Lessons Learned Ch. 04: Oral Exams

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Zach was a bundle of nervous energy in class Thursday, and I had to stop him from rapidly tapping his pencil about ten different times during the class and pop quiz. When I touched the back of his hand, he would jump a bit and cast apologetic looks my way. I tried not to grin, guessing the source of his restlessness had a lot to do with anticipation of our ‘study time’ later.

As we reached the sidewalk outside and headed toward the library, we heard footsteps come pounding up behind us.


We turned to find Zach’s roommate Tyler approaching us. Zach tensed, an uneasy look in his eyes.

“I need you to let me in the apartment. I forgot my keys and my practice gear is at home.”

“You can just take my key,” Zach offered, swinging his backpack off his shoulder.

“C’mon, man, you know if I do that, then you won’t have your key later and I don’t know when I’ll be home tonight. I’m not gonna leave a key sitting around under a rock or something either. You have to come with me and let me in.” He glanced at me. “Sorry, Brinna,” he added insincerely.

I could see Zach didn’t really like the idea, but he didn’t seem to have much choice in the face of Tyler’s logic. I think he was also tempted to tell Tyler too bad, and leave him hanging. What a shame he just wasn’t the type of guy.

“It’s all right, I’ll catch up with you later,” I said, and gave him a wink that Tyler didn’t see. Zach gave me one last glance over his shoulder as he moved off with Tyler. I smiled, amused at how forlorn he looked at having been diverted away from the session he had been so eager for all afternoon.

I worked with the scanner in my office to pass time while I waited for Zach to walk to his off campus apartment and back.

Close to an hour later, Zach came bursting through the door. He’d changed into sweatpants and slip-off shoes. His cheeks were flushed, though I didn’t believe shyness was the cause this time.

“That son of a bitch,” Zach said, unusually agitated. “He did that deliberately, I know he did.” He blew a frustrated breath between his lips.

“Something bothering you besides the key?”

I knew I’d hit on something as Zach’s eyes darted to me, then away.

“Zach? Are they bothering you more than usual?”

“He kept asking me about you. And I think he’s been trying to figure out where we go to study. He-,” Zach cut off abruptly and turned to lock the door. He didn’t turn back around and was holding himself very still. I approached him and wrapped my arms around his waist, laying my cheek against his shoulder.

“Tell me.”

“He wants to ask you out. He wants me to find out if you might be interested in him.” He fell silent momentarily. “And last week they were over at the apartment, talking and laughing and trying to get me to ask you—” he cut off.

“Ask me what?” More silence. I nudged him. “Ask me what?”

“They wanted to know if you’re a real redhead. You know, down there.”

“Down where?” I asked, torn between the ick factor of the goon squad thinking about me intimately and wanting to smile at Zach’s use of the words ‘down there.’ He’d had his hand ‘down there’ just last week.

“Do you want to, Brinna?”

“Want to what?” I asked, distracted by the sudden desire to have my hands on Zach’s skin. I ran my hands up inside his t-shirt and rested my palms against his ribs.

“Go out with Tyler.”

I did laugh then, the idea striking me as utterly ridiculous.

“No, I do not want to go out with Tyler.”

“Really, Brinna?” he asked uncertainly.

“Really,” I said firmly. “Tyler is not my type. I date men who can ask me out directly, and don’t treat their roommates like shit.” He exhaled loudly, as if he’d been holding his breath this whole time rather than talking. “Hey, Zach?” I stroked one hand over his abdomen in a slow path.

“Uh, yeah?”

“They’re so interested in my hair color. What do you think they’d say if they knew you’d had your hand on my pussy just last week?” I kissed the back of his neck. “Or that next week you’re going to find out for sure if I’m a real redhead?”

“They wouldn’t believe me,” he said softly, “but I’m not going to tell them. I promised, remember? We aren’t telling anyone at school.”

“Zach?” I slipped my other hand into the waistband of his sweats and held my palm firmly against his skin, above the pubic bone.

“Yeah?” His breath seemed to catch in his throat.

“Will you take off your shirt?”

He fumbled the shirt off and tossed it aside, still facing the door. He braced one hand against the door, almost as if he were afraid to lose his balance. I ran my other hand over his back and shoulders, up and down his spine.

“You jerked off before you came here, didn’t you?”

“Yeah. I, uh, I didn’t take a lot of time. Not like you wanted.”

“Good. It’s okay this time.” I dragged my mouth across his shoulders, delivering small kisses and lightly licking his skin. “Zach, tell me what you did with the panties I gave you last week. Did you like them?”

“Yeah.” bakırköy escort He shivered a little and shifted his weight so that he pressed closer to me. “They smelled like you. And they’re soft like your skin.” He shivered again. “They remind me of being in here with you.”

I dropped my hand just a couple of inches lower and my fingertips brushed against the top of his pubic hair. He groaned quietly.

“I think you did something with them. Am I right?” I whispered against his ear. I took the opportunity to run the tip of my tongue over the edge of his earlobe, hearing him gasp.

“Yeah” he admitted, and his free hand covered the top of the hand I had in his pants. “I-I used them to stroke my cock. You knew I would.”

“I hoped you would. What did you think about?”

“Being here with you. When you watched me last week. When you watched me cum.” His voice broke a little at the last.

“What else?”

“I thought about what it’d be like, being inside you.” He pressed my hand, indicating he wanted me to move it lower.

“Not yet,” I chided him. “Getting hard, baby?”

“Yeah. Brinna? Take off your shirt?”

“Soon. Did you jack off last night?” He nodded. I pressed a kiss under his jaw and he tilted his head to give me better access. “I really like that you’re not much taller than me, Zach. It makes this so much easier.” I continued letting my lips play across the rapidly beating pulse in his neck.

Zack made a small noise of frustration when I snaked my hand out from beneath his and out of his sweatpants. I smiled against his neck, and dipped both hands into the waistband of his sweats, catching the edges with my thumbs. I dug my fingers lightly into his hipbones and worked his sweats down just a couple of inches.

“I can’t believe you aren’t wearing anything under these sweats, Zach. Going commando doesn’t seem like something a shy young man does.” I grinned. “It’s pretty hot.” I stroked my hands around his waist until my fingers rested lightly on the top of his ass cheeks. Zach let out a slow, uneven breath as I inched my fingers down and gently massaged the flesh beneath my fingers. He pushed back against my hands just enough for me to know he was enjoying what I was doing.

“Brinna,” he said in a tight voice, “please.”

“Please what? Tell me what you want, Zach.” I kissed the back of his neck, like I had done earlier. “If you tell me, I’ll give it to you.”

“Put your hand on my cock.”

I sent my right hand questing around his waist until I found the base of his throbbing hardon, and wrapped my hand around it. He shuffled his feet a bit restlessly as I held him.

“Is that all you want?” I asked, prodding him further. I knew what he wanted, and I wasn’t planning to relent until he told me out loud.

“No.” He swallowed. “Y-You said you’d use your mouth today.”

“To do what?” Before he was able to answer, I danced my fingers down further, and lightly caressed his balls. “Do you like that?”

“Yeah,” he answered, sounding out of breath.

“You’ll tell me if I do something you don’t like today?”

“Yeah.” He strained against my hand. “But you never do anything I don’t like.”

“There’s always a first time. Tell me what I’m supposed to do with my mouth today, Zach.”

“Give me a blowjob?” He sounded uncertain, as if this were a test he had not prepared himself to take.

“And I will.” I smiled against his neck when he made a helpless little noise. “Is that what had you so anxious in class all afternoon? The thought of me with your cock in my mouth?”

“Yeah, and it had me worked up since leaving here Tuesday,” he choked out, in what I thought was nearly a laugh.

“You’re very hard right now, Zach.” He made a noise of agreement. “I like your, hmm, enthusiasm.” I rubbed my thumb on the underside of his shaft. “I’m going to help you out of these sweats, and ask you to sit in the chair at the end of the mats.”

“Can I help you? With your clothes? Your shirt and bra,” he quickly clarified.

“If that’s what you want, yes.” I wondered if he had the slightest clue how turned on I was by this time. It was all I could do not to rip all my own clothes off, and throw myself on him, regardless of what we’d discussed Tuesday. Another day with Zach, another day of learning that controlling myself with him was a lot harder than I originally imagined when I had proposed this idea to him. Teaching him to help a woman out of her clothes, and knowing he enjoyed doing it, was somehow a bigger turn on than I imagined it would be.

I shimmied Zach’s sweatpants down, and kneeling, helped him free his feet one at a time before tossing them onto the desk. He turned toward me, and I drank in the sight of him standing naked before me, erection jutting prominently before him. Zach fidgeted a little, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, hands twitching a bit as he stood facing me.

“I like looking at you, Zach,” I offered reassuringly, and he look both pleased and self-conscious to have my attention focused bakırköy escort bayan on him so intently. “Now I believe you were going to help me out of this?” I stretched my arms up over my head, and he stepped close to tug my shirt up and off, tossing it onto the desk to join his sweatpants.

I thought he would rush through getting me out of my bra. Instead, he set his fingertips on the tops of each of my shoulders, and ran them over my upper arms to my elbows and up again. His eyes followed his fingers as they traveled alongside the strap of my bra to the swell of my breasts. His eyes flickered up to mine and I held my breath, waiting to see what he was going to do. It wasn’t often he made eye contact without prompting. He gave me a small crooked smile, and let his fingers walk back up the same path to my shoulders again. One hand continued down my back, and with a smooth movement, undid the clasp of my bra. His hands slid the bra straps down over my arms, freeing me completely from its confines, and tossing it aside as well. I thought he would look down then, but he didn’t. He kept his eyes on mine and let his hands trail down to cup my breasts. He rolled his thumbs over my nipples almost roughly, causing me to gasp at the small jolt it created inside me. The jolt caused my stomach to clench momentarily, and my eyes widened. Zach leaned in and gave me a small peck on the lips, drawing back quickly. As he drew back, he finally dropped his eyes to where his hands continued to play with my sensitive flesh.

As much as I enjoyed the way his long, slender fingers played over my hardened nipples, I drew back slowly from his hands, drawing his attention to my face again.

“What do I do next?” he asked in a voice that trembled just a touch.

“Have a seat.” I indicated the chair I’d told him I wanted him to sit in, and he obediently went to it and sat, looking at me expectantly. His hands squeezed his knees nervously.

I stepped onto the stacked mats and stood in front of him. I took his chin firmly in my hand and tilted his head up a bit so I could look him in the eyes.

“Listen to me, Zach. I don’t have a lot of expectations that you’ll last long this first time. We’re doing something a little new, so that’s okay. I’m going to kneel and, when we’re both ready, I’ll start. You can touch me, you can put your hands on me, but don’t try to grab me too hard, don’t try to force me further down on you, don’t try to push your hips up. You’re big, and you’re already really hard, so I’m not going to be able to take a lot of you.” I gave him a sly smile. “What I want by the end of our time together is to try and deep throat you,” I paused as he gave a loud groan, then continued. “That’s what I had picked out from the book I gave you. Maybe I’ll manage, maybe I won’t, but at least it’ll be fun to try it. But it’s not going to happen today, so try and be careful with me, Zach. Agreed?”

“Yeah, agreed. I’ll try, Brinna, really.” He swallowed. “I wouldn’t want to do something to hurt or upset you, not on purpose.”

“I know,” I reassured him. “I just want to be clear up front about what I expect, and what you can expect from me. Part of the goal in communication, right?” He gave a small sound of agreement. “Now the other thing. Did you only cum once today? Before you came here?”

“Yeah.” His forehead creased in a slight frown, not sure where I was going with the question, uncertain if he had done something wrong.

“You’re not going to cum in my mouth this time.” I tried not to smile at the slight disappointment I saw in his face. “Zach, you’re like a damn fire hose. I don’t mean that as a negative, I personally find it sexy as hell. If you feel like trying this a second time today, I’ll let you, but this first time, I want to make sure I don’t drown.” I grinned and he relaxed a fraction, I suspect in response to being told there could be a second time. I kissed the tip of his nose and his hands rose to my hips. He slid his arms loosely around my waist and leaned in, taking one of my nipples between his lips and flicking it with the tip of his tongue. I gave a murmur of approval and slid my free hand to cup the back of his neck.

“You are getting good at that,” I sighed, as he lifted his head and moved to take my other nipple into his mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of his warm mouth on me.

“I wish I could do more for you, Brinna,” he said, leaning back and releasing me.

“Mmm-hmm,” I agreed, wishing again to be able to relieve my own needs right that minute. Still, patience was required, so patience it would be.

I dropped carefully to my knees, without sitting back. That allowed me to return the favor and use my lips and tongue to tease Zach’s nipples for a couple of minutes. I felt his hand caress the back of my head, though he followed my instructions and kept his touch light.

Sliding myself down, and leaning back just a bit, I brought myself to a comfortable level, finding myself face to face with Zach’s now raging erection. I glanced up at him and licked my escort bayan bakırköy lips in anticipation. He was intently focused on my mouth, and I saw his eyes start to glaze over, as my tongue wet my lips.

“Are you ready?” I asked in a husky voice.

“God, yes,” he replied, and I felt his fingers tighten just a fraction before going loose again. He worked his hand gently into my hair, careful not to pull, as he settled his fingers into my locks.

As I leaned toward his cock, intent on catching the drop of precum that was glistening and ready to fall from the ridge of his cockhead, he took a deep breath and held it. His anticipation caused me to smile, as my tongue caught the clear liquid and continued across his slit. He jerked just the merest fraction at the contact.

With one hand, I grasped him firmly at the base of his erection. I used the first two fingertips of my free hand to trace light circles around the slit at the tip.

“I really love how soft the skin is here,” I observed, just before I took the entire head of his shaft in my mouth and applied a gentle suction. I used my tongue against the underside, and the resulting growl Zach made in response was electrifying. I glanced up at him from beneath my lashes, to find a look of such naked desire on his face that it sent a river of intense shockwaves all the way down to my toes. In response, I increased the strength of the suction I was applying and slid him further into my mouth.

“Oh god, Brinna,” he whispered hoarsely, and his hips gave a small jerk. I backed off a fraction, though his position in the chair kept him from driving himself too far into my mouth. “Sorry, sorry,” he apologized, and his head tipped back, taking his gaze away from the sight of my mouth on his cock. His eyelids slipped closed and the look on his face changed to a different kind of concentration.

I lifted my mouth off him slowly, until I held just the soft head between my lips. I kept my lips firm around it, raised my head, and let it pop out of my mouth. Zach groaned again, torn between heat and frustration.

“Prime numbers, Zach?” I asked in a teasing tone.

“Formulas,” he muttered. “Need a bigger distraction.” He took a deep breath and looked down at me, watching my hand stroking his wet member. “Please don’t stop, Brinna. Please?”

“Just a brief intermission,” I promised. “Next time, I want you to lie down, so I have better access to your balls.” He whimpered, and I smiled at him. “Warn me before you cum, Zach.” He gave a quick nod. “Do I even need to ask if you’re enjoying this?”

“It’s fucking amazing,” he declared.

“I love how soft and hard you are at the same time,” I told him, kissing his cockhead. His cock gave a small twitch. “Silk covered steel.” I released my grip on his cock and placed my palms on the tops of his thighs. Turning my head, I placed several hot, wet kisses along the inside of his thigh. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to suck my cock ’til I cum,” he replied, without hesitation or a hint of reluctant shyness. He wrapped one hand around the base of his rod and, with the other, applied gentle pressure to the back of my neck, guiding my mouth back to the broad head.

I tapped Zach’s wrist, and he released the hold on his shaft. I dipped my head, and extended my tongue, running it up the underside of his cock, then flicking the tip along the little valley on the crown of it. He eyes stayed locked on my mouth, and the glazed look was returning to them.

“Tell me what to do.” I offered him control, for the moment.

“Suck my cock, Brinna. Take it in your mouth and don’t stop ’til I cum.” He pressed more urgently on the back of my neck. I opened my mouth, allowing him to guide me, as his insistent cock slipped between my lips.

As soon as I settled my mouth over the head, he eased off the pressure on my neck, but his fingers maintained contact, rubbing gently. The way he was massaging my flesh felt good, and I sighed around his cock. As I leaned over him, some of my hair fell across my face, obscuring his view. Zach’s free hand gathered it, holding it back from my face.

“I need to see you,” he said simply. “I’ve thought of your mouth for a lot longer than just this week. This is what I thought about when I jerked off earlier. I thought about how your mouth felt on me Tuesday. The way you sucked all of me ’til I was hard, and I got too big for your mouth, just like now.” He licked his lips. “Take as much as you can, Brinna.”

His words renewed the flames inside me, and I went down on him greedily, feeling his response in the tension of his fingers at my neck. He stilled his fingers, unable to keep rubbing my neck, while I was bobbing up and down on his cock. I continued to squeeze and then release the base repeatedly with my hand as I took him as far into my mouth as I could comfortably manage.

I glanced up at him occasionally as I mouth fucked him, and noticed that his lips parted and his breathing became heavier. He made the loudest sounds when I reached the head of his cock, taking a moment to tease him with my tongue and a harder suction, before dipping my head down again. I varied the pace as I went. When my lips touched the top of the fingers I had wrapped around him, I would pause, with him as deep in my mouth as I could hold him, before rising again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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