Lost In Translation Ch. 01

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“Wake up,” I hear, smelling a hint of cinnamon and fruit. I feel a hand softly rub my shoulder with a sense of urgency. I lift my head from my desk realizing that I had fallen asleep sometime during the lecture. I look up to see my Spanish teacher, Senorita Romano, smirking down at me. Damn it, not again.

“I am sorry,” I murmur, “I didn’t mean to, honestly.” She looks down at me with her arms crossed. I hear her foot taping on the tile echoing of disapproval. The classroom is empty, it is just the two of us. How did I mange to sleep passed the classroom emptying out?

“You should really stop sleeping in my class, Jamie” She says making it obvious that my apology did nothing to change her attitude. She walks away swaying her hips as she did. Her heels clack against the floor waking out of the trace I was in while watching her walk away from me. How could I not watch her? Her figure had an amazing hourglass shape. She wasn’t thin by any means, but that doesn’t matter, I love the full figure plus sized woman.

I pick up my belongings that I had put on the floor and walk up to her desk as she collects her own things. “I-I’m really sorry. I don’t know what happened,” I plead to her with all the remorse I can muster in my voice. She looks up at me, her green eyes looking straight through me. I look straight down at her tanned skin. It used to be lighter, she must go tanning.

“Jane,” She responds with a lighter tone, “I really need you to pay attention in my class. This is all for your benefit, not mine. I wanted to teacher college level so I wouldn’t have to deal with the high school irresponsibility.” I shake my head in understanding and bit my lip out of nervousness.

“I’ll make sure I get a full night’s sleep next time, I promise. I was actually up late studying for this class.” I say shifting my books. I look up at her, she was looking straight at me smiling.

“I just have an issue with Spanish. Why was I so good at French, but Spanish looks like Egyptian symbols to me.” Her eyes drop down and she wraps her arms around her beautiful waist, pushing her breasts up almost out of her low buttoned blouse.

“I’m not quite sure. They are very similar, I know both actually.” She said returning her eyes back at my face. I fail look up from her shirt in time, she caught me. Shit.

She lifts her chin up in an angle an smirked, “I suspect you need a little extra help?”

“Yes,” I respond shifting my entire body, feeling my cheeks turn red. “Are there any good tutors that you know of, or anyone in class I should pursue for help?” I absolutely hated asking anyone for help, but I needed to improve. I had never gotten less than an A in any language class and I wasn’t going to start in college.

“Not that I know of, but maybe you and I could figure something out,” she says as she finishs putting her things in her bag. My heart drops. Private time with Ann Romano? Where can I sign up? I do my best to hide my excitement and shake my head in agreement. She looks up at me and smirks.

“How about tonight? We’ll go over a few things to see how much you know and go from there.”

“Alright, that sounds excellent.”

“I’ll be at my office around 6PM.” I raise my eyebrows and smirk. How dedicated to her job could this woman be? Not many professors would go out of their way or stay that late for a single student. She senses my confusion when she responds, “I have too many things going on this afternoon to do any grading. Teachers have lives too.”

Ouch, that isn’t what my smile meant at all. I throw my hands up in defense and chuckle walking towards the door. “I will be there at 6, see you then.” I close the door behind me walking slowly with the biggest grin I’ve ever had.

Spanish being my last class on Tuesdays I walk across campus to my room only to find my roommate in her pj’s watching TV on her laptop. “Go to class today, Kel?”

Kelly looks up at me with an over dramatic frown. “Of course. I’m doing an after class veg session.” That was the nice thing about having Kelly as a roommate. She knew when to be energetic and fun and when to mellow out and be lazy. We got along great, much to my surprise considering she looks like the dumb blonde cheerleader type and bursa otele gelen escort I’m a plus sized brunette sarcastic.

I walk into our bathroom that was shared with the two girls next door. I look at my reflection, wondering if I should change and look better for my meeting with Senorita Romano. I squint and purse my lips, making a face at the mirror as Kelly walked in. “Cute face” she said swatting my butt. I yelped and laughed, “Thanks babe.”

Another fantastic thing about Kelly was that she never thought twice about my sexuality. I never hid the fact that I loved woman and she never hid the fact that she was brilliant and out to prove everyone who thought she was dumb wrong. We had only been rooming together for a semester and we had already shared our life stories.

I flop down onto my bed and put my hands behind my head. “I have a meeting with my Spanish teacher tonight.” She jerks up from her laptop and looks straight at me.

“Ann Romano? Oh la la, you better not mess this up for us.” I laughed at her use of “us.” She had decided that I wouldn’t be the only one crushing on Senorita Romano. I reciprocated by gushing over her beautiful Calculus teacher, Mr. Tatum.

“I’m nervous,” I confess, “I fell asleep again in her class.” Kelly rolls her eyes at me and goes back to her laptop. Happily, I realize I wasn’t attracted to Kelly in the least bit. She was a friend, a best friend and I didn’t want that to change.

I roll over in my bed, facing the wall and fell asleep.

I hear my phone ring as I roll over to find it. “Hello?”

“Hey Jamie, want to get some dinner?” It was Kelly.

I look at my phone for the time. 5:45. Damn. “Ah, shit, no. I have my meeting with Senorita Romano at 6. Thanks for waking me up.”

“Oh, you mean your rendez-vous? Alright. Don’t mess this up. One of us needs to get laid.” Click. I jump up and fix my hair, spray perfume over myself and spruce up my makeup. I look in the mirror to make sure I look alright before leaving. My face screams adorable due to the fact that freckles are splashed across my cheeks and nose, my eyebrows express everything, my smile cost 6 years of braces, and my hazel eyes change their color with whatever emotion I feel. Probably doesn’t help that I wear pastel colors and I’m barely 5’1.

I rush to where Senorita Romano’s office was, bringing all my class supplies to show that I have intentions of learning and studying. I get to her office two minutes late. I walk in apologizing, “Sorry I’m la…” I literally stop where I am as my eyes fall upon Senorita Romano. She is dressed in a form fitting red dress that hugged every part of her that needed to be held. Her lips are painted red and her dark brown hair is up in a frazzled bun. She is holding a pair of reading glasses in her hand as her toes balance a heel on it. “Sorry I’m late,” I sputter out, regrouping.

“It’s alright Jamie, please have a seat,” she replies pointing to a chair that sat across from her. She is reading assignments that were in Spanish and making marks every so often. She sighes and finishes the last paper in her stack and pushes them aside. She then stretches her arms up her chair groaning like she had just worked for hours. I feel my stomach do somersaults. I quickly look down and take out my materials in my attempt to look nonchalant.

“Okay, so, tell me what you know,” she says bringing her arms under her chest again and crossing her legs, her dress rides up her thighs. How the hell am I supposed to concentrate?

“Uhm, well, not a lot honestly. I wish I had continued French,” I mumble looking down at my hands. Her lips form a frown and she leans forward giving me almost a complete view of her evenly tanned breasts.

“Jamie, let me help you. Don’t give up so easily.” I glance up and see her eyes were begging me for a chance. I am taken aback by sincerity that they possess. She quickly sits back in her chair and softly bites her lip as though her mind was solving a problem. I sigh and cross my legs and place my book on my lap, opening to the last page we had gone over in class.

“I just have an issue memorizing the words. I can get all the grammar, I just mix up escort bayan the Spanish words for the French ones,” I say as I place my hands on top of my book. She smiles and lookes at me. “Alright, easy enough. I know exactly how to help.” She bends down and pulls open her drawer. She takes out a deck of flash cards and hands them over to me. I reach for them with an overwhelming sense of lust that gave me the courage to look straight into her eyes. I intentionally brush my hand against hers. Senorita Romano looks down at her hand for only a second long enough for me to raise one eyebrow look at her with a devilish grin. I feel smooth.

“Well look those over, they might help you” she says as I take the rubber band of the deck of flash cards. One side was in Spanish, the other in English. I graze my finger over the top card. Funny, the ink smudges.

“Thank you Senorita Romano.”

“It’s my pleasure. Like I told you, I deal with college level students because they tend to have more motivation. I would hate to see you discouraged, Jamie. You’re very bright, just insecure. About so much…”

I look up at her, I must have confusion written all over my face because her head flies back as she lets out a soft laugh that would have been contagious if I was not so nervous. I just grin and start to collect my things thinking that the meeting was over.

“Sit down, Jamie, stay awhile. I need a little bit of company right now,” she says begging me with her eyes. They hint at a sense of hopelessness and loss. I can’t say no or leave. Those beautiful green eyes just move me. I can’t stand to see those eyes look so lost. I don’t know what got a hold of me.

“Ann, what is wrong?” I say, grasping her hand that was rested on the desk. She looks at me in shock, but she doesn’t pull back. I squeeze her hand as a means of comfort. She pulls her hand back in reaction and puts her hands over her eyes and starts to weep into them. For a moment I sit there in shock and am completely caught off guard. I quickly pull myself together and walk around her desk and stand next to her chair. I slowly take one of her hands away from her face and make a motion for her to stand. I take that soft, delicate hand and place it around my neck and guide her into a slow embrace. Her arms wrap around my neck and she weeps quietly into them as I try to quiet her down.

I run my fingers through her dark brown hair softly, the years of crying to my mom had taught me to do as means of comfort. I squeeze her waist and let her cry into my neck and she quiets down. I guide her down into her chair. I stand next to her chair and hold her face and brush her tears away with my thumbs. Now it was her turn to look at my confusion as her green eyes flash a weak smile. I smile back, making an effort to make it wide and sincere.

I do something I never thought I could do. I lean down and gently kiss her forehead and pull back. Realizing what I did I turn around immediately to get my things. Everything that just happened crossed a line that wasn’t meant to be crossed. I curse my stupidity and desire for ruining what could of worked as a decent help in a language that was so foreign to me.

“Stay,” she whispers looking down at her hands then up at me. I look around the room as though I need to think about it. I sigh and flop down on my chair. I can’t look at her, I place my right hand’s fingers across my eyes, rubbing them. Wow did I really just do that?

“Thank you,” I hear closer than I expect and feel a hand pull my own away from my eyes. She is directly in front of me. Her eyes exemplify her emotions and my heart breaks because of the sadness I see.

“Come here,” I coo taking her hand and softly tugging it down. She sits sideways on my lap and throws her arms around my neck then pulls herself far enough away to look at me directly in the eyes. I still see sadness looming in her eyes but it was over come by a different emotion. I smile at her and squeeze her arm that is still hanging loosely around my neck. I see a tear brimming her eye and I raise my hand to catch it. She closes her eyes as it escapes her eye and I catch it. I just kept my hand there and soft stroked her cheek until she starts to smile.

“Thank mudanya escort you, Jamie,” she whispers leaning down, “I didn’t mean to break down on you.” She is biting her lip now and pulls her arms away from my neck and starts to get off of my lap. She os so vulnerable, but I know it was now or never. I wrap my hand back around her waist and pull her down. She lets out a little squeal in surprise and looks at to me ask what is up. As soon as her head turns I softly place my hands behind her head and I bring her close to me. I gently kiss those red painted lips that beg for it. I feel a rush of emotion that ranges from utter fear to confusion to absolute lust. It is incredibly soft and gentle and absolutely perfect. Her lips feel so perfect in between mine.

I pull back and drop my hands and start to apologize when I feel her lean into me and kiss me back, hard. I wrap my arms around her waist and hold her as close as possible as she lets the kiss linger into the next one. I run my hand up and down her side, feeling her mouth open slightly to react to my touch. I take the opportunity to gently push my tongue against her lips. Immediately, her tongue welcomes mine by swirling around it. I place my hand on her thigh and start rubbing my hand gently up and down her leg, enjoying every inch of incredibly soft skin.

She takes the chance to switch positions and she stands up looking at me with such lust that it takes my breath away.

“Wow,” I mutter under my breath and she tilts her head and smiles. She leans over my lap and kisses me with so much passion that I start to lean back in the chair. I feel her legs go on both side of me. Holy fuck, my Spanish teacher is straddling me.

I moan into her mouth and pull her waist into mine. She whimpers with delight and places her hands under my ears and starts swirling my tongue with her own and sucking it into her mouth, gently at first and then with a certain hunger I never experienced before. I moan into her mouth and slide my hands up her soft stomach onto the beauties that are her breasts. I cup underneath them playfully and it is her turn to moan into me. I squeeze her boobs softly, but hard enough for her to feel it through her dress. She breaks our kiss and starts to kiss and licks down my neck. I can’t help but moan and gasp and she takes her time finding where she gets the most reaction.

She flicks her tongue against my earlobe and I can feel her cinnamon hot breath against my skin. I want to hear her moan into my ear so I firmly fondle her breasts. She gasps and moans into my ear and I can’t help but moan in response. I feel her nibble and kiss my neck down to my collar bone back up to my lips. She passionately kisses my lips and pushes her chest into my own pinning my hands in between her breasts and my own. I snake my hands out and around to her waist where my hands roam down and cup her ass in the tight, red dress that I wish never existed.

I push her chin passed my lips and start nibbling and kissing my way down to her glorious cleavage. Her moans echo in my ears and she softly thrusts into me giving me all the space I need to tease her on my way down. I am inches away from her cleavage when her office phone starts to ring. She shakes her head to ignore it, I continue my assault on her neck and collarbone when what I assume is her cell phone started to ring.

She looks down at me and groans when she realizes how truly close I am to burying my tongue in her breasts. She whimpers and starts to remove herself off my lap when her office phone rings again.

“Alright, alright,” she mumbles. She picks up the phone in her surprisingly professional voice and sits with the phone cradled in the neck that moments ago I was worshiping. She frowns and her eyebrows cross. She grabs a pen and paper and acknowledges to the caller that she is ready to write something down. She scribbles something down and soon after hangs the phone up.

“I’m sorry, Jamie,” she says with a frown, “I have some business to take care of.” I feel my heart break in two. I look down at my lap, trying to hide my disappointment. Her hand lifts my chin and she softly kisses my pouty lips. I feel my heart melt back together.

“Don’t give up on me,” She whispers and goes back around her desk to collect her things. I stay seated and feel in a daze. She smiles at me and winks. “Lock up the office when you leave?”

I nod in response and give her a smile. Before she closes the door, she blows me a kiss that I catch in my hand. Those lips will be mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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