Little Lorna 02: Anal Virgin


Little Lorna 02: Anal Virgin

Everyone in this story is over the age of 18!

Thank you to “Dougslair” for editing for me!

Part 1

Lorna turns 18 and gets a job as an Administrator for a law firm. After working there for a while, she meets David Michaels, I very well-established lawyer for the firm. Due to her hard work he takes her as his PA and they form a close bond. After a successful deal the two kiss, when David breaks it, the next day he gives Lorna a contract of agreement as he wants a woman with full obedience. The thought turning on the 18 year old virgin, Lorna signs it and immediately David makes her give him a blowjob. He then proceeds to taker her virginity and they explore BDSM. After making her put in a butt plug, David makes Lorna sleep on a dog bed whilst tied to a radiator.

The Morning After

Lorna groggily woke up, when she attempted to move she felt her neck choke and remembered that she had a collar on and the leash attached was tied to the radiator. The choking forced a little noise out of her mouth and she realised that she accidentally woke up David.

“What is it?” He asked whilst rubbing his eyes and sitting up in his bed.

When he sat up his abs and beautiful body instantly grabbed the young girls attention, Lorna very quickly reverted back to her submissive state.

“Sorry Master, I didn’t mean to wake you. I just moved and forgot about the collar.” She told him.

“That’s okay, get back to sleep it’s still early.” David replied and then lay back down.

Lorna could see through the window that it was still night outside, so she attempted to get into a more comfortable position. When she moved she remembered about the plug she had in her arse as it was pushed deeper inside of her virgin hole.

This is so crazy! She thought, but couldn’t help getting aroused by it all.

Eventually she managed to get into a comfortable enough position on the expensive dog bed and fell asleep.

“Lorna? Time to get up.” David’s voice whispered.

Lorna felt a hand on her shoulder and her eyes slowly flickered awake, she could see the daylight coming in through the windows and the sun forced her to squint her eyes.

“What time is it?” She asked rubbing her eyes and looking up to see David stood over her in just boxers.

“7am, I’ve made you breakfast.” He said as he untied the leash from the radiator.

“Thank you.” She replied with a yawn and then felt the leash being pulled by David.

She knew what to do. Lorna began to crawl behind him as though she was his pet. She couldn’t explain it, something about acting like a pet for this amazing man had her young pussy already soaking wet.

Following behind, Lorna looked up and marvelled at David’s amazing back muscles that moved as he walked. It didn’t take long until they had both made their way to his dining room.

“You can sit on the chair.” He told her.

She smiled back at him at sat herself up, her knees cracked as she did so and sat down to see a full English breakfast in front of her.

He is amazing. She thought as she picked up the knife and fork.

“Do you need to get back to your dads?” David asked.

“There’s no rush. He thinks I’m at a friend.” She told him.

“Good,” He said with a smile, “We’re going to go shopping.” He told her.

“What for?” Lorna asked whilst tucking into her breakfast.

“You’ll find out.” David said.

Lorna kept moving around whilst having breakfast, the fact that she was completely naked took no effect over her. In fact she felt somewhat free being completely naked in front of her older lover.

“Is something wrong?” David asked.

“The plug, it’s not the most comfortable.” Lorna replied trying to lean on one cheek so the plug wasn’t pushing deeper inside of her.

“You’ll be having bigger than that one in you, so you should get used to it.” David said with a straight face.

“Yes, Master.” Lorna replied, loving David’s dominant tone.

For the rest of their breakfast, Lorna would catch David staring at her and smiling. When they were finished David pushed back on his chair.

“Time for your second breakfast.” He told her.

Lorna smiled, knowing exactly what he meant and she knew she would happily obey.

She gave him one last grin before she slid off her chair and silently crawled over to her Master. When she reached between his legs, she wrapped her fingers around his boxers and pulled them to the ground.

There it is, my new best friend. Lorna thought as she stared at his soft cock, It still looks big even when he’s not hard! She thought.

Lorna took his soft cock into her delicate hand and instantly wrapped her lips around it. She began to swirl her tongue around his head and shaft and felt him start to grow in her mouth.

Feeling this amazing man’s cock going from soft to hard in her mouth sent waves of pleasure through Lorna’s body, knowing she was giving Trabzon Escort him this joy.

“Mmmm, that’s better.” David moaned running his hands through her blonde hair.

Once he was fully hard Lorna tightened her plump lips around his cock and started to slowly bob up and down on it. Wanting to savour this moment of pure happiness as she pleased this amazing man.

Of all the women he could have, he chose me. I’m so lucky. She thought as she savoured his cock.

For a while, Lorna simply bobbed up and down on this hard cock. Massaging the tip with her tongue as her spit was spreading around his shaft.

“Take it deeper.” He moaned out and tightened his grip on her hair.

“Mmmm.” Lorna moaned, opening her mouth and forcing herself deeper on the cock. She was determined to be able to take the full thing down her throat or die trying!

As her lips went further down the cock, she felt the head hitting her throat and had to force herself not to gag. His thick, throbbing head was resting against her throat and all she could do was let out a gargling sound.

“Deeper!” David ordered.

Taking a breath through her nose, once again Lorna opened her mouth slightly and pushed deeper. She could feel her throat being stretched around the cock as it slid down her. Every inch pushing down her young throat.

“GGLLLLGGGGGGG!” She gagged as David’s hands held her firmly down on it.

She was starting to find it hard to breath with this cock down her throat, but she was still unable to feel his balls and knew she didn’t have the entire thing in her. With one last push, Lorna forced her head further down and just felt his balls hit her chin before her gag reflex kicked in.

She instinctively pulled back and coughed as some spit poured down her chin.

“Fuuckk!!” She gasped for air, she looked up at David who was smiling down at her.

“Good slut, now get back onto my cock!” He ordered.

Giving him a smile back, Lorna wiped her chin filled with spit and wanting to please her Master she began to rub the spit into her big tits and pinched her nipples before diving back down onto the cock.

No longer lovingly sucking, she was giving the sloppiest blowjob she could as she bobbed up and down faster and faster.

Bringing her hand up, she began to massage his balls with her spit filled hands. Then she felt them tighten in her hand, his cock swelled up and she knew she was about to be rewarded with a thick load of delicious cum.

“Yeesss.” David moaned as load after load of cum was fired into her mouth.

Being a good slut, Lorna swallowed every last drop down and carried on milking his cock until he started to go soft in her mouth.

“Good slut.” David said standing up and pulling his cock from the young girls mouth, “Now go and get dressed.” He told her.

Lorna stood up, gave him one last smile as she savoured the taste of cum in her mouth and then and went back into his bedroom. Apparently at some point in the morning David had washed and dried her clothes and hung them up. She put them on and went back into the living room to see David ready to go.

“Let’s get going.” He said.

“Yes Master.” She replied.

The Shopping Trip

The two drove to a shopping centre that Lorna had never been before, mainly because it was where the most expensive shops were. Obviously, price was no problem for David.

“Come on then.” He said pulling up and getting out of the car.

Lorna got out and followed him, walking next to David, she was hoping he would hold her hand again but unfortunately this was not the case. Although it brought some sadness to her, she was just happy to be with him.

What did surprise Lorna was when they went around a corner and David led her into a very fancy looking lingerie shop. Oh wow, am I going to get some sexy outfits? Lorna thought, getting excited with the idea, I can’t believe I never thought I could be this kinky!

Upon walking in there was a beautiful woman, who must’ve been in her 40s smiling at them both.

“Mr Michaels, lovely to see you again.” She said in a soft voice.

“Nice to see you too Claire.” David said shaking her hand.

How do they know each other? Lorna thought but remained silent, wanting to be a good slave for her Master.

“I am looking for some items of clothing for Lorna here. Can you help her?” David asked.

“Of course, come with me.” She said speaking to Lorna.

She then looked at David with a bit of confusion.

“Are you not coming?” Lorna asked him, not wanting to be alone in this shop.

“I will be getting some other items we need. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.” David said and walked off.

Lorna watched him walk away, when she turned around Clairee had already walked a few feet away before turning around and smiling at Lorna. Lorna picked up the pace to catch up to the older woman.

“What are we getting?” Lorna asked.

“Some lingerie.” She replied with a smile.

“How Trabzon Escort Bayan will we know what to get?” Lorna asked as they walked through the store.

“I know what Mr Michaels likes, don’t you worry.” She said in a happy voice.

How does she know what David likes? Has she slept with him?! Lorna thought to herself, a sudden jealousy hitting her.

Lorna watched as Claire grabbed a few different items of lingerie, taking a few different sizes for Lorna to try and see which fits.

“Mr Michaels liked these the last time, I’m sure you will look great in them.” Claire said handing Lorna the lingerie over.

“What do you mean last time?” Lorna asked.

“You aren’t the first girl that Mr Michaels has brought in here. And after repeat business, I know what he likes.” She said with a smile.

Although Lorna was smiling, inside she was upset by this, realising that she obviously wasn’t a one off for David.

“How many other girls has he brought here before?” Lorna asked, trying to hide her true feelings.

“A couple, usually around your age. Don’t worry though, you are the prettiest.” Claire said with a little chuckle.

Lorna didn’t reply, trying to hide her mix of jealousy and upset from hearing this. Instead, she grabbed the clothes and rushed to the changing rooms where she tried to control her breathing and hold back tears.

Am I just another person for him to conquer? Does he just go after young girls and then toss them aside?! He already had that collar, was that for me or did he have it with another girl? Millions of questions running through Lorna’s head.

She decided to push these thoughts to the side for now as there would be no point on dwelling on it, at least not until she can talk to David about it.

Instead, she got undressed and started to try on the lingerie.

Looking in the mirror, she almost couldn’t believe it was her standing there in a thong that had a hole where her pussy was, she had thigh high stockings on and a lacy bra.

Jesus, I have never thought about dressing like this before! She thought, but I do look kind of sexy.

After trying on a few different lingerie items, she kept the ones that fit and left the changing room where Claire was waiting for her.

“These are the ones?” She asked.

“Yep.” Lorna replied handing them to her before they both headed for the register where Lorna was happy to see David already waiting for them.

“Got some good items?” He asked with a smile.

“Yeah.” She grunted back to him. This is weird, am I jealous? She thought, never experience jealousy like this before.

Lorna stood to the side in silence and watched David buying the lingerie. She noticed that he was holding another bag but Lorna couldn’t see what was inside.

After he bought the lingerie the two headed back to car where Lorna didn’t say a word to him.

“Is something wrong?” David said as they both shut the car doors.

“Nope.” Lorna replied not looking at him.

David didn’t reply, instead he carried on driving them until they were back to his house.

Twenty minutes later they were back at his house and not a word had been spoken the entire drive back.

“Time to get you back into your collar.” David said shutting the front door.

“I don’t want that collar!” Lorna spat back at him.

“What?” David asked, utter shock on his face.

“I don’t want to wear some collar that you’ve used with other girls!” Lorna shouted, “Am I just another number to you? Just another young girl that you had submit to you?” Lorna blurted out and felt herself getting upset.

David must’ve been taken back by her outburst by the expression on his face. It was a few seconds until he managed to think of what to say.

“Lorna, I’m not looking for a romantic relationship. This is strictly sexual. I thought you understood that?” He said softly.

Lorna looked to the ground, instantly feeling badly for shouting at him.

“I know that,” She whispered, “I just, I just thought I was special. That you chose me, not that I’m just another girl for you.”

“Lorna listen to me,” David said and walked over to her, “you are special. I want you to stay as my submissive, but if you don’t want to continue, I understand and we can end this now.”

Lorna’s eyes shot wide hearing this, I don’t want to end it! She thought, I just want to be the only one.

“I want to carry on, I just don’t want to feel like just another girl to you.” She told him.

“You aren’t, trust me.” David said, slowly putting his hand onto her cheek and smiling at her.

“Promise?” She asked, looking into his eyes.

“I promise, you are mine.” David said and then paused, “And I’m yours.”

This brought a smile to Lorna’s face, giving her back some of her confidence.

“Plus,” David continued, “I have a brand-new collar, just for you.”

David turned around and his hand went into his shopping bag. He then pulled out a pink, very expensive Escort Trabzon looking collar with “Lorna” written on it.

Oh wow! Lorna thought.

“May I?” He asked holding it.

Lorna nodded at him and stood still.

David attached the collar around her throat and tied it at the back. Once he moved, Lorna turned to the side and saw herself in the mirror. Seeing the brand-new collar gave her a feeling of happiness and was then followed by the pure horniness of wearing a collar.

“Do you like?” He asked.

Lorna smiled at herself in the mirror and then turned to look at David.

“Very happy, Master.” She said.

“Good girl.” David said. He put his hand onto her shoulder and Lorna saw the hunger return to his eyes, “Now bend over and get your arse out.” He ordered firmly, taking back the role of the dominant.

“Yes Master.” Lorna replied.

She turned to face the dining room table and bent over, her hands reached back and pulled up her skirt and exposed her bare pussy and arse that was still filled with the plug.

In a second she felt David’s hands around her arse cheeks, he gripped onto them and pulled them apart to inspected the butt plug that was inside of her. With one finger, he started to push it forward and back.

“Ooohhh.” Lorna moaned, the feeling of this object in her arse bringing her a new form of pleasure.

“Do you like that, slave?” David asked.

“Yeess Master.” Lorna moaned out, feeling her pussy gush.

“Ooooohhh!” Lorna moaned in pain as David pulled the plug from her arsehole, having it for so long has left her with an empty feeling, along with the feeling of her arsehole being stretched.

“Go the bathroom, do your business and clean yourself then come back.” David ordered.

“Yes, Master.” She replied and rushed to the bathroom.

Doing as she was told, Lorna was soon back to being to the dining room and saw David standing there with an even bigger butt plug in his hands.

“Are you ready for the next one?” He asked.

“Yes Master.” Lorna replied, knowing she would take anything that he gave her.

“Good slut.” David said, “Bend back over the table.”

Without saying a word Lorna bent back over and exposed her arse to him again.


David stuck her arse which stung and made her entire body jump.

This is so fucking crazy! Lorna thought. Never in a million years did she expect to get into anything like this.

A cold liquid was suddenly poured onto her exposed arsehole and then she felt the lubed plug pressing against her.

Although she was already a little loosened from the previous one, she still felt some resistance from the larger toy.

It took a few minutes of pushing, she felt her hole stretch around the toy until her arse swallowed it.

“Hmmmmmm!” Lorna moaned out in pain, she gritted her teeth as her arse was stretched way beyond anything she has had before.

“Good girl, stay still.” David ordered.

Lorna didn’t move, her arse still burnt but she was trying to focus on anything other than the plug inside of her. Then, she felt something poking at her.

“Ooohh fuuuckk!” She moaned loudly and gripped onto the table as David, without warning, slid his entire cock balls deep inside of her drenched pussy.


“You like that you fucking slut?” David roared. He wasted no time with hammering in and out of the young girls pussy.

His skin slapped against hers and Lorna had to hold onto the table to stop herself being thrown forward.

“Yyyeess Masteeerr.” She moaned back, loving his thick cock fucking her pussy, mixed with the feeling of her arse being so full made a very intense pleasure.

David grabbed and squeezed her firm arse cheeks as he thrusted in and out of her wet pussy. He reached forward and Lorna felt him grip her blonde hair and yank her head bad.

“Oh fuck!” She moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure.

“Beg for me to fill your cunt with cum my slut!” David ordered.

“Oooh fuck!! Please Master!” Lorna begged, “Please fill my desperate, tight little pussy with your hot cum! Ruin my cunt with your big cock and fill me up!”

David was clearly in no mood for wasting time and properly hammered in and out of the young girls pussy over and over.

The room was filled with Lorna’s loud grunts and moans as she was being taken by this amazing man. Her pussy felt like it was twitching and clenching around his cock and she fucking loved it.

She was getting closer and closer to orgasm when suddenly.

“Yeeess!!” David roared and hammered into harder and Lorna felt the first shot of his cum filling her unprotected pussy.

“Yeees master!!” Lorna moaned, although she just about hadn’t cum she was hoping he would allow her too.

David kept his hard thrusts in and out of her pussy as he milked every last drop of cum inside of the 18 year olds pussy. When he pulled out Lorna’s pussy felt battered and she nearly fell down.

After a few minutes of staying still, David eventually said.

“Stand up.”

Standing up straight, Lorna’s body felt strange with this object inside of her. Every movement she could feel the toy move.

She could feel his cum leaking down her leg and her clit felt like it was throbbing between her legs.

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