Lindsey Learns the Strokes

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For LDM Thought I would write one more for you, baby. I know we can’t go back again, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss you and think of you often. After all, who could forget polyquats, huckleberries, Yellowstone, elk balls, and rolling around on soaking wet sheets? Damn, but we were good… Hope you enjoy the story, and remember; it would have remained random neural synapses were it not for your encouragements (and my lousy betting record)…Ragnarok, the E.E.

The cool water of the lap pool still felt great against his skin as Karl Whitman completed the first half of his daily metric mile swim. Karl loved the feel of the water flowing over his body as his powerful strokes carried him effortlessly into the wall. A smartly executed, energy conserving flip turn, followed by a crouch and quick leg extension push soon had Karl flutter kicking back in the direction from which he had just come. Karl had been disappointed that the highly disciplined swimming regime he had started a year ago had not helped him drop the full 15 pounds of extra weight he had been lugging around on his 6’ 2” frame, but the increased tone, leaner muscle mass, and aerobic stamina he had gained sure made up the difference.

Besides, there were other benefits. Could there be anything more arousing than an unplanned, random sighting of a ripe, beautiful woman in a sleek, unpadded Speedo racing suit? Especially in cool, early summer morning pool water. Taut, protruding nipples just begging for a warm tongue to…..

“Christ” sputtered Karl as he lost his concentration and botched his arm stroke and breathing rhythm. He stroked the rest of the way to the wall, coughing and sputtering water from his nose and mouth. Serves you right, butthead, he thought and even started to laugh at himself over his bizarre aquatic fantasy. Karl grasped the wall edge and pulled off his swim goggles, still choking and blinking water from his eyes.

“Are you alright? Do you need any help?”

“No, no. I’ll be fine as soon as I can get some air going”

Karl looked up into a very concerned face, and as the water cleared from his eyes, he noticed just how pretty a face she possessed. She was seated on the pool deck with her feet dangling in the water of the lane just to the right of Karl’s. In addition to that drop-dead beautiful face, Karl quickly noticed two very round breasts the size of early summer cantaloupes, held in place by only the thin spandex of an over-stretched Tyr racing suit. Her forward-leaning posture of concern for his lack of air caused those heavy breasts to hang down within the confines of the tight material. Her nipples were clearly visible in the light tinted fabric. Karl stared as her wide aureoles began to tighten right before his astonished eyes.

Realizing how much time had elapsed since her concerned inquiry, Karl wrenched his stare from her chest and directed his eyes further north. Too late. He caught a half perturbed-half bemused expression on her pretty face.

“You asshole, even going down for the third time you couldn’t stop yourself from staring at my boobs”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that they…” Karl realized the low likelihood of any good coming from finishing that thought.

“Just what?” she pushed him

Oh what the hell. In for a penny, in for a pound. “Just took up my whole field of vision” Karl waited for the acidic berating that he knew was coming.

Instead, the angels smiled and the busty mermaid laughed. Karl fought hard not to drop his line of sight back down to the hypnotic jiggling sway of her magnificent rack.

“I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on you. Even I have a tough time not thinking about them these days. I had a baby 5 months ago and, well, you know….”

Karl, who had plenty of experience with babies and new mothers with swollen, tender breasts (having 3 kids of his own), still struggled for any appropriate words to utter after this freely given confession. He didn’t struggle for long.

“I’m Lindsey Cross”’ she said, extending a graceful hand with long slender fingers.

“And I’m still embarrassed, but you can call me Karl, Karl Whitman”. Her hand was swallowed up in his wide wet paw.

“It’s OK, Karl. Forget about it. Besides, I have a favor to ask. I’ve watched you swim here, off and on, for the past few weeks. Aside from a few moments ago, you swim with a lot of power and grace, like a well-oiled metronome, for lap after lap. I want to learn to swim like that. That, and learn the flip turns. I need to take off another 5 pounds of my pregnancy weight gain. She paused. Then I’ll only be 10 pounds over my starting weight”

Lindsey smiled a mischievous smile, one you couldn’t help return. Her stock rose significantly in Karl’s eyes. Karl found himself beginning to like this new mother. He knew instantly that he would work with Lindsey for as much time as they both could spare. His momma hadn’t raised any fool.

For the next 20 minutes, Karl put Lindsey through some easy physical testing to see where she stood in terms of endurance and stroke forms. aliağa escort Although she had natural grace and decent wind, she obviously hadn’t had any formal training in swimming strokes, and wasted tremendous amounts of energy in thrashing arm and leg movements. Karl decided to have Lindsey lay out on the surface of the water on her stomach. He placed both his outstretched forearms under her body, with his big hands cupping her sides, one at the hip, the other at her ribs. This placed his left arm at the base of her breasts, and Karl could feel their buoyant weight pressing back against his arm. Karl got Lindsey to kick her legs using her strong thighs rather than bending her legs at the knees. He found he was even more rewarded when she kept shifting forward and pounding her pubic mound against his forearm with each scissoring motion of her thighs. When he shifted his arms forward, there were those spectacular jugs lolling down against his other arm.

Karl leaned down to tell Lindsey she was doing great when he noticed that she had her eyes closed and was panting slightly through her parted lips. Surprised, but pretty sure what was going on, he decided to test the waters and confirm his growing suspicions. Karl left his head down close to Lindsey’s face, and slowly separated his arms further apart, placing his left firmly against her breasts and his right forearm directly under her pubic bone.

Lindsey immediately bore her pelvis down into Karl’s arm and ceased the scissoring of her thighs. She moaned audibly, raised her upper torso, and settled back down with Karl’s hand in complete possession of her right boob. The fat nipple pierced down into Karl’s big palm. Karl softly began to massage the heavy breast through the stretchy fabric. Lindsey began an undulating rocking motion using Karl’s right forearm to masturbate herself in earnest.

This was a fantasy come true for Karl, and he was in no hurry to break the magic spell. After letting her prime herself awhile, he leaned closer to Lindsey’s ear, took a calculated risk, and whispered:

“Let it come, beautiful”

Through parted lips, Lindsey exhaled deeply and opened her dark brown eyes. She looked longingly into Karl’s face with a building tension. Seconds, then a minute ticked by.

“Ohhhh fuck,….fuck, you sweet bastard! I need this sooo bad. Ummmm..Ohhhhh, I’m gonna cum so hard…. cum all over you…squeeze my nipples…Umm, that it, baby…gently…Oh, baby, I’m so lonely…fuck meeeee…”

Karl quickly scanned the pool to verify that no other early morning swimmers had arrived, and, finding none, rolled Lindsey over onto her back. He looped his right arm between her splayed thighs, slipped his hand under the leg opening at the crack of her butt, and spread his fingers open. He grasped her ass cheek, firmly supporting her floating weight. His thick forearm was now pressed hard into the meat of her tautly covered crotch. Karl swiftly moved his other arm to support her shoulders, and foregoing her breasts for the moment, brought his mouth to hers for a wet, tonguing kiss.

After her initial shock at the rapid turn of events, Lindsey began to work both sets of her wet lips against Karl’s offerings. Lindsey once again began to puff like an overheated marathon runner, and began to thrust her pubes up and down most of the length of Karl’s forearm. Sensing she was about to peak, Karl licked one last time over Lindsey’s lips, backed away from her sucking mouth, and at just the right moment, demanded of her…

“Cum for me NOW, you sweet bitch”

Lindsey exploded. Hot fluid burst from her cunt, soaking her covered crotch and running in warm rivulets down Karl’s arm. The contrast of her pressure-released cunt cream next to the cool water of the pool was an incredible mind-fuck for Karl. Karl’s already stiff cock grew another hard inch and 50 additional points on the hardness scale.

Lindsey was babbling, only partially coherent. “Oh my God…. what just happened??…My poor weak bladder…..did I piss myself??.. I, I’ve never…never cum so hard…I’m so wiped out…”

Then, returning somewhat to reality, Lindsey suddenly realized that Karl must be in a blue-balled world of hurt. She placed her hands on Karl’s chest, and used her forefingers and thumbs to tweak Karl’s tight nipples. Karl jumped as the little electric shocks shot through him. Lindsey looked up into his eyes with a wide smile as she snaked her hands down his abdomen and cupped his pulsing cock. Karl watched her expression change from ‘woman-now-in-control’ to ‘Is this for real?’

“Didn’t expect this much in such cool water, baby”, Lindsey sighed.

“It’s not that cold in my Speedo’s, Lindsey, especially now”

“Karl, as much as I want to, I can’t let you fuck me now, not here. I’ve been off the pill since the baby was born”

“It’s OK, Lindsey. Just suck me off, baby…I want to feel your sweet lips sucking the cream right out of me”

“Karl….I’ve never even let my husband cum in my…..”

“But I’m not your husband, am I, sugar? Suck me. aliağa escort bayan Suck my hard cock, baby!”

“But what if someone comes along? Somebody might see us!”

“You weren’t worried a few minutes ago when you almost dislocated my shoulder! Get busy, baby, before I change my mind and fuck that sweet unprotected pussy”

“You bastard!” She said, grinning. She then lightly grabbed his bloated balls and squeezed. “You know I want it, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah…Time for breakfast, baby”

Karl reached down his flanks and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his Speedos and tugged down the tight elastic suit. Lindsey watched through the water as Karl’s massive cock and sperm swollen balls ballooned into sight. She grasped her fingers around the base of the big cock and gasped audibly when her slender fingers failed to encircle the entire circumference. Since Karl had even nastier plans in mind for this new playmate, he gave her little chance to dwell on the dimensions of the cock in her hands. He quickly reversed his position and sprang up onto the pool coping, exposing him from mid-thighs on up. He opened his legs, braced himself on the edge of the pool, and with one arm outstretched, guided Lindsey to his throbbing erection by placing his hand on the back of her thickly-maned head.

She willingly waded toward him, leaving little doubt as to what she intended to do. As she wrapped her arms around Karl’s muscular thighs, he guided his rock hard dick downward so that Lindsey could get her lips around the swollen glans. She licked wet circles around his blood infused plum and then tightened her lips around the thick shaft, just below the head.

“Pump me just like that”, Karl moaned

Lindsey uncurled her arms and wrapped both of her hands around the length of shaft not already engulfed in her hot mouth. She jacked Karl’s cock back and forth with a loose, skin sliding grip. Karl’s relaxing ball sac swung gently with the motion of Lindsey’s loving hand action.

“You like that, don’t you, baby”, Karl inquired.

“Ummmm…Ahhhhh…Yes! bastard…. I want it….God, you’re sooo hard…and BIG! So fucking BIG….ummmmm….”

“Jack it harder, Lindsey, and suck at the hole….tongue it, baby…taste me…get a taste of what’s to come….. “

“Oh my God, what’s happening to me….why do I let you talk to me like that??!”

“Shhhhh, baby….taste what you’ve always wanted……”

Karl placed his large hands on Lindsey’s face and moved her head back from the crown of his cock. He watched her lips follow the contour of the spear shaped head until her mouth was solidly pursed around his urethral opening.

“Look at me, sweetheart”

Lindsey’s shifted her eyes upwards until they were locked with Karl’s.

“Now squeeze my balls gently, baby.”

With eyes locked, and with his balls being gently rolled and palpated, Karl alternately tightened and relaxed his ejaculatory muscles until he felt several large dollops of seminal fluid escape from the head of his cock onto Lindsey’s sucking tongue.

Lindsey’s eyes widened as she felt, then tasted the slightly salty, viscous fluid that had oozed from Karl’s glands. But she didn’t pull away or close her eyes.

Karl reached down with both hands and cupped Lindsey’s breasts, pressing and circling her rigid nipples with his strong thumbs.

He smiled into her upturned, astonished face, and said simply, “Show me, but don’t swallow.”

She knew immediately what he wanted from her, and opened her mouth to reveal Karl’s generous portion of pre-cum clinging to her tongue. Then she waited.

Karl reached down and grasped the strip of thin suit material that clung to her crotch and ran between her legs. He tugged the crotch aside to the hollow of her inner thigh, relieving her of her prominent camel-toe. Her shapely pussy lips relaxed into his cupped hand. Karl noticed that she maintained her dark pubic hair in a closely cropped natural ‘V’. He shifted his hands from her breasts and cunt to her armpits and lifted her effortlessly from the water onto his lap so that she ended up in a sidesaddle position across his thighs. As he settled her down, she parted her legs slightly so that his cock slid along her slick pussy lips, emerging against her belly. Lindsey tightened her legs and gripped his hard cock between her soft thighs. Whenever she rocked slightly, she could feel his immense hardness and use it to rub her distended clit.

Karl, realizing what she was able to do, encouraged her by sliding his slippery shaft back and forth in her heated groove. He turned her head and plunged his mouth onto hers, tonguing his own clear semen from her mouth. Karl had never minded sucking his own cum from his lovers’ various openings, and had actually found that many women creamed their pants when he did this. Expecting Lindsey to encourage him to draw the cum from her mouth, he was surprised to find her tongue battling his for the fluid. He allowed her the lion’s share and felt her throat muscles working as escort aliağa she finally swallowed deeply.

Those weren’t the only muscles contracting in Lindsey’s overheated body. She moaned loudly, and he felt her sit down hard on his lap, pressing her cunt forward as she stiffened in a long series of pulsing pelvic contractions.

“Oh God….Oh God…I’m cummmminnnng! Fuck….oh FUCK” she panted open mouthed. “Oh, baby…baby….BABY!….here cums another one…..Aaahhhhhhh….”

Karl felt more warm fluid seep, then quickly gush from Lindsey’s loose-lipped pussy. He was delighted at how she uninhibitedly hunched in his lap and soaked his balls with the hot essence of her juicy cunt. The sweet fluids continued to pulse and drain from Lindsey’s core as her ass rose and fell in his lap.

Sweet Jesus, Karl thought, I have to possess this wild beauty NOW. He wanted nothing more than to stuff his 9 inches of thick cock up this woman’s slick, burning twat. The pressure in his balls and glands was beginning to border on painful.

He waited for a few seconds for her to start her emotional decline, and then slid his ass off the pool deck coping. Both of them hit the cool water together. Before Lindsey had a chance to react, Karl spun her around to face the tiled side of the pool. As she grasped the edge for support, he pulled the tank suit straps from her tanned, freckled shoulders and proceeded to peel the suit down her ripe curves as if peeling the skin from a plump grape. He had to temporarily pin her arms at her sides in order to free her upper body from the suit, and that’s when Lindsey started to realize what Karl intended to do right there at the side of the lap pool.

“Karl, are you nuts? We can’t do this here!”

“Baby, I‘m not waiting for a better time…you’re getting fucked right here and now”

“Oh for God’s sake, let’s go somewhere else. You can take all the time you want….”

“No, No, No…I’m about to explode here! I want your sweet cunt wrapped around my cock right now”

Karl pulled the tight suit over Lindsey’s swelling hips and down her thighs. He had to tug insistently to pull the crotch free, but Lindsey was soon naked in the shallow water of the lap pool. Karl flipped the sodden suit onto the pool deck with a wet plop.

Lindsey had been concentrating so hard on her present circumstances and possible humiliation of being discovered in the pool like this that she had completely forgotten about her unprotected reproductive system. The thought of an unwanted pregnancy by a man other than her husband finally galvanized her into action.

“Karl! Karl! Listen to me. My pussy is off limits! I can’t take the chance…”

“Oh, Damn!..Shit!….Lindsey, I forgot”

“Let me turn around, sweetie. I’ll get you off with my hands and mouth…. you’ll be in heaven in no time”

Staring down at the bobbing globes of Lindsey’s fine butt, Karl suddenly found inspiration worthy of a drunken Irish poet. He was relatively sure Lindsey had never had a man up her magnificent ass, but sometimes the shyer, reticent ones burned the hottest, and melted the quickest at the thought of performing the sluttier acts. Either that, or his balls were in serious jeopardy.

Karl grasped Lindsey by the hips and raised her until her ass left the water. He bent her gently over the edge of the pool. Lindsey was forced to outstretch both her arms with her palms on the deck in order to maintain her balance.

Karl pressed his body against Lindsey’s back, kissed her spine and neck tenderly, and whispered, “I’m going to lube myself in your cunt, Lindsey. Relax, OK? I won’t cum in your pussy, I promise.”

“Oh God, Oh God” moaned Lindsey, slapping her wet hair back and forth with the shaking of her head.

Karl placed his massive hands on both of her ass cheeks, with his thumbs tucked into the folds of her cunt lips. He pulled open the globes, widening the cleft and exposing all of Lindsey’s portals to the open air and his admiring eyes. The meat of her open cunt was inflamed, and a very deep red color from all the previous activity, but her vaginal opening was still an undilated little mouth. That would change shortly.

But what really intrigued Karl the most was Lindsey’s tightly puckered, dusty rose-colored asshole, winking at him in the sunlight. Her anal ring was clenched shut and showed no signs of ever having been used sexually. Karl decided to let Lindsey have some idea of what was to come, so he dipped his right thumb into Lindsey’s creamy cunt mouth and pushed in deeply. Lindsey let out a whoosh of air from the unexpected invasive touch. By rotating his fingers downward, Karl could cup her entire cunt in his hand, and press his cunt-enveloped thumb over and behind her pubic bone. Karl quickly found her sensitive pad of flesh and rubbed his thumb insistently over the small internal lump while pressing his palm and fingers against her labia and bulbous clit.

Once again, air gushed from Lindsey’s lungs and she rocked on his hand while Karl massaged her pussy with one hand and her left ass cheek with the other. She began uttering incoherent babblings interspersed with his name. Karl slowly removed his thumb and found it heavily coated with her thick cream. He ran the slippery pad of his thumb along her episiotomy scar and received another intense shuddering, along with more vocal pleadings.

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