Love and Drama Pt. 02


Thousands of miles away Alex sits on his patio, the sun beginning to rise, his anxiousness for Daphne coming to visit kept him from getting a decent night’s sleep. Watching his city wake up, he wondered what his lady love was doing. Sleeping? Awake and as nervous as he is? He just longed to finally see her, finally hold her in his arms.

Finally, Daphne returns to her apartment, and climbs into bed. Laying in bed staring at the ceiling she sighs and giggles her herself; This time tomorrow I will be in Alex’s bed, laying next to him, and I can finally be truly happy. Unless… he doesn’t like me. Her insecurities began to overwhelm her again. Tossing and turning, Daphne eventually wore herself out and fell asleep.

Alex returned to his apartment to take a shower and work for the morning. A half an hour later he raced out of his flat- cup of coffee in one hand a messenger bag over his shoulder, and a smile ‘etched’ on his face. God, I hope she likes me, he worried. She’s so beautiful, and sexy. I can’t wait to see her later! He tried to keep his focus on work, and getting his clients taken care of before Daphne was to arrive, so he could focus on her once she arrives.

Sleep was restless for Daphne, she laid in bed for three hours thinking about the days events, when she finally decided to get up and get ready. Her insecurity about her looks caused her to be extra critical of everything she wore, her makeup and her hair. She spent hours picking the right outfit to wear. Knowing she was in for a long flight, but also knowing Alex was picking her up at the airport, she wanted to look good and be comfortable. She picked a little gray dress, soft comfortable material, low cut, just for Alex. Strappy black sandals, her hair natural, and wavy, her favorite necklace, a faux gem-encrusted butterfly at the end of a silver chain. And a few loose silver bangles around her wrists. It would give him a vision of who she is to her.

Alex finished up his meetings by noon, now he had 5 hours before Daphne would land in Paris. He raced back to his apartment to make sure it was pristine, and that everything is perfect. Standing in the middle of his flat he takes a second to survey his work.

knock knock knock…

“Ya ya, coming.” Alex called out.

Pulling the door open, to his best friend William grinning widely. Shaggy blonde locks atop fair skin, green eyes, and a lithe body. “What’s up man?”

“Nothing, just getting ready.” He replied turning away from him.

“Getting ready? For what?” William asked walking into the apartment and closing the door.

“Daphne, the girl I met online is coming today.” He explained.

“She is?! All the way from the states?”

“Yes, Chicago.” he replied.

“Wow, she’s coming all the way here just to see you?” He inquired.

“No,” Not wanting to expand, “She has something here, with her work.”

“Ah, I see.” William could tell Alex was being vague.

As she finished checking through security, Daphne picked up her sandals, grabbed her carry-on and scurried off down the terminal. The cacophony of noise around her would normally have annoyed her, but she couldn’t hear anything. Her mind was solidly fixed on Alex, and Paris, and finally having her surgery. After years of, to use a flight travel metaphor, her life being in a holding pattern, and now she will be ‘complete’. The utter joy she feels in her heart allowed her to block out all the noise, and her doubts washed away.

Boarding the plane, placing her luggage away she plops down in her chair and takes a deep breath. Here it comes! Her breath came in ragged shallow gasps. Airplanes have always made her a bit claustrophobic, even though she had flown a hundred times for work, with James. He had always gotten both of them first class tickets so they could work. None of that mattered, this flight had much larger implications. She buckled her seat belt, and turned on the overhead air vent, blowing on her face in order to assist her breathing. James always teased her about her “issues” with flying, but this time, there is no one to put her at ease.

Satisfied with the appearance of his flat, Alex and William walked down to the corner cafe for lunch.

“So, what exactly are you expecting to happen with this girl? I mean are you guys serious?” William inquired.

“I don’t know what to expect, but yes, we are serious.”

“How serious?” He pried.

“Well, the last time we video chatted, I told her I loved her, and she said it to me as well.” He explained.

“Love?! Are you serious? Come on man, how can you love someone that you’ve never met?” William exclaimed.

“I think it’s sweet,” their waitress had over heard their discussion, and added, “I think it’s awesome that you’ve found love, some of us never do.”

“Thanks.” Alex replied with a smile, and nod.

“I still think it’s crap.”

“You are so jaded William! I mean come on, can’t you just be happy for me?” He pleaded.

“I guess I could, but it’s hard for me to see how this whole thing makes any Bostancı Esmer Escort sense. I mean how do you know you love her, if you’ve never even met?”

“It’s a feeling. We’ve been talking for two years, you can’t talk to someone for that long and not create a connection of some sort.” Alex attempted to defend his position.

“OH! I know what it is. You guys have cyber-sex all the time, right?”

“Classy.” The waitress remarked sarcastically as she passed by the table.

“No, William. We’ve never done that. We just have this bond. We forged a relationship based off each of us being honest about who we are, and what we want from life.” Alex explained.

“I get what you’re saying, it’s hard for me to swallow.”

Somewhere over the Atlantic, Daphne raced towards destiny. Finally relaxing, she nibbled at her meal, and sketched in a small sketchbook. She had neglected her art for a long time, in favor of advancing her career. She was hoping her time away would allowed her to take up her art again. Paris is the city for art, she thought to herself. The next four months would lead her into what her future was going to entail.

“Vacation?” A woman across the isle from her asked leaning towards her.

“huh? oh.” Daphne shook herself alert.

“Vacation?” She asked again.

“Sort of.” Daphne unsure how exactly to answer, because technically she wasn’t on vacation.

“Not exactly sure huh?” She giggled.

“Sorry, my mind is a million miles away. Ya, a vacation, of sorts. OK, since you asked. I met a boy online two years ago, and we have fallen for each other, and I am traveling to Paris to meet him.” She explained, waiting for ridicule.

“That’s so sweet! I hope everything works out, you are a lovely girl, and hope you both are happy.” She said with a warm smile.

“Thanks, I appreciate that.” She replied, as the fasten seat belt sign came on and the decent into Paris began.

As the plane touched down at Paris’ Charles De Gaulle airport Daphne’s nerves began to get the best of her. Her mind began to wander as she stood to retrieve her suitcase form the overhead compartment. She worried about her appearance. Her long flight, in a hot, crowded airplane had made her feel, and look road weary. She knew, after the long flight, that she must look road weary.

She was always concerned about her appearance, but that would soon be abated. Finally freeing her suitcase from the overhead bin, she fell back. She saw in her minds eye the suitcase smashing her face and and bloodying her nose. “what a great first impression THAT will make” she thought, but all that ended abruptly as one strong hand caught her and another her suitcase.

“Careful miss!” The young man who caught her and her luggage said. He was ruggedly handsome, a day of facial hair growth, green eyes, and dark collar length hair frame a well defined, and strong face. His smile was warm, with a touch of wild.

“Oh geez!” She replied surprised she wasn’t on the floor, bloody and embarrassed.

“You ok?” he asked concerned.

Daphne gathered herself, “Yeah, yeah, I’m ok, thanks for the help.”

“You’re very welcome.” His intoxicating smile sank right into her, she nervously gathered her things from her seat.

“Visiting?” He inquired, wanting to continue their back and forth.

“Yes, extended holiday you might say.” She replied with a warm inviting smile.

“I see, well Paris is an exciting city, I hope you enjoy your stay.”

“Thanks, me too.”

“Daniel.” He extended his hand.

“Daphne” she replied taking his hand, strong but gentle, her nerves calmed down, but now something about this young man made her heart race. Daniel took a long moment to look at Daphne, there was something… undeniable about this mysterious woman. Her features were unique, and her smile intoxicating, but familiar.

Daniel broke his focus and smiled. “Nice to meet you.” Finally! He thought. When he boarded in New York, Daphne was already on the plane. From his seat, he had watched her most of the way into Paris. He was headed back home to Paris, and definitely wanted to know where she was going. Now he was home and delighted to get a chance to finally talk to her. There was something about Daphne that made him feel like he’d never spoken to a girl in his life. Insecurities he hadn’t had since he was 12 came back, and overwhelmed him.

Daphne bit her lip, and brushed her hair aside. “Nice to meet you too.”

“Come on!” the irate passenger behind Daniel said.

“Oops! Sorry.” Daphne smiled and waved over Daniel’s shoulder at the man. His expression softened and he smiled back at her. She leaned in close enough for Daniel to inhale her intoxicating perfume, shivers raced down his spine.

“Better get going!” Daniel said with a chuckle, and shaking his head free of the lust fog her was surrounded with. Daphne nodded and grabbed her backpack and extending the pull handle on her suitcase. She scurried down the isle to the exit, Daniel close behind. As Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort she reached the threshold of the plane, she swallowed hard, life was about to “begin”. She glanced back over her shoulder with a playful grin seeing Daniel blushing and clearing his throat, she giggled gleefully and hurried down the tunnel to the terminal. She loved being a girl!

Once in the terminal, Daniel ran to catch up to Daphne, her long legs had carried her quickly through the terminal. She smiled to herself, she couldn’t help but turn that smirk into a full on toothy grin. Everything was about to change, and she just wanted to begin this new chapter in her life. Her, as she lovely calls him ‘boy toy’ was going to be there to greet her, finally. Life altering surgery to follow, finally her true life could begin.

“Hey! Wh-where are you staying while you’re here?” Daniel inquired, gasping for air.

“With a friend.” she replied barely noticing him, her thoughts elsewhere.

“Oh” his voice dropped, “a boyfriend?” He asked, not wanting to hear the answer. Not wanting to not have another chance to talk to her.

“I don’t know, we haven’t gotten that far yet.” She replied giggling. I don’t even know if he’ll like me in person, doubting herself, which was not uncommon for her, but not with Alex. She felt in her heart and her head that he was special, he had readily accepted her being transgender, and told her he didn’t care. He told her; It’s not what’s between your legs, it’s what’s in your head and you heart.

“Ah, hmm well…” He began before being interrupted.

“Alexander!!” She squealed, and ran towards a young man waiting on the other side of security. Alexander, a devastatingly handsome man or 26, broad shoulders, beautiful smile, and piercing blue eyes, and hair black as black as night.

“Daphne!” he echoed as he watched her run towards him with the abandon of a 12 year old girl running in a field of flowers. Her breasts bouncing gently, as her skirt flowed behind her. Alex could not deny her beauty, and innocent sexuality. Two years of talking on the phone, video chats and emails, and none of it prepared him for just how beautiful she is. Definitely feminine, but a hint of something else. He knew what it was, her biological maleness, but to him it just made her unique. He had no doubts about her, and being together, he was ready to start a new phase in his life.

Daniel saw Alex and became jealous, and angry; this is the guy who gets to be with her?!

They meet in a tight hug, kissing each other on either cheek.

“It’s so great to finally meet you, gorgeous!” Alex declared just drinking in her beauty, her smile was so infectious he could help but mirror her expression. This girl he had fallen for, and wasn’t sure they’d ever get to meet in person was now here, in his arms.

“Ya it is! finally! I knew you couldn’t keep me away for much longer.” She laughed falling into his arms once again. Feeling them around her, she wanted to stay there forever, for the first time in her life, she felt “home”. Daphne led a hard life, being disowned by her parents, and alienated from all of her friends, she felt her career was the only keeping her sane. Now a whole new chapter of her story could begin to be told. She was not about to squander, what she thought, might be her only chance at true happiness.

“Thanks for letting me come.” she said dipping her head shyly.

“Don’t act shy to me girl! I know better.” He said smiling, reaching for her suitcase.

“You don’t have to take that, I am a big girl.” she declared with a pout and a stomp.

“Daph, let me at least try to be a gentleman.” He replied picking up the suitcase.

Daniel approached, not sure if he should interrupt or not. Sizing up Alexander, thinking “he’s nothing special”.

“OH! Alex, this is Daniel, we met on the plane. He saved me from getting crushed by my suitcase.” she explained putting a hand on Daniel’s shoulder. He almost quivered at her touch. He wanted to be with her, he wanted to be the one to take her home. But, this Alex character is the one.

“Well then, I should thank you for protecting my lovely lady.” He smiled smugly as he extended a hand. Seeing the want in Daniel’s eyes, and laughing to himself.

“I couldn’t let her fall for the wrong … reasons.” Daniel replied sneering at him and shaking his hand. Hating him.

“Daph…we should get going, and get you settled in.” Alex said turning his back to Daniel.

“Ya, ok.” She replied gleefully, “Maybe we’ll see you around, Daniel.” She turned and kissed Daniel on the cheek, “Thanks again for saving me.”

Daniel’s face flushed, her lips, so close to his mouth, he wanted to grab her and kiss her, hard. Show her she’s with the wrong guy, but he couldn’t. She smiled one last time at Daniel and grabbed Alex’s outstretch hand.

“Maybe.” his voice trailed off as he watched with envy as the couple became smaller and smaller. He sighed, and wondered if he’d ever see her again.

The door Bostancı Evi Olan Escort to Alex’s flat swung open and he turned to Daphne with a big smile.

“Want me to carry you over the threshold?”

“Ha!” she snorted, “I don’t think we’re there quite yet.” She replied with a smirk. She had wished, hoped, Alex would be the one she would live out her days as a complete woman and married to the sweetest guy ever. All she wants in life is to be happy, and Alex certainly makes her feel overwhelmingly happy.

“Alright babe, then ladies first.” He bowed politely.

With a curtsy, she flashed a smile and entered.

Daphne gasped. Fresco on one wall, unfinished paintings resting on easels. It’s more an art studio than apartment. The far wall, all glass, with a sliding door to a large patio overlooking the city. It is a perfect home, she thought, and selfishly hoped it might be hers.

“Amazing!” she said as she scanned every square inch of the space.

“Yes, YOU are.” Alex’s voice pierced right through her. His body pressed up against hers, the heat of him penetrating her flimsy dress, sent a wave of want through her.

She spun around to face him, “Stop it you!” she said lightly slapping his chest. She tried teasing him, hoping not to give away how badly she lusted for him. He is so much sexier in life, than on video she thought. How can I hope to control myself around him?

“Nope!” He replied, entranced by her beauty. Her amber-colored eyes, long wavy red hair, and darkly painted lips completed the picture for him. In his eyes, she is sex. She is his ideal, perfect girl.

“Alex…” Her voice low, throaty, dripping with lust. Knowing what he felt, and that she felt it too, she wanted him, badly. She thought she had to hold back, but just didn’t want to.

“Shhh… Daph.” He whispered, taking her face in his hands. He pulled her to him, their lips met, at first slowly and cautiously. Then, mouths open, and tongues exploring, the heat and chemistry is undeniable. She moaned as his hands roamed her body, gentle, but firm. He wanted to know every inch of her. She began to explore his body, but she threw caution to the wind. Her hand slid down his front, she excitedly discovered a bulge in his pants, and moaned again. As she gripped it, and stroked up and down, Alex groaned and gripped Daphne’s ass firmly. She continued her rhythmic stroke as he reached to unbutton his jeans. The outside world a complete blur. To them they were the only two people on the planet. Nothing would stop the inevitable. Until-

knock knock knock

“Who’s that!?” Daphne groaned, releasing him.

“No.” he grunted putting her hand back on his crotch. He craved for her touch.

knock knock knock!

“Alex.” Daphne said kissing his cheek, “answer it.”

“Fine!” He replied mocking anger. He watched her walk to the patio, her lovely hips sway as she went. She tugged open the door and stepped out to the balcony. He didn’t want to look away, but-

knock knock knock!

“Ya ya!” He said heading to the door, “This better be important.”

He yanked open the door to see William, his best friend.

“What took you so…WHOA!” He exclaimed, seeing the feminine figure on Alex’s patio. “That the girl from online?”

“Yes, Daphne.” He frowned, at being interrupted by his friend. Urging him back out the door, William barged past Alex and headed for the patio. He bumped up right next to Daphne and reached out a hand,

“William! and you are?”

She turned and smiled. “Daphne, nice to meet you William.” She replied politely.

William took a step back, examining her, Daphne blushed and turned away. William frowned and shook his head. Daphne’s worst nightmare came true, less than an hour after arriving in Paris, she had been read. William swore under his breathe, what the hell is wrong with Alex?! That’s a guy! Can’t he tell the difference? Why did he let a freak into his flat? “Alex, can I talk to you?” He said heading back inside. Alex turned and followed him back inside.

“What?” He asked annoyed.

“Guy, do you know what that…girl is?” He asked pointing in her direction.

“What the hell do you mean?” He said growing downright angry.

“Alex, that..girl… is a tranny!” He replied pleadingly. “He has a…”

“William, get the FUCK out of my house!” He said seething. Daphne is transgender, he accepted her, and cared very deeply for her. It did not matter to him.

“But, Alex…” William stammered, unused to seeing his friend so angry.

“GET OUT!” He yelled.

Shocked William shook his head in disbelief and headed towards the door. Looking back at Daphne who glanced over her shoulder at them, visibly shaken, grimaced at her in disgust. How could she trick him into letting her stay with him? He pulled the door closed behind him.


With William gone. Alex calmed himself down and went right back to Daphne, who sat on a out door couch, on the verge of tears. Thoughts raced through his mind, how do I handle this? With an apologetic tone? Anger? Make light of it? Overwhelmed with sympathy kneeling before her.

“Babe, are you ok? Don’t worry about William, he has no decorum.” In an attempt to comfort her, he rubbed her knees. He did not want her to be dismayed at her decision to come to Paris. She may never come back.

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