Loose Weekend (Friday night)


I wanted to write a story focusing on the description of our heroine, her motivations, and to basically have some fun with the idea of a (relatively) good girl acting bad.

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, let me know – you might encourage me to work on the sequel 🙂


It had been a hot summer day, and Alison was glad of the cooler evening air. The sharp clicks and occasional scrapes of her heels on the pavement punctuated the traffic’s drone as she made her way along the busy street.

She was late for her date, and wanted to hurry; but her high-heeled, thin-strapped shoes were designed for style, and not for fast walking. She’d bought them with tonight in mind, knowing that Nick would love seeing her in them – it was worth being a few minutes late for that. As she approached the city centre her confidence grew. She began to strut a little, gently swaying her hips as she looked forward to a weekend with her lover – their first for almost a month.

Alison was not used to going so long without sex. Since last weekend, when Nick had cancelled at the last minute, it had been particularly difficult for her. That sort of thing was bound to happen in their furtive relationship, of course. She got a buzz out of being his other woman, but it had its drawbacks at times.

She had spent the week anticipating tonight: planning what she would wear for him, and imagining what they’d be doing back at her flat. They’d stay there all weekend, she hoped – she wanted to make up for lost time.

Alison had been unable, and unwilling, to shake off this mood. Approaching Friday night, her desires had dominated her thoughts. She was not used to feeling that tight, aching frustration between her thighs. She needed physical release. It would feel so good when she got Nick to fuck her, but that couldn’t come soon enough.

Alison knew the reason she was in this state was purely physical. Despite her lust for him, she was now keeping her distance emotionally. He was never really going to leave his wife, whatever he said to her: she had come to terms with that. All she wanted now was his skills in bed, and the dirty feeling she’d get from a weekend of clandestine sex. She knew Nick would give her what she wanted.

For now, it was actually a relief to have such straightforward needs. Alison was an experienced woman, and now in her mid-thirties she found herself worrying less about love and relationships. After all, some of her boyfriends had just gone elsewhere after they’d screwed her enough times. If she was going to be used for sex, she thought, then she ought to be in control of the way it happened.

Being Nick’s mistress gave her this control. She was just enjoying the sex – so what if he was someone else’s husband! She was getting what she wanted. Anyway, Nick was obviously thinking with his cock – he would just be another flakey ‘boyfriend’, so she liked it better this way. She could take what she wanted, and didn’t have to worry about the emotional complications. Tonight, she was looking forward to proving that to herself.


The atmosphere of the city on a Friday night heightened her anticipation. Seeing the bar she was heading for, she paused to check herself in her mirror. She wanted Nick to see what he’d been missing, so she had dressed to show herself off, and made the most of her looks.

Alison was fresh-looking and pretty, with pronounced cheekbones, an olive complexion and clear brown eyes. She loved to turn men on with just her naturally attractive face – using suggestive, teasing expressions and flirtacious glances to wind them up. She’d made herself up in anticipation of doing just that to Nick tonight.

She’d shaped her eyebrows into suggestive arches, and put on plenty of her green eye-shadow and mascara. She knew Nick liked the cheap, available look. Usually, Alison was restrained in her use of makeup; but she saw no harm in getting a bit tarty for her married lover!

She’d used dark blusher to accentuate her slightly plump cheeks, and caked her full lips in dark red lipstick. The finishing touch was the little silver ring she wore through her pierced lower lip. Yes, she looked a bit cheap – but definitely hot. Nick would be surprised – and delighted – to see her looking like this.

As she checked her hair a group of younger lads walked by, clearly ogling her. One wolf-whistled, bringing dirty chuckles from the others. She secretly thrilled at the crude compliment – it meant she’d got the right effect. She sprayed a little more perfume onto her neck and felt her pulse quicken as she entered the bar.


It was already noisy and crowded inside. Nick would aready be here, she just had to find him. There were mirrors all around the bar as part of the decor, and Alison caught a reflection of herself. No wonder those boys had whistled: she really did look tarty. Already she could feel mens’ eyes on her body, so she moved on through the crowd.

Alison Sivas Escort had a curvy figure, but didn’t usually show it off much – she had men chasing her all the time anyway, so she didn’t need to. Most of her friends would be surprised by the way she had made herself up – and her outfit would shock most of them. She wouldn’t have gone out like this if there was any chance of bumping into someone she knew.

Her hair was dyed plum-red, and she liked to wear green to complement it. Tonight she was wearing her pastel green top, the tightest she owned. She liked the way it showed off the slender curve of her waist at the sides, while covering her just-slightly-plump stomach. The flimsy straps clung tightly to her round shoulders, but the low cut top revealed scoops of her olive toned cleavage. The black trim and straps of her push-up bra were on show too, but she didn’t care about that – she knew she looked sexy, so she didn’t care that she wasn’t exactly looking as classy as usual.

She usually wore long skirts, thinking her calves were a bit too plump. Augmented by the high heels on her new shoes though, Alison had felt confident enough to go out tonight in something shorter. The cream tartan skirt reached almost halfway to her knees, but as she moved the flared hem drifted way up, showing off her strong, smooth thighs. The curve of her calves was well defined in her black stockings. Her legs looked almost elegant in spite of her skimpy outfit, but she was very aware of just how much they were on display.

Her face was framed by her long straight hair, its plum-red colour catching the bar’s lights. It felt good to show herself off for a change. She looked a bit tarty, but so what? She was meeting another woman’s husband for sex: she was bound to feel a bit cheap, so she might as well enjoy playing the part. Anyway, this would definitely do it for Nick, and then she’d be sure to get what she wanted from him.


Strutting around the bar in her high heels, Alison grew more comfortable in her revealing outfit. She relished the furtive glances from men out with their girlfriends, and was flattered by the open attention of the others; but she avoided catching anybody’s eye or playing up to any of them too much.

After she’d worked her way round the room twice, Alison realised that Nick hadn’t arrived yet. She would have to wait a few minutes, and so headed for the bar: she needed something to calm her down. She was served immediately by a barman, and took a gulp of her drink as she leaned on the bar. The alcohol relaxed her, for a moment relieving some of the sexual tension that kept building up inside her. Alison took her mobile phone from her handbag, partly to look occupied in order to deter unwanted lotharios, but also because she wanted to know where Nick was.

Suddenly she saw there was already a message waiting for her – she had received it half an hour ago without realising. SORRY ALI BABE, GONNA B L8. WIFE DELAYING. REAL PAIN BUT WILL BE THERE BY 11. STAY ON THE BOIL. NICK XXX

“Fuck!” she said aloud. Eleven o’clock? She was already here, and it was barely 9.30 – why hadn’t he told her sooner? What was she supposed to do now?

Before she could think about this, there was a man’s voice in her ear. “Excuse me Miss, but you don’t look too happy! Are you alright?”

She supposed she must have looked as frustrated as she felt. Swallowing more of her drink in annoyance, Ali turned around to see who had interrupted her thoughts. A young man, probably in his early twenties, was close to her at the bar, appearing concerned. “Oh, nothing really,” she said, relaxing and managing to smile. “Just my boyfriend being crap. Won’t be here for another hour.”

The younger man sympathised. He had an earnest way about him that she found quite appealing. Ali noticed him glance down at her cleavage and couldn’t help feeling pleased with herself. “That’s a shame,” he said smoothly. “Can I get you a drink while you wait, Miss…?” He winked cheekily, making her laugh. She felt a thrill of excitement as she saw him steal another hungry glance, this time towards her legs. He was not bad looking, and it was fun having this young man check her out at close quarters. She had time to kill, so he might be a nice distraction for a while. And after all, he was offering drinks!

“OK. I’m Ali – and I’ll have another one of these,” she replied spontaneously. She swigged the last of her glass and passed it to him, deliberately brushing him with her soft, bare arms as she did so. He turned to the bar and ordered their drinks as Ali tried to digest the news about Nick’s late arrival. He should have told her sooner, now she would have to wait for over an hour in the bar!

Still, it looked like she had a companion to help her pass some time. Perhaps if he was still there when Nick arrived, it would teach him a lesson about leaving her hanging around in bars on her own! What did he think would happen? Ali Sivas Escort Bayan checked that she still looked her best, smoothing her top over her breasts, making sure she would keep her new friend’s interest. She’d been feeling horny all week, and now she was in the mood to play.

The guy turned round and gave her a double of the drink she’d asked for. Nice move, she thought, flattered that he was interested in spending time despite the “boyfriend” she’d told him about. He introduced himself as Mike. Since he obviously fancied her, Ali played up to him, happy to flirt as they made small talk. She pouted a little and let her eyes wander over him as he tried to chat her up.

He had a decent body, and was about 5-feet-7 like her; he was good looking and blonde. Ten years ago he might have been boyfriend material, she supposed. Tonight, he was just eye-candy for her, and a pleasing distraction from an awkward situation. They had to lean close to talk in the noisy bar, and Ali enjoyed his cheeky, sometimes clumsy attempts to seduce her. After another drink she had started to touch his arm affectionately, which seemed to be having an effect on him.

Ali stood up close to Mike, her breasts straining against her tight top. She caught him looking as they chatted and raised an eyebrow at him, knowing and sexy. She began playing absently with her hair as they talked, then fiddled with her top’s green straps as she gave him a flirty glance. Eventually Mike asked her: “Ali, this boyfriend of yours- he’s not going to suddenly come in and beat me up for talking to you, is he?”

Ali threw back her head and laughed, her tits visibly jiggling. She flicked her hair away as it fell across her face. The alcohol was working on her, and she was flirting carelessly now. “Oh, don’t worry about him, he wouldn’t hurt a fly and anyway,” she waved a hand at the clock over the bar. “He won’t be here for ages!” It was not even ten o’clock. “So, what about you, Mike? Aren’t you here to meet your girlfriend?”

As he assured her that he was single, Ali realised she was becoming interested in this younger man. She assured him that he would easily get a girlfriend if he wanted one. His blush was appealing. It wouldn’t take much to get her horny tonight! Suddenly, in the company of this younger man, it was all she could do to remember that she was supposed to be waiting for Nick.

Anyway, she thought: why should she hold off? She already knew she only wanted Nick for sex. Mike was clearly interested in her and after all, she had been holding herself in check for weeks. Ali downed her drink. Damn, she thought, she was practically single – whatever she wanted to do was her business, and Nick need never know anyway!

Taking her chance as the crowd at the bar surged and pushed them together, Ali deliberately brushed Mike’s groin with her slender fingers. “Tell you what,” she murmured, straightforward in her intentions. “I could always show you the best thing about being single.” Her heavily made-up face was suddenly close to his, so she placed a soft, lingering kiss on his lips. “I’m a bit tired of waiting for my stupid boyfriend. Do you fancy helping me fill in some time?”

Mike didn’t need asking twice, and with his hand on her bare waist he quickly guided her through the bar. Ali let out an excited, tipsy giggle as they tumbled into the men’s bathroom together. They made straight for the largest cubicle and locked it shut behind them. It was all happening so fast. Feeling excited and daring, Ali ran her hands under his shirt to feel his body. She was surprised how much she wanted this. It would serve Nick right, she thought – not that he would find out. But the idea of getting off with Mike as an appetiser to the main event was making her feel wild.

Mike pressed his lips against hers, and grunted with delight when she forced her tongue into his mouth. In the bar, he’d been enticed by the little silver ring on her bottom lip, contrasting with her dark lipstick. Now it turned him on to feel it as they kissed. He pushed down her black bra and flimsy green top, loving the way she gently wriggled as he exposed her full breasts. He ducked his head to lick her soft flesh, and found her pink nipples already hard. As he sucked her into his mouth his hand slid under her short skirt, finding and then caressing the soft skin above her hold-up stockings, squeezing her ample ass hungrily and finding out just how firm it was.

Ali squirmed with excitement, acting as tarty as she felt, letting out little gasps of delight as he groped and sucked at her eagerly. This was the dirty encounter she’d needed so badly. She threw her head back in ecstacy and her red hair fell around her now bare shoulders. She groaned softly as she felt Mike nibbling at her nipples – Nick was missing out, but who cared!

She backed against the wall, her heels clacking noisily on the tiled floor. The cramped cubicle was a problem – there wasn’t Escort Sivas room for any really physical action here. Suddenly, Ali knew exactly what she wanted to do. Pressing her hand against his bulging groin, she slid down onto her knees and undid Mike’s jeans, pulling his boxer shorts down in one movement. She was delighted to see his young, hard cock quivering right before her face.

Fondling Mike’s balls in one hand, Ali shot a well-practiced slutty look upward. Her boyfriends always loved that, and wearing so much make-up, she knew she looked the part. She parted her moist lips, then moved her bottom lip in little circles at the tip of his cock, using her lip ring expertly on his swollen head, occasionally flicking out her tongue to lap up his salty pre-cum. Mike squirmed and tried to keep from blowing his load right over her.

Ali gripped Mike’s ass lustily as she took his hard cock right into her mouth, sucking him hard before working her lips up and down his length. Kneeling right against him, she thrilled as she felt his thighs against her tingling, soft breasts. She was getting off, knowing that after she’d blown off this boy, she’d have the more experienced Nick later. The thought of sucking two cocks in one night was getting her really hot: she could feel her pussy hot with desire, her panties wet with her juices.

She paused for breath, gripping Mike’s cock firmly in one hand, fondling his balls with the other. He moaned as she ran her red fingernails gently up and down his length, noticing how their colour compared against the deep red lipstick which was smeared along his shaft.

The dull rush of the bar’s music suddenly increased in volume as someone opened the toilet door and they had to stop, but very soon the effect was repeated as the place was vacated once again. Ali was reminded that she didn’t want to be caught doing this: Nick was not to find out, and anyway she didn’t want anyone else to see how cheap she was being! She flicked away the strands of hair that had fallen across her flushed face, but didn’t bother getting off her knees as she spoke in her cool voice. “I want to make you come, it serves my boyfriend right. Just don’t tell anyone.” There was no point making pretences. “And don’t hang around me in the bar later on. I don’t want him getting suspicious.”

Mike was hardly going to pass up a free blow-job. “You got it, Miss. He’s a fucking lucky guy, but I guess this is my lucky night too!” She smiled sexily. After her frustrating week, Alison loved being in this state. She looked cheap and she was behaving like a slut – she couldn’t believe how horny that got her. She had only been out for sex tonight anyway – and now she found that getting it this way, down on her knees for the first guy she met, was a huge turn-on.

Ali hardly noticed the pressure of the hard floor tiles against her knees – she was far more aware of the throbbing in her tight, wet pussy as she licked Mike’s balls, feeling his hard cock twitch against her soft cheeks. It smudged her make-up a little, and she felt his pre-cum leak onto her face. Well, after weeks without getting laid, it was good to see that she still had it. Parting her lips, she ran her tongue slowly up his cock from base to salty tip, then sucked him right into her mouth again.

Ali slid her free hand under her skirt and it rode up, way past the dark tops of her hold-ups. She was wearing a tiny pair of black panties, which she’d chosen as she knew Nick would love them. Mike glimpsed her little strip of light brown hair, her thin panties translucent with the sweet-smelling moisture. Pleasure coarsed through her body as she rubbed the thin, wet material right against her clitoris. Her hair danced around her shoulders as her head bobbed up and down on Mike’s cock, and she roughly jabbed one finger into herself. She could feel the orgasm she needed so badly building up inside her as she savoured her own sleazy behaviour.

Turning her head to one side, she took his cock into her cheek, letting him see it bulge outwards as he looked down at her horny face. She knew men loved that. He looked right into her brown eyes and she raised a knowing, cheeky eyebrow up at him as she tongued his cock. Mike gasped and she could feel him losing control. Ali clamped her lips tightly, gulping as a squirt of hot come filled her mouth. She reached her own climax, wriggling on her parted knees, still French-kissing his cock, letting out a stifled whimper as waves of pleasure swept over her body. Her muffled gasps grew higher and louder, her body quivering as she climaxed. A drop of milky white come escaped from her dark red lips, dribbling onto her chin. She managed to gulp down the rest with his cock still pressing against the inside of her cheek.

When her orgasm subsided she slipped Mike out of her mouth, took a lungful of air and wiped the come from her chin. “Now THAT’S the best thing about being single,” she purred as she pulled up her bra and top before unlocking the door. “Don’t forget what we agreed. Not a word to my boyfriend!” She shot one last lusty glance at him, seeing his cock still hard and covered with her own lipstick and saliva. He gasped and nodded, still twitching from the sensations she’d given him.

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