Lydia Ch. 05

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By Dan57 and Cih

Amit’s return

Lydia had stayed home during the whole Diwali festival in fear of falling into the clutches of Sir Nigam or Vikash, the police officer. She was still trying to immerse deeper in the Indian civilization : so she had lit up a traditional row of twenty diyas (ghee lamps) to celebrate the return of Rama and the victory of good against evil. She had burned incense sticks in her house that had never housed a similar feast for years. Just Lydia was so afraid that she hadn’t watched the fireworks, firecrackers and other festivities in the street. Nothing unpleasant had arrived for her… It was now the day after Diwali! If Amit hadn’t changed his plans, he should arrive late in the afternoon and she busied herself preparing a variety of sweets and pastries for him. Some typical Canadian pastries would give the food an exotic touch for Amit’s benefit!

kept thinking she was not attractive enough for Amit, that he would never return to her! Such ideas depressed her and every hour increased her stress! The culmination came when Sir Nigam paid her a visit about two hours before Amit’s arrival…

– Good evening, Lydia! I wanted to chat with you!

Lydia curtsied deeply in acknowledgement of Sir Nigam’s superiority. Her visitor understood the meaning of the gesture, oblivious of the fact that a true Dalit girl shouldn’t be aware of such typically European customs. Maharajahs in India had their own complex protocol with some of them imitating European habits but lowly castes were never concerned! A Dalit was, by definition, unlikely to ever meet a Maharajah who would never have even acknowledged his or her presence!

Lydia had a good idea of the reasons of Sir Nigam’s unexpected visit : he knew that Amit was coming back in about two hours and he wanted to mark his territory by fucking her brains out : she would be filled with his seed when Amit would arrive and she wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy her mate’s return! What she just feared was that he wouldn’t just cum in her pussy but he would continue until she had cummed too and that would leave her completely exhausted for her beloved one! So, she decided to offer sir Nigam more than he had dreamed : she tightened her simple saree around her body and started to undulate around him like a snake: The moves of her body pushed alternatively her breasts, her belly, her hips or her knees against the taut fabric that seemed to have a life of its own.

The dance was hypnotic and Sir Nigam’s cock soon began to swell inside his dhoti. Sweat started to run from his forehead and his hands to shake with desire. On the contrary, Lydia was totally in control of her own body and she continued to tease her Master! When he began to moan, at the peak of excitation, she slowly unhooked her choli, just leaving the last hook to hold it together! He forgot a few seconds to breathe. Lydia smiled in triumph! She then undid the last hook and started a furious dance around him, just holding her choli with her hands. Suddenly she stopped her gyrations and pushed her choli open, just when she was facing him. Her move pushed her tits forward when his face was just a few inches from her pushed forward tits. He gasped and his cock erupted in his loincloth. She had won, this time but she already knew that next time, he would wank himself until he had cummed before visiting her. Thus she would be more likely to cum before him…

Sir Nigam cursed but he couldn’t accept that Lydia had outwitted him. He had to show her he was the boss and she shouldn’t try to play such tricks to him. He stripped her naked and called for his secretary to come and hold her still. He bent down and started to suck at her neck. He placed hickeys on her neck, then on her shoulders and on her breasts. She tried to push him away but he outweighted her by far and she was no match for him even without the help of his assistant. He bent further down and placed two more big hickeys on her pussy : Sir Nigam had marked her as his like cattle and she had no way to hide it before Amit’s return. She had tears in her eyes in total defeat…

Sir Nigam considered her with a triumphant sneer. He rearranged his dhoti where a revealing wet stain was the ostensible symbol of his temporary defeat! He drew out of his attaché case a small gift for her : the superb saree she had worn during the visit of Prince Kyrhan, Mark and their wives. It was Lydia’s turn to gasp. She would love to appear before Amit in this outfit but now with the marks covering her body, she would have preferred Amit not to arrive and see her complete defeat. What should she do?

Lydia’s hesitation was short lived: Amit was due any time and she couldn’t wait! Lydia was already naked and she hastily put on back the petticoat, then the choli and finally the saree, forcing herself not to take into account that two men were watching her putting on her clothes with leering eyes. She tightened her saree just as Sir Nigam’s secretary had done. Her outfit just called for immediate rape : it was hugging bakırköy escort her body like a second skin! Lydia danced around Sir Nigam in a revenge tease! He couldn’t do anything to her as Amit was due any time! She rubbed her bottom against his swelling cock… He snarled to her :

– Next time I put my hands on your sweet ass, you won’t be able to sit on your delicious bottom for a whole week! Enjoy your first day with Amit! You’ll pay for it, slut!

– Promises, always promises! But are you man enough to make them true?

Sir Nigam left, just before exploding… This slut would learn the hard way it’s dangerous to provoke him! At the same moment, Lydia was thinking she had been unwise to antagonize such a powerful man. When she had rubbed her ass against his groin, she had felt a glorious erection under her ass. At least, Sir Nigam would probably want to avenge himself by fucking her to his content. Brutality in sex was something she relished. She had never enjoyed dull sexual couplings and she wished Sir Nigam would rape her again. Having Amit for sweet sex and sir Nigam for more adventurous bouts would suit her perfectly! Sir Nigam left at last and, about one hour later, she heard someone knocking at the door. She was unsure whether it was Amit or Vikash. So she inquired :

– Who is it?

– Amit, dear! I’ve just returned from Delhi!

Lydia swung the door open and jumped in the arms of her beloved! He took her in his strong arms and carried her inside!

– I really missed you; pretty! God : you saree is just jaw dropping! I have never seen anything so glamorous. Do you intend to seduce a Maharajah or the president of the USA? Where did you find this marvel?

– One question at a time : it’s a gift from Sir Nigam. He had asked me to serve dinner to his guests, last week. By the way, there was a former Maharajah, now a prominent member of the federal government with his wife and a couple of his friends : an American guy installed in India and his wife. She has a typically American face but she speaks quite fluently Hindi and she wears the saree as if she had worn one since she is adult… She could pretend to be Indian anywhere!

– So, when I leave you alone for a short time, you meet very important people! Already tired of my modest person?

– Don’t be stupid, luv! I wept every morning and evening when you were far away. I missed you terribly. Sir Nigam and Vikash, the police officer have been awfully rude with me!

– What did they do to you?

– They forced me to have sex with them. For me, it was just rape but nobody was there to rescue me. Sir Nigam told me it was just fun but Vikash told me Sir Nigam was too important to be annoyed by my putty complaints!Look at what Sir Nigam has done to me on his last visit!

Lydia pushed back her saree to expose her shoulders and her neck. The reddish marks of extensive hickeys were clearly visible on her skin! Amit opened wide eyes :

– They are not love hickeys! He must have drawn blood with them!

– That’s not all!

Lydia completely peeled the saree from her body, unhooking quietly her choli to show off her magnificent breasts with other hickeys on them! Amit gasped and a flash of animal lust ignited in his eyes. She dropped her saree on a chair and lifted her petticoat. She had omitted to wear knickers and her bald pussy was adorned by two large hickeys that attracted Amit’s feverish eyes.

– I was lucky you were due anytime, otherwise he would have added a dozen more! What do you think of it?

– It’s straight forward abuse and unacceptable behaviour but I must admit that, for a man like me, I find it extremely exciting and I feel ready to complete your series of hickeys, so that you can show Sir Nigam that I claim you as my own!

– What are you saying : you want to make more hickeys and tell me to show them to Sir Nigam! Are you mad?

– Certainly not, dear but watching your body thus marked has terribly excited me! Shall we take advantage on it! I can’t wait any more!

Lydia was flabbergasted but she found nothing to answer to her mate! He was already removing his garments, almost ripping off his loincloth in his haste! He was sporting a huge hard on, just a little smaller but equally thick than what she had seen hanging from Kyrhan’s crotch during the dinner! She remembered that during their previous coupling, Amit hadn’t been able to enter her completely but he had told her there were ways to go deeper into her ; that was the perfect moment to test it! And if the price to it was offering her body to Sir Nigam, she was willing to pay it if Amit didn’t care!

– OK, Amit! You told me that you could make me accommodate your whole cock in my pussy! Now prove me you weren’t a braggart! And if you make me cum sufficiently hard, I may consider your idea of showing my whole set of hickeys to Sir Nigam but remember that it was your idea! I would have thought you would try to kill him, not offer your loving mate to his lecherous whims!

Amit nodded, bakırköy bayan escort suddenly extremely attentive and almost dedicated. He made her lie on her knees and arms. She thought he intended to take her rearward but he moved toward her front, offering his fully erect cock to her lips. She lifted her head to have a better view on him. He told her to suck him. She eagerly bent down to take his cock in her mouth. She carefully took his balls into her right hand. She swirled her tongue over his cock. His cock swelled even more in her mouth and was now rock hard. Her cock sucking experience was sufficient for her to know she had to suck him harder…

– Cover it with your saliva. It will go quite deep in your pussy! Nobody has entered you so deep so far. Afterwards, you’ll be a complete Indian girl!

Lydia was doing her best to please Amit. He pulled out of her mouth and moved behind her back. He was going to take her rearward. She had read that in this position he would go deeper but two inches and a half : it was just impossible! She bent her head downward in absolute submission : Amit was at this moment her Master, her owner and she was just a slave waiting anxiously for the orders of her Master… He pulled her legs backward so that she was now on all fours, like an animal…. She would do anything for him at this moment! She arched her back to offer him a better view on her ass…

Lydia could feel the cold air on her dripping love lips as Amit entered her pussy. His cock was so huge that she could feel her pussy stretching out to capacity to accommodate him. He fitted inside her like a hand fitted in a tight glove. They matched perfectly and she felt no pain at all. Nothing so big had ever entered her pussy. She could feel his cock moving in and out of her pussy than gathering progressively speed. After each move, he went deeper into her. She wondered what he was up to : he could have entered her much faster! But he continued to drill into her with the same speed. She groaned when he bottomed out, testing the elasticity of her cervix… She turned her head and saw that he had gained just a little less than an inch and there was still nearly two inches sticking out… She would have wept : she hadn’t been able to take him completely. Amit felt her despair :

– Cool, Luv, I haven’t finished!

He pulled back by an inch and rammed his cock forward. She emitted a piercing shrill : it hurt! The shock was soon replaced by a constant pounding. He wasn’t getting enough to speed to really hurt her but the constant hammering made her scream continuously. She felt something yield inside her and he went a little deeper. He continued his assault and the tip of his cock continued to disappear slowly into her… Amit stopped for a minute to explain her :

– Your cervix normally opens up when you deliver babies. The stimulation I gave you loosened the grip of the sphincter and allowed my cock to enter your womb. It has been possible just because it’s long enough to do the job. When I will tell you, you’ll stop taking contraceptive pills and I will spew my seed directly on your eggs. You’ll get pregnant quite faster than normally! But it’s still up to you ta take or not your pills.

– No, it’s up to you, now, Amit : you’re my master, my chief and I will obey your orders from now on!

– Just think twice : I’m muich older than you do!

– I have already thought it out : I want your baby, your babies in fact! I know that Indian women have often large families. You have just a single son! I want to fulfill all your wishes for a new life!

– OK, then You’ll stop taking your pills on the 25th of next month : it’s my birthday and I would want to sire a baby in your womb that day!

– You may be lucky my peak fertility should be on the 24th! I may stop taking my pills a few weeks before to increase our chances…

– That’s a deal, luv! Afterward, you may be free to pay a visit to Sir Nigam!

– What? You want me to cheat on you!

– If I tell you that you may fuck him, you won’t cheat on me and, by the way, you’ll be already pregnant : he could do anything he wants, his seed won’t produce offspring!

– So it doesn’t matter if I fuck Sir Nigam!

– Don’t forget we live in India, a country very deeply interested by sex : it’s probably the very hot and often very wet weather that makes everyone languid. When we see a pretty lass, it stirs a man from apathy and sexual desire just blossoms! When you’ll know your neighbours, you’ll discover plenty of torrid stories : a woman is often courted or bluntly taken by force or blackmail by her neighbours, her landlord, the shop keeper next door, her boss, some wallah (delivery man), her coworker, her brother, uncle, cousin or sometimes her father or grand father! It creates a perpetual sexual tension and many women end up yielding to their lust.

– Yes! I know it all but what about men : do you dream of fucking anyone wearing a saree?

– Men have more freeway but it’s basically the same problem bayan escort bakırköy : the man who had invited me for Diwali left me alone with his wife for hours, just in case I was interested in her. He was probably disappointed I was just thinking to you and I made no moves on her. But India is the land of carnal lust, of the weirdest desires that can be fulfilled any time! I wasn’t furious when you told me that Sir Nigam had covered your body with hickeys in the most intimate places! I have even told you that you may pay him a visit when I’ll have you safely bred and I perfectly know what he is up to!

Lydia accompanied Amit when he went to inspect the old irrigation system : the ditches were nearly filled up by mud but under it, the concrete seemed in relatively good state. Lydia had told her mate that he was the boss and she was just the menial labourer. So it was just normal that she carried the tools and then that she did the dirty job under his orders… She dug up carefully the ditch, making sure she wouldn’t damage the concrete. The mud was filled with water and felt extremely heavy but Lydia worked with enthusiasm : the job was new for her and working in water just protected her somewhat from the surrounding heat. She cleaned ten feet of the ditch to give Amit a general view. She had been wise to put on her most worn out saree and itch it up around her hips not to be hampered in her moves…

Amit was watching her with open interest : her legs were uncovered up to her knees and she was sweating profusely. Her saree was literally hugging to her skin, leaving nothing of her anatomy to imagination and it was a delicious moment for him! She made for him several boreholes in different places. The temperature was steadily increasing and Amit decided for a pause. They found a suitable place under a tree. Lydia scurried away to look for food and water. It was her job too : she was just a helping hand and he was the boss. She returned half an hour later, carrying a big jar on her head with one hand to steady it and she was holding a bag with their lunch in the other hand. She arrived without spilling a single drop : she had made incredible progress since she had met Sir Nigam for the first time : she would have lost half her load after a mile then while now she almost danced all the way to where Amit waited for her!

Lydia increased the swaying of her hips when she could be seen by her mate : Perhaps, she could entice him into fucking her against the tree trunk after the lunch! She opened the bag and busied herself arranging the table. She rolled a stone to offer Amit a seat but she declined his offer to prepare another stone for her!

– Today, I am at your service and I will be paid for it! As the servant, I should stay up to serve you properly!

– Oh, Lydia, stop that crap! I am not Sir Nigam and I’m a Dalit just like you!

– Maybe but you are in charge! So please let me serve you just like my master! Just tell me if you need or want anything and I’ll provide it to you!

– OK! It’s your choice!

Lydia made a great fuss at serving him with the solemnity she had used when serving Prince Kyrhan and his friends… The food was delicious : she had taken the pastries and sweets she had made for Amit’s return and he complimented her for her skills. She continuously teased Amit, massaging his neck, helping him out of his shoes, pushing her tits forward when she served him food and pushing back her bottom when she was getting away. No man could have resisted such a permanent assault and Amit even less than the average man! When she had cleared the table, she curtsied to show him her respect but before she had had the opportunity to leave, he grabbed her by the waist and drew her behind the cover of bushes. She offered him little resistance, a pure token as that was what she had wished!

Amit lifted the hem of Lydia’s saree and took her petticoat along., not bothering to strip her naked. She enjoyed it terribly, imagining she was a servant with her Master picking up her skirts and it suited perfectly to her submission fantasies : it was role playing but she immersed readily in the role! She was aware she was playing in dangerous waters : if she became addicted to such games, Sir Nigam, Sujeet, Amit’s son, or anyone else would quite easily enslave her and use her whenever they felt like it : she would become just a hole to be filled willingly…

Amit curbed her on top of a stone and she did not fight him. She was truly in her role : a man with a strong will had just cornered her and lifted her saree and her petticoat. Unfortunately, she had decided not to wear knickers as she was to work in a ditch filled with mud. She would have muck up to her pussy and without knickers, it would be easier to get clean again but now it was a disadvantage in her role playing : if she did not wear undies, it was obviously because she expected to be fucked. In truth, it had been her principal reason : the mud should not get higher than her knee! Lydia realized she had acted like a real slut and it enhanced tremendously her pleasure. Amit humped forward with a loud groan and impaled her to his balls. She was totally his! She screamed in ecstasy : that was the proper way to treat a hot girl, the way she loved to be treated!

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