Love in the Leagues Ch. 01


Lauren was on cloud nine as she was awakened by a trail of kisses on her neck and down to her 40D breasts. Large white hands molded the caramel colored globes and Lauren smiled and licked her lips. Zach’s lips then traveled over her navel and swirled the jewelry from her piercing with his tongue. His hands stayed on her breasts as he spread her legs with his chin and ate her pussy like a five star meal. Lauren arched her back at the sensation and placed her hands over Zach’s. “Are you gonna cum for me?” Zach stopped to ask. Lauren whimpered at the withdrawal of his tongue and squeezed his head between her legs.

“Don’t stop. Please.” she begged as he delved his tongue back into her glistening core. She nearly cried as she came on his tongue and came again as he slurped up her running juices. “Are you ready to fuck me?” she said after she came down from the mind altering orgasms.

“You need me inside you baby?” Zach teased as he gave her clit one last lick and crawled up her body.

“You know I do.” she smiled and reached into the nightstand and grabbed a condom. She handed it to Zach and he quickly ripped it open and placed it on his achingly hard cock. Within seconds he was inside Laura and fucking her like a wild animal which was one of the things she loved about him. He always ravished her and had been pleasing her to no end in the nine months they had been together. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him tightly to her and Zach whispered in her ear as he fired away at her.

“Your shit is so good baby.” he whispered nibbling on her ear and neck. “I could never get tired of fucking you.” She cried out as he stabbed her with another inch of his growing cock. Stretched to the max Lauren came and pulsated so hard from his brutal attack on her pussy causing Zach to pull out and spurt his seed on her stomach. “Shit.” he moaned and rolled off Lauren. “The condom broke.” he told her and grabbed her hand and kissed it. “I really wanted to come inside you. Can you start taking the pill?” he asked and Lauren rolled on her side and faced him and smiled.

“I think we can arrange that.” she kissed him and looked over his shoulder at the clock. “Shit! I’m gonna be late!” she yelled and jumped out of bed. She quickly showered and Zach sat in the bathroom and watched her as she dressed, applied her make-up and re-did her hairstyle which Zach had ruined from their previous night’s antics. “Are we still on for Friday?” she smiled and stared at Zach. She admired his beautiful face that deserved to be on the cover of magazines. He stood and walked behind her. He hugged her tightly and almost instinctly she rubbed her ass against his erection. He moaned and kissed the back of her neck.

“I’ll give you a call tomorrow after I check my schedule OK.” Lauren pouted and Zach spun her to face him and he kissed her lips. “I’m not blowing you off sweetie. I’ll definitely see this weekend. You know I can’t go long with being inside you.” He kissed her deeply and licked her full bottom lip when he pulled away. “I’m gonna get dressed. I will see you later.” Zach gave Lauren one last kiss and started to walk out the bathroom. Laura laid a resounding smack on his bare ass and Zach spun to her and gave her a devilish grin. “Keep that up and you’re gonna have to call in sick.” Lauren fakes a cough and a smile appears on her gorgeous face. “Oh, you are evil.” he smiles and lunges at her. He picks her up and carries her to the bed bride style and ripped off the suit she had just put on less than 30 minutes ago.

When Lauren was completely naked Zach placed on a condom for what he hoped will be the last time. He slammed into her causing Laura to gasp to catch her breath. “Oh sweet God!” she cried as Zach screwed her as if it was his last day on Earth.

“You wanted this!” he growled and pushed her legs up to her chest. Zach relieved his weight from her body, sat up and watched his dick slide into her sweet brown and pink pussy. He slowed down his pace and enjoyed watching Lauren writhe in pleasure and a little pain. She grabbed the headboard and Zach leaned back over her body and engulfed her mouth with his.

“Come inside me!” she screamed feeling her pussy contract and Zach felt immense pleasure as his balls were drained and he shot into Lauren the way he wanted to. He collapsed on top of Lauren and she lovingly ran her fingers across his scalp that held his short buzz haircut. She broke out laughing when she heard the soft snores escape him. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep since she was trapped in bed underneath Zach’s 6’1, 195 pound body.

Lauren woke from her coma-like state at the sound of her cell phone ringing. Zach was still asleep on top of her. “Zach.” she whispered and shook him.

“Ready for round three?” he said groggily and Lauren pushed him away.

“My phone.” she sat up causing Zach to roll over off her. She got out of bed and made no attempt to cover her naked body as she grabbed her purse. She fished üvey kız kardeş porno her phone out and answered. “Hello? Oh, hi Sheila. No, I just have a little head cold, nothing serious. Yes, I’ll be ready to present the McDonough file tomorrow. OK I will. See you tomorrow.” she said to her assistant. She hung up the phone and felt Zach grab her. She smiled as he wrapped his arms around her body.

“I gotta go babe. If not I’ll be late and coach’ll have my ass on a silver platter.” Zach smiled and then kissed her shoulder and reluctantly released her. She watched him gather his clothes from the previous night and pull them on. He flashed a smile to Lauren and headed out of her bedroom. When she heard the door open and close she sighed and cleaned up the mess they had made last night in their trail of passion. While she cleaned she reminisced about the day that she had met Zach almost a year ago.


Lauren had been working for a sports agency and was in charge of soliciting college athletes as well as unsigned athletes to the agents in charge of promoting deals into the major leagues. She had been working with the company for only seven months; straight out of college. During those seven months she had made enough contacts to get invited to a celebration party for NBA’s newest star, Keith Platt’s draft. Lauren had become good friends with the agent who signed him, Greg Thoms, and since he was also attending the party they decided to ride together.

Greg parked his Porsche on the curb of Lauren’s building at 8:30. He got out of the beauty and walked inside the security guarded building and got on the elevator and rode to the third floor. He got off and walked to Lauren’s door and rung the doorbell. “It’s open!” he heard her yell and he walked inside. He whistled as he took in her feung shei.

“Nice place!” he yelled and turned to face the hallway leading to the bedroom and bathroom hearing Lauren’s footsteps. His mouth dropped at the sight of her. She looked stunning in a tight yellow and brown dress that looked magnificent against her light brown skin tone. Her hair, that was usually in tight curls, was straightened and laid softly against her shoulders. Brown knee length boots added three inches to her 5’7 frame. “Lauren…” he moaned and his eyes jetted across her body.

“Do I look all right?” she asked smiling.

“You look absolutely stunning!” he said approaching her. “You sure you’re single? How any man could let you slip through his fingers is beyond me.” Lauren smiled at the compliment and politely pushed past him to retrieve her purse which was lying on the couch.

“Greg, these days men don’t want relationships. All they want is a quick fuck and they’re on their way.” she said bluntly and turned to stare at Greg. “Excuse my French.” She smiled and waved him to the door. “Let’s go.” Greg followed her outside and they rode the elevator to the main floor. Greg opened the door to his car for Lauren and she slid easily into the compact convertible. Greg got into the driver’s seat and headed to the Grand Pierre Hotel Plaza. It was 9:30 when they arrived and the valet driver helped Lauren out of the car when Greg parked. “Thank you.” she smiled to the handsome young man. Greg tossed his keys to the driver and he took Lauren’s arm and they walked inside to the room rented out for the party.

“Wow!” Lauren exclaimed as they entered the party. The room was decked out with a fully stocked bar, a huge dance floor, a stage complete with a band giving Lauren the impression a celebrity musician would make an appearance and do a set. The room was nearly full as Greg leaned into Lauren.

“Do you want a drink?” He had to yell over the music even though he was standing right next to her.

“Oh, no thank you. I want to be sober tonight.” she told him and he excused himself to the bar. Lauren looked around and stared at the men who were eyeing her and concluded that ALL the men in the room were staring at her even the DJ. She almost felt like Cinderella but then she caught the jealous glances from all the females. She smiled to shake off the nervous feeling and headed to an empty table. Six men flooded to the table and introduced themselves. Half of the men were unsigned athletes who saw her enter with Greg and were looking for a “hook up” but she easily disregarded them; she wasn’t there to work. For the next hour she turned down offer after offer to dance or be bought a drink. Growing tired she walked to the bar and took an empty seat next to a white guy.

“What can I get you gorgeous?” the bartender asked and leaned over the counter and was inches away from her face. Lauren leaned back and ordered a coke. The bartender placed her drink in front of her. Lauren took a sip and winced at the strong flavor.

“I asked for a coke. This is a rum and coke.”

“This is a bar sweetheart. That’ll be xnxx porno $6.” The bartender flashed a smile and Lauren frowned.

“I’m not drinking this and I’m definitely not paying for it!” she screamed.

“It’s OK. I got it.” The man sitting next to Lauren said to prevent an arguement and pulled out his wallet and placed a 10 dollar bill on the counter. “Keep the change.”

Lauren turned to face him and she wished she hadn’t. Never in her life had she seen a man more gorgeous. If David Beckham had a twin she was surely sitting next to him. He smiled at her and she extended her hand. “Lauren Stephens.”

He gripped her hand tightly. “Zach Lomax. Pleasure to meet you.” He released her hand and downed the rest of his drink. “How do you know Keith?” he asked and stared into her eyes.

“He’s represented by Greg Thoms and we work for the same company but I was invited by his girlfriend Ginger. How do you know him?”

“We went to high school together. He was the star basketball player and I was the star quarterback.” Zach explained.

“Oh, so you’re a athlete. Have you been signed to the NFL? You should really talk to Greg. He could really help you.” Lauren felt herself babble and stopped when Zach frowned.

“Nah. I really only play for my scholarship. Couldn’t afford college otherwise. Only got about a year to go until I graduate and then I focus on my career as a marketing executive.” Lauren smiled that he wasn’t the type of athlete that felt the only thing that matter was their shot at the majors.

Lauren and Zach spent the next hour and a half talking at the bar. They were interrupted when Ginger and Keith walked up to them. Keith greeted Zach while Ginger hugged Lauren. “I’ve been looking for you all night girl.” Ginger smiled and Lauren noticed she had her braces removed. She also had dyed her naturally dark hair fiery red and it looked amazing against her tanned skin. “Enjoying the party?”

Lauren was enjoying her conversation with Zach more than the party. “No complaints.” She shrugged her shoulders and threw a playful smile at the three surrounding her. “Who’s performing tonight?” she asked Keith pointing to the stage seeing the live band setting up.

“Oh! I got Lupe Fiasco to come through and entertain the crowd.” Keith told her. He stared at the diamond covered watch on his wrist and kissed Ginger. “I gotta go and greet him. He should be here by now.” He clapped hands with Zach and gave him a man-hug. “I’ll catch up with you later.” Keith walked away and Ginger sat in the empty seat next to Lauren.

“You look amazing!” Ginger complimented. “God I wish I could wear something like that.” she said a little self conscience. Ginger was a pretty girl but she always downed herself for weighing 200 pounds.

“Hey why don’t we go get something to eat. Zach has kept me hostage over here for so long my stomach is growling.” Lauren laughed and playfully pinched Zach’s arm. Ginger smiled and nodded her head. The two women left their seats and headed to the buffet table. They grabbed a plate and ate while talking about small insignificant things. After their plates were discarded Keith appeared on stage and introduced Lupe Fiasco. Everyone applauded and crowded the dance floor to dance as Lupe started to performed “Kick Push”.

Keith had exited the stage and was behind Ginger as she and Lauren had begun dancing. Ginger looked happy as Keith enveloped her in his arms. Lauren danced alone for the rest of the song but as “Superstar” began Lauren felt a hard body against her back and a hard erection against her butt. She swung to her dance partner about to clock him for getting too close for comfort when she saw Zach standing there. She sighed, a little in relief, and allowed him to pull her close to him. She could feel the hardness of his abs against her back, playing football definitely kept him fantasstic shape. As they danced Zach’s hands were glued to Lauren’s hip as they swayed to the beat. His breathing increased as her hands curled around his neck.

Lauren could feel Zach pushing her off the dance floor. Minutes later they were outside in the cool air and Zach had attacked her lips. He planted kisses on her neck when he pulled away and Lauren felt her knees buckle. “I knew you would taste as good as you look.” he whispered in her ear and squeezed her tightly against him. “I want you.”

“We are at a hotel.” Lauren suggested and Zach pushes her back and she sees a disturbed look on his face. She was about to apologize when he spoke.

“No, I want to do this right. You’re better than a fuck in a hotel room.” he said and gave her a quick but sensual kiss. “I gotta go.” He reached in his pocket and pulled out his cell phone and handed it to Lauren. She quickly punched in her number and handed Zach back his phone. Zach handed his ticket to the valet and a few minutes later his GMC Yukon was brought to the curb. He gave Lauren one last kiss before getting into his zenci porno SUV and driving off.


The sound of the doorbell brought Lauren back to the present. It was nearly noon and Lauren wasn’t expecting anyone today. She walked pulled on some clothes and walked to the door. She opened it and saw Keith standing there. “Hey. What are you doing here?” she asked as he kissed her cheek as he walked inside. “I came to drop off the tickets to Saturday’s game for Zach. I would’ve dropped them off at his place but I was over in this area.” He handed Lauren the envelope and smiled.

“Oh, OK well I’ll call him and let him know I have the tickets.” She turns and places the envelope on the coffee table.

“Hey can I ask you something?” Keith asks and Lauren turns back to face him. She nods her head and Keith walks closer to her and grabs her hand. “I was wondering if you were doing anything next Friday night?” he asked and Lauren raised her eyebrow in speculation and removed her hand from his grasp. “See, I have this movie premiere to attend and I really need a date.”

“Umm, why aren’t you taking Ginger? Didn’t you two get engaged last week?” She folded her arms across her chest. Keith held back a laugh as he takes a seat on her couch.

“That’s the lie she’s been telling. I will never marry that gold digger.” he scoffed and Lauren was about to chew his ass out but he spoke again. “From the day I got signed she’s been spending my money left and right. She quit her job and won’t do shit but shop and run her mouth. Nah, see I need a woman like you. Smart, sexy, makes good money and I know your shit is good. Listen baby, say the word and Ginger is history. Zach aint getting drafted. He can’t take care of you like I can.”

Lauren wanted to drop kick his ass. How dare he proposition her to not only betray Ginger, who she considered a good friend, but Zach as well. Even though Keith was very attractive, standing at 6’3, 175 pounds, skin the color of peanut butter and had a smile that could make any girl drop her panties, Lauren wasn’t that type of girl. She liked Keith as a friend but he was too damn cocky for her. And now that line of friendship was definitely crossed now. “Keith I don’t know who you think you are but you need to get the hell out of my face and my house before my foot gets permanently lodged in your ass!” she screamed and Keith smirked even though he was a little shocked. He stood and inched toward her.

“You’ll come around.” he said and turned to walk out the door. Lauren slammed it when he was completely out and locked the door. She huffed as she went into her room to finish her cleaning.

Friday Night

Lauren had attended Zach’s football game that night and cheered loudly at each touchdown that Zach made. He looked so good in his green and orange uniform and she was the envy of the girls at Mecca State University who were pining over Zach as she hugged him tightly in the parking lot and congratulated him on the win. Zach loved showing Lauren off and kissed her passionately right then and there.

“Go home and change and I’ll come by and get you. We’ll go to dinner.” Zach said after releasing her lips and Lauren nodded. Zach jumped in his car and headed home to change and Lauren did the same.

An hour and a half later she was sitting across from Zach at her favorite restaurant, Donnelly’s. She was looking stunning in a white tube dress, white sandals and she had her hair back in its curly state. Zach was dressed to match her in a white button up shirt and black slacks. He stared at Lauren as she picked at her dinner. “Babe, are you OK?” he asked concerned.

“Huh? What?” she asked snapped from her daze.

“I asked if you were all right.” he repeated.

“Oh, yeah baby. I’m fine. Just a little stressed from work.” she lied. She was stressed but not from work. It had been four days since Keith had confessed his feelings for her and he had been calling her at least 10 times a day. She had even bailed on coming to the home he shared with Ginger when she invited her for dinner a few nights prior.

“Did you enjoy the game?”

“Yeah. You played great tonight.” she smiled and careesed his hand across the table.

“Did you bring the tickets to the Keith’s game?” he asked and took a bite of his chicken dinner.

“I’m sorry. I forgot them. I’ll get them when you drop me off at home.”

“You don’t want me to spend the night?” he asked disappointed.

“Not tonight honey. I promise I’ll make it up to you.” She forces a smile and after they finish their dinner Zach pays the bill and they head to her apartment.

Lauren stops in front of her door with Zach standing next to her. “Thank you so much for dinner.” she says and faces him. He smiles his thanks and leans in to kiss her.

“You sure you don’t want me to spend the night?” he almost begs when he pulls away from their soft embrace. He pushes her against the door and grinds his pelvis into her.

“Positive. Let me get those tickets for you.” Lauren opens the door and grabs the envelope with the game tickets and hands it to Zach. “I’ll give you a call tomorrow.” She plants a kiss on his lips and closes the door.

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