Lottery Surprise


I’m still not sure this really happened. All my school debts and expenses have been paid. My tuition, my books, all my supplies, my living expenses – food, clothing, medical insurance, vacations, etc., etc., etc. are all taken care of! When I complete grad school, I will be debt-free. I will have the money to buy a home wherever I settle. And I didn’t win the lottery nor marry into a rich family! I’ll still be footloose and fancy free and able to keep on writing about my sex life. I know I have many fans. I suspect this news will make them happy!

But, I’m jumping ahead! Let me retreat and start from the beginning.

You know me, Brittni! Brittni4u, and I can be for you! Guy, gal, both, whatever! I just love new sex partners. You read about them. Nothing’s changed. I’m a SoCal lady, 23, 5’6″ about 125 lbs., dirty blonde hair, a great set of C-cups, long legs, sexy feet and toes, and a just right bubble ass! Not bragging, just repeating what guys and gals tell me! I’m in grad school with three semesters to complete for graduation.

But the guy, my benefactor, my deep pockets generous friend, you don’t know him. He’s someone I’ve been exchanging messages with for a little over a year. He lives in New Hampshire. Here on Literotica he’s known as “legsfeettoes”. We connected because he read my piece on foot fetish, a quality he has in spades, and wrote to me via the Contact box on my home page. We’ve teased each other about foot love and other sexual activities (cunnilingus, fellatio, anal, pegging, cum swapping, cum eating – you name it – we’ve talked about it!). He’s an old guy, over 70 years old, married, 5’10’, 200 lbs., trimmed beard, chunky, love handles, lots of wrinkles, retired, but has a nice fat cock. I’ve seen him use it in some videos he’s sent me. Have to admit he made my mouth water when I saw it, and it led me to masturbate on more than one occasion thinking about it being available to me. He has a big kink for women’s feet. He’s no Adonis! He’s told me that himself several times. But he’s special to me. Yes, Dan, is special to me and not because of his generosity. He’d be special to me even if he had never won a penny! We just connect – horny, lusty soulmates!

He’d told me many times that, if he had the money, he’d be at my door ready to consummate all we had written about in our messages. But he quite honestly admitted that he doubted that he would ever be able to come visit me. We’d just share fantasies ’til he was no longer able to find his keyboard. He couldn’t get up the cash to show up.

But then he hit the lottery! You’ve seen it on the news. He and his wife hit for a half billion – yes, with a “b” – (after taxes!), more or less. So with his financial life secure, he wasn’t worried any longer about his wife divorcing him. He and she were set sanal rulet and no longer dependent on each other to make ends meet. He’d set up some accounts. She’d set up some accounts. They were both rich. She may still divorce him, but he’s no longer concerned about that.

So, a couple of days ago, to my utter surprise, he showed up on campus. Used some pictures I’d sent to him to help him find me, located the campus area where my classes were held, and told me he was here to make my wishes for foot worship come true. He held out his arms, and I walked into them. He gave me a fatherly hug and kiss. Told me he didn’t think campus was the place to do what he really wanted to do. Told me about his big win. He couldn’t believe I had missed it on the news.

He hung around on campus until my academic day was over. Then we walked over to my car where we kissed again; and, because it was a bit more private than the middle of the campus, his hands were all over my ass as we swapped spit. I could feel his lust pressed into my stomach and felt the dew forming on my nether lips.

I drove us to his hotel. We went up to his suite and started some serious mutual groping that was cut short by two growling stomachs. We decided it would be prudent to get something to eat before proceeding to some more fun activities. Room service was quick, and we ate a small but adequate meal and imbibed a few adult beverages. We were both well-fed now and could proceed to the main course.

We were both extremely horny and didn’t delay shedding all garments and footwear posthaste. I was dripping wet and his erection was too. He pulled me in for a kiss that had our tongues duelling again. His hands were all over my ass groping me, and I was doing the same to him. Fingers teased anuses and slipped inside. When our tongue duel ended, he said, “Come with me. Lets move to the sofa!”

I said, “Not quite yet,” and dropped to my knees to attack his cock. I extended my tongue and licked his pre-cum while slowly stroking him with both hands.

“Oh, Britt, wow!”

I took his cock into my mouth. “Oh, God!”

I fondled his balls with one hand and reached behind his ass with the other and teased his anal ring while sucking and running my tongue around his crown. I eased back and let my tongue stroke his frenulum.

His hands grabbed my head and pushed me away.

“Oh, God, Britt, you’re going to make me cum! My wife never sucks my cock! This is too much! Stop, please! Oh, stop! I’ll cum if you don’t; and, at my age, that could be all she wrote for today. I have other plans for us.”

I reluctantly did as he asked.

He pulled me up to my feet, and the tongue duelling began again. He ran one hand between us and groped my tits. My nipples were stroked blackjack by his fingers. My nips were vibrating as he stroked back and forth on the right, then the left, then the right again, the left again, back and forth, back and forth.

“I’ve got to taste them!” He did! Sucking one while tweaking the other! Then switching sides! Sucking, kissing, licking!

“Oh, Dan, that is so good!” I was tingling!

“C’mon, lets go to the sofa. I need to taste more of you! It’s what I came to you for!”

He pushed my ass down onto the sofa and knelt before me.

“I know what you crave,” he said.

He took both of my feet into his hands and brought them up to his nose. It had been hot, so I had not worn socks. I had worn a pair of old trainers that I had left lots of foot sweat in many times. My feet were pungent!

He inhaled. He inhaled deeply. He inhaled deeply several times. His pre-cum must have been pouring out because later, when I stepped there, the carpet was soaked.

“Oh, my goodness,” he said, “that has got to be the most wonderful perfume ever invented! It’s divine! But It’s time to taste!”

His tongue extended and he licked my arches. Holding my feet together he was pretty much licking both arches at once. He licked, he kissed, he sucked my arches. He separated my feet and worked on just the right foot.

“Dan, oh, Dan!” I said. I was in heaven. I thought it couldn’t get any better. I was wrong!

He sucked the heel of my right foot. He kissed it! He licked it! He went back to my arch. He did the same there. He returned to my heel. The same! My arch. My heel. Arch! Heel! Arch! Heel! Over and over! At least 10 minutes! I was dripping! “They will need to replace that sofa! That wet spot will never come out,” I thought. I couldn’t say anything. All I could do was moan and sigh as he worked my right foot!

Then he switched to the left foot! Tongue. Lick. Kiss. Suck. My arch! My heel! My arch! My heel! “Aaahh!” Groan! Moan! Over and over on my left foot, long arousing minutes! How exquisite!

Then he evened the time by going back to the right foot. Licking, kissing, sucking! More dripping! I moved my left hand to my pussy and gathered some pussy juice to taste. Then I gathered more and fed him. He worshiped my feet!

Then I felt him start running his tongue between my toes on my right foot. Between the big toe and the second! Between the second and the third! Between the third and the fourth! Between the fourth and the baby. “Oh, my God!” Back and forth!

“Baby, you taste so good!”

Minutes of this! I’m in ecstasy! Then he tongued the left foot. Between all the toes. Tasting! Swallowing! Moan! Sigh!

And now sucking all the toes on the left foot! All in his mouth at once! Sucking bingo and swallowing! Minutes of foot love! Then the individual toes! Suck the baby! Suck the fourth! Suck the third! Suck the second! Suck the big toe! Sucking one by one, then all at once. Then individually again! Then collectively! Individually! All together! One by one! All at once! Moan! Sigh!

Now the right foot! Sucking toes. All together! Individually! One by one! Together! Each! Together! Each!

He had worshiped my feet and toes for at least an hour. I was still sitting in that wet spot. It was getting bigger. I was still dripping, but I didn’t want to move! Still tasting! Still feeding Dan. One hand on my pussy, one hand squeezing a tit, teasing and plucking a nipple! Moans! Sighs! Nirvana!

Then, with one foot in each of his hands, he separated my legs. He stared at my open flower! He leaned in. Inhaling again! Deep breaths!

“Love the aroma of your nectar, Britt!” More deep breaths. His tongue came out! Lick!

“Love your sweet pussy!”

He slipped a finger in! Then two! He pulled them out. He tasted! He pushed his fingers back in! I got to taste!

He was kissing my thighs! Licked them! Sucked them! Left! Right! Right! Left! Then my lips! Kissing, licking, sucking! Fingers inside! Rubbing my G-spot! Kissing, licking, sucking! G-spot rubbing! Then my clit! Fingering! Clit kissing, licking, sucking! I’m shaking! I’m quivering! I’m twitching! My thighs are squeezing his head! My toes are curling – trying to touch my heels!

“I’m cummmmmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggg!” “I’m ccccccccuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg again” And again and again! I lost count!

Dan pushed my legs back and I felt his tongue on my anus! “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” “Enough! No more!” “Let me rest!” A short respite!

“Fuck me,” I said. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! I want that fat cock in me! Fuck me! Oh please FUCK ME!”

He helped me up from the sofa and the wet spot.

“Ooohhh! This carpet is soaked! Did I cause that?” I asked while smirking!

He carried me to the bedroom. He sat me on the edge of the bed and then pushed me back. He was standing! It was the right height. He shuffled forward and, holding his erection, stroked it up and down between my lips.

“Fuck me! Stop teasing! Push that cock into me!” I growled and reached down to grab his cock to pull him into my cunt! He started the rocking and the rolling! I’m being fucked! His fat cock was sliding in and out of me! My G-spot was being rubbed by that cock! He was ready! After only about seven or eight minutes, he started keening!

He said, “I’m going to cum!” “Ugh! Aaaahhhh!” His cock pulsed! I felt his warm ejaculate fill me!

“Oh, God!” I came again.

He’ll be here for several days! Maybe longer! I need to have more of his tongue, fingers, and cock! I’ll suck him and fuck him! He’ll have all three of my holes! And I’ll peg him. I’ll get my strap-on and my biggest dildo and take his anal virginity! I can’t wait!

More to come! (And cum!)

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