Let’s Play a Game Pt. 01


Jack and Kimberly had been married for just over a year now. Jack was a tall, slim young man with an athletic build. He had been working as an arborist at a local tree company and as a result kept not an ounce of fat on him. He looked the part of a lumberjack with a meticulously groomed short beard and golden brown short hair, parted on the left. Kim was nearly as tall as Jack, she did volleyball in college and it showed. She has a slim waist, long legs with a tight butt and large breasts for her frame. Ever the athlete she kept her long, smooth dark brown hair in a pony tail most of the time. At the high school she teaches at she often makes use of the gym after classes are over.

The couple shared a house at the end of a semi-private wooded road. The two story house stood on a lot between a neighboring house and a large wooded lot belonging to a large abandoned property with a long wooded road leading to a large unoccupied manor house. The neighboring house was separated by a tall privacy fence that was there when Jack and Kim bought the property.

One Saturday morning Jack and Kim were sitting on the couch in their living room watching TV. There happened to be a program on about water conservation. The particular conversation was about what the average person could do to not waste fresh water. The biggest offender was excessive toilet flushing. “I never knew it was so wasteful,” said Kim, “We should definitely do our part, do you have any ideas, hun?”

“Well the obvious answer is to not flush as often,” replied Jack.

“Or,” interrupted Kim, “We could play a game.”

“A game?” said Jack.

“Yeah! We could just not pee in the toilet! That’s the most wasteful water usage anyway. ” Kim replied.

Jack agreed to try it, wondering what Kim meant exactly and they continued watching the show. A half hour later Jack needed to pee. Getting up Escort Bayan Jack though about Kim’s game and walked through the foyer, past the downstairs bathroom and into the kitchen. Jack decided to pee directly into the sink, “It’s all pipes!,” he thought. Not one to be embarrassed in his own home Jack unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis. As he was walking over to the double basin sink Kim walked into the kitchen, holding an empty glass, “Oh my god! Wait, what are you doing?!”

“What you said we were going to do! I’m not using the toilet. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been holding it basically the whole TV show,” Jack said as he finished walking up to the counter which was conveniently just at crotch height. After some moments of pee shyness, urine erupted from the tip of Jack’s penis loudly striking the far wall of the sink, the metallic sound filling the room and echoing out into the foyer. Jack closed his eyes as he awoke to a feeling of pleasure he never felt before welled up inside him. Meanwhile Kim had come up to the sink and watched in wide eyed amazement. Grinning as she saw Jack’s cock start to enlarge slightly. Clearly her husband was enjoying this and reluctantly she was finding that she was too, especially as watching Jack pee all over the inside of their sink reminded her that she hadn’t used the bathroom since before the fated TV program too.

“Great,” Kim said, “Watching you go is making me need to pee too, but if you’re using the sink where can I go?” Jack didn’t respond, he either didn’t hear her or couldn’t, off in his own little world, naughtily peeing into the sink. “Crap, if I don’t find somewhere to pee soon I’m going to wet myself and if you’re not using the toilet then I can’t either!” Glancing around the room she remembered that she was carrying a glass into the kitchen. “Well,” she said to herself, “I might as well Bayan Escort try to pee into this, its either that or the floor.” Not ready to clean up a big mess (yet) Kim placed the glass on the tiled floor and pulled down the sweatpants and panties she was wearing in one swift motion. She positioned her vagina over the mouth of the glass and slowly released her bladder. She overshot her mark and a squirt of pee landed on the tile with a splat, creating a small puddle. “Whoops!” Kim quickly grabbed the glass and held it up, directly on her pussy. Much better, but the glass was filling up fast. As the level of urine was reaching her pussy she cut off the flow but was barely half empty. Jack who was just finishing up, shaking his dick over the sink was now intently staring at Kim squatting on the kitchen floor. “If you’re going to stare could you at least help me out a bit, dear, and empty this,” she said, handing him the warm glass of piss. He emptied it out, mixing their urine in the sink basin. Jack handed back the glass to Kim who was still dripping onto the floor and she instantly filled the glass up again. Kim was getting an immense thrill out of this, peeing wantonly into a glass in the kitchen right in front of her husband.

After emptying and filling the glass for a second time Kim noticed Jack’s dick was still sticking out of his pants, and fully erect! With her pants still around her ankles Kim pulled her husband over by his hips and guided his penis into her mouth, grasping his shaft with one hand. She moved her free hand down her body, clutching at her right breast and she went down, squeezing her erect nipple as her hand slid down to her wet pussy, wet in more ways than one. Rubbing her pussy while giving her husband a blowjob didn’t make it long for her to cum and neither did her husband. Taking the first load in her mouth she aimed his cumming Escort cock at the small puddle of piss on the tile, delighting in watching the white globules land in her urine. Giving her husband’s now limp penis one last clean up lick Kim pulled up her pants as she stood up, not caring for the wetness of her messy wee, she knew that this would be the new routine for her when ever she finished peeing.

“Well,” Jack said, as he gathered his thoughts. “It seems like we’ll be saving a lot of water in the future. Lets keep playing this game!” He put his dick back into his pants and zipped up his fly as he grabbed two clean glasses and filled them with water, handing one to Kim. “That is, water we aren’t drinking!” They both eagerly gulped down the water and refilled their glasses again.

“You’re right about that,” Kim said. “Who knew we’d both be perfect for this game? Now get the grill started, its time for lunch, I’m going to clean up this mess,” point to the mix of her pee and Jack’s cum on the floor. “I want my burger medium-rare,” she shouted as Jack was grabbing the hamburger patties from the fridge. Kim went to the bathroom under the upstairs landing to grab a towel to clean up their mess. As she took the wet towel to the laundry room she realized after all that stop and go peeing she still had a little bit of piss in her bladder. Looking at the piss soaked towel in her hand she decided she might as well pee on it for real and threw it in the hamper on top of the rest of the dirty laundry. Once more she slid down her sweatpants and panties and moved her butt over the hamper, leaning forward. Taking care to make sure she was aiming into the clothes she released the hold on her bladder. The sound of hissing and her pee splashing on the clothes below filled the room and she sighed with relief. She stood up as the stream of her pee began to wane letting the last few spurts of her pee fall onto the sweatpants and panties around her ankles. Throwing these into the hamper she went upstairs to change into something more suited for the warm afternoon, throwing on a pair of boy short panties and grey athletic shorts.

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