Lucky dog.


Jake died but he found life was not over. He woke up and discovered that he was now a dog. If that was not bad enough he was a stray so no one to care for him. That was what needed fixing first find a home. Jake was a handsome large Malamute with dark fur. The first thing he did was wander through the local park. He found it was not easy after four days he finally spotted a likely individual. She was an attractive petite young woman and even better she had a stalker. They were arguing about him following her and Jake saw his chance when he grabbed her. Jake leapt between them growling. The guy backed off and she knelt down petting Jake and thanking him. She realized he was a stray and decided to take him home. Jake thought that was a great idea until she took him to the vet to get him checked out and got all of his shots so she could license him which she did. It did not take long for him to love her and her to love him.

His owner Alyssa was seeing the guy Jake had protected her from and one night they got into a horrible fight and he stormed out swearing they were over. Alyssa collapsed on her bed crying. Jake joined her on the bed licking her face and she hugged him. She soon fell asleep and Jake began licking her neck then moved down to her breasts licking her nipples through her teddy until her nipples had swollen and became hard with arousal. Jake moved down to her abdomen licking her belly button and on down between her legs. She moaned in her sleep as Jake’s tongue delved deep into her vagina. He tasted her juices as she became wet and thrust her groin up into his snout. He swallowed quickly as she orgasmed spraying his face with her cum. Hearing her scream of ecstasy a group of young men and women entered her apartment and seeing what was happening went to her and stripped gaziantep rus escort her naked. Being barely conscious she did not fight back as they held her in place on her hands and knees.

She whimpered as she felt Jake mount her and began thrusting for her hole. Thankfully he found her pussy and hammered into her. His size stretched her to her limit ans he came filling her womb with his dog spunk. The group laughed as they took pictures and vrdeos of the dog fucking her. Then they maneuvered the two into a position where she was deep throating Jake’s cock. Alyssa sobbed as the young men proceeded to use her as their fuck toy. Hours went by as each guy fucked her then as young men have great endurance rejoined the line to fuck her again.

Finally tired out they sat down to watch Jake fuck her exhausted body. They had to drape her body over an ottoman so Jake could use her. Realizing that Jake would eventually tire out they called other friend’s with dogs and invited them over with their pets. When they arrived they were shocked to see Jake enthusiastically fucking Alyssa. Soon they had the other dogs ready and they started fucking Alyssa. One of them being a tech wizard knew they could make money from this so he set up cameras to stream Alyssa’s dog rape to the internet and charged each subscriber one hundred dollars a month.

Within the week they had over one hundred thousand dollars a month but the main question was what else would they have fucking Alyssa. The group acquired a horse that viewers watched fuck Alyssa as she screamed. Then a donkey had her nether lips spread wide. They rented a trained tiger and lion that got top ratings. They took her to a local farm where the farmer fucked her so they could film his bull and pig take her. At one point Alyssa passed out so she did not know until she watched herself in repeat showings when they brought in her three blind folded brothers who took turns fucking her in her three orifices.

What was most embarrassing was even out cold she had very visible and vocal orgasms from her brothers. Now they brought out two fourteen inch long three inch round vibrating dildo’s and applying surgical glue shoved them as deep as they would go in her anus and vagina on maximum power. Then making her kneel they cross cuffed her wrists to her ankles. Then gluing the electrical control box to the center of her back they attached electrodes to each of her nipples set to maximum power.

Finally they attached a device to her head it pumped a vibrating dildo in and out of her mouth and down her throat. They left her their for the viewers to watch her having powerful orgasms. She never realized that a bell chimed every time she orgasmed so after four days when they released her she was programmed to orgasm whenever she heard that bell ring. Alyssa was a young eighteen year old college student and was signed up to go to a local high school to be a student teacher and aide a teacher in class.

Her first job was assisting Mr. Johnson in his class. Watching from strategicly placed cameras they watched her as Mr. Johnson put her in charge of the class and they sounded the bell and she orgasmed in front of the class. Her cum ran down her legs and whenever she tried to leave they hit her with another orgasm. The class and teacher watched as Alyssaa had very vocal , powerful , and wet orgasms finally passing out. Mr. Johnson left to get the nurse and the students gathered around Alyssa.

One girl said we should loosen any restrictive clothing so they unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. Then they pulled her skirt down and off along with her thong panties. This left her thigh high stockings , shoes , and bra. They removed those items leaving her nude on the floor. Another girl said I heard they use to masturbate women who passed out to relax them. That women knelt between Alyssa’s legs and shoving her hand up Alyssa’s vagina began masturbating her until Alyssa orgasmed.

Only moaning but not waking up a young man said maybe we are not doing it right I watched my sister with her boyfriend and maybe that is what we need to do. He dropped his pants and underwear and laying down on top of her pushed his cock into her pussy. He pounded into her until he ejaculated. Then another student said that looks like fun it is my turn. After he finished each male student took a turn until all eighteen males had fucked her in each of her orifices.

Finally the teacher returned with the male school nurse and seeing her nude also fucked the beautiful young student teacher. Waking up and finding herself nude with a cum filled vagina she quickly dressed and went to get cleaned up. Upon returning to class she was informed that they had video evidence of her moaning as she allowed young students fuck her. From know on she would come to class without wearing a bra or panties. She would only wear very short skirts and collarless, sleeveless front button blouses leaving the top three undone.

Low heeled shoes and dark thigh high silky stockings. You will also be prepared to be fucked every morning by all the male students and Mr. Johnson. Sobbing she agreed seeing as she had no choice. Every morning she was fucked to exhaustion by every male member of the class and the teacher. Jealous the female members finally decided while the guys fucked her she was forced to eat the girls pussies until they climaxed.

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