Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 01

Big Tits

My name is John and it has been a year since my wife passed away and it was now time for me to get on with my life. I am in my 50’s so I had a lot of living to do.

I decided to sell my house and move into a modular home at the Lake Como nudist resort in Lutz, Florida.

I mentioned this to my close friend Lisa, who has joined me at the resort several times. When I told her my plans, she asked if she could move in with me as she was tired of the rat race she was in at work. I told her it would be terrific if she joined me and we made plans to move in together.

Lisa is in her early 50’s. She has long, black curly hair, a nice shapely body, big tits and big nipples. She looks like a cross between Nancy McKeon and Linda Hamilton. She keeps herself neatly trimmed in the right area.

One weekend, I went to Lake Como to look at a couple of properties at the resort. After looking at a couple, I found the right house. The house was on the lake, had 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, all new appliances, a car port, a small hot tub and other amenities.

I took some pictures and sent them to Lisa, who loved the place and told me to get it and I did.

I closed the deal and was going to move in as soon as my house was sold, which was in contract and expected to have a closing date in two weeks.

In the meantime, Lisa was preparing to come down and made all her arrangements.

Two weeks came and went and I sold my house and hired a mover and set the date, which was in two days.

The movers came, packed my stuff and off we went to my new life as a full time nudist, with my good friend Lisa joining me.

The house was all set up and I was finally able to start my new life. Lisa was on her way and I could not be more excited.

The next day, Lisa arrived and she got settled in. She put her things in the second bedroom and she loved the place.

I was already nude when she arrived and she joined me in donning her clothes once she finished putting her things away. Lisa looked even more beautiful than I remembered.

We decided to take a walk around the resort and for the first time, she walked with me completely nude instead of wearing a cover-up. She kept saying that she loved the resort and was so glad I decided to live here and that she was with me.

After about two hours, we made our way back to the house in order to get ready to go to dinner at the resort’s restaurant.

I told Lisa she could shower first and she said she would like me to join her. I never, ever refuse a request like that from Lisa and followed her to the shower.

Now, let me set things straight so you understand. I got Lisa into nudity a few years ago and she has embraced it with me. We are close friends and, once in awhile, while at Como sharing a bed, sex between us has happened. We are comfortable enough for each one of us to have our own sex partners without the other being jealous. And neither one of owns the other. Both of us love sex and trying new things. I am bi but Lisa isn’t. Got it?

As we showered, Lisa told me she was glad that I decided to move on with my life and that if I ever needed anything, to let her know. We washed each other up and before we left the shower, I gave her a kiss and we hugged.

We dressed and went to dinner. At dinner, we met a couple that we knew from our previous stays at Como. The woman’s name was Diane and her husband’s name was Tom. Diane was in her late 40’s, has blond hair and blue eyes. She has an athletic body and tits that really stand out from her frame and her pussy was nice and smooth. Tom looked like he was in his early 50’s and had a nice cock and a big pair of balls that hung nicely under his cock. He was completely smooth, as well.

We told them that Lisa and I just moved in and they were elated and said they would introduce us to the other members of Como. The rest of the dinner we just talked about how we all loved being naked and planned on enjoying it to the fullest. We exchanged telephone numbers and Diane said she would take us out in the morning to meet some of their friends.

After dinner, Lisa and I went back to the house and undressed and relaxed. We shared some wine and cuddled on the sofa as we watched tv.

Although I did not plan it or tried to cover up, my cock soon was quickly on the rise and I know Lisa saw but she did not say anything. I turned to her and apologized. She looked at me and just said that she expects to see more of my hard cock while she lives with me and smiled.

As we watched tv snd had some wine, I felt Lisa’s hand move over to my thigh and upward to my balls. I looked at her and she smiled and nodded her head yes and placed her hand on my swollen cock. Her hand felt nice around my cock and she started jerking my cock ever so slowly.

As she was jerking my cock, I moved my hand to her tit to play with it and she just said yes. It wasn’t too long before my mouth was engulfing her nipple and sucking it as it grew harder in my mouth.

It didn’t take long before I told gaziantep escortlar Lisa I was going to cum. She kept jerking my cock and turned to me and kissed me; her tongue went deep in my mouth. As we kissed, my cock exploded and my cum shot up onto her stomach and her tits. We hugged for a long time as my cock spurt out the last drops of my cum.

Lisa looked down at the mess we created and we both smiled. I got up to get a towel to clean up the mess and by the time I got back, Lisa had scooped up my cum and swallowed it all down.

She looked up at me with a sly grin and asked what bedroom did I want to use, as she stood up. I told her we could use my bedroom first then hers and we laughed and headed to my bedroom.

We laid down on the bed and I pulled my naked beauty to me. My cock was already getting hard again and as we embraced, I could feel my cock pressing against her stomach. I gently pushed Lisa on her back and mounted her. She guided my cock to her opening and I slipped my cock into her wet cunt. I slowly inserted my cock until it filled her cunt completely. I started pumping my cock into her cunt and she started meeting my thrusts. I could feel her cunt tightening around my cock and her hips rising off the bed. Then, she let out a scream that she was cumming and started bucking like a bronco. In a few seconds, Lisa had powerful orgasms, one after the other for what seemed like forever.

I came too but very little and my limp cock fell out of Lisa’s soaked cunt with her juices flowing out of it.

We fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night and went to her bedroom to continue our sexcapade, which lasted another hour or so.

The next morning we woke up and took our showers and had breakfast. We talked about last night and that we both enjoyed it and that Lisa would sleep in my bed from now on. We also agreed that if either of us wants to fuck around with others, it would be acceptable.

The phone rang and it was Diane who said to meet her at her house at 10:00 a.m. I told her we would be there.

Lisa and I got ready (we took a couple of towels to sit on) and walked over to Diane’s house, about five minutes away.

When we got there, Diane was on her porch waiting for us. She looked stunning. Diane came down,and gave us each a kiss and we started on our journey.

Diane walked between us and we chatted as we walked. She took us to a house and rang the bell. A woman answered. Diane introduced us to her and the woman said her name was Alice and that she was a widow. Alice had to be in her early 60’s and not bad looking for her age. She had nice tits and a smooth pussy. I could see right away that Alice had an eye for Lisa. We exchanged pleasantries and then we moved on.

Diane then took us to another house and introduced us to Richard, a young widower in his 30’s who was well endowed. He had a huge cock and big balls and I could see Lisa salivating as she looked at him. He welcomed us to the resort and I could see him leering at Lisa as we left.

As we continued, I asked Diane about Richard. Diane laughed and said that Richard is popular with the women, mostly because of the size of his cock and that he is a good fuck and that he cums like a horse. I turned to Lisa and told her that he likes her and I smiled.

The last stop was at a small house where Diane introduced us to David and his wife, Linda. David looked like he was in his early 40’s as did Linda. David had a nice cock and was smooth. Linda had nice tits and was smooth with a landing strip. They said hello and we introduced ourselves and left.

Diane mentioned, as we headed back, that David and his wife, Linda are the head of the swinger group here at Como.

Lisa and I looked at each other in disbelief. I asked Diane if she was serious and she said she was. She said that the group meets once a month at alternate houses for a night of sex. Diane then said that all of the people, including her and Tom, that we met are swingers but that we did not have to participate in any of that. She just wanted us to know.

We thanked her and headed back to our house to get ready to go to the pool. On the way Lisa and I talked about the people we met and their swinger group. I asked Lisa if she would be interested in finding out more about the group. She said only if I wanted to. I told her we should talk to Diane again. I immediately called Diane and asked her to come over.

In a few minutes, Diane rang the bell and came on in. She sat down and we asked her to tell us more about the swinger group.

Diane then told us that the group is a few years old and that there are a dozen members who meet monthly for sex. The sex can be with anyone and everyone. Everyone is tested and must be clean and disease free because everyone goes bareback. She continued by saying that houses host the meetings alternately. She ended by saying that the current members must approve new members, and that new candidates must perform sex acts with members in front of everyone. That being said, Diane told us to think about it and let her know as a meeting was coming up in a week at her house.

Diane left and Lisa and I headed to the pool and a discussion, for sure.

Lisa and I got to the pool and as soon as we laid down, Lisa asked if I was interested in the group. I told her I might be and asked her if she wanted to try it. She said she never thought about it but it did sound interesting. I asked her if she would be ok fucking strangers in front of everyone. She said she wasn’t shy and would be willing to try it once to see if she liked it. I told her ok and I called Diane and gave her the news. I hung up and told Lisa it was all set for Saturday at 8:00 p.m. and that Diane asked us to get there a little early.

Lisa and I stayed at the pool and relaxed as we discussed the upcoming event.

Lisa and I went back to the house to rest. As we were relaxing, Diane called and invited us over for dinner, as she decided at the last minute. We accepted and told her we would be there at 7:00 p.m.

Lisa and I had some time to kill so I directed my beauty to my bedroom and laid her down and I spread her legs wide and mounted her. My cock found her slit and I eased my cock into her waiting cunt. Once my cock was fully seated in her, I whispered to her if she is going to do this in front of everyone. She looked at me with the devil in her eyes and started fucking my cock and said she would fuck anyone and everyone in front of them. As she said it, I could feel that she was ready to erupt as was I. In no time, we both came in complete ecstacy.

After our fuck session, we showered and took our towels and a bottle of wine over to Diane.

We rang the bell and Diane yelled for us to come in. We entered and were surprised to see Richard there. Diane told us that Tom had to go out unexpectedly for the evening and it would just be the four of us for dinner.

Diane served a terrific dinner and as we ate, chatted about a variety of topics. Richard asked about us and how we liked it at the resort. He even said that the place’s beauty was greatly enhanced now that Lisa was here.

After dinner, the four of us went out to Diane’s screened in back porch which was very private. While we were chatting, I saw Richard’s cock getting stiff. Diane looked over at Richard and told him to relax and laughed. Lisa looked over and told Diane to leave Richard alone if he wants his cock hard, let him and she was ok with it.

Richard’s cock was hard now. His cock must have been 12 inches long and as thick as a coke can. Lisa could not take her eyes off of it.

I asked Lisa if she wanted some of that. She looked at me and smiled. Then Diane told Richard that Lisa and I will be attending the group on Saturday to see if they like it enough to join.

Richard smiled and said they he would be more than willing to see if Lisa would like to do a test run of the meeting now. Diane looked at us and asked it we wanted to give it a try now, just the four of us. I told her it was ok with me. Lisa looked at me and said she would be ok trying it now too.

We all went inside and sat down. Richard’s huge cock was sticking straight up and ready for action. My 7 inch cock was hard and up as well.

Diane told Lisa to get up and go over to Richard who was sitting on a chair with his legs apart and his cock up. Lisa nervously went over to him, looking back at me as she approached Richard.

Diane told Lisa that if she wanted to wait to Saturday, she could as this would be a sample of things to come, performing sex acts in front of others. Lisa looked at me and gave me a yes nod and told Diane that she was fine with doing it tonight with Richard fucking her in front of her and John.

I could see Lisa was nervous but I could also see how large her nipples had become. They looked like they were ready to burst from her areola. I could also see some wetness on her thigh.

As she got within arms length, Richard took her hand and pulled her closer to him. He got up and pulled her to him. His cock pressing up against her. He took her hand and moved it down to his cock and made her hand grasp his cock. He told her to play with his cock awhile and she did.

Diane told Lisa to kneel in front of Richard and to suck his cock. Lisa fell to her knees and glanced at me and I just winked at her my approval. She turned her head and tried to engulf Richard’s cock. She was only able to get his cock head in her mouth. She started sucking it while jerking his cock and playing with his balls.

Diane joined me on the sofa and we watched them together. I was so interested in watching Lisa, I did not realize Diane had her hand on my cock and when I did, I looked at her and smiled as she told me that she thinks we will easily get into the swinger club. Then she put her head down and started sucking my cock with her eyes on Lisa and Richard. I saw Lisa glance over and gave me a thumbs up as she continued sucking Richard’s cock.

Richard told Lisa to lay on her back on the floor. As she got down, I told Diane that I would be cumming soon and to slow it down.

Lisa laid on the floor and spread her legs as wide as she could. Richard mounted my beauty and placed his cock in front of her slit. Lisa grabbed his cock and managed to get his cock head into her wet cunt.

He started to insert his cock and I could see Lisa was uncomfortable as he pushed his cock deeper into her cunt. He finally stopped as it was fully in her.

I watched in awe as my beautiful lover was being fucked by a stranger with a huge cock and was ok with Diane and I watching.

Richard picked up his pace as did Diane. Richard told us he was going to cum. Diane told him to cum on her tits as she wanted me to see him shoot his load on Lisa.

Richard fucked her furiously and pulled his cock out and shot his cum. He kept cumming and cumming all over her body and tits, face and hair. I didn’t think he would ever stop cumming. As I watched him, I came in Diane’s mouth and she swallowed every drop.

As I finished, I went on the floor to my cum covered lover. I told her she was terrific and she did great. I asked her if she was ok and she said she was and that she enjoyed the fucking and us watching and she was ready for Saturday.

Richard thanked Diane for this opportunity and told us he will see us on Saturday.

Diane said we were great and that we are sure to get into the club on Saturday.

Lisa cleaned herself up and we walked home talking about the experience we just had.

When we got home, I poured some wine and asked her how she liked Richard’s big cock. She said it hurt but in a good way and she was amazed at all the cum he shot.

We finished our wine and headed to bed as Lisa really needed the rest.

The next couple of days were spent at the hot tub and pool and on the trails. We met other residents and introduced ourselves. Lisa made a big hit with the men and she was always in the middle of the guys when having a conversation with them. I kidded her that her nipples are always hard and going to get sore from her flirting.

Saturday morning came and I had errands to run. Lisa staid at the house and did routine house chores.

When I got to the house, Alice was visiting Lisa and they were having coffee. I undressed and joined them. We chatted a bit and I asked her if she would be at the group meeting tonight and she said she would be there and she would see us there. She staid a bit longer then left.

I asked Lisa what that was all about. Lisa looked at me and said that Alice came over to ask me if I we were bi and if it would be ok if she fucked you. After I composed myself, I told her you were bi and she could fuck you anytime.

Lisa and I spent the day by the pool talking about what to expect tonight. Lisa said she would probably be told to fuck all the guys and that they would want me to fuck the women. Lisa smiled and said if she could do Richard, she would not have any problem doing anybody else.

I asked Lisa if this is what she wanted. She said it would be ok to have friends that enjoy the same things, after all we love sex and love exhibiting ourselves so this is perfect for us. I agreed with her and told her that it might be fun and we should try it.

The day flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go to Diane’s. We took our towels and headed over a little early as Diane told us to.

We were a little nervous when we arrived but Diane made us feel comfortable. She told us that after introductions, members will pair off and start having sex. She told us we are to watch, then David will get everyone to turn their attention to us. David will tell you two to start having sex in front of everyone. After you have sex, members will approach you, if they want, and ask you to have sex, which you will have to do in front of everyone.

Diane then said that David or his wife will announce your membership if you have completed your sex acts.

We told Diane that all sounded fine and we were ready. By then, the nude members started arriving. Alice came in. Richard followed and David and Linda arrived. Diane’s husband, Tom was busy getting drinks for everyone. No fewer than ten nude people arrived and ready for sex. There were even two lesbians and two bi guys that came in as well.

David and Linda made the introductions and announced that we just moved here and were very interested in joining the group and tonight we were going to prove worthy of them becoming a members.

David then announced that the group is now in session and for everyone to enjoy.

Lisa and I watched as people paired off. Alice went to Tom and David went to Diane. Linda and Richard hooked up as well. We even saw two women connect and two men having sex.

There were people having sex in every corner of the house. Lisa and I looked at each other and I asked her what she thought and she just smiled and said she was ready.

After an hour or so, David got everyone’s attention and announced that it was now our turn and anyone can approach us for sex after we finish fucking. Everyone applauded and stopped what they were doing and watched us.

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