Lucy Becomes a Glamour Model Ch. 02


It was the morning after my first shoot and I had not crawled out of bed as my first lecture was not until ten o’clock when my phone rang. It was Kate, she explained that she had been talking to Kurt about Saturdays shoot and he wondered if I would first do a set with another girl, then the set with the four guys as he had also a slot for an all girl photo shoot in another of his publications.

I was a little taken aback as I explained to Kate that I was not gay or even bi, Kate replied that none of her girls were gay and only a couple were bi. As she was saying this, my free hand had slipped under the duvet to my fanny and as I ran my finger along its length a shudder went through me at the thought of another girl. I asked Kate back.

“Which girl did you have in mind.” to which Kate replied,

“How about Laura, if she’s free, you liked her photo set, and she has done quite a number of girl / girl sets with me, she knows what guys like and she will guide you without me having to instruct you all the time, she will probably stay whilst you do your solo with the guys afterwards so I can concentrate on the photography.”

I thought for a few moments, and said,

“It will be a new experience.”

With that Kate giggled and said,

“Almost all my girls have said something like that, but end up love doing it, if your alright can you be at the gym at ten past nine tomorrow night, all the staff will have gone and I will let us in.” I replied,

“See you there then.” I was just about to put the receiver down when Kate said,

“You are covered by birth control aren’t you?”

I replied, “O’ shit no I’ve always used condoms.”

Kate said, “Don’t worry go to the chemist and get an emergency contraception pills in the morning, it will give you twenty four hours cover.”

As I put the phone down I could not believe what I had just agreed to do.

My mind was not on the lectures that day, all I could concentrate on was the two shoots the following evening. I was in such a whirl I did not go out into town with my friends, but just stopped back at the halls and watched telly, my mind was in overdrive.

Next morning I was down to the campus pharmacy for the emergency contraception, I did not fancy any perfect stranger guy fertilising my eggs, it was less embarrassing than I thought, the assistant just said you need to take one when you get home and one in the morning, she obviously thought I had just got out of bed after being fucked.

The rest of the day I just lazed around, showered and did some essay work, soon it was eight as I pulled on some loose running shorts, a baggy tea shirt and my favourite heels, and my fur coat, I did not want to look amiss walking out with all the rest of the students going out for Friday night, in my gym holdall I put some shiny leggings and a bustier Escort bayan top, just in case there was enough time after we had finished to catch the last hour in the campus SU club/ bar.

When I got to the gym the doors were locked but I could see that there were some lights on so I gave a good knock, still nothing so I rung Kate’s mobi number, no reply so I text her, and in under a minute a figure appeared, I could make out it was not Kate, but as she got to the doors I could see she had red hair like me and had on one of Kate’s Girl’s gowns, so I took it must be Laura. As she unlocked the door she exclaimed,

“Lucy, I’m Laura your just as attractive as Kate said you were.”

I said back, “Your lovely too, your hair is almost the same red as mine,”

Laura giggled, “I wore a blond wig in the set Kate said you loved, doesn’t worry I was as apprehensive as you at my first porn shoot, don’t worry you will handle great, but first us girls are going to have a giggle.”

We were now inside the gym’s lobby and out of sight of the windows when she just turned to me and let her robe just drop to the floor exposing her perfectly naked body, before I realised she leaned forward and planted a smacking kiss straight on my lips, her tongue darting between my lips looking for my tongue.

Laura said, “Could not resist, I’ve done it at each girly shoot, don’t worry I don’t ‘bat for the other side’.”

I stud back and we both burst out into a fit of laughter, the ice was broken, Laura was as Kate had said in her final year and three years older than me, her boobs were probably a cup down from my DD’s and she was probably a little taller than me and had the most peach of a bum, what I gained in boobs I lost out in bum!!

As we both entered the main gym Kate said, “I see you have both met and broken the ice, can we be ready to shoot the first shots in ten minutes in the sauna,”

Laura said, “As I’m ready I will do Lucy’s make up, we don’t need too much lippy as it will be all over nipples and clits.”

It was strange sat there with now nothing on apart from my shorts with Laura doing my makeup.

When she had finished she said, “Now let’s have these shorts off, and let’s see your lovely virgin porn fanny.”

As I started to pull then over my hips, Laura remarked, “Very nice, very nice indeed, you have a nice trim figure,”

I smiled, “I’ve worked out in here since Christmas, I had a little podgy tummy, I did not want to diet as it would affect my top set,” Laura smiled,

“Are they a D cup? They look about one cup up from my C’s and their still very pert.”

“How did you guess?”

Laura just smiled, I then said, “Wish my bum was a peach like yours,”

Laura smiled, “My best asset, love wearing shiny leggings with nothing underneath, it gets the glances!!.”

“Are Bayan escort we ready girls, here is a cossy for you Lucy and this one’s for Laura,” Kate said.

Mine was bright yellow, trimmed with white and a white zip from just below my boobs to almost my ass, where the thong of the back started with the tie sides above my hips, Laura’s was more together, a thong back and just a deep front plunge between her boobs to her navel in a fluorescent green. Kate then said,

“Both of you sit in the sauna opposite each other, exchange sexy glances then Laura to lead, slowly going over kissing then lowering the zip on Lucy’s cosy, caress each boob before licking and sucking each nipple then lower the zip all the way to expose her fanny start by licking Lucy’s clit then gradually the whole of her fanny, then for Lucy to go into doggy position licking her fanny full length then rimming her ass, then introduce the toys, first the pink dildo up her fanny then her ass and finish with the same dildo up Lucy’s butt finishing with the dildo again up Lucy’s fanny and now the butt plug up her ass.”

As we moved into the sauna, a strange buzz came over me, whether it was nerve or excitement of another girl enjoying me I don’t know, but I suddenly became all relaxed. Whether it was the way Laura had put me at ease.

Then Kate motioned for Laura to move on me, she eased the zip down on my cozzy so she could ease my boobs out, and started caressing my areoles with her tongue, in no time my nipples were rock hard and I could feel my slit begin to tingle as it started to go very wet. Laura smiled and grinned as she finally took each hard nipple between her lips. All the time Kate’s flashgun was going off. Then Laura then stated to lower the zip its entire length exposing my now soaking and puffy lipped fanny.

Laura smiled and said, “You’re a natural and you’re loving it,” I just smiled back, Kate’s camera catching each sequence.

As Laura’s tongue flicked on my clit, the sensation was fantastic then along the length of my fanny slit, and god Laura knew how to pleasure another girl.

Then I heard Kate say, “Lucy into doggy position,”

As I stud up Laura pealed my cozzy off leaving me completely nude, as I got into the doggy position I knew Laura would see how she had turned me on by how engorged with blood my fanny lips were and how wet it had become. Then Laura’s tongue darted into my wetness, before rimming my ass, then I felt something broad spreading my fanny and in an instant Laura had got its entire length up me, Kate’s flash was doing overtime as Laura withdrew it from me, then I felt it up against my ass, my fanny juices lubricating it as Laura started to insert it up my tight hole.

Laura spoke, “This will get you in practice for when the guys arrive later.”

Whilst it Escort was not painful it did not give me the buzz of when it was up my fanny, my clit was crying out for attention, but Kate said,

“Can we now have it back up Lucy’s fanny and the butt plug in.”

This was going to be a first, having things up my fanny and ass at the same time, as Laura withdrew it from my ass, Kate asked,

“Can we just hold it there, I want that lovely shot of Lucy’s gaping ass,”

After about ten shots, Laura started to introduce it again to my fanny, stopping about half way, when she got hold of the butt plug and eased it into my ass. Kate exclaimed,

“Double penetrated, how does it feel?,”

“Full,” I replied, Laura then kept easing the dildo up me till it was up to the hilt.

Kate then wanted to get multiple shots of my ass and fanny well filled and Lara now straddling over me her crotch just above my face and her head at the top of my fanny licking and teasing my clit. This was arousing Laura just as much as myself as her fanny which was just above my eyes was straining at her thong and a large damp patch in the middle, I was about to raise my arms to pull the gusset aside but Kate said, “Not yet, I want a pic of all those juices first.”

You could tell Laura had done shoots like these before the way she knew what to do for the next shot.

As Laura withdrew the dildo from my fanny first she licked all my juices from it treating it like a giant ice cream.

Kate then gestured for us both to stand and kiss, Laura knew just what to do, her tongue was licking my tonsils in a flash, I could just make out the musk of fanny juice on her tongue, before easing her boobs out of her leotard and pushing my mouth to her right nipple, my first time at licking a girl!

As I was doing this Laura eased the leotard over her hips so was like me completely naked, as I dropped from Laura’s nipple to her fanny I was shocked as to how turned on she was her lips were engorged and puffy as though she had just been fucked but were soaking with her juices, I could not resist that first lick getting her whole musky flavours and as I licked the length of her ending up at her clit she shook and her juices flowed like mad on to my tongue.

Laura had cum, unlike myself and as her spasms subsided she said, “Sorry could not help it, it’s that fist tongue strokes that send me over.”

Kate said, “That was great girls, I’ve got some fantastic shots of you both, and we had better get prepared for Lucy’s main shoot with the guys.”

Just then there was a knock coming from the gyms main door, the guys had arrive.

To be continued in Chapter Three.

Needless to say about a month later there was a ticket to pick up a parcel from the Post Office when I got in one day after lectures.

When I got it back from the Post Office to my flat and opened there were two continental magazines Crème ala Fem. Needless to say there was twelve pages of Laura’s and my girly exploits! and a closing claim,

“More of these two English Redheads in the next issue,” news to my eyes!

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