Lost a Bet


I’ve been living with my boyfriend, Dan, for a couple of months. A couple of weeks ago, Dan came home with some wild story about putting my sexual services up as a poker bet. When he saw the look of horror on my face, he quickly told me not to worry, and that he had in fact won the five hundred dollar pot. Since then I’ve been waiting for him to come home and tell me that he lost.

This morning Dan came to me in the kitchen with a strange look on his face.

“Uh, Karen,” he said, “Remember that poker game I went to last night?”

“Yes, I remember,” I replied, “What about it?”

“Um, you know how the other night I told you I had put you up as collateral on a bet?” he said.

“I remember. Do you remember how angry I got when you told me that?” I shot back. “Do you remember that you said you would never do that again?” I said.

“Yeah. Well, uh, I sort of did it again,” he said sheepishly. He went on to explain in detail what a good hand he had, and how the pot was up to five-hundred dollars, and that he was so sure he was going to win.

“Let me guess,” I said, “You lost.” My heart was beating hard. I’ve been secretly fantasizing about having to “pay out” to his friends to cover his debt. I often masturbated thinking about it, but I knew I would never go through with it.

“Well, yeah. I lost,” he said, hesitating. “Now you kinda… well… you have to give Jim a blowjob,” he said, looking at the floor.

My jaw dropped. “Are you kidding me?!” I yelled. “Do you really think I’m going to suck Jim’s dick just because you made a stupid bet?!”

My boyfriend looked ashamed. He swore he would never do it again, but if I didn’t go through with it, then he would have to come up with five hundred dollars to cover the loss. We both knew this was impossible so close to the end of the month.

I folded my arms and stood there staring at him. “How could you do that? Do you think I’m some kind of whore?!” I yelled. I watched him squirm, shifting his weight from foot to foot. He couldn’t even look me in the eye. A few moments passed. The kitchen was silent.

“I can’t even look at you right now!” I said and stormed out of the kitchen. I entered the bathroom and slammed the door. I took a deep breath. His friend Jim was a handsome young man. I’ve often wondered what he looked like naked. I wondered how big his cock was, and what his balls looked like. Although I would never tell Dan this, I sometimes masturbated thinking about Jim fucking me from behind. In fact, the thought of kneeling in front of him sucking his cock made me more excited than I wanted to admit.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I wondered if he found me as attractive as I found him. Today I was wearing my favorite “comfort” outfit. I wore a tight black shirt with a big scoop neck showing lots of cleavage. My pink 34C bra kept my big breasts pushed nice and high. I wore a matching pair of tight black yoga pants, rolled low on my hips, and no panties. Many times I’d caught Jim checking out my trim, athletic body, but I never thought it would actually go anywhere!

I grabbed a hair elastic and swept my long brown hair into a pony tail. I left the bathroom and returned to the kitchen. My boyfriend was leaning against the counter, his hands in his pockets. He didn’t look at me.

“You’re an idiot, you know that,” I said.

He nodded quietly. A full minute passed.

“Do you think I’m a whore?” I asked him.

“No,” he said quietly. Another minute passed.

I let out a deep breath. “You have to swear no one will find out,” I told him.

A smile crawled across his face.

“If anyone asks, you paid Jim the money and I did NOT suck his cock,” I said.looked up at me, grinning.

“Of course,” he said.

“And I’m not going to swallow his come!” I said. I folded my arms tightly across my chest. I pretended as best I could to be annoyed, but secretly I was very excited.

“No, of course not,” he said.

“I mean it! He is not going to come in my mouth!” I insisted.

“No problem,” he said.

“And I’m not going over there. He can come over here,” I said. I looked at Dan’s face. He was biting his lip. “Oh God, he’s on his way over, isn’t he,” I said.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. We both jumped. I grabbed Dan’s hand as he turned to answer the door.

“Wait,” I said pointing a finger at him. “I’m NOT taking my clothes off, and I am NOT going to kneel in front of him,” I said urgently.

“I understand, of course!” Jim said. After a moment, he asked, “Ok, um, what if he wants to touch your tits while you’re blowing him?”

This guy really knows how to push his luck, I thought to myself.

“OK, I guess, he can touch my tits but over my clothes only,” I told him. I was starting to feel nervous. There was another knock at the door.

With that, he turned and left the kitchen. I sat down in a chair. This was all happening so fast! Could I really go through with this? Could I really suck Jim’s cock here in my kitchen? I heard my boyfriend bursa escort and his guest at the door. They were talking quietly, but I could tell it was Jim’s voice. I leaned over and closed the blinds. I looked down at my chest. My nipples were hard.

“Hi Karen,” said Jim as he entered the kitchen. The look on his face told me he wasn’t sure if I was on-side yet. “So…” he said.

“Hi,” I said timidly. “My idiot boyfriend told me all about the bet.” The two of them laughed nervously. An awkward silence followed. Jim looked at my hard nipples.

“So,” Jim said carefully, “are you going to do it?”

I said nothing, and instead slowly turned my chair to face him. Jim looked at Dan who nodded his head. He didn’t need any more of an invitation. He approached me and began to unfasten his jeans.

“Wait,” I said. Jim froze. “You will never tell anyone I did this, understand?” I said to him. Jim nodded. Without any hesitation he pulled his pant and boxers to his knees. He stood up and looked at me.

For the first time I laid eyes on Jim’s beautiful cock. “Wow,” I muttered. His cock was huge. It was thicker and longer than Dan’s, and his tight scotum held a heavy set of balls. He wasn’t fully erect yet, but well on his way.

“I hope you don’t mind a shaved cock,” Jim said. His cock and balls was shaved smooth, with only a tiny bit of carefully trimmed hair above the base of his shaft.

“Let’s get this over with,” I said, trying not to appear nervous or excited. I reached up and cupped his heavy balls with one hand, and wrapped my other hand around the base of his shaft. I looked up at him from my chair and said “Do not come in my mouth, understand?”

Jim smiled and nodded in agreement. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I muttered. I lowered my gaze to his thick, meaty shaft. I opened my mouth and slowly slipped his cock into my mouth.

“Mmm…” Jim moaned as he felt my warm, wet mouth close around his prick. Within moments I felt his fat cock inflate to full thickness inside my mouth. I began to suck on him and gently move my head back and forth on him. His cock was so thick, I felt like I was sucking on a fence post!

“I told you she was good,” I heard Dan say.

With that encouragement, I relaxed a little and started nodding my head faster, and sucking on him harder. The sound of wet sucking filled the quiet little kitchen. Occasionally I heard Jim let out a little gasp or moan.

“Do you like that, Karen?” Dan asked me. I pulled my mouth off Jim’s cock and turned my head to look at him. He was standing beside us watching intently.

“I’m never doing this again… to EITHER of you,” I said sarcastically. The boys laughed. I turned back and slid Jim’s cock back into my wet mouth.

A few moments passed. “Fuck… she’s good,” Jim said. His voice shook. I could tell he was really enjoying himself. “Can I touch her tits?” he asked.

“Go ahead,” Dan replied.

Jim put one hand on my shoulder and slid the other hand down the front of my top and into my bra. He grabbed a big handful of my soft flesh. His fingers found my hard nipple. He gently played with it, tugging and pulling on it. “Thank God!” I thought to myself. I wanted to tear off my shirt and bra. I wanted to show Jim my big tits. I wanted to feel his mouth on my nipples.

The feel of my nipple being played with was making me very wet. I started to slide my fist back and forth on his hard shaft in time with my mouth. My spit become lubricant as I worked my hand back and forth, twisting it as I stroked him.

“Fuck… I think I’m gonna come,” Jim groaned after a couple of minutes. He didn’t need to tell me. I could tell by the taste of his cock he was ready. Jim pulled his hand out of my shirt. He placed both hands on either side of my head. “Yeah, just like that,” he grunted, “Keep sucking… keep sucking my big cock…”

I waited until the last possible moment before I pulled his fat cock out of my mouth. It left my mouth with an audible “pop”. I doubled my speed, pumping his cock with my fist, aiming it to my chest.

“How’s that?” I asked, looking up at him, “Are you gonna come for me?”

Jim’s eyes rolled back in his head and he turned his face to the ceiling. I felt his cock quiver and jerk in my hand. I glanced over at Dan. His eyes were locked on me. He was rubbing his own stiff cock through his jeans. Suddenly Jim came. A shot of thick white goo landed on my chest. Another shot sprayed across my black shirt. I kept tugging. With one last grunt, Jim came on my chest again. I felt it slide quickly down into my bra.

I slowed my stroking as Jim slowly caught his breath. He let go of my head and putting a finger under my chin, tilted my face up to his. “That was amazing, Karen,” he said. “Thank you.”

I squeezed his erection one more time from base to tip, milking the last of his come into my open hand.

“Guess I’m washing this shirt,” I said jokingly as I wiped my hand off on the black fabric.

“We even?” Dan asked Jim.

“Definitely!” kestel escort Jim replied with a huge grin. He pulled up his pants and the two boys left the room.

When I was sure Jim was at the door and out of sight, I pulled off my shirt and tossed it on the table. Standing up I walked to the sink, unfastening my bra and pulling it off. My tits were covered in Jim’s sticky, white come. I grabbed a wet paper towel and began to wash my tits.

“Hi,” Dan said as he snuggled up behind me. I jumped.

“You scared me!” I said. “Is he gone?”

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck. “Yeah, he’s gone. What are you doing?” he asked. “Washing the come off you?”

“Yes,” I replied. I had a big smile. I dropped the towel and leaned over the sink, pushing my little round ass into his crotch. “You are a bad, bad man,” I told him.

He reached up and cupped my big bare tits in his hands.

“Did you like that?” he asked. “Tell me the truth.”

“The truth?” I asked.

“Please. I won’t be jealous.”

“I didn’t mind it,” I said. I tried not to be too enthusiastic with my reply. Was he really not jealous?

“Oh yeah?” he said. I felt him slide his left hand off my breast, down my flat tummy and inside my tight black pants. He pushed his hand between my legs, and his finger slipped easily between my wet lips. I let out a quiet moan.

“Feels like you liked it a lot,” he whispered in my ear. “Tell me more. Tell me what you thought of Jim’s cock,” he said.

Dan slowly rubbed my clit. My head felt lighter. My words flowed more easily the more he rubbed me.

“Promise you won’t tell him?” I asked.

“Promise,” he replied.

“His cock… is amazing,” I cooed. “It’s so thick, it fills my mouth completely.”

“Go on.”

“His balls…God! I loved cupping his big balls in my hand. I just wanted to suck on them.”

I felt my boyfriend release my right breast and slide his hand down my body. I felt him slip his fingers into the back of my stretchy pants, and peel them down over my ass. He grabbed my tight round ass firmly in his hand while he pushed a finger into my wet pussy from the front.

“Is he gone for sure?” I whispered.

“Yes,” Dan replied.

“Take my pants off,” I told him.

I felt him slide his fingers out of my cunt. He grabbed the sides of my pants and peeled them down over my thighs and down to my ankles. I reached down and pulled the pants off my ankles, tossing them aside. Dan took me by the hand back to the kitchen table.

Now completely naked, I leaned forward over the table and spread my legs. I reached across and grabbed the edge of the table and hung on tight.

Dan crouched down behind me. He spread my ass heeks with his hands and for a minute or two, he licked my cunt and my asshole. When he stood up again, he left his pants around his ankles.

“Fuck me hard, baby,” I whispered to him.

I felt the head of my boyfriend’s cock positioned at my wet opening.

“Don’t tease me baby, I can’t take it, I need your cock in me – NOW!” I hissed. I could still taste Jim’s come in my mouth, and I thought I would explode if I didn’t get fucked right then!

“Is this what you want Jim to do to you?” he asked. He leaned over me pushing his weight down on me, pinning me to the table and sinking his hard cock into me at the same time.

I let out a long moan. His words penetrated me as deep as his cock.

“Say it,” he whispered, “I won’t tell him.”

“Yes,” I whispered back, “I want Jim to fuck me. I want to ride that big cock of his while you watch…”

“Good girl,” he whispered. Dan was deep inside me. He began to fuck me. He fucked me so hard the table began to shuffle across the floor. He reached over and grabbed my shoulders, pushing my chest flat against the table. He held me tight and pounded my little pussy for all he was worth.

“Yes.. yes… that’s it!” I cried. The kitchen was filled with the sound of flesh slapping against bare flesh.

Suddenly, we heard a voice.

“Sorry to interrupt,” the voice said from behind us. “I forgot my car keys.”

Dan stopped pumping. I screamed.

“Oh my God! Jim! Get out of here!” I cried.

“I think they’re over there,” Dan said, calmly.

I covered my face with both hands. I couldn’t move. I was pinned naked to the kitchen table by Dan, his cock deep inside me. I was humiliated!

“Jim! Get the fuck out of here! I’m naked!” I screamed. I opened my eyes and desperately searched for my shirt but it had fallen off the table. “This can’t be happening!” I thought to myself.

“Damn, dude,” Jim said. “She is so cute, all bent over like that.”

“She sure is!” Dan replied. I felt my boyfriend stand up and pull his cock out of me. I froze. What was I supposed to do? I felt like running from the room. Instead I remained motionless, bent over the table, my bare ass on full display.

“Oh that’s right, you’ve never actually seen her bare titties, gürsu escort have you?” I heard Dan say. “They’re perfect. Check these out.”

I felt him take my hand and pull. “How could he do this to me?” I thought to myself.

“No!” I shouted pulling my hand back. I was so aroused I felt like I was dreaming. Was I about to let Jim see me completely naked? Then I felt Dan’s arm around my waist. I relaxed and let him pull me to a standing position. I wrapped my arm tight around my chest. My other hand covered my exposed pussy. I shut my eyes tight.

“Wow, what a hot body!” I heard Jim say.

Dan put his hands on my shoulders and turned me to face Jim. I kept my head turned away, my eyes closed and my arms pressed against my naked body. I felt someone’s hands on my arm. I relaxed my arm and let it pull away from my bare chest. I swear my face must have turned beet red!

“Fuck me, what a gorgeous rack! What are you, Karen – like a C cup?” Jim said. He reached out and with both hands squeezed and massaged my bare tits.

I opened my eyes and looked down at my chest. I watched as he pushed my tits together and let them fall apart. He squeezed and played with them. I watched him run his fingers over my nipples.

I slowly looked up at him and as I did I dropped my hand away from my pussy. I wanted him to look at me. I wanted him to see me completely naked.

Jim smiled. He took a half-step closer to me and slipped his hand between my legs.

I gasped when I felt his warm touch but did not move.

“Smooth and wet,” he said.

“She loves it from behind,” Dan said, “Watch this.”

Watch this?

He had been standing behind me the whole time, and now I felt his hand on my back, gently pushing me – bending me in half. Jim stepped back as I bent over, like a draw-bridge closing.

It was only then that I realized what was about to happen. Like a whore, I was about to get fucked from both ends. I leaned over and immediately felt Dan slide his cock into me again. My face was directly in front of Jim’s crotch. I watched as Jim opened his pants again and pull out that big cock of his once more.

Jim was hard. His cock jutted straight out – straight at my face. But instead of sliding it into my mouth again as I expected (as I hoped), Jim clutched his cock tight at the base, and using it like a stick, gently

tapped it against my cheek. He continued to do this on my other cheek, my forehead, and gently bounced his hard cock off my nose. All the while, Dan continued to slowly fuck me from behind.

“Do you want this?” Jim asked, resting his cock on my forehead. I nodded.

“Say it, bitch,” he said. His words ripped through me. I repeated them over and over in my mind. “Say it, bitch…”

“God… I want it, now!” I told him. My voice bounced as my body jerked with each thrust I took from behind. “I want that b-big cock in my mouth,” I said. “Please, shove it in my…mouth!”

Jim smiled. “Open wide,” he said.

I opened my mouth wide and slipped my tongue out, inviting Jim’s fat cock inside. He slowly dragged the head of his cock down my face, over my nose and pushed it in to my open mouth. I closed my mouth around his pole and reaching up I gently cupped his balls.

“Mmm… That’s a good girl,” Jim said. “A good whore knows what she wants.”

“A whore,” I thought to myself. I’m a whore.

I eagerly sucked Jim’s cock, trying hard not to touch his shaft with my teeth – not so easy given the pounding my pussy was taking from my boyfriend.

Jim grabbed my ponytail at the back of my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth. He rested the head of his sloppy-wet pole on my chin.

“Are you a whore?” he asked me quietly. I almost couldn’t hear him over the sound of Dan’s pelvis slapping against my bare ass. Slap…slap…slap…slap….

I nodded.

“Say it,” Jim said, looking down at me. “Tell me what a little whore you are.”

“I’m a whore,” I said quietly. My body tingled as the words left my mouth. I looked at him through half-closed eyes and spit running down from my mouth. I looked like a whore. My mascara ran down from the corners of my eyes and sweat was running down my chest and dripping off my nipples.

“I’m a little slut,” I whispered. “I’m a good little cocksuck…,” I began to say. Before I could finish the words, Jim shoved his cock back into my mouth and right to the back of my throat. I almost gagged. I wrapped my hand around it and immediately started to suck and jerk him off.

After a few more minutes Dan stopped pumping.

“Switch,” I heard him say, “I’m gonna come.”


I stood up and as I did, for the first time in my life, I felt two hard cocks slip out of my body at the same time. I turned around to face Dan. His cock was shiny and slick from my cunt. I bent in half again, taking his cock in my hand, and feeding it into my mouth. I pushed my ass out and arched my back, offering my wet pussy to Jim.

“Fuck,” Jim remarked, “She didn’t even wipe off your dick before she shoved it back in her mouth!”

Jim immediately worked his big cock into my tight little pussy. I moaned as I felt his big cock slide inside me. Jim grabbed my hips and began to fuck me. He screwed me slowly at first, then faster. Slap.. slap.. slap.. slap..

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