Looking Up


After their online friends left, Joe and Karyn decided to spend one more night at the hotel before hitting the road again. They spent the day at the hotel spa and fit in some tourist shops. That evening, after dinner, they headed back to their room. As they stepped into the elevator, another couple they had seen in the spa earlier that day followed behind. As the doors closed and the elevator started heading up, the two couples stood there in the usual awkward silence.

The elevator dinged with each passing floor on the way up. Then the unforeseen happened. The elevator shook and all the lights went out. Karyn quickly buried herself into Joe’s arms. He held her close as the elevator continued to shake for what seemed like forever. The other couple fell into the corner as Joe closed his eyes and held Karyn close. All he could think was that the elevator cables were going to snap and they were all going to plummet down the shaft.

When the shaking finally ceased, the emergency lights came on, filling the room with a dim light. Karyn wouldn’t let go of Joe as she continued to shake in his arms. The other couple stood up, gripping the walls as they did.

“Everybody alright?” The man asked.

The couples exchanged petty small talk for a while. The other gentleman, Jack, had recently graduated and was now an accountant for a law firm. Lauren worked at a bank nearby. After a while, Jack asked, “you want to know the secret for a great marriage?”

Joe thought to himself, “Oh great, stuck in this elevator with another guy who thinks he knows it all.” Being respectful though, Joe replied, “Oh yeah, what’s that?”

“Communication,” Jack answered.

“I’ve heard that somewhere before,” Karyn said, smiling up at her husband.

“That and great sex,” Lauren added in looking directly at Joe.

“Well that too,” Joe laughed. He was surprised this young woman was so bold with a couple of older strangers.

“Do you two have a good love life?” Lauren asked.

“Very much so” answered Karyn, “what about you?”

“Of course we…” started Jack.

“Well not really,” Lauren said, cutting her husband’s answer off.

Joe was shocked by her response. He wondered if Jack would get defensive, or if it might be a good thing for the young couple to really communicate. “Well something seems off,” Karyn began, “What do you mean?”

“Well it’s just always the same thing,” Lauren replied.

“I always ask and…” Jack protested.

“That’s just it,” Lauren remarked, cutting him off again. “You always ask if everything’s okay. I wish you would stop asking and just fuck me.” Joe just couldn’t believe he was hearing this from someone they had just met. Karyn and him listened while Lauren went on to explain their inadequate sex life, at least in her eyes.

“It’s just always the same. I go down on you, you go down on me, we screw in the same position, and then it’s over,” Lauren lamented.

“So what do you want differently?” Karyn asked her new friend. “Is there something Jack can do to satisfy your need for change?”

“It would be nice if Jack would just ravage me, like they do in the movies,” Lauren explained, as if Karyn and Joe were marriage counselors.

“You mean something like they do in porn?” Karyn inquired.

“Exactly.” Lauren paused. Joe wondered what type of porn movies she was talking about.

“What kind of porno have you been watching?” he asked, more curious than in a real desire to be helpful.

“You know, like when the guys just fuck the girl. Use them, degrade them, cum on them.” Lauren turned red as she answered.

Hearing this attractive young woman talk like this to his wife was getting Joe turned on, his member cramped in his boxers. Heading up to his room, he certainly didn’t exactly expect this type of conversation, but he liked what he was hearing.

“Ok let’s start with this,” Karyn chimed in. “Lauren you tell Jack a fantasy of yours and then Jack you do the same.”

Lauren looked sheepishly at Jack, looked back at us, then back at Jack. “Well I always thought a gangbang would be fun.”

Taken back, Jack responded, “A gangbang?”

“You know, like ten guys just fucking me, treating me like a slut, raw fucking and sucking.” Joe was learning a lot about this poor man’s wife. He even forgot that he was trapped in a small box while Lauren opened up to this couple they had just met.

“Ok what about you Jack,” Karyn asked.

“Well I guess I’m a typical guy,” he started off. gaziantep escortlar “A threesome would be fun.”

“With another girl or guy?” Joe asked.

“A girl,” was the response.

“See now we’re getting somewhere,” Karyn said. “Lauren what do you think of Jack’s fantasy?”

“That could be fun,” she responded. “I always wanted to know what it would be like to kiss another girl.”

Joe wondered if this was their breakthrough. However, that comment stoked his engine. He was thankful that he was sitting down, his now fully hardened cock concealed. “You two are young and sexy,” Joe complimented. “I’m sure you could make your fantasies a reality.”

Lauren smiled and blushed. “I’m not sexy,” she said.

“Sure you are,” Karyn reassured her. Standing up, she stepped over to Lauren holding out her hand. “Here stand up.” Lauren looked at Jack and then Joe. Without a word, Lauren took Karyn’s hand and let her pull her up.

Karyn got behind Lauren, “You’ve got a really nice petite figure, and I would kill for those cheekbones.” Karyn put her hands on Lauren’s hips and slowly ran them down her body. “Very nice.” Lauren stood there awkwardly as Karyn put her on display. Joe’s mind drifted to his fantasy world. He always enjoyed watching Karyn fondle another woman or another woman fondle his sexy cougar wife. Either way, this was pretty hot watching Karyn with this woman, especially someone as sexy as Lauren.

Karyn’s hands ran from Lauren’s legs up her stomach and stopped to cup her breasts. Lauren stood there, shaking a bit, but Jack didn’t stop Karyn. When Joe was able to peel his eyes off the women, he looked at Jack who was transfixed watching the scene. Joe wasn’t sure if Jack realized he was still there.

“Look at these,” Karyn complimented. “So young and firm.”

“I have to take your word for it honey, I can’t tell from here,” Joe added. “Maybe if you took off her dress…”

Joe thought that most guys would be upset by another man asking for their wife to be stripped down, but Jack was too enthralled by the two women petting to think twice about it.

Lauren looked at Jack, as if silently seeking approval. Joe guessed that since Jack didn’t object, Lauren felt that it meant it was okay. Joe however thought that Jack was just frozen in a mix of disbelief, wonder and lust. Lauren undid the back of her dress and Karyn helped it fall to the floor. She was wearing a very sexy black strapless bra and a thong to match. Karyn whispered something in Lauren’s ear, and she nervously unclasped her bra and let it fall, exposing her creamy white breasts.

“You were right honey, they are very nice,” Joe said, hoping the compliment would loosen Lauren up a bit.

Karyn again reached around and cupped Lauren’s breasts, running her fingers along her pink nipples. Lauren’s body jerked back a bit at first but then resumed her statuette position.

“Very nice, and firm” Karyn whispered.

“Yes very, very sexy,” Joe added.

Joe was so hard it was unbearable. Karyn ran her hands down Lauren’s flat stomach and underneath her thong. “Do you think she’s shaved, Joe?” Karyn said, gliding her hands to Lauren’s pubic area.

“Oh, yes she is, maybe not so dull after all,” Karyn remarked as Lauren’s body squirmed under the touch.

Lauren grasped the sides of her thong and pulled them down her legs, letting Joe and Karyn get a great view of her bare pussy. Karyn moved to let her step out of them. Lauren stood naked, except for her heels. Joe could see Jack shuffling in his seat on the floor, obviously adjusting himself. Lauren turned around to look at Karyn, giving them an incredible view of her spectacular, young ass.

“What about you?” Lauren asked Karyn.

Karyn smiled and pulled down her dress in a swift, smooth move. Her body was still deeply tanned from their time at the beach resort. Joe watched the intimate strip show as Karyn unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor then did the same with her underwear. The two beautiful creatures stood there silently, staring at each other. Joe was watching, his eyes full of anticipation. Jack was frozen, unsure, or unable to decide what to do next.

Karyn leaned in and kissed Lauren passionately. Joe thought Jack was going to lose it as he watched their tongues compete. He had never seen his wife in such a state. Karyn was gentle as she flicked her tongue along Lauren’s lips, running her fingers through Lauren’s hair, before lowering her head downwards.

Karyn stopped to kiss Lauren’s hardened nipples. One breast, then the other before making her way further south. Lauren parted her legs as Karyn got onto her knees. Once in position, Karyn eagerly started lapping at Lauren’s pussy, running her tongue along the engorged lips as though she were licking a lollipop. Lauren grabbed the wall, holding herself up as she was pleasured.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned out. Her breathing increased as Karyn further buried her head in her crotch. Joe almost forgot that Jack was in the room before suddenly seeing him out of the corner of my eye. Jack had pulled his dick out of his pants and was stroking it. The heavy panting ceased when Lauren moaned out an orgasm and Karyn stood back up, licking her lips. She kissed Lauren again then turned her around to face her crowd. Lauren’s eyes widened when she saw her husband masturbating.

“Is she a good cock sucker?” Karyn asked Jack.

“I’ve never had a complaint,” he answered.

Joe stood up and undressed, waiting for action. Karyn walked over and knelt next to him, grabbing his throbbing shaft.

“Well,” Karyn asked, “you going to show us or what?”

Lauren moved towards Joe, she knelt down in front of him, and allowed Karyn to point his cock towards her face. Lauren leaned in and took Joe’s cock into her mouth. Karyn let go and grabbed Lauren by the hair. Jack squirmed even more. He couldn’t believe how turned on he was watching his wife suck off another man. She was eagerly working the swollen shaft. With Karyn’s help, she took Joe deeper and deeper.

“How is she honey?” Karyn asked me.

“Oh she’s good,” he replied panting.

“Do you like it Lauren,” Karyn asked, still gripping Lauren’s hair.

“Mmhmm, uh-huh,” Lauren muddled out, continuing to suck her unexpected present of hard, swollen cock. Then Karyn leaned in and started kissing Joe’s shaft. ‘What a lucky bastard I am,’ Joe thought, ‘having these two gorgeous beauties taking turns on my cock.’ Joe could see the desire in Jack’s eyes as he hoped for a turn, watching as they both ran their lips along Joe’s veined shaft.

Jack couldn’t take it anymore. He thought if Lauren wanted him to be more dominating then what a better time to show her than now. He got up and quickly took off his clothes. He was well built, athletic, and sported a pretty big cock. After he released his hardened cock from its prison, he stroked it several times. He moved towards the women and grabbed a handful of Lauren’s hair. He yanked her back, causing her to squeal. She turned around and looked up at him with a hunger in her eyes that clearly communicated lust and desire. He pulled her head towards his crotch until her lips rested on his sack. She hesitated and didn’t move or start to suck away like she had with Joe.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked.

Again she stayed still.

Suddenly and aggressively, he ordered, “Pleasure me slut!”

Joe guessed that’s what she needed to hear as she opened wide and engulfed his sack in her mouth. She gently sucked on it while stroking the shaft. Karyn turned her attention from Joe and grabbed Jack’s shaft, taking it away from Lauren. She twirled her tongue around the head while Lauren continued to suck on his sack. Jack ran one hand through Karyn’s hair as she started to take his cock into her mouth. This was his first experience with two women and his lust level was ramped high. He never thought his threesome fantasy would feel this good. In fact, he never thought it would ever happen. Even so, he wanted more.

“Time to get fucked,” he said looking down at the two.

They pulled away from his dick and looked at each other. Karyn grabbed a hold of Lauren’s breast then leaned in and kissed her pouty lips. Joe watched the two make out, gently massaging his manhood. Suddenly, Jack grabbed Karyn’s hand and pulled her away. He guided her to lay on her back on the elevator floor. He grabbed Lauren next and positioned her laying on top of Joe’s wife so they could eat each other out.

The women quickly went to work on each other as Jack and Joe watched. Jack, taking the lead, positioned himself to fuck the older woman. Joe had no issue with this move as he really wanted a run at Lauren’s hot, tight cunt. Jack got into position and lifted Lauren’s head up from Karyn’s pussy. Joe loved the hungry look on Lauren’s face as her saliva and Karyn’s juices ringed her mouth.

Jack held his cock to her lips and said, “Open wide.”

Lauren obeyed and opened her mouth for him. He leaned in, letting her envelop his cock. She moaned as she worked him over heartily. After being sucked for several minutes, Jack pulled out of his wife’s mouth and placed the head of cock against Karyn’s bare pussy, running it up and down along her folds. Lauren had her hands on Karyn’s red ass, holding her cheeks apart. Jack started pushing his hips forward into Karyn.

“Oh my goodness,” Karyn moaned out through her clenched teeth. “You’re so damn big.”

Joe watched as Jack slowly inserted himself forward into Karyn’s waiting pussy. She groaned louder the deeper he pushed himself in. Jack seemed surprised when she took him in completely, his balls pressed tightly against her ass.

Joe followed Jack’s movements. He positioned himself between Lauren’s thighs and started to push himself into Lauren’s wet cunt. Seeing his wife enjoying a new cock and hearing her moans made Joe drive his hot member into Lauren faster. Her sopping wet pussy eagerly accepted his cock. Once he was balls deep, he started thrusting as hard as his hips allowed. He plowed into her again and again as Jack rocked Karyn back and forth.

“Mmm yes,” Lauren moaned out. “Fuck that pussy honey.”

Lauren and Karyn were breathing quite hard as the men worked them over. Occasional moans escaped their lips, each louder than the one before as if they were competing to see who was louder. Karyn lowered her head and tried to lick Lauren’s cunt as she bounced back and forth. Jack pulled back and out of Karyn, causing her to stop moaning. She rested her head, trying to catch her breath.

Joe pulled his dick out of Lauren and jammed it into Karyn’s mouth. “Lick it clean you hot little, sexy whore,” he ordered with a wink.

Karyn began sucking away, cleaning Joe’s shaft of Lauren’s juices. While Joe enjoyed watching her suck his swollen cock, what he really wanted was to bury his manhood deep into her dripping wet pussy. Joe pulled back so that he and Jack could change places. Jack got in position and Karyn didn’t waste any time taking his cock into her mouth. Joe leaned down and rested his man flesh at Karyn’s steamy entrance. He pulled back and readied his painfully hard cock to invade her love hole.

“Yes, fuck her hard,” Lauren groaned, flicking her tongue on the underside of Joe’s dick.

He didn’t need any more encouragement and slowly inserted himself into Karyn’s primed womanhood. She was so wet, she had no issue accepting his thick cock. Joe penetrated her deeply, slowly but surely he pressed inside. Jack pulled out of Karyn’s mouth, allowing her to breathe. He then drove himself into Lauren’s aching pussy. Not wasting any time he ferociously fucked her. Joe slowly worked his wife’s sloppy pussy and watched as Lauren squirmed on the floor beneath Karyn.

Once Joe was fully buried deep inside his ht wife, he began to pound Karyn as fast as he could, matching Jack’s pace while fucking Lauren. Hearing the women’s moans of delight was overwhelming. It didn’t take long before Jack pulled out of Lauren and began jerking his cock. He grunted loudly as his cock exploded onto her. She took him into her mouth, sucking him dry as Joe continued to ravage Karyn’s pussy.

Now that Jack was spent, Joe wanted to see his wife’s satisfied look. He pulled out of her, grabbed her, and twisted her around. She collapsed next to Lauren, looking up at Joe with some of Jack’s cum smeared across her beautiful face. Her cum covered face was too much for Joe causing him to lose it, his seed was unleashed as he pulled out of her and shot a white rope of sticky cum onto her bare pussy and stomach. Joe felt wave after wave erupt from deep within, some shot onto her tits and even into her hair.

Once spent Joe leaned back, barely able to even sit up. Karyn leaned down and kissed Lauren. They continued to make out for several minutes. Once satisfied, Karyn rolled off of Lauren. Everyone took a moment to catch their breath before getting dressed.

As Joe pulled his shirt over his head, the elevator’s main lights kicked on and the car started moving. They all cheered as the elevator stopped on Joe and Karyn’s floor. The doors opened and they quickly stepped out into the hallway.

Jack, still catching his breath, said, “You know, the night’s still young. You two want to come to our room?”

Joe looked at Karyn, who looked spent. “No thanks,” he replied. “Were just going to head to our room. After all, it is our anniversary.”

“Good luck with your gangbang fantasy, baby,” Karyn yelled through the hall to Lauren.

Lauren laughed and replied, “did I say 10? I meant 20!”

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