Lucy and John Pt. 02


This is a continuation of “Lucy and John”. It is recommended that you read it first for context.


“Hi Lucy,” John said brightly as he answered his phone. He had tried to stay cool and not to appear too excited to take Lucy’s call, but was fairly sure he had failed dismally at that. It had been two weeks since their intimate encounter, and John had thought of little else other than the wild sex that they had.

“Hi John! Is Anita out?” Lucy asked. She wanted to get straight to the point. She’d likewise been fixated about continuing their sexual exploration. Her introduction to piss as part of sex had made her slightly obsessed with taking it further.

“Yeah, she’s at work.”

“Wanna come over in a couple of hours? To… continue?”

John paused. Neither of them had discussed what had happened. He could tell that there was nothing bad that had developed in his relationship with Lucy. She’d said hello in the usual way when they saw each other out the front of their houses. They’d even had drinks on Friday nights as usual with their spouses – all four of them as usual. John caught a wicked smile and cheeky sideways stare from Lucy one time after she’d had a couple of drinks. He’d raised an eyebrow in response and gave a quick smile. Other than that, there was nothing to hint that they had spent hours naked with each other and the crazy passion that they had shared.

“Sure! About midday?” suggested John.

“I’m looking forward to it,” said Lucy seductively. “Oh, and bring a full bladder.”

John took her meaning immediately. “Will definitely do that!” he said. “See you soon.”

“Not soon enough,” said Lucy. With smiles at both ends of the call, they hung up.

Before John answered, he quietly hoped that she might be phoning to continue their… well… afair, he admitted to himself. But he had been worried that the first watersports experience might also be their last, and that Lucy would have second thoughts about it all. But she obviously shared his passion for it. His cock started pressing up against his jeans immediately.

Dutifully, John drank plenty of water until their planned rendezvous. As did Lucy.


John knocked on Lucy’s door.

“John?” Lucy called from behind the door after a moment.


Lucy cracked open the door a bit, grabbed John roughly by his belt, and dragged him inside, kicking the door shut behind him. She was completely naked.

John’s jaw dropped, but immediately Lucy pulled him towards her and kissed him forcefully.

John’s erection immediately started to return. He grabbed her by the ass and pulled her towards him into his erection.

Lucy broke their lip lock. “Strip!” she commanded.

John smiled, and immediately started fiddling with his belt. Lucy started pulling off his shirt. It was actually slowing him down, but he loved the animalistic passion that she was showing. He was soon naked also, his now rock-hard erection the focus of Lucy’s gaze.

“Fuck you’re sexy,” said John. He looked at her up and down, taking in her superb body and beautiful face.

“You’re not so bad yourself… Come on! I’m busting!” cried Lucy. She grabbed his hand and dragged him quickly to the bathroom. “Jump in,” she instructed, pointing at the bathtub.

John climbed in, hardly registering the coolness of the bath against his back and arms. His focus was totally on Lucy’s body and the thought of what was about to happen.

Lucy climbed in over him, her shaved pussy so close to his mouth that he could smell her enticing aromas. Dutifully John opened his mouth. His cock was now visibly pulsating with each beat of his heart. He let out a grunt in anticipation of the gift that Lucy was about to bestow upon him.

It took only a few seconds for Lucy’s stream to start. She’d drunk so much water that she couldn’t even slow it down, and it hit his face with full force. Most of it went into John’s mouth and he greedily swallowed as much as he could, registering the beautiful taste that he had thought about constantly since they last met. Some of it splashed the rest of his face. As good as he was at almost continuous swallowing, some of her pee overflowed, cascading out of his mouth and down his neck and chest.

Lucy abruptly shifted her position, moving higher up his face. It caught John by surprise, and he received a strong gush of pee in his eyes, and all through his hair. It surprised John that it didn’t make his eyes sting. He revelled in Lucy’s abandon.

“I’m going to cover you in my piss!” Lucy declared, and having saturated his short hair, moved down his body, covering his chest, down to his belly button, and there lay the tip of John’s engorged cock.

Lucy aimed her stream directly at his cock, where it splashed off and hit the sides of the bathtub, and some even escaping onto the bathroom floor. John hungrily licked at any piss that made its way down his face into his mouth. He felt a stream make its way from his cock to his ass crack – a comfortable Bostancı escort warm wetness that made him even more excited.

Soon Lucy’s stream ended, her bladder finally empty – a welcome release to her of the pressure that she had been trying to ignore while waiting for John to arrive. She then repositioned and without warning took his cock into her mouth. She was immediately rewarded with the taste of her own piss, mixed with John’s pre-cum. Actually, there was a lot of pre-cum already.

“I’ve been fantasising about this for weeks, but this is way more than I could ever imagine!” said John, as Lucy continued to suck on his cock. She licked from the base of his balls up to the tip of his cock, and then moved to his body, licking his piss-soaked skin – sucking at the pool of piss in his belly button.

As much as John was enjoying this, he put his hand gently on her head to stop her. “I’m busting too! Swap with me,” he said.

“Yes, please!” cried Lucy, flashing him one her beautiful smiles, mixed with a devilish look in her eyes.

They quickly swapped places, streams of Lucy’s piss falling from all parts of John’s body. The bathroom now had Lucy’s pee in many places. John looked around and relished the thought of adding his own to the mess.

After willing his erection to subside, and his cock aimed directly at Lucy’s open mouth, his stream soon started. He managed to control the flow a bit, but it was still too much for Lucy to keep up with in her swallowing. She coughed a bit, some of his pee going down her windpipe.

John somehow managed to stop his flow completely while she recovered – a feat he was quietly proud of himself for achieving.

“Sorry!” cried Lucy, slowly bringing her breathing back to normal. Then, “More please!”

John release the flow again, and Lucy was more ready to receive it, swallowing John’s piss with glee. She loved the taste and the feel of his piss filling her stomach.

John decided to give Lucy what she gave him, and he moved his cock so that his stream was covering her face, and then to her shoulder length hair. It was slightly easier now to control the flow, and he set his mind to saturating her beautiful locks completely. Lucy closed her eyes, experiencing the warmth of John’s pee, and running her hands down her hair to help the pee penetrate all the strands.

“Fuck I love drenching you in my piss,” said John.

“I love receiving it,” agreed Lucy, still smiling.

He moved his stream down her body, covering her petite breasts and erect nipples, and eventually reach her pussy. As he was doing this, Lucy grabbed a handful of her hair, and squeezed it so that his piss dripped into her mouth. Her love of his pee made John incredibly horny.

At this point, Lucy, wordlessly repositioned. She slid further down the bathtub, bending her knees, and spreading them as far apart as the bath permitted. She thrust her pelvis into the air and parted her cunt lips with her fingers.

“In here,” she breathed.

John felt a shudder go through him that only Lucy seemed to be able to deliver. He very willingly aimed his stream at her open cunt. His pee bounced in all directions, rolling down many parts of her body. She felt some of his piss roll down inside her vagina – a delectable warmth.

“Come closer,” she begged.

John moved the tip of his cock so that it was directly pressed against her cunt opening. He managed to get a small amount of his tip to enter her. His piss began filling her vagina directly. He gazed up at Lucy, seeing a huge smile of ecstasy on her saturated face. Soon his bladder was also empty.

John flipped around so that his head was facing upwards, his neck resting on the edge of the bathtub. “Feed me!” he commanded.

Lucy roughly put a hand over her pussy to try to stop John’s pee escaping. She clumsily used her other hand to help her stand up and then straddled the bathtub with one foot in, one foot on the bathroom floor, and her cunt leaking piss directly over John’s waiting mouth.

Lucy let go of her pussy, and a flood of John’s piss emptied messily all over John’s face, the bathtub, and the floor. John swallowed as much as came into his mouth, and then licked Lucy’s cunt lips and she dropped a little to sit on his face. She bent her knees a little more and forced her wet cunt down harder on his face. John licked furiously, his tongue pushing as deeply as he could inside of her. He was now tasting her pussy juices as they replaced his pee.

John’s tongue darted backward and forward against Lucy’s clit, as she felt the electric surge of an orgasm start at her toes and drive relentlessly up her legs toward her cunt.

“Fuck!” she cried as her whole body bucked while the orgasm proper hit her. John continued his tongue action against her clit, and her orgasm continued for many seconds.

When it subsided, John said, “Sorry, I have to move.” The position he was in had done its job, but it was uncomfortable to maintain.

Lucy, Anadolu Yakası Escort orgasmic relief painted across her face, nodded, and climbed out of the bath completely. She gave John a hand to help him up, and their pee-soaked bodies hugged as they kissed each other deeply.

“Let’s get cleaned up,” she whispered.

John looked around at what was now like a natural disaster in the bathroom.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ll clean that up later,” Lucy assured him.

She led him to the shower cubicle, turned on the water, and they both entered – hands still all over each other.

The warm water of the shower washed away the piss from their bodies and hair as they kissed passionately. John’s erection returned with a vengeance and pushed hard against Lucy’s stomach.

Lucy turned her back to John, gently pushing him backwards with her ass, his hard cock nestled in the valley between her ass cheeks. She leant forward, the warm water from the shower flowed down her back towards her face. Her cunt lips were now directly exposed to John to do with whatever he wanted.

“I’ve been waiting to fuck you for so long,” he said, as he roughly thrust his cock directly into her slippery cunt.

“Ohhh!” she cried. She finally felt the full width and length of his cock deep in her cunt that she had also been dreaming about. “I’ve masturbated thinking about this every day since last time!”

“Me too! More than once a day,” he admitted.

But then they both wanted talk no more. John grabbed Lucy by her hips and pulled her hard against him, the tip of his cock immediately ramming against her cervix, and the walls of her pussy tight and slippery against his cock. It sent another electric shock through Lucy, and she felt the building of another orgasm. She loved how easily John made her cum and knew that it would happen soon.

John continued to thrust hard into her cunt, occasionally giving Lucy’s ass check a slap with his hand. It took Lucy by surprise at first, and she bit her lip at the shot of pain that registered. Rather than distracting her from her pleasure, it seemed to add to it. She felt the surge of another orgasm begin, and another slap from John, made more painful by the water from the shower, tipped her over the edge.

John felt her pussy muscles contracting around his cock, and her body began convulsing again. Her contractions were a feeling familiar to him from their first encounter. It was not something he experienced with Anita, and he struggled to stop himself from coming at the intense sensations it sent through him. He wanted it to last a little longer but was so horny that he knew that he was close to his control limit.

Lucy’s orgasm subsided, and John thankfully weathered the contractions that threatened to make him cum also. Lucy slowly rocked her body forward and backward, feeling the length of John’s cock leave and then re-enter her gently. After some seconds, she felt her need to cum return. She let John know by pushing back hard against his cock.

“Fill me with your cum,” she begged desperately.

John felt his cock respond by pulsing harder and again he dragged her by the hips toward him. He thrust in and out hard, and each time, his cock hit her cervix. It drove both of them past the point of no return. This time, John didn’t resist, and allowed the orgasm to envelope him.

“Fuuuccckk!” Lucy yelled. Her cunt gripped John’s cock tightly as he continued to thrust.

Letting out a loud grunt, John exploded inside her. His cock pulsed over and over again as he pumped his cum into her. It made Lucy’s orgasm extend even longer, and the contractions seemed to milk John’s cock so that the cum was drawn as deeply inside her as possible.

Eventually John’s ejaculating stopped, and he finally felt his cock begin to deflate. They were both breathing heavily. He reached over Lucy’s back and turned off the water.

Lucy began to stand, but John pushed gently against her back to motion for her to stay bent at the hips. He pulled out of her and dropped to his knees, Lucy’s freshly fucked cunt directly in front of his face. Grabbing her gently by the hips again, he brought his face directly to her cunt, covering her pussy lips with his mouth. Some of his cum greeted him immediately. It was the cum that escaped as he extracted his cock, but he knew that most of his cum would still be inside. He pushed his tongue deeply inside her, and relished the flavour of himself, mixed with Lucy’s wetness.

Lucy remembered the feeling of when John cleaned her up after their first session of fucking. The sensations returned immediately. She was surprised that he immediately went down on her without her begging for it. Knowing that he was eating his own cum out of her just for her pleasure made her cunt produce even more of her juices. Another tingle began in her. ‘Again?’ she thought to herself. She allowed the feeling to swell up in her. John’s tongue was in her cunt, then on her clit, and in her cunt again. Kadıköy Escort She could feel the slipperiness of his cum between his tongue and her clit. Occasionally John would move his tongue up and lick the rim of her ass crack, and then plunging his tongue inside there. Lucy would gasp every time he did that. She loved that feeling and thought to herself that they will have to do anal sometime.

Lucy’s mind went to another place – the constant pleasure of everything that John was doing to her making her almost in a daze. Perhaps it was her position, with her blood running to her head. She pressed her hands in front of her against the walls of the cubicle to support and stabilise herself. John’s tongue felt like it was everywhere. For John, the taste of his cum had been replaced completely by Lucy’s own taste, but then another orgasm surged through Lucy. The contractions while she came pushed gob-loads of John’s cum out of her cunt. He feverishly licked it and allowed it to slide down his throat.

John’s sensations of taste were now overloaded. First Lucy’s piss, then his own, then the taste of her well-fucked cunt, with both of their cum to add to it.

Lucy’s orgasm abated, the occasional smaller contraction pushing out most of the remaining cum inside her. John finished cleaning her up until there was no longer any trace of the sticky white substance on her pussy lips.

John stood up, and Lucy, a little woozy from the position and all the orgasms, brought herself upright slowly. She turned to face John and again they kissed passionately. Lucy could taste John’s cum and herself on his tongue. She realised that his face was covered in the sloppy mess and began gently licking it off – occasionally returning to kiss him so that he could share the flavours.

“Well, that was more than I could have hoped for,” said Lucy, still breathing a little heavily.

“Much more,” agreed John.

“Let’s dry off.”

They quickly dried off, and Lucy led John back to the living room, where two weeks ago they had discovered each other. Again, they sat naked together on the carpeted floors, facing each other.

“I love it…” Lucy started. At the same time, John had started speaking.

“You first,” said John.

“I love it when you go down on me like that after we fuck. I mean, I didn’t even ask you to like last time.”

“I love it too. I have a confession to make… Since I did it that first time with you, I’ve gone down on Anita after we make love – every time.”

“Oh!” Lucy exclaimed.

John thought that maybe he shouldn’t have mentioned his wife given what it meant in their situation. Maybe Lucy was even jealous? “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said,” he said gently.

Lucy caught his meaning. “No! That’s fine seriously. I don’t feel like I own you or anything silly like that. For God’s sake, we’re both cheating, right?” she explained. “What did she think when you did it?”

“Well… she loved it of course like you do. But she was surprised at first and asked me where it came from. I just made up an answer that I was interested in trying it. Now I think she looks forward to it! Are you sure it doesn’t make you jealous?”

“Hell no! That would be so hypocritical, right? And to be honest, you opened up something in me. I’ve been drinking my pee every day to get used to the taste. And I love it!

“And Mark and I have been fucking like rabbits since… our thing. He was trying to work out where it came from too, but he’s certainly not complaining!” Lucy flashed her devilish grin again.

“Any guilt?” asked John.

Lucy paused. “I know it sounds bad, but not really? I mean the occasional feeling, but not like I think it should be. Actually… I have a bit of a confession to make too…” she started.


“I got a bit tipsy one night, and asked Mark if he might be interested in watersports. I kinda put it that he could pee on me, instead of the whole drinking thing – to see how he’d react.”

“Wait up a bit. Did you say something about us? Does he suspect?” questioned John with a worried look on his face.

“Oh God no! Our secret is safe. He hasn’t got a clue. He even reminded me the other night that drinks would be on and that he was looking forward to the catch up.”

Relief passed across John’s face. “What did he say? About the pee thing?”

“He was shocked and sorta politely said no. But secretly I think he was disgusted by the idea.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be!” Lucy said enthusiastically. “Can I still count on you as my pee partner?”

“Of course!”

“Does it make you feel jealous that I asked Mark? That we’ve been fucking so much?”

“No way. It makes me more excited!” said John.

“Have you asked Anita about doing that sort of thing?”

“Haha! No chance of that!” John shouted, perhaps a little too loudly. “She has a thing about toileting. She won’t let me near the bathroom when she’s using it, even if she’s just peeing. And she always hates it if I leave the bathroom door open when I’m peeing.

“I wouldn’t even think of suggesting watersports to her.”

“Looks like it’s just our thing, then?” joked Lucy. “Any guilt on your side?”

“I guess like you. A little, but then I remember what it’s like when we’re together.”

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