me so aroused I will not be able to hold it. Just explore the rest of my body. You mischievous little devil, you’re spitting in my belly button and fingering it, then have your tongue all the way up to my nipples, gosh I love it too. And then up to my armpits. You’re sniffing and licking one and then the other. You reached my soft spot boy, and I’m about to lose control.

I roll over and kiss your mouth deeply. It’s not something I usually do, but I have a crush on you. I nuzzle your neck and bite your ears. It’s the first time our bare chests meet, and I guess you feel all my weight over you. I know you are going to let me get in again, in your most private this time, but this male embrace is just so balmy I want it to last some more. I sit up and press my cock against yours. It feels good. See, you and me are so many years apart and yet just the same. Your dick is hard, it snaps briskly back against your tummy as I play with it, and that makes you giggle. I’m getting thirsty, how about a glass of water before we push it further? Daddy’s the provident type, and has a fresh bottle and tumblers ready at the bedside.

Now it’s feeling better as we refreshed ourselves. I’m climbing on top of you again in the dim light. This is so intimate, no one else’s business but ours. You’re looking up at me while untangling my chest hair. And oh you naughty, you’re grabbing my balls from behind. You’re all abandoned, and let me lift up your legs, so I get to see your pussy spreading like a rose. Don’t mind me calling it that way, it’s affectionate and sounds better than any other word for it. I know you’re not a female, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this with you.

You’re showing no sign of resistance as I’m handling your backside. I can hardly believe it but it seems you’re gonna let me in there, quite naturally. I pat this lovely little spot with my cock , can’t get enough of watching your rosy slit surrounded by light frizzly hair. I take the lube tube from the bedside table, and you whimper as you feel the first gush splashing on your crack and your butt hair getting wet. I’ll unwrap a condom and I would like you to put it on for me. OK, you’re a bit clumsy but you can only get better with experience. I’ll hand you the tube so that you can lube it yourself. Now take it easy, boy. Just relax your muscles and get ready to take Daddy’s manhood all the way. Let your breath get deep and calm. I’ll insert a finger in your hole. It’s tight, but I’ll push it further with two, and then three. In fact you’re ready, because it just takes a fourth one to contain daddy’s shaft.

Look at me boy, this is getting serious now. I’m concentrated and somewhat tense as I press my head against your freckle, softly, slowly, so that it doesn’t hurt. You’re moaning faintly, but keep opening up though, as I’m gliding my way down into you. Pull back, push in gently again, and there, boy, you have it all inside now. It’s warm, moist and tight in there, and feels like paradise. I know it feels much tougher for you than it did before in your mouth. I mean, you’re really having it down your guts now. You’re totally overwhelmed, you’re whining, you’re on the verge of tears again. I’ll slip a pillow behind your head so that you’re more comfortable.

You’re not aching though, because if you did, your contractions would tell me and I’d pull back. I know a bit about how a boy works. You’re just at the border between pain and bliss. Is it too much? You need a break, baby? Alright, I’ll push up on my arms and stop moving. I’ll bend over you, my face very close to yours, and I’ll have a look into your astonished eyes. You’re breathing strongly, but you don’t want me to go. Our crotches remain entwined, and you’re fondling my chest and my shoulders as if you wanted to make my strength yours. Well make it yours, baby, you’ve deserved it well enough. I feel so fine above you and inside you that I have nothing to refuse.

I am fastening up the pace again, and lift your legs upon my shoulders. Hey, look down, now you can see it between your thighs , going in and out of you. Your face looks like you’re angry at me. Yes, I know, boy. We’re fucking like men. You’re being sodomized, and yet, to your own surprise, you never felt so much like a man before. And I feel as tense as a football player trying to shoot into the goal. It takes this dose of rage for the pleasure to burst out. You might experience incredible sensations by scuba diving or jumping in a parachute, but this punching ecstasy, only sex will give it to you.

You know the orgasm is going to be frantic, and you’re trying to delay it, but I don’t want you to. I want to see your male juice coming out, and more than ever, I want you to look at me. No, you can’t hold it, let go, surrender. Your inside is getting spastic around my cock, and here it goes, you’re shooting your sap in several blasts all over your tummy. And you’re moaning, again and again, you just cant’ stop it anymore. I love this catlike pitch in your twenty year old voice. I feel the rush surging up from my balls too, like an eruption, and I roar out of joy as my juice is flooding the condom tip, my cock still stuck deep inside you.

This seems to last forever. We’re panting long minutes, my head is spinning round and my heart pulsating. What just happened is so incredible we’re both caught by laughter and give each other wide smiles . I’m glad you feel no shame at what you let me do to you, just plain happiness. It takes a while before I can take my breath again and pull out. We’re all sweaty, I’m taking a pair of kerchiefs out the box and wipe off your forehead, then your tummy all drenched in sperm. Boy, it takes a while to clean up! A glass of water again for both of us, and I throw the rubber and paper into the waste basket. Off you go to shower, boys first! Once we’re freshly washed again, we’ll enjoy each other’s company some more, because I don’t know about you, boy, but I just can’t get enough of you.

We’re lying side by side now, it seems we cannot part. You’re looking at me strangely, as if you wanted to thank me, but lovers don’t thank each other. You’re so confused you’re almost about to say you love me. Hush your mouth, boy. You don’t love me. We made love. Different. But we made it for real. The bonding we just made between our bodies and souls could not get much more intense than this. Never in your life you’ve been so close to a man before. Physically speaking, you actually can’t get any closer. Mentally, we reached each other’s guts, in less than an hour. What we just experienced is beyond words, even though I’m just trying to capture it.

Communication between us is not likely to be easy. You’re still in college, I’m in the middle of a career. We don’t listen to the same music, we don’t share the same interests, we don’t have the same worries. We almost don’t speak the same language. I’m already putting questions together about you in my mind, but here they’ll stay for the moment, as I just want to keep enjoying the silence by your side. Anyway, you’re not even sure yet if you want me to remain your anonymous dark secret, or if you actually want to know the guy that made you take off for good. It will be difficult, but what we shared was so potent that it’s maybe worth giving it a try.

You’re dizzy and I feel you’d easily want to stay over and fall into slumber. Maybe next time. Because there’s gonna be a next time, boy? It will even be better, because now we know exactly how to handle each other. You’re not gonna stay over for now. I snore like a bear and you wouldn’t rest well. Plus I’m used to live on my own and don’t like sharing my space. We’ll be reasonable tonight, and put our clothes back on, I’ll serve you some snacks and chat lightly with you so that we can get back slowly into reality. Then you’re gonna jump on your bicycle again and ride swiftly back home. Your beaming malicious smile as you’re walking out the door goes straight into my chest.

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