Loving Brother Ch. 02


Terry woke up with a soft whimpering moan. The dream she had been having as she slept was even raunchier than normal. Her brother teasing her nipples until she came, stripping naked in front of him, him stripping in front of her. She whimpered and tried to roll over onto her back. There was a pillow in her way. Suddenly, it hit her; it had not been a dream.

She pulled the pillow over out of the way and rolled over onto her back. She gave a jerk and rolled back over on her side as something poked her in the hip. It was the hairbrush she had used to fuck her ass as Calvin, her brother, watched. She moaned softly as her hips flexed several times at the memory of the orgasm she had had.

Pictures of Calvin’s hard dick standing up against his belly from when they were in the living room and from when he was standing at the foot of her bed flashed behind her eyes. Her hips moved even harder for a second as thoughts of it sliding up her ass crossed her mind. The only problem was that it looked twice as big across as the old cigar tube she used to fuck her ass with and that was the biggest thing ever to be in there.

Terry groaned softly and rolled over on her right side so she could reach the lamp on her nightstand. She felt the cool metal of the cigar tube pressed against her breast as she reached for the lamp. With the lamp on, she rolled back to lay flat on the bed as her hand found the cigar tube. She held it in her left hand and wrapped the fingers of her right hand around it.

“Yeah, his dick is a lot bigger,” she whispered aloud.

She stroked her hand up and down the tube and then stuck the rounded end in her mouth. She whimpered softly as thoughts of her brother’s dick in her mouth raced across her mind. It would be warm where the tube was cool and it would have a different flavor, she was sure.

“I’ve got something a whole lot better than that cigar tube to suck on,” she heard her brother say from outside her door.

Terry jerked the tube out of her mouth as her eyes flew to the door. It was open several inches and she could see Calvin looking at her through the crack. She shivered and tossed the blanket covering her body aside. Naked and exposed, she asked, “Are you spying on me?”

“Well, yeah,” Calvin replied with a chuckle. “Why else would I leave your door ajar.”

Terry brushed the cigar tube against her left nipple and then against her right. Its cool slick touch made her nipples harden even more than they had been. Knowing that Calvin was watching made her whimper softly as she dragged the end of the tube around each of her breasts and then down across her stomach.

As the tube moved over the short brown hair on her mound, the door swung open fully. Terry groaned softly as she saw where her brother’s hand was. It was slowly moving up and down around his hard dick. With another soft groan, she moved the end of the cigar tube so it was moving up and down in the slit of her pussy. Slowly she spread her legs and let the tube move even lower to rub against her wet opening.

“Where are you going to stick that?” Calvin asked with a grin.

“I could put it back in my mouth,” Terry whispered teasingly. When Calvin just nodded, she added, “Or I could stick it up my ass, if the bet is still on.” If she did stick it up her ass, he had to eat her pussy, which was something that had never happened except in her wildest fantasies.

“You’ve already won the bet,” Calvin said as he walked over to the foot of her bed. “The hairbrush was enough proof for me.”

Terry giggled and ran the end of the tube even lower as she raised and spread her legs. She felt the end of it slide over her anus. “I wonder if I’ll come as hard as I did with the brush handle.”

“Probable,” Calvin replied and then walked around to the side of Terry’s bed. He was on the side with the lamp. Grinning, he released his dick and grabbed her ankles, spinning her around so her sex faced him.

Terry gasped and then groaned as he spread her legs wider and pushed forward until her knees where up near her ears. She groaned loudly and flexed her hips. His face was less than a foot from her fully exposed pussy. When he slowly licked his lips, she groaned again as her hips jerked upward toward his face. Was he going to do it? Was he going to eat her pussy?

Those questions nearly put her over the edge of an orgasm she did not know was building. “I… I… I…” she stammered.

Calvin grinned and let go of her legs for a second, only to grab them again. He pulled her toward him until her ass was right on the edge of the bed. Her eyes grew wide as they darted to his hard dick only a foot or so from her pussy. “You can’t—”

“No, I can’t,” Calvin said cutting her off. He took the cigar tube out of her hand and knelt down at the side of the bed.

Her feet were still in the air so he moved one to each shoulder and said, “Hand me the baby oil.”

Terry moaned very loudly and whispered, “You’re going to do it? Fuck my ass with the cigar tube, that is.”

“Will düzce escort that make you come hard enough?”

“Oh God, yes!” Terry said as she fumbled with the bottle of baby oil. It took her three tries to get the bottle to her brother.

His eyes wander up and down her body as he rubbed the oil onto the cigar tube. “I love to look at a woman from this position. Nothing is hidden, nothing at all.”

Terry whimpered and flexed her hips as a hot blushed covered her upper chest and face. “Can I sit up more?” She asked a moment later. “I… uh… want to watch you do it.”

“Get your pillow.”

Terry got the pillow and placed it under her head. Then she pulled it out, doubled it over, and put it back. “Much better,” she whispered a moment later.

Calvin watched as her hands moved to the bed and then to her stomach, back to the bed, back to her stomach, up to her breasts, and back to her stomach. With a grin he said, “Reach above your head and grab the edge of the mattress.”

When she did, he smiled and nodded. “Now, don’t let go or I’ll stop and go to my room.”

Terry gave him a shocked look. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Calvin narrowed his eyes and frowned. “Want to bet?” He asked as a little surge of power coursed through his body. It wasn’t like anything he had felt before. It was an interesting feeling. One he realized he liked.

Before his sister could reply, he laid the slippery tube in her slit and moved it up and down firmly. It rubbed in the length of her slit and against her clit as he did. Terry’s hips gave little jerks as she made a gasping sound. As the tube continued to move, her hips rose up slightly trying to make even firmer contact.

“Just relax and leave everything to me,” Calvin whispered as he pressed down with the tube and continued to rub her slit. His other hand, which was covered with baby oil, was busy stroking his dick in time with the motion of the cigar tube.

A few minutes later, Terry’s eyes slowly closed and she let out with a long drawn out moan as her hips rose a little higher. When she did, Calvin let go of his dick and moved that hand up toward her ass. He used one finger to tease the opening to her anus.

Terry jerked at the light tickling touch on her anus, her eyes flying open. She gasped loudly and groaned as the fingertip pressed against her asshole and then slowly entered. It went into her ass easily and did not stop until she felt the knuckles pressed against her ass cheek. She groaned and flexed her hips the best she could in the position she was in.

Calvin continued to move the cigar tube but he held the finger in her ass still for nearly a minute waiting on his sister’s ass to stop moving. When it stopped, he pulled his finger almost all the way out and then slowly pushed it back in. Terry gasped when he pulled it out and then moaned the whole time the finger moved back in. Her hips were shaking when the finger stopped.

“You really do like that,” Calvin said, more to distract Terry than anything else.

“Oh yeah!” Terry said breathily. “Even more so with you doing it.”

“I don’t want you to come until I get the cigar tube all the way in your ass. Do you think you can do that?” He asked as he pulled his finger out and then pushed it back in.

Terry groaned long and loud and then lay there shivering. “I… I… I…” She paused and took a deep breath. “I don’t know if I can. I’m about there now.”

Calvin grinned. He was surprised she hadn’t already came. “In that case, if you do come, I’m going to continue to finger your ass until you let go of the bed or pass out.”

Terry started to open her mouth to reply but whatever she was going to say was cut off by the movement of his finger in her ass. He was moving his finger slowly in and out without stopping. He stopped moving the tube as he fucked her ass with his finger. In less than a dozen strokes, she was coming her brains out.


Terry woke up slowly and sighed deeply. Then she gave a jerk as she realized someone was lying cuddled up to her back. They were warm and as naked as she was. There was also a large hot protrusion pressed against her left ass cheek. Memories of Calvin fingering her ass flooded back and she moaned softly. She had been knocked out by another monster of an orgasm. She was beginning to think that was what was supposed to happen even though she knew better. She had heard talk and read articles in the magazines that told of women having problems achieving orgasms. That sure didn’t seem to be her problem.

Speaking of problems, she was thirsty and had to pee but it felt so good cuddled up against Calvin. His arm across her waist made her feel safe. His hot hard dick against her ass on the other hand didn’t. Then a thought struck her. She’d had three monster orgasms and he hadn’t had any that she knew of. He could have masturbated while she slept.

The urge to pee was getting stronger so Terry moved Calvin’s arm and wiggled off the bed. It felt strange to be edirne escort getting out of bed with her brother and even stranger to be walking around the house naked. Exciting but still strange. She was grinning as she entered the bathroom, turned on the light, and sat down on the commode.

Anytime before this, she would have closed the door even if she had been home alone. The thought of Calvin peeking around the edge of the door while she peed made her shiver slightly. “Things sure have changed,” she whispered aloud and then she sighed softly as she finally did start to pee. She looked quickly toward the door and the dark hall with a grin. She did not see Calvin but in her mind…

As she patted herself dry, the paper kept trying to stick to her skin. “Maybe a shower would be good,” she whispered as she stood up and flushed the commode.


Terry was squeezing the water out of her short hair. Her back was to the door of the shower and she jumped when she head it click open. Calvin hurried inside and grabbed her around the waist. He kissed her on the side of the neck and then nibbled his way up to her ear.

“You washed all the flavor off your pussy, didn’t you?”

Terry giggled, leaned her head to the side, and whispered, “You’ll get it messy again in no time.”

Calvin nibbled, kissed, and licked her neck down to her shoulder, as his hands came up to caress and then squeeze her small breasts. His sister, whimpered softly and then moaned as his hands touched her breasts. She shivered hard as he ran one hand down across her stomach to cup her sex.

When he wiggled his middle finger against her clit, Terry came up on her toes with a soft whimpering moan. Her hips flexed back and forth, as his finger continued to rub against her clit. “I… I… you…” she stammered a moment later.

“Are you about to come?” Calvin asked softly. She nodded quickly as a shiver ran up and down her body. He grinned as he took both hands off her body and stepped back against the wall.

Terry just stood there for a moment, her hips still moving. Then she gave a jerk and turned around. Calvin was leaning on the wall stroking his hard dick slowly, a grin on his face. With a soft groan, Terry went to her knees in front of him. Her eyes were totally focused on his slow moving hand.

Calvin stopped his hand at the very base and angled the head down toward her face. It was only inches from her nose. “I… I… I don’t want to hurt you,” she whispered.

“It’s called a blowjob but it’s sucking and licking instead. Just be careful with your teeth and no biting.”

Terry slowly stuck out her tongue and then jerked it back in. “I don’t know if I can do this. I want to try it but…”

Calvin grinned and let go of his dick. It slapped up against his belly as he reached down and offered his sister his hands to help her up. When she was on her feet, he leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. “No problem, you will when you are ready,” he whispered softly.

Terry leaned forward and rested her forehead on his chest as she looked down at his dick. “Maybe after I find out what it is like to have my pussy licked,” she whispered with a big shiver.

“That and the cigar tube are next on the list after we take a break and eat something for supper. Now, get out of here so I can take my shower.”


Terry was bent over rummaging in the refrigerator when Calvin came into the kitchen. He slapped her lightly on the ass and asked, “Find anything that looks eatable?”

With a grin, Terry wiggled her ass back and forth and said, “I could ask you the same thing.”

“Food, woman, food. Is sex the only thing on your mind?”

Terry straightened up and looked at her brother. “So, I’m a woman now and not a kid sister?” she paused to nod and added, “And yes, sex is the main thing on my mind. It’s all new to me and I’m enjoying the hell out of it.”

“Coming yourself into oblivion isn’t hurting anything either,” Calvin replied with a grin.

“You’ve got that right,” Terry said with a laugh.

“Are there any frozen pizzas,” Calvin asked changing the subject back to food.

“Aren’t there always?” Terry said turning around and opening the freezer.


At first, Terry felt funny sitting on the couch in the living room eating pizza naked. She thought about asking Calvin if he felt the same way but hesitated. Her rise in status to woman instead of a kid sister in his eyes kept her quiet on the subject.

About then, Calvin gave out with a sharp yell, “Son of a bitch, that was still hot.”

Terry looked over to see a glob of pizza sauce and cheese splattered over his semi soft dick and upper thighs. She giggled and looked up at his face. “Look at the bright side, you favorite shorts won’t have to go in the laundry.”

“Yeah, but what a mess. I’ll have to get another shower.”

With another giggle, Terry laid her slice of pizza on the plate on the coffee table. “Maybe not, maybe I elazığ escort should lick it off,” she said softly as she went to her knees on the floor.

Calvin grinned at her and replied, “You won’t get an argument out of me.”

“Slide down and turn this way,” Terry said as she leaned over and took a quick flicking lick at his messy thigh.

Calvin’s hips jerked at the touch of her tongue on his sensitive thigh right next to his balls. He turned toward her and pushed the coffee table over with his foot to give her more room.

Terry moved more between his knees and licked at the sauce on his shaft. It was starting to harden and rise so she grabbed the shaft right below the head with her hand and pulled it back down. Most of the sauce was around the lower shaft and at the base. She spent nearly a minute licking at the sauce and had most of it cleaned off his shaft.

She moved his dick one way and cleaned his left thigh and then moved it the other to clean the right. When she licked at the sauce on his right ball, Calvin took a soft hissing breath. The same thing happened when she licked his left ball.

Most of the mess was cleaned up by the time she raised her head. Calvin was grinning at her and there was a glob of sauce on his fingertip. When he rubbed it around on the head of his dick, Terry giggled and licked the head like an ice cream cone. Her tongue swirling around the head made Calvin groan and take a hissing breath again.

When she had licked the head clean, she looked up again. Calvin was ready with another glob of sauce. He rubbed it on the head and then whispered, “Suck on it and do the same thing with your tongue.”

Terry swallowed hard and then looked at the pizza sauce. She whimpered slowly as she lowered her head and opened her mouth. She paused just a second and then opened her mouth as wide as it would go as she moved her hand up to within an inch of the head. She lowered her mouth over the head until her nose touched her hand.

With a loud groan from both of them, she closed her mouth and sucked lightly on the head. Then she held suction while she lifted her head back up. The head felt spongy and compressed as her lips moved across it. It came free with a soft slurping sound. Both of them groaned again.

Before she let herself think about it, she sucked the head back in and swirled her tongue around and over the smooth spongy surface. Calvin’s hips jerked and he moaned loudly. With a big shiver, she held suction again and lifted her head. Calvin’s hips moved up and down several times.

With another shiver Terry released his dick and smiled as it slapped against his lower stomach with a wet meaty sound. “That went well,” she whispered as she sat back on her heels. Grinning at her brother, she moved to sit on the couch and picked up her half eaten slice of pizza.

Calvin just sat there staring at her with his mouth hanging open. A moment later, he shook himself and asked, “Are you sure you’ve never done that before?”

“Nope. Never.” Terry replied around a bite of pizza.

“Then you’re a natural at it. I know girls with a heck of a lot more experience that don’t do it as well.”

Terry smiled and nodded her head, “Thank you, that’s good to know.” Inside she was beaming with pride at her brother’s words. Then a thought occurred to her. “You wouldn’t be buttering me up to get some more of that, would you?”

Calvin grinned. “That is a very good question and I have said it before for just that reason but not this time. I don’t have to blow smoke to get you to do it again. All I have to do is show you what it feels like from your side by licking that sweet little pussy of yours.”

Terry shivered as she laid the crust left over from the slice she had been eating on the plate. She started to pick up another slice but decided she’d had enough. As she leaned back, she sighed and looked at Calvin. “You remember that flavor you were worried about me rinsing off? Well, I can tell you that it is definitely back.”

Calvin looked at her and grinned. “Is that your way of telling me to hurry up with my pizza?”

Terry nodded and said, “You’re not as dumb as you look.”


Calvin hurriedly finished the slice in his hand and then stood up. Terry smiled as she slid forward on the couch; her face was only inches from his dick. She licked her lips and then picked up the plate with the leftover pizza and headed for the kitchen. She could feel Calvin’s eyes following her. She had a big grin on her face that he didn’t see.

With the trash taken care of and the leftovers in the icebox, Terry returned to the living room. Calvin was sitting on the couch and grinned as he saw her. “You’re learning to be a tease.”

“A tease? Who me?” She asked with a grin of her own as she went to sit in the wingback chair where she had been the day before. Instead of sitting there and pulling her knees up, she spread her legs and hooked her knees over the wide arms as she slipped farther down toward the edge of the seat.

Calvin was still on the couch and was licking his lips as he watched his sister get in the chair. When she looked at him and curled her finger in a come hither motion, he was on his feet and headed her way at top speed. She giggled and flexed her hips as he went to his knees in front of her.

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