Living a Fantasy Ch. 03


Sunday morning I awoke next to Tory. Brianna must have already gotten up, but the thoughts of my threesome with them had me hard as I awoke. I rolled over to my side, toward Tory, and began to lick her nipple.

She immediately woke up and began stroke my hair as I kissed her aroused nipple.

“You enjoy last night,” she asked.

“You tell me,” I replied and moved her hand to my hard cock.

“I guess so,” she said. Tory began to stroke me as our lips met and our tongues danced passionately.

I moved two fingers to her pussy and slowly inserted them to find her as hot and wet as she was when I fucked her the first time Friday night, almost two days ago.

“Before you fuck me, I want to do something,” she said, breaking the moment. “Follow me.”

She jumped off the bed and headed to her door. I dutifully followed. We walked through the kitchen where Brianna, also still naked, sat reading the paper. I amazed myself at the ease at which I said good morning to her as I walked through sporting a massive erection.

Once we got to the bathroom, Tory opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out a bottle. I quickly noticed it was a bottle of Nair.

“You’d look great completely hairless,” she said, opening the bottle.

Before I could protest, she poured a healthy amount on my chest. While I am not very hairy, I still had a healthy amount on my chest, abdomen, loins and legs. I let her rub the lotion on my chest, stomach, pubic region, balls, ass, legs as well as my arms. I was completely putty in her hands as she spread the lotion across from me.

“And a little for me,” she said, spreading lotion on the little amount of pubic hair she had above her pussy.

She got the shower running and after a few minutes, we jumped in the shower. Immediately, hair began to wash off me. With one quick swipe of the washcloth, Tory removed all of the pubic hair above my cock, which was still hard. Moments later, I was hairless on my body.

After cleaning me off, Tory dropped to her knees and began to run her tongue all over my completely smooth skin. After she finished, she produced a condom from somewhere and pulled it over my cock.

I stood her up and pressed her against the shower wall. I lifted her up by her ass cheeks and slid easily into her. Our tongues danced as I fucked her as hard as possible in our position. After a few minutes of this, I let her down, turned her around and began to slam into her from behind.

The feeling of being hairless was awesome and as I looked down to see me entering her pussy, my cock looked like it belonged to a porn star as it moved in and out. The overall feeling was too much and I began to shoot my load into the condom covering my cock deep in her pussy.

For the rest of the day, we fucked in every position possible. I came four more times, even though the final shot did not have much in it. Finally, around 7:30 that evening I headed home. It was the best weekend of sex I had ever had in my life. I still had no idea that new things were still to come.

– – –

During the next morning I work, I kept thinking about the weekend and Tory. I was surprised and excited when my secretary buzzed me in the office telling me that Tory was waiting to see me.

Eagerly, I got up and went to meet her. The second we came back into my office and shut the door, I pressed her against the wall and began to kiss her. She responded the same. She was wearing a pinkish sun dress with red flowers all over it. I pulled her skirt up and found she was not wearing underwear.

“The weekend was amazing,” I said to her pushing a finger into her pussy.

“You’ll get no complaints from me,” she whispered as she began to massage my hardening cock through my slacks and underwear.

“We can’t do this here,” I said reluctantly, but also realizing that if it went any further neither one of us would be able to stop.

We pulled apart, both wanting to continue.

“I have some things to do this afternoon, but be at my place when you get off work,” she said. “What time is that?”

“I’ll be there by 4:00.”

We kissed again before she exited my office. The afternoon was going to be torture.

– – –

Finally 3:30 arrived. I had been hard since Tory left the office and could not wait to get to her place. I drove as fast as I could.

I knocked on the door and was stunned with who answered the door.

“You must be Mike,” the strange lady said.

To call her strange, just meant I did not her. However, she was a very attractive older woman. She had on a red blouse that she had left unbuttoned to well below her chest, revealing a good amount of the black bra she wore over a rather large pair of tits. The blouse görükle escort ended just an inch below where a short, tight black mini-skirt started, which was probably inappropriate for a woman in her early forties, but she had long, skinny beautiful legs that made the skirt perfect for her body.

“Uhhh…yeah…Is Tory home,” I stuttered out my questioned.

“No, she called me and said she was running late, but come on in,” she said. “I’m Nicole, Tory’s mom.”

“You’re her mom,” I asked incredulously. “You don’t look old enough to have a daughter Tory’s age, but I see now where she gets her drop-dead beauty.”

When I said that I immediately realized I was flirting (no, hitting on) my…(I don’t really know how to categorize the relationship with Tory)…fuck friend’s mom.

“You’re too sweet,” she said with a smile, which communicated to me she appreciated the compliment. “I was just making myself a drink. You want one?”

I said that I did and we went into the kitchen. I made sure to let her lead the way so I could admire her tight ass as it moved eloquently in the tight skirt.

She made a margarita for herself in the kitchen while I helped myself to a beer out of the refrigerator.

“Tory called and said that you were coming over,” Nicole said after taking a big drink of the margarita. “She told me to keep you entertained until she got home. So what does it take to entertain a young man like yourself?”

When she finished with last question, she began to walk slowly toward me.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I replied staring directly at her chest as she approached.

“You like them, don’t you,” she asked.

I nodded my head at the same time as she reached out and grabbed my cock through my slacks.

“Wow, already hard,” she said.

I did not wait for another moment. I immediately reached out and pulled her hips into mine. Our mouths met and we passionately kissed. We wasted no time in moving things forward. We kissed, undressed ourselves, kissed again, undressed each other in no particular order, but we were both naked in less than a minute.

As she undressed, I caught glimpses of her body. Her tits were a little saggy but very nice, her stomach was not as firm as it probably had once been, but when turned around and bent over the sink, I saw that her ass was still in great shape.

Like Tory and Brianna had done over the weekend, Nicole produced a condom seemingly out of nowhere. I quickly wrapped it around my cock and pressed it against the opening of her pussy. I did not have to push in, because she pushed herself back onto me and allowed my cock deep into her.

The raw sexual energy between us immediately took over as I pounded into her as she pushed violently back into me. Within a few moments, her first orgasm swept over her. The screams of her first orgasm were quickly replaced by the screams of another, and then another. Tory was a wild woman when we fucked, but not near as orgasmic as her mother. She had a fourth orgasm before she pushed me out of her.

She led me to the table, where she hopped up on it and laid back, spreading her legs wide. Not needing a verbal invitation, I buried my cock into her pussy and began to fuck her as hard as I had been doing from behind. She wrapped her legs around my waist to make sure I got as deep as I could with each thrust.

She was soon having another orgasm as my cock was now hitting her in new places. When she climaxed, I continued pounding with relentless force. To my amazement, another orgasm came over her.

She already cum at least five times, maybe six or seven, before I felt my own orgasm building, which I was thankful for because I thought Tory might be home soon. I know she had walked in on me fucking her roommate and she joined, but I was not sure how she would take the site of me fucking her mom.

“Yeah…fucking cum for me,” she demanded as our eyes met and she sensed I was ready. “Take that fucking condom off and blow on my chest and stomach. I want to see your fucking cock spray its goddamn seed.”

Quickly, I pulled out of her and got the condom off just before I shot my first load. It left a stream of cum from the middle of her chest to her belly button. I grabbed and stroked my cock as I shot another load directly onto her stomach. My third shot had the greatest force as it landed on her chin and upper chest. A few more shots of cum landed on her stomach before a final few drips landed just above her pelvic bone.

I actually felt a little light-headed when I finished cumming on her. I sat down on the chair next to me to catch my breath. However, Nicole was quickly off the table to get a towel off the counter to wipe cum off her.

“Wow, eskort bayan that was a lot of cum,” she said turning back to me and wiping herself clean. “Considering how much Tory said the two of you fucked over the weekend, you produced a lot of cum again.”

“Tory told you about the weekend,” I asked. I do not know if I was surprised or what, before the comment did catch me off guard.

“Yeah, she called me this morning to tell me about this guy she’d met with an absolutely magnificent cock and that the two of you had pretty much fucked all weekend long.

“I have to admit, she was right about the magnificent cock,” she continued, obviously stroking my ego. “But I guess she should know since she’s been fucked by some of the best cocks in the business.”

“What do you mean she’s been fucked by the best cocks in the business,” I asked feeling control of the situation quickly leaving me.

“Holy shit, she didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“Wow, I figured that since she had told you she was a stripper and a part-time escort, or I should say a high-priced hooker, I just assumed she had told you…”

“Tell me what,” I interrupted.

“That she’s a porn star, and a damned good one at that.”

“Tory’s a fucking porn star,” I repeated her, not really knowing how to react to the news.

“Yeah, that’s where she’s at right now. The shoot was running long…I’m sorry, I thought you knew.”

“No, I didn’t. Wait…your okay with your daughter being a porn star,” I asked still sitting in the chair.

“How do you think she got started in the business?”

“You do porn also,” I replied knowing I was no longer in control of the situation.

“Yeah, a little. After I got divorced from Tory’s dad, I met this guy that produced porn movies. He quickly introduced me to swinging and before long I went to the studio with him. A couple of times I served as a fluffer and then I was on screen. Tory found one of my videos and then one thing led to another…She’s much better than I am…younger, firmer, prettier, a natural nympho onscreen.”

“Well I wouldn’t say prettier,” I said trying to regain some of my senses while at the same time my cock was coming back to life with all of the porn talk. “I bet you were one hell of a piece of ass when you were younger…Damn, you’re a fucking hot piece of ass now.”

“You’re too sweet, but you don’t have to flirt anymore, you’ve already fucked the hell out of me,” she said as her eyes moved to my cock, which was twitching back up. “Tell you what, follow me into the living room, Tory’s got a DVD that she has burned a lot of her scenes on to.”

As I followed Nicole into the living room, I looked and saw that my hairless cock was starting to point out a little. I had always felt fortunate to have a cock that pointed almost straight out when hard instead of straight up. It had always served me well in bed. As I looked at it straightening out, I realized that a professional porn star had been bragging about my cock. Not too mention the fact that I had just brought another porn star to five or six orgasms in fifteen minutes with my cock. I started to sense some control returning to my world.

I sat on the couch where just a few hours before, Brianna, who I now assumed was also a porn star, kept me company while I waited on Tory top return from her escort escapade Saturday night.

Nicole was at the DVD player and when she put it in the player, she bent over and gave a beautiful pussy shot.

The screen came on and Tory was front and center being interviewed. She wore nothing but a pair of red platform heels, red g-string and red push-up bra. As she talked on screen, Nicole joined me on the couch. She sat down directly beside me and threw her right leg over my left leg.

Pretty soon, Tory was joined on screen by a naked guy with a large, hard cock. Immediately she began sucking it. However, I was quickly amazed at how rough the scene got. Tory had loved it when I slapped her ass when we fucked, but this guy was slapping the hell out of her tits as well as her ass. However, each slap only increased the intensity at which Tory blew his cock.

Before long he was fucking with two fingers in her pussy and then another two in her ass. As I watched, I was now completely hard watching the woman that I fucked over and over this weekend, was now onscreen fucking like a cock-crazed slut.

After she sucked him, there was no other foreplay. The guy flipped her over rather forcefully and violently entered her ass from behind, which brought screams of pain and joy. As he fucked her ass, he continually slapped her ass cheeks until they were both bright red.

I had not realized I had begun altıparmak escort to stroke my cock until I looked down. I instinctively felt awkward about doing this in front of Nicole until I looked next to me and saw she had at least a finger, maybe two, in her pussy as she watched. That is when the bizarreness of the situation hit me. I was sitting next to Nicole stroking my cock as she fingered her pussy while we both watched her daughter get fucked in the ass onscreen in a porn movie. However, she was just as turned on as I was.

As I stroked my cock with my right hand, I reached around her shoulders and began to play with her left tit. Immediately, she began to stroke my balls with her free hand.

I turned my attention back to the screen where Tory was now riding this guy’s cock in her ass. At least she was sitting on his cock, while he forcefully pounded her ass from underneath her. Her loud screams of joy and pain continued. Every so often, she was jump off the guy and suck his cock so that she could taste her ass on him.

The fact that I was watching a porno with an actress I personally knew and had fucked with her mother who was sitting beside me with two fingers in her pussy and her other hand stroking my balls while I stroked my own cock and played with her tits with my other hand was hotter than anything I could have ever experienced in my life.

A few minutes later the guy was shooting his load on Tory’s face and into her mouth. The screen soon went blank before another scene started. This time, Tory was sitting on a couch between very well-built guys while she wore the skimpiest of summer outfits.

“I’ve got to fuck you again,” I whispered into Nicole’s ear. “I can’t wait for Tory to get home.”

She told me to get a condom out of the end table. As I got one out, it dawned on me about the condoms since they were in the business and I was not.

Nicole was now lying on her side. I got in behind her so that I could watch the screen and slid my cock between her legs. She parted them and allowed me to easily penetrate her again. The pace this time was much slower.

I moved in and out of her much slower as I spent more time concentrating on the TV screen where Tory was getting manhandled by two guys as they shoved their cocks into her various holes.

I was so into the scene that I did not hear the front door open and close.

“I guess you know my secret,” Tory whispered into my ear, which startled me. “And I guess you’ve met my mom.”

I really had no idea what to say, but Nicole quickly spoke.

“I’m sorry Tory, but I thought he knew,” she said as I continued to fuck her from behind while we were on our sides.

“That’s okay, Mom. Besides, I think Mike seems to like the fact his new girlfriend is a cock whore fucking porn star. Watching her get fucked onscreen while he fucks her mom. That sounds like a porn script to me, if I’ve ever heard of one.”

More turned on than ever, I continued to fuck Nicole. Tory stood up and facing the television undid her sundress, letting it fall to the floor and revealed she wore nothing underneath. Her ass cheeks were bright red from the pounding they must have just taken from her afternoon of working/fucking.

Nicole and I changed positions. She was now riding me as I buried my face into her full chest. I soon felt a tongue on my balls and realized Tory was licking my balls and lower shaft as her mom rode my cock.

It was way too much for me too handle. I felt an orgasm building, as did the girls.

“You know Mom,” I heard Tory said very matter-of-factly. “We’ve never shared another man’s cum with each other.”

“You know what,” Nicole said as she moved off my lap. “You’re right.”

They pulled the condom off my cock and stood me up. They both got directly below my cock as I shot three small loads of cum onto their faces and into their mouths. Immediately Tory and Nicole, daughter and mother, began licking my cum off the other’s face. After that, they began to kiss, swapping my cum into each other’s mouth with their tongues.

I had thought it was very cool when Tory and Brianna had done that Saturday night, but to see a mother and daughter share your cum…Well, words can not quite describe it.

“Well, I’ve got to get home,” Nicole said, standing up. “Your step-dad is expecting home soon. I can’t wait to tell him about the new cock his step-daughter has found.

“You really do have an amazing cock,” she said kissing me on the cheek. “Let me know if you ever want to earn some money with that thing.”

“Mom,” Tory protested loudly. “Mike and I have some really important things to discuss now before we can even think about that.”

She was right about that. I think she was worried about my end reaction to all of this. However, I only was worried about whether her ass was too sore from working/fucking this afternoon to let me fuck it later.

I guess that is the main difference between a man and a woman, even if the woman is a porn star.

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