Lincoln’s Pride Ch. 13


Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I used one in this story that people have been asking for. I’m not sure if it works, but I hope you like it. -Emri

-+-{Lincoln’s Pride}-+-

-‘[Part 13]’-

“You are so horny, my love. Bilaal did not take care of your needs?” Samir asked as I rubbed against him. The morning light was coming through the windows and I’d woken up to find him holding me and checking some things on his phone. He smelled clean and fresh, without the filth of the night before. He must have woken before me and went to shower. I rubbed a hand down his stomach until I found his hard, throbbing cock against his thigh.

“He did,” I yawned and kissed his hairy, brown nipple. I rubbed my nose into his muscled chest.

“But it wasn’t the same. He could not satisfy you as only your lion can?” Samir smirked and kissed my forehead. He pushed back my hair and his eager eyes locked on mine.

“What happened? And why is your hair so short? You look darker,” I noted as I appraised him.

“I was in the sun a great deal. I had to sneak into the Arizen tribe to work things out with them. I had to pose as one of them to gain access to my contacts there,” Samir confessed.

“It looks good on you, like a warrior,” I praised.

“That is what I am, sweet one. A leader is first a warrior for his people, a protector of his tribe,” Samir asserted. He studied me as his hand slid down to rub my ass.

“How did you fix things? What were all the papers I signed yesterday?” I urged.

“Did you want answers first or do I get to claim my reward of your hole?” Samir laughed.

“Answers! No… Cock! No… Do both,” I begged. I kept pressing into his chest to feel that he was really here with me. I made a little whine. It disgusted me how desperate I was for him. I lost my dignity completely. I lowered my eyes, ashamed to look at him like that, but he put his hand under my chin and lifted it for a kiss.

“It’s ok, Lincoln,” he read my thoughts as usual. “I missed you too,” he assured.

“You’re alive! You’re here! You’re… naked!” A voice yelled as the door to our room flung open. Caleb bounded in and flopped down on the other side of Samir. Samir pulled the comforter up his stomach quickly. Luckily, Caleb was on top of the comforter since Samir was naked and aroused underneath. He pushed his head under Samir’s right arm to lay against his chest.

“I could get used to waking up like this! Both of my boys. This is how it should be,” Samir laughed. My face was inches from Caleb’s as we rolled our eyes to each other.

“I don’t mind if Link doesn’t,” Caleb rubbed a hand up Samir’s chest.

He’s about to tell us what happened!” I shushed Caleb and looked up at Samir who was all too taken with the sight of the two loves of his life, former and current, sharing space on his chest.

“I got to thinking about the Arizen claim that they were being cheated on the shared tribal payments. Each tribe who earns above average profits must share some of it with the tribes earning below average profits. It is similar to how your country does taxes. Satra is the richest, most developed of the tribes, but we get resources and military protection from the less developed ones,” Samir explained.

“Get to the good part, did you shoot someone?” Caleb asked.

“I knew that if I could show which Satra families were not paying their fair share then we could resolve this with the Arizen. To do that, I needed to get in the database from the Arizen accounts. They use an antiquated system, but it is meticulous. I had to get to my friend who was assembling the best hackers. They could trace the payments all the way back to the original point before they all were combined,” Samir informed as he pet us like… pets.

“Is that why you shaved your head? I like it,” Caleb glowed.

“Yes, I had to sneak in to meet with them. Once I got their help, we were able to track the missing amounts back to one group of families. The Halabis, cheap bastards, they were putting in their payments but then diverting them back after the yearly audit. They made it look like the Arizen were spending their payments on products from the Halabi businesses. It was somewhat brilliant how they had set it up. But how can a starving people spend $100 million a year on cosmetics and specialty foods?” Samir shook his head.

“That’s terrible! Will they be charged?” I asked. Caleb looked over at me. He was already bored with the story and making faces at me. He was very immature sometimes.

“Well maybe, but I decided to leave that up to the Arizen. I only wanted to prove that the Hamad industries, all of my family assets, were being rightfully shared with their people. I wanted them to leave us alone so we could get back to business as usual. This has been harmful to my villagers. They did nothing wrong in this,” Samir sighed.

“And me! I’ve been bored with the shutdown. All I’m doing is apologizing,” Caleb pouted.

gaziantep bayan eskort “And yes, poor Caleb,” Samir mocked. He kissed the top of Caleb’s hair.

“I went directly to the Arizen leaders. I offered them the proof they needed, but we talked it over and decided revenge would be better. My family along with other Satra leaders have enough collective stock in the Halabi businesses to control them. We decided to all sell our stocks to the Arizen for a very reduced price,” Samir noted.

“Is that what I signed for yesterday? There were so many papers,” I said as my lip brushed his nipple. It made him shiver and he quickly lost all interest in Caleb. He turned to look down at me.

“Some of them. See, we couldn’t let the Halabis on on what we were doing. So everyone sold off a few portfolios of the smallest junk they could find and threw in the Halabi stock. Then we spread the word that Satra leaders should liquidate and disperse our assets in foreign places before the Arizen could lay claim. It worked. Even tribal leaders not in on our plan dumped stocks and things that were too close to home,” Samir said as he put his nose against my scalp and breathed me in. He loved my hair, my smell.

“That’s genius!” Caleb said, feeling left out. I reached over to him and rubbed his cheek. He had been a good friend, and I knew a piece of Samir belonged to him.

“Well yes, that was step one. The next step is for the Arizen to assemble the stock and begin to exert control over the Halabi industries. I told them they would have enough to ruin them, but they are placing their top financial minister on it to instead extract what is owed them. They will need another week or so to accomplish this so we will stay here,” Samir informed.

“You’ll be staying?” Caleb perked up.

“Yes, until this is settled we have to appear as though we ran. The Arizen have promised to protect our home and allow our villagers safe commerce as a reward. They are honorable men so there is no reason to doubt that our people will be in danger.” Samir rubbed his nose against my hair as I slid my hand down to his cock under the comforter. I needed him soon.

“Then why did you go silent on me? I was worried,” I sniffed.

“Me too! I was so torn up,” Caleb lied.

“I know, my loves. I am so sorry for that. The Arizen needed assurance that I would complete my mission and keep my word. Until Lincoln transferred the stocks, they silence my communication. They couldn’t risk me double-crossing them. An Arizen guard held my devices and we flew to Mexico City while the deal was going through. When we arrived, he waited to confirm that everything had been accomplished. He gave me my passport and items and flew home while I got on the first plane I could find to Los Angeles. I found you as soon as I could,” Samir assured me. I noted that he hadn’t woken Caleb last night to assure him.

“So now we wait?” I asked. I had so many questions. I looked across to Caleb, he was happy we would be here.

“Waiting isn’t so bad. I have a boy under each arm, both of them waiting to please me. I can think of worse places to wait.” Samir gave a smug look that made it unsure if he was joking.

“It’ll just be Link for the time being. I’m a little sore right now,” Caleb informed.

“Why did I have to sign the papers though?” I ignored Samir’s joke.

“When I hired you, that first week, I put you through tests to see that you were loyal and competent. I didn’t expect you to be so good with my business or learn things so quickly, so eagerly. I was impressed with you. Caleb was as well. We both agreed to have you sign paperwork to handle legal affairs in my absence. It is why Ali had you do it. You are also an American citizen so it was easier to file things under your name,” Samir said.

“It was my idea. I used to have to sign for things when Samir was busy,” Caleb laughed.

“You trust me,” I glowed.

“Of course, my heart. Caleb was very thorough in finding the perfect boy to carry out the things he did not want to do anymore. He is actually quite shrewd with research and professional matters when he is focused. Businessmen underestimate him to their own peril sometimes. He was quite focused in finding someone to replace him for the parts he didn’t want to do anymore,” Samir said in a hauntingly sorrowful note as though he missed Caleb.

“Like paperwork, obedience, boring little cub duties. Linky-dink can have it all,” Caleb said with sincerity. He really did want me there.

“I’m ready to go home,” I said and looked to see Samir’s eyes flare with understanding. He knew what I meant. I wanted to be back to our lives together in Satra, my school, our home.

“We will, my love. It will be over soon… Ali is flying in today. I should go check on Emerson,” Samir noted.

“You didn’t check in on me,” Caleb mumbled.

“I most certainly did. I peeked in last night and saw you were happily wrapped up with an Arabian boy! I assumed you were back to normal,” Samir laughed.

“It’s why I’m sore… Not complaining though,” Caleb smirked.


Things were a little awkward at breakfast. Bilaal and the others had already eaten, but he joined us to give Samir an update on things with the house and setup he’d done here for us.

“I’m very pleased! You can take Emerson and the boys to the airport to pick up Ali this afternoon. They want to be there when he arrives. Caleb, you and I have a little business to sort out. You’ve done well managing things here, but we need to grow it. I’ve set up a meeting for us for a few local leads. We have to make up some of the money this shutdown has cost us. You’ll handle things after I leave.” Samir was in work mode. He was ready to get back to work.

“I can help with…” I started to say but Samir cut me off with a dissenting headshake.

“I need you to stay here, little one. Tonight you will be my sole focus, but there is much to do. They are going to show us some properties and business ideas. There won’t be room for all three of us,” he said as he put a hand to my cheek and looked at me with those eyes that said nothing else mattered.

We finished up our breakfast while Samir went over plans with Caleb. Bilaal and I looked at each other with shared unimportance. Samir and Caleb put on nice clothes and headed off to their meeting.

“Do you want to work out with me?” Bilaal asked when he found me trying to read a magazine in the quiet living room. I had on my workout shorts and a red muscle shirt. I looked over at him with awkward hesitation. We had an abrupt ending to what was building between us. I nodded.

We spent a good hour smashing it out on the weights and cardio. He kept the conversation light as though he had pre-planned several acceptable topics and comments. There was a professional callus that formed over our relationship. He was there for our security and well-being.

The house staff back in Satra was different. They treated me like a ghost. When I broke the wall and spoke or touched them, they jumped in fear that there would be retribution from the Hamad men. Cubs were off limits. When put through the cultural sieve of American equality, we changed from untouchable ghosts to children who needed to be pampered and protected.

Bilaal headed off to his own shower and got ready to take Emerson and his boys to meet Ali at the airport. I went to my room, cleaned up, and then found myself in an empty house. I texted Samir who said he still had a lot of business left and wouldn’t be home for awhile.

I decided to head out. I couldn’t sit around the house all afternoon feeling useless. I didn’t have a car, but I had the rideshare app on my phone for emergencies. I knew Samir wanted me to stay put, but he was busy with Caleb.

I put on jeans, a tight blue muscle shirt that had “Owned Boy” written in Arabic, and red skater shoes. Samir had the shirt made for me as a joke, but it was tight in just the right spots with a low v-neck that showed my pecs so he liked to see me in it. My hair was a mess of blonde going in every direction, but Samir seemed to like it that way. He’d said it looked like I’d done a really good job and my head got too many pats.

The driver who picked me up was thrilled to have a passenger that would take her into LA where she could spend the rest of the day with more lucrative fares. She was proud of her ancient Honda Civic. I gave her a hefty tip.

I got dropped off in the area Bilaal had shown me. I’d remembered seeing a vintage surf and skate shop that I wanted to check out. I hadn’t been on a board since junior high, but I used to keep up with my friends when we went. An older cousin had given me his ancient skateboard when he got his driver’s license. If I was going to spend the next week or so trapped in the compound, it might not be bad to relearn some old tricks.

I was looking at the boards deciding between a short board and one that was a custom art piece with the California bear skating across the flag. It was something I didn’t usually go for, but it was a souvenir I could take home. People always seemed to light up when I said I was from here. It carries its own culture.

“You again!” A somewhat familiar voice sounded behind me. I turned to see Jace, the smoky gay boy from the juice bar standing close behind me. He was tall, gangly and pale with small black plugs in each ear. He had black-framed hipster glasses on and his dark brown hair flopped in a swoosh across his forehead. He eyed me with an eager stare.

“Ahh hey man, what’s good?” I asked with a wink.

“Nice shirt. What does it say?” He pointed to my chest with a lump in his throat.

“Gotta learn Arabic, no cheating bro!” I laughed. I brushed my hair back with my fingers and saw him squirm nervously.

“Are you getting that board? I’ll put your name on it or whatever… if you want. You can pick different wheels too.” Jace leaned around me and gave one of the wheels a flick. As it spun, I caught him sniffing my cologne.

“You work here?” I was impressed. He looked more like a barista than a skater.

“Part time. They like my art though. I made this one freehand.” He traced a finger over the bear as he brushed against my chest.

“Wow! Now I have to buy it! It’s really well done. You have talent.” I picked up the board and looked around for the register.

“I just like to draw… Come in the back with me. I’ve got my air pens so we can write on it for you!” Jace hopped excitedly. I followed him back behind the counter. He had a tiny studio setup in the back room with big open windows for ventilation.

“Can you do Arabic script?” I asked knowing just what I wanted to put on the board.

“If you can draw it, I can do it!” He glowed at the chance to show me his craft. He handed me a notepad and pencil. “But you have to tell me what it means! Your shirt too!”

I told him it said “owned boy” as I wrote out my name as Samir did it. He always put it as ‘Lincoln Hamad’ claiming he’d forgotten my real last name and that it didn’t matter anymore anyways. Jace had a million questions and I noticed his pants tenting as I opened up about it.

“Holy fuck that is hot!” He was on the edge of his seat.

“I guess so. Some days though it just feels good to get out and be myself for awhile. It’s really just like any other family,” I shrugged and handed him the paper as it hit me that the Hamads were really my family now.

“Nah, nah, nah! You’re going to help me, bro! This is your board. It needs your touch. I’ll show you how easy it is,” he declared and grabbed two white masks out of a drawer to cover our mouths and noses. He fired up a little machine and I picked out a gold paint to go with the red and green of the flag.

“Here, let me,” Jace said. He raised up on his toes to pull the string behind my head and then secured the circular mask over my nose and mouth. He pushed back my hair as though he’d accidentally mussed it. He put his own on and then fired up the small machine. He loaded the gold paint and then secured my board on his table. He put the wheels into locking trays so it wouldn’t slide.

“Ok. Just relax and I’ll guide your hands,” he said with a tone of authority as he got behind me and handed me the airbrush pen. He put his hand over mine and put his other arm around me. I’m not sure why, but his technique required his left hand pressing against my abs. Maybe he wanted to hold me still.

He had the notepad with my Arabic scripted name next to the board. He studied it for a second before clicking a switch in the pen and moving my hand to the board. I felt the tent of his bulge grind slowly against my ass.

“That’s it, Lincoln, nice and easy. Let me guide you,” he whispered as he put his chin over my shoulder and guided me. He absentmindedly rubbed my abs as he concentrated on painting my name. He pushed up against me again and I could have sworn he was bucking his hips.

The script started to come to life. Jace took on a buzz of power as he showed me his expertise in action. He had that light grace of a gifted artist. He cleaned up my lines and straightened my script as though Arabic was his native choice of letters. He fattened up the arcs and leveled out the lines of my sloppy writing. I relaxed into his skinny arms as I did with a man of power.

“That’s awesome dude!” I praised as he finished up with my name. He kept on rubbing against my ass and I started to push back. There was something about seeing his artistry, his pride in creating amazing work; it made me feel submissive in his arms. Power has little to do with size or physical strength.

“Lincoln Hamad, owned cub,” he laughed as he clicked off the pen. He paused before releasing his hold on my stomach. He gave a quick peck of his lips against my cheek. He pulled away from me with a rub to my ass. I turned and smiled as my cheeks warmed with blush.

“Thanks, bro! It looks so beast!” I was amazed by it. I admired people who could make something so perfect look so easy.

“You want to try it out? I get a lunch break and there’s a small skate park out back! I’ll ring you up and we can head over if you want!” Jace was ready to make a day with me. I followed him to the register and added a healthy tip to the price. His eyes bulged appreciatively when he saw it.

We went out back where there was a wide cement path along a branch of the LA river. I had done enough yoga with Emerson to remember how to balance myself on the board. We skated down the path to a small park that had an area with ramps and rails for a few skater kids.

Jace gave me a sample of his moves to show off. He wasn’t exactly Street League quality, but he drew impressed nods from the other skaters. I rolled back and forth as I watched. He rolled over, jumped up, and then kicked his board up as he stood in front of me.

“Your turn, Linc,” He smirked. I felt the challenge. He was wanting my approval on this as well. Maybe Bilaal was right when he said Jace was all over me.

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