Living with Omega Theta Pi Ch. 02


This story was inspired by the Japanese movie Tsubaki. It’s also a sequel to “Living with Omega Theta Pi.” You really, really should read the first story as the current one picks up right where the last one ended. You will have an inadequate understanding of central aspects of the plot if the prior story is not read first (e.g., Albert living within a sorority house of purity girls; the background to the characters of Shelley, Albert, and Miss Wormer). The current story includes a number of themes, such as reluctance (spanking), exhibitionism, voyeurism, and mature. However, it most comfortably fits within the theme of First Time. All of the characters in this story are at least eighteen years old.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Shelley and Albert were peacefully lying together in Albert’s small twin bed, enjoying the blissful state of mind that so nicely follows fulfilling orgasms, although enjoying even more perhaps the presence of each other’s company, the shared intimacy of snuggling together within a comfy, cozy bed. Albert wondered if this was in fact love, although maybe such a feeling is rather common right after sex. It wasn’t like he really knew Shelley that well, but he was definitely feeling awfully close to her, as well as very, very fond of her.

Shelley finally broke the silence to say, “Wouldn’t it be nice to just stay here all night long? Together?”

It would indeed, although most definitely not a realistic possibility. In fact, they both suddenly heard the steps of Miss Wormer, coming down the hall.

They at first just froze, processing the sound in their minds, trying to convince themselves that it wasn’t her, that it was something or someone else. But, it really couldn’t be anyone or anything other than Miss Wormer at this time of the night. Plus, the tell-tale sounds of her heels on the hard wood floor were unmistakable, and she was getting closer and closer to Albert’s door!

Albert grabbed his PJ bottoms and frantically pulled them on.

At the same time Shelley quickly slipped under the covers and pushed Albert to turn onto his right side, his back to her, facing the door, thereby providing some cover for her, hiding behind him beneath the blankets.

As he shifted Albert noticed Shelley’s PJ bottoms still lying on the covers. He reached for them and handed them back to her just as the door to his room sprung open, a large swath of light sweeping into the room, very shortly followed by the sorority Housemother.

“Miss Wormer!” Albert exclaimed, rubbing his eyes, trying to pretend that she had suddenly awoken him. He didn’t act terribly surprised by her presence though as this was not the first time she had executed a nighttime surprise inspection.

She stood in the light of the hall, her arms crossed beneath her prominent, full breasts, her eyes studying the young man, trying to read the expression on his face. Her piercing gaze narrowed. She felt she could detect a sense of guilt within his eyes.

“Albert, have you been abusing yourself?”

“What? No!” He was surprised by the question. Normally she just took a quick look at him and left. The purpose of these visits was primarily prevention rather than detection. She was just letting him know that she was keeping an eye on him in case he had any thoughts of violating the house rule, specifically the rule against self-abuse.

She found his denial to be unconvincing, perhaps expressed too strongly. “If I were to pull back the covers I wouldn’t find you with an erection, would I?”

Albert’s heart skipped a beat, a look of panic sweeping across his face. She wouldn’t find an erection but she would most definitely finding something far worse.

Shelley cowered behind him, pressing her body up tightly against his, trying to make herself as small as possible and remain perfectly still.

Albert though moved quickly. “Oh no, Miss Wormer, here, I’ll show you.” He pulled back the covers enough to reveal just the front of his body, piling the blankets behind him. It was actually useful in further hiding Shelley, as she was now beneath a good pile of cover. He unbuttoned the front of his PJ bottoms and pulled out his limp penis. It was a little moist still but hopefully she would not detect that. He held it out for her. “See, it’s okay.” It was rather weird to be showing the Housemother his penis like this, but the alternative of her throwing back the bed covers was far, far worse.

Miss Wormer was rather surprised by the boy so quickly and willingly presenting his penis to her. She hadn’t been expecting that and it kind of took her off guard. Plus, she could feel her disappointment. A part of her had wanted him to be erect, to see his stiffness, and not simply in order to catch him in the act (see “Living with Omega Theta Pi”). “Yes, well, alright then, you can put it back.”

“Okay, Miss Wormer.” He slipped his penis back into his pajamas and pulled the covers over him, although not as far or as much as before.

Miss Wormer, however, Anadolu Yakası Escort did not immediately leave. There was something that just seemed wrong here. She even felt she detected the scent of sex within the room. “You know that all of this is for your own good, young man.”

“Oh yes, Miss Wormer, I certainly do.”

“It’s a very slippery slope once you start abusing yourself. You do understand that, don’t you, Albert?”

“Oh I do, Miss Wormer. I really do.”

“You may not realize it, but I do recognize that it’s more difficult for a young man to control himself, his urges, than it is for a girl.”

“Oh, yes, of course, certainly.”

“Did you masturbate frequently before you came here?”


She knew he had heard her correctly, but she recognized that the question was a bit awkward, even for her to ask. She asked him again, “Did you masturbate frequently before you moved in here?” She wished that she had asked Albert that question when she had interviewed him for the room. She would be sure to do that for all the young men next semester, assuming of course that the application to rent rooms to male students was approved by the Panhellenic Council.

The question was indeed very awkward for Albert, particularly with Shelley listening in. “Oh, no, no, Miss Wormer, definitely not.” He felt he really shouldn’t, couldn’t, be honest about it.

“Now Albert, you can be honest with me. Many young men do masturbate, and some quite frequently.”

Albert wondered if men who wore purity rings really didn’t masturbate. “Oh, I know, Miss Wormer.”

“Well, how often did you masturbate before you came here? I’m just wondering, of course, if the change was difficult for you.”

Shelley struggled not to giggle. What had started out being a reason for panic was now a reason to laugh. She knew that Albert must be getting awfully embarrassed at having her be able to hear this conversation.

“Oh, I’m not sure, Miss Wormer. I wasn’t really keeping track, you know.” There was simply no way he was going to provide a specific number,

“Now Albert, I’m sure if you gave it some thought you could easily come up with an answer. I mean, if it was quite frequent I might be able to discuss with you an arrangement, you know. I can understand that it could be difficult to quit cold turkey,,,and everything.”

Shelley snuggled her face (and breasts) into Albert’s back. It was really so difficult not to laugh.

“Oh, it’s no problem at all, Miss Wormer,” Albert asserted. He could feel his face reddening.

“Yes, well, if you had been doing it every day, well gracious. I understand that suddenly stopping could well, you know, result in some discomfort, you know…” This was becoming a bit more difficult for her as well. She added, more softly, “within your testicles.”

“Oh yes, yes, I understand, yes.”

“Are you experiencing any discomfort within your testicles?”

Albert’s cheeks felt so warm. “Oh no, no, Miss Wormer. They’re fine, really.” He certainly hoped that she wouldn’t ask to inspect them. She wouldn’t want to do that, would she?

Miss Wormer wondered if perhaps she should, or could, inspect the young man’s testicles, for any signs of tenderness. “Yes, well, of course if you had been masturbating every day then that itself would be a problem. That would be much too frequent, you know…to be normal.” She had no idea what would in fact be normal, but she had to assume doing it every day would be abnormal, wouldn’t it?

“Oh, I wasn’t doing it that often, Miss Wormer. I would remember if I was doing it that often.”

“Yes, well, I just mean, that, well, if you are finding it difficult, and I can understand that could be the case for a young man, not used to the expectations, the moral standards, of an Omega Theta Pi resident, well, we could make an arrangement.”

Albert was understandably puzzled. “An arrangement?”

“Yes, well…” Miss Wormer was not sure herself what she meant by that, or intended. She hadn’t thought it through herself, and was in fact developing the idea as she spoke. “Yes, yes, well, perhaps we could agree that at certain times, on a certain day, or days, well, probably just one day, at a certain time, um, you could take care of, um, your business.”

Shelley couldn’t restrain herself any longer. She very, very carefully, slipped her left hand over Albert’s waist and down to the front of his pajamas.

Albert’s eyes widened as he felt Shelley’s hand make it’s way around his body. She was taking a very, very big chance here. He glanced down and to his horror could see her hand moving along beneath the blanket. He quickly slid his own hand down beneath the covers to ostensibly scratch his hip, making lots of obvious movements to cover hers. “Oh, that’s, um, well, I don’t think that will be necessary, Miss Wormer.”

Shelley lightly, but firmly, cupped Albert’s penis and testicles within her hand, gently fondling and caressing them with Bostancı Escort the tips of her fingers.

Albert considered using his hand to pull hers away, as this was really dangerous, but it would be even more dangerous to do that. He hardly wanted Miss Wormer to see his hand go there.

“Well,” Miss Wormer continued, “I don’t want to require something of you that is unrealistic. We could, of course, hang a sign on your door that you’re not to be disturbed.”

Albert would admit that it would be nice to be allowed to freely masturbate, but he hardly wanted each occasion to be announced to the entire sorority. Imagine the crowd of girls that would gather outside the door, giggling as he jerked himself off. Of course, it would be nice if at each session a different sorority sister had to take care of him. That would be a nice arrangement. He could feel his penis swelling at that thought, and at the feel of Shelley’s soft, caressing fingers, but somehow he felt that wasn’t what Miss Wormer had in mind. “Honestly, Miss Wormer, I don’t think it’s really necessary.”

Shelley though was not making a good case for his lack of need, as his cock was quickly swelling to full strength. One might think that the presence of Miss Wormer, coupled with having recently ejaculated, would make it difficult for Albert to develop another erection so quickly, but he was a healthy young man who had in fact masturbated most every evening (a couple times even twice in one evening, although those were rather special occasions) and he was also experiencing for the first time in his life the loving, seductive touch of a girl’s fingers on his cock. There was simply no way he was not going to respond.

Miss Wormer realized that a sign on the door would probably draw some unnecessary attention, but it was against house rules to have any bedroom locked and she certainly didn’t want one of the young ladies to inadvertently walk in on Albert while he was doing his business, as she had done herself. That could be very, very traumatizing. “Or, you know, if you wish, you could, um…” She hesitated in making this additional offer but then finally added,”Come to my office.”


Shelley felt Albert’s cock twitch at that suggestion. She would have to tease him about that later, or perhaps scold him. She wasn’t too sure how she felt about it.

“Well, you know, um, you would have more privacy there. You wouldn’t be disturbed. You could even lock the door.”

Albert’s cock had twitched with nervousness, not arousal, at the thought of masturbating in Miss Wormer’s office. This did not sound at all appealing but one wouldn’t know it if one could see, or feel, his cock, as Shelley was doing. She now had it at full strength beneath the blankets, so much enjoying the fact that she had gotten him all excited, almost literally right beneath the nose of Miss Wormer. It was indeed a very risky and dangerous thing to do, but that’s also what made it all the more fun. She wondered how cool it would be if she could in fact make him cum, right in his pajamas, while talking to Miss Wormer! She began to work more vigorously on his hard dick, firmly gripping him through his pajamas and more forcefully stroking him.

“Well, that’s, um, awfully nice of…you, Miss Wormer.” Albert was finding it a bit difficult to concentrate on what she, and he, were saying.

It was though fortunate that Albert had already cum just minutes earlier as he would very well have cum pretty quickly now, given the wonderful uniqueness and inherent joy in being stroked by Shelley, her soft breasts pressing against his back, her firm nipples poking him. He also appreciated how befitting and just it would be to ejaculate right in the presence of the prim, proper, and intolerant Miss Wormer.

“Well, excellent, Albert. When would you like to come down, um, to, uh, have your…” She again lowered her voice, “ejaculation?”

“What?” He had only intended on thanking her for the offer. He wasn’t really intending or wanting to accept the offer.

“Will Thursdays be good for you? What classes do you have on Thursday? I think it would be good to schedule it during the day, when there are fewer girls around. Would you prefer morning or afternoon?”

Even the fact that he was now so intensely aroused, feeling himself again building toward an ejaculation, didn’t make the idea sound, or feel, any better. How weird would it be to go to Miss Wormer’s office for the purpose of masturbating! But, what could he do now? “Um, afternoon?”

Miss Wormer smiled. “Would 3:00 PM be good for you?”

“Uh, uh.” He was having so much difficulty keeping a straight face. He now wanted to agree just to end this conversation, realizing that he really shouldn’t cum in his pajamas, although it would feel so, so good. But the problem would be the mess. The sheets would get wet, leaving rather compelling evidence for Miss Wormer the next day. “Yeah, sure, that’s fine.”

Miss Wormer, however, noticed what appeared Ümraniye Escort to be some kind of rapid movement beneath the blankets, in a very significant location. “Albert! Are you playing with yourself right now!? While I’m speaking with you?!”

Shelley’s hand instantly froze in mid-stroke, a look of panic swept over her face, her heart raced.

“What? No, no, Miss Wormer! Of course not.”

Miss Wormer was pretty sure what she had seen, and she noticed as well the flustered and confused look on the young man’s face. Just the thought of coming to her office to masturbate had apparently excited him that much? This was one randy young man.

But, she decided not to make an issue of it. It would be taken care of Thursday. Something private in her office would be better than another public disciplinary session. On the other hand, Thursday was a distance away. She stepped closer to the bed and said, in her most sympathetic tone, “Son, perhaps you would like to take care of it right now?”

“Oh gosh! Um, really, no, no, Miss Wormer! Honestly, I was, um…” He couldn’t offer to let her see his limp penis, as it was very far from being limp, although beginning to shrink now. “I just had this, um, itch. I’m, um, having this sort of problem, you know, um…from sports.”

“Oh,” Miss Wormer replied. “Yes, I see.” That was perhaps credible, but she was pretty good at reading guilty faces and she didn’t really believe him. But, for whatever reason, he apparently didn’t want to take care of his business right now and perhaps that’s understandable. “Yes, well, um, put some medicated powder on it and, um, well, use a hair dryer to make sure it’s real dry after your shower. Okay?”

“Oh yes, thank you Miss Wormer. That’s very good advice. I’ll do that.”

She thought it funny how he apparently wasn’t embarrassed talking about jock itch, yet had so much difficulty discussing his masturbation habits. “Well, um, I’ll uh let you get your sleep. I know you have to get up early tomorrow.” He had access to the shower room only between 5 and 5:30AM. “You be sure to control yourself until Thursday. Do we have an understanding, young man?”

“Yes, Miss Wormer. I understand.”

“Well, alright then.” She turned and left the room, closing the door, turning the room back into darkness.

Shelley could finally giggle out loud. She teasingly asked, “Do you think Miss Wormer will masturbate you on Thursday?”

“Shut up!” Albert responded. That was a bizarre thought.

She let go of his cock, which was still at half-strength. “Actually, I don’t know how I should feel about this, another woman masturbating you.”

Albert rolled over to face Shelley. “Believe me,” he said, looking into her eyes, “She is not going to do that. Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Well, it sounds kind of weird.”

“No fooling.”

“Then why did you agree to it?”

“What was I going to say? And, it’s not like you were giving me much help.”

Shelley smiled. Well, that was true. She tossed the blankets off her and Albert to get her PJ bottoms on. “Well, I better get back to my room. This is probably a good time to sneak back.” As she crawled off the bed she reached back to give his dick a little final squeeze and added, “She might come back to see if you need any help.”

“Shut up!”

Shelley was feeling a little funny about Albert going to Miss Wormer’s office to masturbate. If Miss Wormer had been a girl her own age she’d feel real, real upset about it. Imagine a boy scheduling a masturbation date right in front of you! Miss Wormer though was an older woman, and so it shouldn’t really count, although she was a pretty darned attractive woman, and one with much bigger breasts than her. Still, she knew she shouldn’t feel jealous and perhaps he didn’t have a whole lot of choice in the matter. Plus, most importantly of all, it wasn’t really a masturbation date as Miss Wormer wasn’t actually going to be there. He was just going to use her office. She stepped back up to Albert lying on the bed, his stiff dick sticking out his PJ bottoms. She leaned over and gave his swollen knob a kiss right on the tip.

“Maybe I should come to the office to help you.”

Albert smiled. That would be very, very nice, having a girl who was always available on a certain day and time to get you off. But, he knew that would be even more dangerous than sneaking into his room. Still, it would be helpful if she at least finished what she had started. He reached down and, surprising himself with his boldness, said, “What about me right now?”

Shelley smiled back at him as she made her way to his door. “Maybe you should give Miss Wormer a call,” and slipped out the door.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Albert had wondered if Shelley was mad about something. Did he say something wrong? She was smiling when she left, but he was disappointed that she left him there with an erection, one that she had created. It wasn’t easy figuring girls out. He eventually decided that he was probably just worrying about nothing.

Shelley wasn’t actually mad at Albert, and she let him know that at dinner the next day.

She sat right next to him at the table, for which Albert was grateful and pleased. She asked, “You’re not mad at me, are you, Albert?”

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