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Love Me

Chapter 18

Staying With Grandma, Part 2

It”s a little later after the guys helped put Riley to bed, and Caden gets a call from Ryan.

“Just got done grabbing some dinner and I thought it might be faster if I spent the night at Lisa”s instead of driving to the house in the morning?”

The phone ringing brought Lisa out of her room.

“Yeah, I think it will be okay. Lisa just came out of her room so I”ll ask her.”

Lisa quickly agrees to Ryan spending the night. 20 minutes later Ryan arrives at the house. Lisa gives him a blanket and a pillow.

“Sorry, I can”t offer you a bed, but the couch is actually pretty comfortable.”

“Thanks, Lisa. I appreciate it.”

“You”re welcome.”

Lisa says as she turns and heads back towards her room. Caden and Jared say goodnight and head for bed themselves. Around midnight, Riley wakes up and leaves the bedroom so he can get a drink of water. What he finds in the living room makes him smile. Riley can”t help but stand over his sleeping boyfriend. Ryan wakes up somehow knowing that someone was standing over him. He”s startled but okay.

“You…you…want to sleep in my bed?”

“No, I think I had better stay on the couch. Why are you up?”

“I…got thirsty.”

“Please, come…sleep with me.”

Against better judgment, Ryan gets up and moves to the bedroom where Riley has been sleeping. The bed isn”t huge, but they make it work. The question is what happens when Caden, Jared, or Lisa discover that Ryan isn”t sleeping on the couch. Will they think to check in Riley”s room. Ryan doesn”t waste any time in falling fast sleep.


In the morning, Lisa wakes up and walks into the living room before going into the dining room. She notices right away that Ryan isn”t on the couch. Lisa feels like Caden and Jared should know about it. She decides rather than waiting for her son and his boyfriend to check Riley”s bedroom. When she gets to the bedroom, she opens the door and peeks inside. Sure enough, Riley and Ryan are in bed together. Ryan is cuddling Riley in his sleep. His arms are around Riley. Jared wakes up and catches his mom peeking into the bedroom where Riley is sleeping.

“Mom is everything okay?”

Jared has no clue what”s going on just yet, but he is starting to worry. She quietly motions for him to come forward as she moves out of the doorway. When he sees Ryan in bed with Riley, he can see Ryan”s protectiveness, but Ryan is supposed to be in sleeping on the couch. He walks over to the bed and taps Riley on the shoulder until he wakes up. Ryan is both surprised, embarrassed and scared. He knows how protective Jared is when it comes to Riley.

“Ryan come with me.”

Ryan is afraid that he might have crossed a line. No one not even Ryan would have guessed that he would end up in the same bed as his boyfriend. Jared doesn”t say anything else as the teen gets up out of bed without waking Riley up. Walking across the hallway, Jared and Ryan enter the room that Jared and Caden were sleeping in last night. Caden is awake and sitting on the bed waiting for his turn in the bathroom when a guilty looking teen and Jared walk into the room. Jared grabs a chair and puts it near the bed then sits down next to Caden. Jared looks at Ryan and says:

“Please sit down.”

Lisa peeks her head into the room.

“Mom, can you close the door and get Riley busy helping with breakfast?”

She knows that her son is worried about what happened with Ryan and Riley, but she hopes they”ll use some tacit and remember when they were that age.


She says as she looks into her son”s eyes hoping to convey her hopes to her son and Caden. She shuts the door and then goes off to find Riley.

“My mom woke up this morning and found that the couch was empty. Guess, where Ryan was found?”

Konya Escort

Caden looks at his lover and then looks at Ryan. He doesn”t say a thing just waits. He wants to hear the words straight from the source.

“Look, guys, Riley woke up at some point this morning. He was standing above me, and he pleaded with me to share his bed. I promise though, nothing happened. I told myself that I shouldn”t go, but I went ahead and joined him in his room.”

Caden and Jared heard everything that they need to hear. Caden seems drained of all emotion. Course, he hasn”t had coffee yet either so that could be a reason for Caden”s lack of caring. Ryan may not be showing it, but he”s fearful. He”s afraid that because of his actions, Caden and Jared might decide to keep Riley and him apart. Jared decides to stay out of the decision if there is to be one. This silence is starting to wear on Ryan.

“You sure nothing happened?”

“I promise nothing happened.”

Caden looks at Jared and takes his hand. Looking at Ryan, he locks eyes with him.

“Ryann, Riley loves you. He treasures your friendship, and I don”t want to take that comfort away from him, but I hope that you”ll be careful with his heart. I know Jared must of you surprised you this morning when he woke you up, and when he brought you into the room with me, I bet your heart started beating a mile a minute. I”m not going to punish Riley, because I know that you didn”t do anything. My brother may have a disability, but I doubt it affects his feelings and urges, so be careful that is all I ask. By the way, this is not a green light for doing whatever it is that you and Riley might want to do. I mean…talk to you us before…you know.”

Ryan and Jared are a little surprised by what Caden said. They both expected him to be a lot harsher. Caden knows what he would have done if he had a boyfriend in bed with him for a night. It makes no sense to come down hard on the boys. As far as he”s concerned, there are more significant problems. He”ll have to talk with Riley about the situation, but that can wait at least for now.

“Ryan, why don”t you go help Lisa with breakfast. I”m sure she can use it.”

A smile breaks out on the teen”s face as he gets up and leaves the room. Caden begins to second guess what he said to the young man.

“Babe, do you think I was too easy on Jared?”

Jared doesn”t want to say anything to his boyfriend. He thinks Caden should have been a little harder on Ryan. Caden can tell that Jared is keeping things quiet, and he needs him to open up.

“Jared, I know you don”t want to say anything, but I need you to talk to me about what the whole Ryan and Riley thing.”

Okay so maybe it”s time for Jared to speak up.

“You should have been a little harder on him. Don”t get me wrong, I am glad that nothing bad happened, and I respect Ryan”s honesty, but he shouldn”t have been in bed with Riley.”

Caden gives Jared a knowing look. He can”t believe that Jared expects him to be mean to Ryan.

“Come on Jared, you”ve never slept with someone before, and I don”t mean having sex with them? I mean just share the same bed.”

Jared wants to just walk away from Caden, but he asked, so he”s getting an answer.

“Yeah, I have, but this was Riley not one of my guy friends.”

There isn”t much difference between one of Jared”s friends and Riley, to be honest. The only difference between Jared”s friends and Riley is that Riley is Caden”s brother, and well the handicap. Jared really isn”t being fair.

“Dude, are you seriously going to treat Riley like that?”

“What do you mean?”

Jared asks Caden, which leads to Caden talking about what his partner should see in Riley.

“It”s like I told Ryan. Riley may have a handicap, but I know he wants to have sex at some point. Hell, I accidentally saw him with morning wood is pretty bad but hell it happens. They didn”t have sex, nothing happened, so I left it at warning him. I don”t want Riley to suffer any more than he already has. He would be heartbroken if I kept him and Ryan away from each other, and you know it. I would whether not deal with angry and heartbroken Riley. Ryan is good for him. Someday, they will have sex, and we need to be here if they need advice or support.”

Finished with his little rant, he looks at his boyfriend waiting for a reply.

“Okay, okay, you”re right, but I still think you could have put more fear into Ryan”s soul.”

Caden lets out a little sigh, and then he grabs his towel, and some fresh clothes then takes his shower. Jared picks up a little in the bedroom and then joins everyone in the kitchen.


Breakfast is finished, and it”s time for Konya Escort Bayan everyone to meet up at Jared”s place so they can pack up the rest of the house. The call went out last night from the new home. Caden and Jared will end up with plenty of help from several different corners of their lives. Trace, Ian, Blake, Ben, Rick, Caden, Jared, and Ryan, will all be helping today to finish off the house and then will be helping out at the other home in setting things up based on plans made up by Caden and Jared. Trace and Ian are doing the furniture in the living room and family room. Blake and Ben are unpacking the boxes and putting things in their proper places in the kitchen. Ryan and Caden are doing Riley”s bedroom, while Rick and Jared do the offices. Everyone works hard in their areas, and when they are done in their assigned area, they move on to assist in other areas as well. The last place to get work done is the patio area, and that is left for Caden and Jared. The guys pay everyone in pizza and lots of it. Ryan sticks around because he has to make Riley”s bedroom perfect.


As a way to fill time and out of curiosity, Lisa sets Riley done to talk about Ryan. She wants to know whatever he wants to tell her about the two of them.

“How did Ryan and you meet?”

Riley didn”t expect to be talking about Ryan, but he”s open to it.

“We met at…at Caden”s work. He spent time with me at the…the center. We talked a lot…that day. It was great. We became friends that day.”

Lisa interrupts him. She pats on him on the back and then says.

“You became friends in one day?”

It”s as if she doesn”t believe him.

“Yeah…yeah. I…asked him if…if, he had a girlfriend.”

“Why would you do that?”

His smile grew as she asked her question.

“I…I…wanted to know. I…wanted to know if…he…is gay, but he…he didn”t answer me. I…couldn”t keep my eyes…off…of him. He thought…he thought I could forget him. He is…is too hot, too hot to forget. He helps me, but…he lets me do things…for myself too. He protects me. He went with me to the hospital when I did this.”

He says as he points to his forehead and the scar that he got after his accident at the center.

“What happened?”

“I…I…bumped…my…head at Caden”s work. Ry-an, Ryan never left me.”

Unknown to anyone else, it was that night at the hospital that Ryan decided he wasn”t going to let go of Riley ever, Lisa would love to hear that come out of the teen”s mouth, but Riley doesn”t even know that thought crossing Ryan”s mind.

“I told him that…I love him and he…said it too. We became boyfriends the next day.”

“Sounds to me like, you got lucky. Ryan is quite the hottie. I was going to ask you if he kissed you already, but I know the answer to that one.”

Riley gives her a knowing smile, and then he sits down with her and they talk about Riley”s hobbies among other things. There is something in his eyes. It still speaks highly Ryan. Not only did she hear how much he loves Ryan, but she can feel it and see it. It”s amazing.

“Do you think you and Ryan will last?”

“We”ve…we”ve made here.”

She isn”t sure what he means by “we”ve made here,” but she thinks he means that they”ve made it this far. This is when Riley surprises her.

“I…want…want to marry him. Caden…Jared, I hope I will be okay.”

She knows that Riley loves him, but marriage is a big step. She doubts that they are ready to be a married couple. He might think that he is prepared. They might be prepared several years down the road, but hopefully, if the time does come, Ryan won”t reject him. She should let his brother know where Riley sees Ryan and him going because Caden is better prepared to handle the situation.


Even though the guys have all had Pizza, there wasn”t much left of it, and they still need to feed Lisa and Riley. With the patio and the grill in place, Caden grabs some hamburgers from the fridge. While Jared gets his mom on the phone, he tells her that there are burgers on the grill and that it”s time to bring Riley home. It isn”t too long before, Riley, Lisa, and Smoke all step in through the front door and then right out the patio doors. Caden serves up the burgers and Jared sees to it the rest of the food is put on the plates. Once they are eating, Jared sneaks away upstairs to see what Ryan is up too.

“Ryan, I thought you should know that Riley is home.”

Ryan is making the final touches in the bedroom.

“Thanks, Jared. I”m done in here.”

“Then I guess, you”ll be getting Riley up here to show off the new room huh?”

Ryan nods his heads and walks down the Escort Konya stairs with Jared. He sits in the kitchen until everyone else comes into the house. When Riley enters the house, he walks up to him and takes his hand.


With Riley”s hand in his, Ryan walks up the stairs with his boyfriend. He walks to his boyfriend”s room, where the lights are off. There is a faint glow of light that catches Riley by surprise. Inside the room, there is a seventy-five-gallon aquarium set up and its light is giving the place a soft glow. Riley seems speechless.


“It”s okay Riley. Do you like your room?”

All Riley can do is nod his head. A small tear is rolling down his face. Ryan”s finger brushes the tear away.

“Caden and I did the room, but I wanted you to see it for the first time with me. What do you think of the fish tank?”

“Is this…is this Jared”s tank?”

Ryan smiled and shook his head.

“No, this tank belongs to you.”

Riley embraces Ryan and kisses him as Caden and Jared show up at the door to his room. Caden whisper”s into Jared”s ear.

“I guess he approves of the room.”

The guys then turn to walk away leaving Ryan and Riley alone in the room. The teens sit on the bed as they take in the room.


Ryan knows that something is burning away in Riley”s mind. Sometimes, it”s hard to tell what he”s thinking, but Ryan is pretty sure his boyfriend is having good thoughts. Ryan embraces Riley and just takes a moment to hold him in his arms.

“Ryan, you…you…graduate soon?”

They”ve talked about impending graduation a couple times already. Something about having him close by stirs his memory. Maybe that is why Ryan spent so much time working in Riley”s room so it would hold some memories for Riley. No one is ready for that day. Ryan has talked with his parents, Caden and Jared, and Ms. Browning. Before meeting Riley, he had made up his mind to go out of state for college, but since meeting and dating Riley, he doesn”t want to be so far away.

“Yeah, I will be graduating soon, but I”m not going anywhere. I have already talked with Ms. Browning about sticking around and volunteering in the classroom. She talked to me about coming in for gym class a couple times a week. I thought that would be pretty cool. Course, I can”t spend all my time with you, but at least I can see you. I”ll be over a lot too, and we”ll still have our dates.”

Riley leans into Ryan”s body. He smiles as he feels Ryan.

“I will like that.”

Riley doesn”t want to lose this friendship to graduation night. Suddenly, the future becomes crystal clear to him. He can see Ryan and him walking together in suits, and in his mind, it can only mean marriage.

“I…I…I think we get married. I want too, don”t…don”t you.”

Caught off guard, Ryan isn”t sure what to think other than to change the subject immediately. He loves Riley, but marriage is a huge step, and he”s not sure that they”re ready for it.

“Riley, I love you, and everything but marriage is kind of scary isn”t it?”

Not in Riley”s head, he wants to get married to Ryan. It could be all the talk in the house lately, but it feels right to him. Being in his arms right now, it kind of feels fantastic.

“No…to me, I want to get married don”t you?”

Riley turns and looks at his boyfriend. A shadow of doubt creeps into the young man”s mind.

`Does Ryan love me?”

“Baby, I love you. I just don”t think we should be talking about marriage. There is much going on right now. We”re still in high school. I”ll be graduating soon and starting in college. You have another year of school to go, and I”ll have 3 years of college left. I don”t have a job yet, and Caden will want me to have a job so I can support us.”

Ryan stands up with and looks into his boyfriend”s eyes. He uses sign language to tell Riley that “He is always here” and then leans in a for a kiss.

“Someday, I will get down on one knee, and then we”ll be one, but until then you have to be patient with me.”

“I can…I can…be patient.”


Ryan kisses Riley as the room begins to dissolve away into nothing. Right now, it”s just the two of them and time.


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