Loving You

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I grab your hair from behind and pull you back to me. I lean down and you feel my hot breath on your neck. My rough cheek gently scratches your tender skin. I gently nibble on your neck, pulling your head back. You can feel my hardness pressing into the cleft of your buttocks as I reach around and softly stroke your nipple, making it come alive under my fingers. I gently stroke the curve of your breast from the middle of your chest, down and around to the outer swell, up toward the armpit. Gently, with the lightest of touch. My fingers continue over the top of the breast, and slowly spiral in toward the hard nipple. As my finger tips reach the nipple, I pinch it, HARD, while tightening my grip on your hair.

You can feel the coarse hair on my muscular chest against the soft skin on your back. Your hands clench, yearning to touch me. But that is not allowed yet. I quickly spin you around to face me, your eyes looking up into my deep brown eyes, begging for more. I pull your head back and press my lips to yours, my tongue snaking into your mouth, tasting you.

I break the kiss and pick you up in my strong arms. I cover the short distance to the bed in an instant and lay your naked body in the center of it. I reach under the pillow and pull out a blindfold, which I place over your eyes.

“Now be good, or I’ll have to tie you down.”

I start by running my fingers lightly down your neck, over your shoulders and down your arms, bringing up goose bumps at the gentle touch. Back up your arms, dragging my nails over your skin. I slide my hands down your chest, over your breasts, coming close to, but not touching your sensitive nipples. You gasp, as my fingers just graze your nipples, then move away.

My hands move slowly down your stomach, feeling every inch of you. You flinch as my touch tickles your sides.

Down, down, closer to where you are yearning for me to be. My hands move over your hips and slide inward toward your cleft, but move away before reaching your swollen lips.

I move lower, sliding my hands down your smooth legs, stroking, caressing, down to your feet.

“Turn over,” I command. You quickly lie on your stomach, not wanting to upset me.

I begin at your feet, gently massaging your soles, your heels, your toes. I place one of your toes in my mouth and gently suck on it, lightly letting my teeth scrape it. Ever so slowly, I continue kadıköy escort up your legs, massaging your calves. You jump as I quickly lick the area behind your right knee, sending shivers over your body.

I am at your thighs, kneading the flesh with more force now. I move up and stroke your buttock, gently pulling them apart to show the tender rosebud hiding between them. I bend down and gently bite the area where your cheek meets your leg, and you moan.

I move higher, using my lips now, more than my hands. My coarse beard glides over the tops of your buttocks toward your lower back. I lick the small of your back, and then gently blow on it, giving you more goose bumps and making you shiver in delight. You can feel my hard cock rubbing against the soles of your feet, its head leaking, making it slide even easier.

I crawl up your back, kissing and nibbling as I go. My tongue leaving a damp trail and my beard scratching you, making you wish for more. At your neck, I pull back your hair and gently kiss your sensitive flesh. My rock hard cock is so close to your waiting pussy, you can feel its heat. Then without warning, I quickly move off of you. You moan in frustration.

I grab your body and turn you over onto your back. “Remember, you are not allowed to touch me,” I command. “If you do, I will stop and walk away.”

I look at your body. The swell of your breast, the curve of your hip. It is beautiful. You lie there, not knowing what I am going to do, and not able to see me because of the blindfold. You are quivering in excitement. I can see your juices starting to seep from you in anticipation of what is to come.

I kneel by your side and bend down so that my head is between your slightly parted thighs. You can feel my breath on your soft nether lips. I firmly grasp your thighs and spread them further. As they part, so do your lips, giving me a peek at the velvety sleeve that I will be enjoying later.

I bend my head down and lick at the juices flowing from you. You taste wonderful, sweet and fresh. I slide my finger into you slowly. Your breath catches as I gently massage the inside of your canal. Ever so slowly, I remove my finger.

“Open your mouth,” I say. You quickly comply with my wishes. I slide my wet finger between your parted lips. “Taste how sweet you are. This is what I am going to be enjoying for quite a while.” You hungrily kadıköy escort bayan suck at my finger, wishing it was something else.

I move back down and begin to enjoy you. I start by kissing and nibbling on your inner thighs, moving from one side to the other. My lips are just grazing your lower lips as I move across them, in a tender kiss. My kissing on your thighs is getting closer and closer to your liquid core.

After what seems like an eternity, I finally place my mouth over your puffy lips and lick around them slowly. I gently suck both lips into my mouth, caressing them with my ever-moving tongue. My grip on your thighs tightens and I spread your legs wider. I dip the tip of my tongue into your waiting honey pot, licking up the sweet juices that are trying to escape. I swallow slowly, savoring your flavor.

I move up, licking near your clitoris, but not touching it, yet. It is extremely hard, telling me how excited you are. Your hips thrust up, trying to get me to make contact. I pull you back to the bed forcefully, lifting my head from you. “You are not in control at all now. I am.”

I lower my head and continue to lick around your clitoris. You are moaning and begging me. You have waited so long and I am making you wait some more. Finally, after several minutes, I slide my tongue ever so slowly across your hard clitoris. You jump at the sensation. My tongue quickens, but the pressure is so light, it feels almost like a feather stroking you. Your pleasure builds with each flick of my wet tongue.

Gradually, I increase the pressure, varying my movements from a side to side motion, to a up and down motion, to swirling around your hard nub. The sensations are intense and you never know what the next feeling will be.

I can tell you are getting close. I increase the pressure with my tongue and switch to a continuous side to side motion. With one hand, I reach up to your breast and take your hard nipple between my fingers. As I lick you harder and faster, I pinch and twist your nipple, pulling on it. Your breathing is becoming more ragged.

All at once your body stiffens as you succumb to the intense pleasure. Your orgasm rushes through your body, but I don’t stop. I continue to pleasure you, prolonging your orgasm for what seems like an eternity. Finally I stop and your body relaxes, melting into the bed.

“Now it escort kadıköy is MY turn.”

I tear the blindfold from your eyes. You blink at the bright light. But I don’t give you a chance to recover. “Suck my cock!” You come to me and taste me for the first time tonight. I grab two handfuls of your hair and pull you down on my thickness, forcing the head into your mouth. I use your mouth for my pleasure, fucking it, sliding your wet mouth up and down my hard shaft.

I pull out of your mouth and look into your eyes. “Lick my balls, and make it good.” You attack them with a passion, licking and sucking the smooth orbs while I enjoy the feeling.

When I am ready, I push you back down on your back. “Spread those sweet legs of yours and get ready to be fucked!” You immediately do as I say.

You are so wet, I know that there is no need to be gentle. I line the head of my cock up to your dripping hole and fully embed myself in one thrust. I grab your legs and lift them up to my shoulders as I kneel between them with my cock shoved deep into your pussy.

I then start to fuck you… hard! I pound you fast, the head of my stiff rod rubbing your g spot with each thrust. You writhe beneath me, but I am nowhere near cumming yet. I continue my assault on you until I run out of breath. I then lay down so that our chests are pressed together.

I grab your hair and pull you to me, all the time rocking in and out of you. We kiss, sucking on each other’s tongues. I suck your lower lip into my mouth and bite it. I feel my pleasure beginning to peak.

Thrusting harder, I shoot my thick, creamy load deep inside of you, filling you up with it. After a few more thrusts, I rise off of your chest and pull my softening rod from you.

The sight of your well-fucked pussy is amazing. I scoot down in the bed and place my mouth over your leaking cunt. By sucking and using my tongue, I coax my entire fresh load out of you. The taste of it mixed with your juices is wonderful.

When you are clean, I move my mouth up to your clit again. As I lick and suck your sensitive clit, I push two fingers into your still slick vagina. Pressing against your g spot with my fingers while sucking on your hard clit, you are soon overcome with pleasure. I tilt my head, using my forehead to press into your abdomen as I continue to lick your hard button. The combination of the clitoral stimulation, the internal ministrations and the external pressure cause you to cum hard, squirting clear fluid out to splash upon my sweaty chest.

When your orgasm subsides, I move up to kiss you gently. You can taste our combined juices on my lips. We fall asleep, side by side.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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