Love and Sex in Syria Ch. 06

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My name is Lina Khatib and this is my chronicle of events. I am what you would call a desperate housewife and many of my friends are desperate housewives too. We live on a Mountain in the Latakia region and our town is completely Alwaite, no other sects live here. At the bottom of the mountain is a mixed Christian-Sunni town, but we’ve started to have problems with them.

I am 26 years old and my husband has left town, as have the husbands of all of my friends. Most have gone to join the army or militias and are fighting the extremists, but they have left us behind and I have a very high sex drive. Months on end without cock makes a girl desperate and I know I am very attractive too.

My girlfriends are in the same boat and so we have set-up a circle in Mona Khatib house. Mona is my cousin, and we meet there daily to discuss the cock shortage problem. Today the circle is meeting to discuss masturbation techniques and possible sighting of cock in the town. Most of us don’t want to cheat, but girls have needs and it has been months. If we see a guy, regardless of who he is, we’ll grab him and do him.

Men should really watch out. Before you ask, how an earth we would take a guy against his will? Remember that since the uprising began the government gave us arms and training. For a brief time, I served in the National Defense Force’s female unit and many of my girlfriends also served there.

Six of us gather at Mona’s house. There’s Hala, she 42 and has two children, her husband is second in command to the elite Fourth Armoured Division and has close ties to the ruling family. Hala is slender and has olive-skin, she is delicate, sophisticated, educated and cultured, but is probably the biggest slut here. Her sexual exploits are legendary, and claims 52 conquests, since getting married 20-years ago, all of whom were not her husband.

There is Dina, 31, three children; her husband is a captain in the Syrian Air Force. Dina is tall, fair skinned, dark eyes and hair and has never been with anyone else and thus we label her the virgin of the group. Suhair, 24, no children and is married to a high ranking officer in the Air Force Intelligence Directorate. Suhair has fair skin, blue eyes and dark hair- but I have always had my reservations about her. She uses to be an actress and there are rumours she works for the Secret Service and she use to be a prostitute.

There are a few others in the circle too, but I don’t know them well. Mona gets the meeting started.

Mona: “Ladies, our pussies haven been dry for months and there have been no knew sightings of cock. This is nothing short of a catastrophe! What are we going to do?”

Suhair: “Well there is not much we can do. I managed to obtain this pornographic DVD, which we can use right now, but beyond that nothing.”

Hala: “I don’t care what it is, just put it on, dam it.”

Suhair turn Ankara escort on the widescreen TV and places the DVD inside. The volume is turned up to the maximum and the screen goes dark. Suddenly, music and female groaning boom out and the option menu comes up. The DVD and the film is American and Mona fiddles with the remote before the film begins. A wide screen shot of a beach side house and a blonde girl emerges onto the screen.

She is viewing a house and the hunky estate agent is a little inept. The blonde is very demanding and overly critical, the estate agent is annoyed and grabs her by the neck and forces her to her knees. He unzips his pants and she performs oral sex. His cock is massive and the sight of it, get the girls very excited.

Mona unzips her jeans and beings to rub her pussy, then Hala, Dina and Suhair follow suit. Pretty soon the other two girls are rubbing, but I find it hard to masturbate in front of them.

Hala: “Ohhh..he so big, that does it, I’m moving to Miami.”

Suhair: “I wish my husband was that big.”

Dina: “Me too.”

Mona: “Is that thing even real?”

Hala: “Who cares I’d take it any day.”

Dina: “But surely something that large would hurt?”

Hala: “Again who cares?”

Suhair: “It looks very delicious, I mean tasty. Gosh, I’m beginning to drool, my mouth is quite literally producing a lot of saliva. Would any of you girls do porn?”

Hala: “If we lose this war, I’ll go to America and work in porn films, yes.”

“I do wonder what it must be like.” I say to the group.

Mona: “Heavenly.”

Each girl is now ferociously rubbing their pussy, I can see the each girl is very aroused and their cheeks are starting to go red. I feel embarrassed and decide to leave, but as I leave, I feel sad. Am I still able to get off, have I been so unsexed for so long that I am no longer able to feel sexual pleasure?

A few nights later

I have been house-bound for the last few days, the village at the bottom of the mountain is being fought over between the governmental soldiers and extremists and some shells have hit our town. Night time approaches and I am trying to sleep, but I keep hearing noises outside, like someone is rummaging. I run to my window and look out, low and behold, a man is hiding out in my garden. I think he is an anti-governmental fighter, I should report him, but after months without cock I have a better idea.

I head downstairs and hide near the door and I try to get a better look at him. I can see his ak-47, green overalls and beard, but I also see that he is well-built and tall. I should report him, but I don’t know, I am really tempted. I get so excited, I stick my hand down my panties and start rubbing, and for the first time my pussy feels receptive and sends positive signals throughout my body and I begin to heat up.

That does it, I am having him. Ankara escort bayan I quickly phone my cousin Mona and tell her to round up the girls and get them over here. Meanwhile, I open the front door in my underwear and the fighter looks startled and point his gun towards me.

“Marhaba (Hello),” I say to the confused fighter.


“It’s dangerous out there and you will get caught, why don’t you come inside? It’s safe in here. Don’t worry, I don’t bite!”

He looks hesitant but readily agrees and runs into my house and I abruptly close and lock the door. “My name is Lina, what’s your name?”

“My name is Ahmed,” I detect a Aleppian accent.

“You’re from Aleppo?”

“Is it that obvious?” He now looks me up and down and I think he likes what he sees. I direct him to my living room, he sits down and I bring him food. We started talking and I learn more about him, when my friends arrive, Ahmed looks frightened, but I try to re-assure him.

Suhair: “Well let’s expect the good ladies.”

Hala: “Mmmmm…Looking very good. A fine stallion.”

Mona: “You’ve excelled yourself, ya Lina.”

Dina: “He even smells like fresh meat.”

Ahmed looks even more confused and I walk over to him and sit in his lap. “I think you’re hard,” I then stick my hand behind me and onto his crotch and squeeze, “Yes, very hard. But can he handle five beautiful girls? Are you that strong, energetic, do you have the stamina to handle five girls? I will make you a deal, Ya Ahmed, you give us whatever we want sexually and we’ll protect you from the authorities. Understood?”

Ahmed: “I don’t understand, who are you?”

“Yes you do. So what will it be? Are you feeling brave?”

Ahmed: “Doesn’t look like I have much of a choice.”

“Good.” I now get off his lap and I pull down his pants. The girls group around him and Suhair moves in and starts kissing him on the lips. Brushing his lips and then inserting a little bit of tongue, me and Hala get onto out knees and we both stroke and rub his enormous manhood in.

Dina and Mona sit on the coffee table opposite the couch that Ahmed is sitting on, and they start to rub their pussies and the sight of Ahmed’s large cock. We will take him in turns.

I stick my tongue out and get my first taste of Ahmed’s delectable cock, it’s really like licking and ice lolly. I lick one side and Hala lick the other, we speed up and have a mini-competition, who can get Ahmed wet first? My finger strokes the v-area , which is between his cock and balls, while Hala starts licking, biting and swallowing his balls.

Hala is doing a really good job, that every few moments she stops and we kiss one another, so I can learn what Ahmed tastes like. I then stick Ahmed’s cock into my mouth and suck and swallow for a few moments-before-withdrawing and kissing Hala.

Hala starts sucking Ahmed Escort Ankara and I get up and walk over to Mona, I slide my tongue into Mona’s mouth so she can get the taste of Ahmed. She likes the taste and so I let her go in my place and she starts sucking Ahmed off with Hala. I eye up Dina and I pull her hand out of her panties and start sucking her fingers. I then reach down and start licking her pussy, she already has some cum on her outer lips, which I take into my mouth.

I now ferociously lick Dina out and she cums into my mouth, I then stop licking Dina and I walk over to Suhair and start kissing her. I empty some of Dina’s juice into her mouth, and then both me and Suhair, take it in turns to kiss Ahmed on the mouth. We empty Dina’s juice into Ahmed’s mouth and we force him to swallow.

The time has come to ride Ahmed. We all step back from him and nominate Dina to have the first go. Dina, without hesitation, pulls off all her clothes and jump into Ahmed’s lap, she slides his cock into her pussy and starts to ride him. Up and down and the couch shakes aggressively.

Dina screams her lungs out and humps him for ten minutes before cuming. Dina jumps off him and Suhair starts sucking Ahmed’s dick- she is keen to know what Dina juice tastes likes when mixed with Ahmed’s cock.

After Suhair has finished slurping it up, Hala jumps onto Ahmed’s lap and starts riding him. Hala is a real professional, she is then followed by Suhair and then Mona. Finally, it’s my turn and I, like the others, waste no time. I’ve been waiting for this moment and now it has arrived.

I jump onto his lap and slide his cock into my pussy. Just the feeling of his cock bypassing my outer lips, sends tingles through my body. I start grunting and groaning wildly, I’ve never felt this good.

I start humping him and humping him hard. I am out of control and I will not stop, after 15 minutes, I am ready to cum. I jump of him and grab him to pull him to the floor. He’s on the floor and I sit on his face and force him to lick. His tongue penetrates my moist pussy deeply, while Suhair and Mona take in turns to suck his cock.

Finally, Suhair decides to ride him again and sits on his crotch and slides his cock into her pussy. While she is doing that, I cum into Ahmed’s mouth, he gulps it down and swallows everything. I then get off his face and then Mona jumps onto his face and he is made to start over again. Then Dina, Suhair and Hala sit on his face.

Finally, we all gather around Ahmed’s cock and we get onto our knees. We take it in turns giving him a handjob, and eventually, cum starts flying out and he hits Dina in the eye and on Suhair’s hair. Then he really starts cuming, and he managed to cover my tits, Mona and Suhair’s face, Dina’s hair and Hala’s mouth.

The next day, governmental soldiers knock on my door and ask if we have seen any fighters in the town. I tell him no and he leaves. I kept Ahmed for a few weeks- and he kept filling my pussy up- eventually he had to leave but promised to return with more cock. Men let’s this be a lesson to you, never leave a hot woman to go to war.

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