Lesbian Gangland Ch. 01


Chap 1: First Blood

“This is my territory and none of you have any rights to touch this girl!” screamed Nancy.

Onlookers shot glances in the direction of the commotion…

Venue: Orchard road

A standoff between 2 gangs was taking place right in the middle of this famous and busy stretch of road in Singapore. Best known for its posh shopping malls and hotels, many tourists frequent this destination for this reason as well. Behind its decent reputation it hid the presence of numerous gangs fighting for influence over the area. The gang who would get it would have the greatest chance of becoming the most influential gang in Singapore and would earn profits beyond anyone’s imagination.

Nancy, 24, Chinese, with large black eyes and long golden-dyed tresses, was naming out her terms to another woman. Clad in tight leather pants, putting on an air of authority, Nancy truly means business. Nancy is certainly behaving as one gangster or what we termed as “ah lian” in hokkien, a local dialect.

She belongs to “Red lynx”, a famous all-girl gang which has cells in various parts of Singapore as well; and recently its head mistress, Agnes, has taken an interest in expanding their operations into Orchard. After enjoying years of stability under her reign, many who have heard her name feared her for her skills in combat with metal poles and pipes, this made her also known as “Shadow pole”. But it has other dark connotations as well which will be covered later.

“We’ll not let this matter rest! This territory will not remain yours for long,” retorted Nicole.

Nicole, 22, Chinese, short spiky hair, a typical butch appearance goes in line with her reputation of being one of the most capable assistant for her gang, “Mystic dragoness”. But sadly, this gang has always been shrouded in secrecy, its origins and history are unknown, but it’s rumored to have established itself in Hong Kong before coming over to Singapore. So, it can be said that it is experienced in underworld dealings. And this time, Nicole is panning to uphold the reputation of her gang and show that they are no pushovers.

As Nicole and her girls back off, Nancy proceed to calm the emotions of the shaking girl. What she failed to notice was the scheming smile on Nicole’s face as she disappears into the darkness…

“It’s ok now girl, the bullies are gone. You are safe in my territory.” comforted Nancy.

“But…. But…..”

“What’s wrong? What were they trying to do? Did u pick a fight with them?”


Thinking it was just another weak-willed woman she had rescued, Nancy thought nothing of it and decided to stop Escort Kız pursuing the matter. Nancy motioned for her assistants to escort the salesgirl back to her shop while she went back to her routine of patrolling the streets…

Back at the red lynx headquarters…

“What? Where the hell did Fannie disappear to?” demanded Agnes.

“The last time I saw her was a few hours ago in the pub chatting with another woman.” reported Jasmine, the female bartender of Madam Wong, a local pub.

“Doesn’t she know that she’s supposed to pick up the goods now? And I can’t get through to her hand phone! That stupid woman!”

“I guess she might have had an emergency or something come up?”

“Emergency? Something that’s more important than this? She should know better!”

As Agnes slowly regained her composure,

“Alright, never mind. This is the first time she has fucked things up, I shall forgive her; provided that she gives me a good explanation after this. Now get Nancy to be her substitute and be there in an hour’s time!”

Jasmine could only look on dejectedly as she walked out of her office. Its true that Fannie might have an emergency but somehow, this is all too strange, no news, no nothing… Somehow, she had a bad feeling about this… And she didn’t know how true her feelings were…

As Fannie slowly came to after the effects of the chloroform she has so stupidly inhaled wore off…

Everything around her was just darkness. She found herself lying on her back, her hands were tied behind her back and so were her ankles. She realized that it was useless to struggle against her well-done bonds. She could feel the numbness in her whole body.

She knew she needed to get help, but how? She was even more troubled by the reason she ended up here…

“Hi, I’m Shannon, and you are?” enquired a sexy, young woman in her twenties.

“I’m Fannie. How may I help you?” replied the attractive 26 year old woman in a white tank top and black short skirt.

“Oh, I’m looking for the manager here, I was wondering whether there was still manpower needed here?”

“I see, I’m the manager here, you can speak to me. In fact, we do need some help here during the peak hours.”

“Ok, I can work in shifts and I have prior experience as a waitress. Why don’t we go outside and talk, its rather noisy in here.” smiled Shannon as she pointed to the partying crowd.

“Alright, after you.”

Fannie followed the new girl outside. As the light outside the pub cascaded over Shannon, Fannie couldn’t help but notice Shannon’s tight black leather outfit. It showed her every part and curve, no panty line, nothing but smooth curvatures.

“Wow, nice body, doubt mine is as good as hers. She will prove to be a hit with the guys,” She thought.

As they reached the poorly lit back alley of the pub, Shannon stopped. As this was the usual place for her to settle disputes (sometimes the hard way) and have a smoking session with her girls, she didn’t suspect anything… Until…

Fannie suffered a blow to her stomach which knocked the air out of her. Everything then became a blur to her as a rain of punches came down on her head.

“This is bad…” Fannie thought as she tried to figure a way to retaliate.

But Shannon was just as experienced as she was, and she refused to give her any breathing space and then proceed to give her the ultimate treatment.

Fannie slumped to the ground as she felt a sharp jab to her kidneys and also a knee in her stomach again. Shannon pulled her hair up and covered her mouth with a wet cloth.

The first breath of the wet cloth signaled the end of Fannie as the smell of chloroform rushed through her airways and clouded her head even further. Before long, Shannon was grinning at Fannie’s motionless body, and it was also at this moment that an impatient van drove over. Another woman got out of the van and lent a hand to Shannon as they lifted the girl’s body off the ground and into the back compartment of the van with two others inside it.

“Good job Shannon, I’m sure mistress will reward you grandly tonight.” congratulated Audrey.

“Yeah baby, I can’t wait. Come on; let’s get out of here before they suspect something,” cautioned Shannon.

As the van sped off and they headed to their headquarters, the two helpers introduced themselves to Shannon.

“Hi, my name is Beatrice and this is my partner Hazel. We are new here and this is our first assignment. We hope you will teach us more along the way big sister. Pleased to meet you.”, finishing this, the petite girl began exchanging their trademark greetings with Shannon, hugging her tightly, their breasts rubbing against each other, the smooth surface protruding with their erected nipples.

“Hmmm, looks like you are a fast learner huh? It’s my pleasure to be mentoring you girls. Now, tie this bitch up, just in case. And anyone have a wet cloth?” Shannon ordered.

“One wet panties coming right up, sister.” , said Hazel, the buxom beauty.

Unzipping the front zip of her leather pants, she then slid them down seductively. Shannon and Beatrice watched on excitedly as Hazel performed for them, her first task for her gang.

Hazel ran her fingers around her white silky panties slowly, teasing herself. Using her left hand, she slowly stroked the underside of her full breasts, sliding her fingertips along the smooth contours. Her right hand moved downwards, towards the center of her panties, caressing the smooth surface of the silky surface, indicating the bareness of her pussy.

As the other girls watched, they couldn’t help it but started touching themselves too, stimulated by the erotic scene in front of them.

“Yeah, get wet baby. Get wet for this fucking bitch!” Shannon hoarsely retorted.

Fantasies overwhelmed her mind as she thought of all the treatment she’d get to inflict on Fannie. Cupping her left breast, she squeezed and kneaded her bosom as she pinched her hard nipples through the smooth material. Her whole palm was over the crotch of her panties, rubbing faster and faster, making her panties more and more transparent…

Taking it one step further…

“Yeah baby, look at how helpless this bitch is! Look at her sexy body, just waiting for you to fuck her. She is all yours baby!” said Shannon as squeezed the breasts of the unconscious Fannie.

Reaching downwards, she pulled up Fannie’s skirt to reveal her black satin panties.

“Look at that, she’s such a slut isn’t it? All dressed for you to fuck!”

By now, Hazel’s face was flush, her lips quivering as her orgasm built up. Her panties were thoroughly seen through, all wet with her juices. Her fingers were now flicking the hard nub on her pussy.

Spreading Fannie’s legs apart, Shannon teased Hazel further,” Want to see what her pussy is like?”

Hazel nodded her head in agreement as she pulled her panties aside to reveal her clean shaved pussy with their pink lips shining wet with her juices. She plunged two fingers into her wet pussy.

Shannon slowly slides her palm down to the crotch of Fannie’s panties and said “You really want to see her pussy?” as she rub Fannie’s pussy through her panties.

“Yes sister, yes…” moaned Hazel, as she redoubled the intensity of her fingering, the wet sounds highly audible now.

“Here we go…” and Shannon pulled Fannie’s panties aside.

As the sight of Fannie’s cleanly shaved pussy loomed into view, Hazel flew over the top and climaxed, soaking her panties.

“Oh my gosh… that was good…” panted Hazel as she removed her wet panties and handed them over to Shannon.

Shannon sniffed and licked her panties before stuffing it into Fannie’s mouth, “I look forward to working with you girls, and I’m sure this bitch over here will like the treatments we have in store for her.” as Shannon licked her lips.

There was an outburst of laughter as the van sped off into the distance…

Further editing done by OmegaZone.

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