Steven and Mary had been dating each other for a while now. They were still awkward with one another and had done nothing but kiss. Mary wanted more and she could see in Steven’s eyes that he did too. She planed for them to have a very romantic outing that Saturday afternoon and then go back to her place that night. She was very excited about the whole thing and hoped Steven would be too.

They started out that day with a picnic basket full of fruits, cheeses, breads, and luncheon meat. When they got to the lake they found a secluded area that was beautiful. The area was full of wild flowers and huge oak trees. They found a spot to lay out their blanket in between three of the huge trees to give them some shade. They began to eat and talk about how their workdays had gone the day before.

After awhile of their chit chatting they fell into an uncomfortable silence. Both thinking of how the other looked and how much they both wanted to touch each other. Steven leaned forward and kissed Mary on the lips. She was a little let down. She wanted the kiss to be much more passionate.

He pulled away from her and just started at her, his eyes becoming darker with the deep hunger he felt for her then. She brought her hand up slowly and touched his cheek. He came back down and kissed her harder and with so much hunger it took her by surprise. She returned the kiss with her own desire. Her lips parting to allow his tongue to slip in her mouth. He teased her with it, barely touch her tongue with his. She pressed up against him feeling her body grow hotter, wanting desperately to feel him inside of her. He moved away from her lips and began Tekirdağ Escort to plant angel kisses on her cheeks and neck. So soft his lips were on her skin, so cool they felt to her heated body. He moved his hands down to the bottom of her dress and brought it up. Taking it off slowly. His face reddening with passion as he looked upon her body.

He brought his hands to her breasts and began to knead them gently, bushing his thumbs over her erect nipples. His head went down and he moved slowly back and forth from one nipple to the other. Taking each one into his mouth sucking and licking them softly. Mary began to moan from the sensations that coursed up and down her spine. She rested her hand lightly on the back of his head playing with his hair while he suckled her, bringing her hands down and rubbing his clothed back. She wanted badly to rip his clothing off and ravage him but could not break from the spell she was under. As though he read her mind. He came up and took his clothing off. She had no time to admire him before he went back to her body.

He began to kiss her belly, trailing down slowly to her nether regions. Her moans became louder with every move of his lips. He came down to her inner thigh and kissed and licked at it. She wanted so bad to move her hips over just a few inches to feel his tongue on her clit. He brought his head up from her leg and barely touching her pussy with his lips moved to her other side. She began to beg him to lick her. She needed to his tongue on her hard clit. She needed for him to make her cum. After a little while longer of him teasing her, he brought his mouth to her pussy and sucked Tekirdağ Escort Bayan her clit in hard, licking as he did so. She came instantly. Her body shaking violently with her orgasm. Her juices splashing over his chin and down her legs. When she could take no more she gently shoved his head away.

He came back up to her and kissed her lips. She loved to taste herself on his tongue. He entered into her quickly at first plunging every inch deep into her dripping pussy. She screamed out her ecstasy from feeling him so deeply in her. Steven then pulled back only giving her the head of his dick. Teasing her once again to the point of passionate insanity. He slowly moved in and out of her. Watching as her pretty face fill with desire for his cock. Looking deep into her eyes and seeing the longing and hunger to have him all. He smiled loving down at her and kissed her lips, neck, and ear. He whispered in her ear how much he loved her and how beautiful she was. She so driving by passion could not speak but touched his face softly and smiled at him to say that she felt the same for him.

Steven then gave her all of him. Slowly he moved his cock into her, loving to feel every inch of her soft pussy. He thrust into her wanting to make her cum again. Her arms went up around his neck holding on to him tightly as another orgasm shook her body.

After she came she asked him to lay beside her. He was very surprised at this but obliged. She came to him kissing him passionately on his lips. She moved down his body slowly teasing him as he had done her. She came to his cock and began to lick it. Slowly her tongue moved up and down Escort Tekirdağ his throbbing dick. She came back up and took him into her hot mouth. She sucked only the head, moving her tongue around it as she did so. She loved the way he tasted and took his cock completely into her mouth. Sucking down hard but slow, feeling every inch of him going deeply into her throat. He placed his hand on the back of her head and his hips began to move with her. She loved the way his dick felt in her mouth but all to quickly he made her move. She looked at him surprisingly and he told her that she was going to make him cum if she kept it up. He’d never had anyone do that before and it felt so good that he wouldn’t have been able to control himself. She smiled at him and told him that she would have loved to taste his cum in her mouth but that it was all right.

She came up and kissed him as she mounted him. She guided his cock into her pussy and began to move up and down slowly. She sat up so that he could look fully on her and she loved the way the breeze cooled her skin. She rocked back and forth on his cock faster each time. She began to cum once more. While cumming she told him how good he felt in her and how she wanted him there forever. He grabbed her hips making her move even faster. He told her he was going to cum soon. He couldn’t hold back, the feeling of her soft sweet pussy tightening in her orgasm was to much. She told him to cum. She needed to feel his sperm fill her womb. With one final movement he came. Grabbing her hips harder making her stop her rocking. She felt him explode in her and came once more with the feeling. He released her hips and she bent down and kissed his lips lovingly. She still wanted to feel his cock thrusting into her but knew he was spent at the moment. She moved off of him and lay beside him. Locking her hand with his they both drifted off to sleep happily.

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