Legacy: Family


All characters are 18 years old or older. This chapter delves a bit into the Osirian culture. Someone asked where I drew my inspiration for them. The main portion is drawn directly from the Egyptian pantheon. The rest was taken from a very old episode of Dr. Who. There is a Tom Baker story called the Pyramids of Mars. The villain is an Osirian named Sutek. He is an alien as well a powerful psychic with monstrously strong abilities. He is in every way that matters a god, a dark god. Some readers noted a bit of confusion regarding the time hiccup. This involves the freeing of Tai Gon Tai aka Thorn. She alters the memories and nudges time and events to benefit Thomas. That is how the DC versus Marvel contest comes to be.

Please remember to vote, comment, and if you have suggestions I am eager to hear them.


I held the remains of my smart watch. I examined it and frowned. The once gleaming casing was melted and twisted. There was clear evidence of carbon scoring where flames erupted from within and wrecked the guts. I set it down on the end table that was equally charred in a near perfect circle where the watch had been located when Talon had been freed. The table might be able to be repaired but the watch was fucked.

Scarlett rolled over onto her side and let out a soft purr. I stood next to my bed and watched her sleep. I grinned when Gal Gadot spooned behind the lovely redhead and pressed her body close. They had just met yesterday and here they were snuggling in my bed, life is good. I left them to sleep as a thought refused to be reconciled in my mind.

I walked down and checked in on the others. The Sisters Three were piled into Mom’s bed and I paused seeing how happy they appeared. Victoria lay in the middle with Eleanor on one side and Keisha on the other. It felt so strange since I discovered that the woman I had called mom all these years was in fact my aunt. It was equally uncomfortable that the woman I had seen as a villain for so long ended up being my biological parent along with an Osirian.

“Osirian.” I whispered.

They were the images found on the walls of Egyptian tombs that were home to pharaohs and the honored dead. They possessed the bodies that the Greeks called ideal with the heads of animals. Some of them even manifested their power in a divine solar disk. I carried the blood of Osiris in my veins and had shown to be child of Bennu, the Phoenix Goddess. The question I had fought to forget popped into my head again. I let them sleep and counted heads. Everyone was accounted for except Indigo and Lily. Were they playing or simply sleepless tonight? I slipped down the stairs to the front hall and stopped on the landing. The paintings had changed again. Eleanor had lost her preeminent position to my mother. I had yet to have a portrait commissioned and I was in no hurry to. My vanity was healthy enough without it.

“Master?” One of my cousins greeted me.

“Sylvia, isn’t it?”

“OH YES Sir,” she beamed as I called her by name. “Would you care for a drink? I was about to fix another pot of coffee. I have been given the honor of the night shift.”

“A cup of coffee would be lovely.”

“They are in the solarium sir,” she said as she turned.

“Who is in the solarium?”

“Lady Lily and Indigo,” she replied with a wink.

I thanked her and headed towards the back of the house. I came upon an interesting sight. Indigo was seated with a sketch pad while a nude Lily faced away with a violin balanced just above her lovely round ass. How she managed to keep it from crashing to the floor was a mystery to me. The instrument mirrored the shape of her body and made for a lovely symmetry.

“Evening Master Thomas,” Indigo said in greeting.

“Impressive,” I said as I peeked at her sketch.

“The drawing or her ass?” Indigo replied with a hint of innuendo.

“I do hope it is my ass.” Lily purred. “I work so hard to stay in shape for you.”

“Of course, it is,” I said, and I saw her spine flush with color. “That is odd… how did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“It wasn’t her. That was all you Master Thomas,” Indigo explained as if she had seen through my eyes. “Your senses are far more attuned than they once were. If I might suggest, you should let the odd and unusual become normal.”

“Thank you, Indigo I think I will.” I said savoring one last glimpse of Lily’s gorgeous bottom. “If anyone is looking for me, I will be in my study.”

“Very good Master, I will tell them.”

I left them and headed for my office. Strange how quickly I had adapted to my position as head of the family. Odd how fast I acclimated to the title of Master. I opened the door to the study and I noticed instantly the tall metallic gun safe behind my desk. When the hell was that brought in? A soft cough and I turned to see Sylvia behind me holding a silver tray with a pot of coffee and two cups.

“May I join you Master?”

“Please,” I reply. “Do you know about the safe?”

“Oh yes, Lady Victoria had it installed. It belongs to you. The key is in the belly drawer.”

“Do you Escort bayan know what is inside?” I asked as I took the key from the desk.

“No. The only thing she ever said was that it was the next part of your legacy.”

I unlocked the safe and gripped the handle. I gave it a twist and pulled. The door moved outward and the interior was undisturbed despite the safe being jostled and moved from its previous location. The reason was because of Victoria’s precautions. She had taken pieces of cardboard and taped them into place to keep the books, scrolls, and small boxes from moving. I peeled the tape from the lip of the third shelf. There were several journals stamped with the year of their creation on the spine. They spanned decades from the middle to late nineteenth century.

“I think these belonged to my predecessors.” I said as I took one and opened it. “No one has read this since it was first penned. The spine is in perfect condition. These are the memoirs of Thomas Alvin Blackstone. It is my duty to record my experiments and my crimes so that future generations will know the cost for siring the golden child.”

“What is a golden child?” Sylvia asked.

“Well, that is a good question. Have you ever seen a movie with Hercules in it?” I asked, and she nodded. “Hercules would be considered a golden child.”

“So, they wanted to make a demigod.”

“Well… yeah, I guess you would call it that.” I stammered as her words struck home. “Did he think I was…?”

Sylvia stood, and I saw that she was carrying Sorcerer Cat in her arms. When had he entered the room? She scratched him behind his ears as she talked to him. I guess he was hungry. I refilled my cup and read the journal I had taken from the safe. There were weeks if not months of reading material here. Somewhere in there I might find my answer.

“Why? Why did my ancestors want to birth a demigod?”

I settled into my chair and lost myself in words penned centuries ago. I stopped and examined Alvin’s handwriting. You can tell a lot about someone by their penmanship. His letters were crisp, but there were subtle breaks when he formed his Q’s, G’s, and P’s. Is this when he formed or reformed his thoughts? It was often during the creation of those capital letters that the subject altered a bit or changed altogether. It appeared that Alvin was not just a wizard, but a full-fledged necromancer. He was trying to restore to life his dead wife and his unborn son. He loved her very much, but he wanted his son to survive even more. If he could restore them the task would be fulfilled. This was the first time the word task was used. I looked for it but the only thing that came anywhere near to it was his redundant use of the word work. The work was everything. The work was all consuming. The work was his life.

“Was the golden child the work he meant?”

I had started in the middle. It was still hours until dawn, so I would finish this journal and when Victoria was awake I would ask her which was the first diary I should read. Hidden within the journal entries were spells that dealt with necromancy. I needed something to test the spell on. I went to the conservatory and took three healthy plants. I left a note for whoever was maintaining the indoor garden. I hoped they wouldn’t mind what happened to them once I was done. I returned to my study and closed the door. I didn’t want anyone seeing what I was about to do. I jotted down notes from the journal onto a sheet of letter head kept in the desk. I deciphered the runes and what the entries hinted they were capable of.

“Alrighty then, let’s see what happens.” I whispered as I brought the images of the runes to mind and sang them softly.

The nearest plant withered and a felt a mild rush of energy. The implications were clear. I could steal life energy to heal myself or restore lost energy from potent spells. I knew instinctively as well hints from my ancestor’s journal that it could be used on higher forms of life, such as people. This was the most primitive of daemon magic. I wrote out the second spell mentioned in a later passage. I deciphered the second series of runes and brought a healthy plant next to the first.

“I hope this works. Otherwise the gardener is going to be pissed.”

I sang the rune and a light fog formed around the healthy plant and drifted over to the dead one. The second plant browned a bit around the edges of its leaves while the first recovered a little. So it was mostly dead now. It was time to decipher the third and last spell. This was by far the most complicated of the runes I learned. I placed all three plants in a triangle and sang the spell. The same fog I had seen in the previous spell but this time it formed around all three plants. The fog thickened to the point where all three plants were obscured. I sang until I felt that it was no longer draining me. The fog dissipated and instead of a mostly dead plant and two healthy ones there were three fairly healthy plants.

“Oh, how cool,” I exclaimed. “It allows for all three to share a life force pool. It looks like it splits it Bayan escort evenly among all of them.”

Eager to learn more I returned to the diary. I finished the journal long before dawn. I returned it to its place and locked the safe. I sat back down and closed my eyes. There was so much to process in just that one diary and I had a safe full to read and comprehend. Images inspired by the journal entries flashed into existence in my mind. I let them form and then collapse. A new series would come to mind, but then things changed. There were snatches of something new, something different. It was ice. I wasn’t above ground but in a frozen cave. What had started out as broken and stuttered frames soon became me standing in an ice cave. I could feel the cold and even see my breath.

“Am I dreaming?” I asked, and my voice echoed into the darkness.

I seemed pulled in one direction, so I followed it. The ice, once opaque and dark, was now clear and lit from behind. The disturbing shapes now revealed filled me with dread. It was wreckage of some kind. The size of the original object, if these things formed a single device or structure, was huge and must have been a football stadium in width. As I walked through the meandering tunnel I saw one piece of wreckage particularly close to the wall of ice. I saw queer markings that only added to my fear.

‘The Thanatons are waking.’ A voice whispered. ‘The Thanatons are hungry.’

I woke with a start and sat up. I let out a curse and needed to be somewhere else, anywhere else. I could watch some television until the house awoke. I went to the living room and switched on the television. The image on the screen was staggered, stuttered, and seemed to be moving in slow motion. What the hell was wrong with the television? I changed the channels, but every channel was the same. Was I still asleep? Was I dreaming that I was watching TV? I cursed, and Sylvia reappeared and asked me what was wrong.

“The television is busted,” I said, and she looked at me.

“It looks fine to me.”

“Really? The images are all messed up. They are moving so damn slow.” I said returning my gaze to the plasma screen. “It’s so weird.”

I heard her race off. I turned to look, and Sylvia was sprinting towards the second floor. What the hell is wrong with her? I sat down and stared at the odd staggered movements of the people, vehicles, and camera angle. I squinted and frowned until Sorcerer Cat plopped into my lap.

“It’s finally happened.”

“What? Did you know this would happen?” I asked him.

“It was a theory. Sylvia is waking up the Sisters Three.”

“Okay, what is going on?”

“The television is working just fine. No, stop, let me explain. The screen looks fine to me and everyone else. The reason it looks strange to you is because your brain and body is processing things faster and more efficiently than it did before. Look around Thomas and really perceive things as they are. Tell me what you see.”

Time seemed to be dilating and slowing down. A second glance at the television and the images were now pixelating and stuttering even worse than before. My reality took on the feel of a fever dream. The cat’s voice slowed and distorted as things progressed. I felt like I should be panicking but when I placed my hand over my chest my heart was beating normally. That seemed to snap things back to normal. I closed my eyes for a few seconds to reset my reality and when I opened them everything was okay. The television looked normal and sound was restored.

“What the hell?” I muttered.

“Well done Thomas,” the cat said in praise. “You did that on your own.”

“Did what on my own?”

“Your body is waking up and along with it your mind and perceptions. The reason why the television looked so strange was that your mind was processing the information faster than the machine is programmed for. Talon warned me this might happen. I am sorry I didn’t warn you before this happened.”

“Who are you and what happened to Asshole Cat?” I asked. “Why are you being so nice?”

“I am going back to China. I haven’t had a chance to tell you, until now. I miss the old country. I may or may not return. Lily has agreed to accompany me. If I stay I will send her back.”

“Is there anything else I should know?”

“Just this, be happy,” the cat replied thoughtfully. “Even a long life should be lived with care.”

Sorcerer Cat leapt from my lap to the corner of the couch, and then out the door. I heard him hiss, but I also heard something else. My ears felt like they were about to pop. I was on my feet and facing the space between the back of the couch and the living room door. The empty space warped and twisted. I took half a step back when a scantily clad woman deposited a teen male onto my living room floor. The kid tried to get to his feet but a gesture from her knocked him down.

“Stay thief until my Master decides what to do with you…” she said in a silvery voice. “You’re not… oh… that must mean he has passed on. Greetings Master,” she continued cheerily. “I caught a Escort thief.”

“I can see that. My father is responsible for this?”

“Yes Master,” she said even as she gestured and subdued the teen again. “I owe him everything. He rescued me and set me up with a house in South Miami. I love Miami! It is sunny and warm but also there is water, an ocean of water. What should I do with this one?”

“What does my father usually have you do?”

“I pick a random location and teleport them there.” She said, and I must have looked horrified. “Oh no Master, I never leave them someplace they’d be harmed.”

“Has the item been returned?” I asked, and she smiled. “Fine, push off you, remember this the next time you try and steal something.”

The air popped, and the teen vanished. Suddenly the girl was in my arms and kissing me. I kissed her back and when she was done I tried to get some answers. Who was she? What was she? I took her by the arm and guided her to the kitchen. I asked her what she would like to drink and started boiling some water for tea. We stood as the kettle heated.

“Tell me about yourself,” I said, and she giggled.

“I am a Djinn young master, well not so young master. You are older than you look, much like your namesake. I take it he is dead. He was a good master. Did he know you weren’t his child?”

“I think so.”

“He wanted a golden child so bad.” The Djinn mused. “We would drink, and he tell me how important it was.”

“Did he ever tell you why? Why did he want one so bad?”

“You don’t know.” She said and pondered her next words carefully. “I guess he’d want you to know. Have you ever wondered where your family’s vast wealth came from? Your ancestors didn’t earn it. They were given it as part of a wager.”

“What kind of bet?” I asked feeling a sense of unease.

“It all goes back to a drunken ancestor and the prince of darkness.” She said. “Your distant ancestor bet he could bed enough women and over time produce a golden child. The devil took the bet and gave him twenty generations to create said child. While this happened, your family would mystically maintain a kingly lifestyle. So, no matter what happened around them they flourished. If after twenty generations your family was unable to produce a golden child, then the souls of all those that came before would be forfeit. The devil would collect hundreds if not thousands of souls.”

“Thousands, that seems a bit excessive,” I said but she continued.

“Your distant ancestor spent a majority of his life impregnating the local population. He moved on and spread his seed to many towns and cities. Over the generations, during the early years especially, there were many bastards that carried the Blackstone blood. Over time the Blackstone’s focused on more specific lineages of children from rare bloodlines. I believe it is called eugenics. Oh damn, is that the time? Must dash, I have a lunch date with a sexy sailor. He promised to show me how to sail. Bye.”

As quickly as she had appeared she was gone. Sorcerer Cat poked his head out from the hallway. I told him it was all clear. He asked me who that was I explained about the djinn and my family. I had been ready to read every book in the safe to discover the origin of the golden child. I wasn’t sure I understood it any better after I knew how it began. No wonder my dad had been so damn intent on the birth of a savior. That is what I represented, I was my family’s hero and I had locked up the devil’s daughter.

“I am so screwed.” I jumped when the kettle screeched. “Want some tea?”

“Yes please.”

“I think we have some Oolong somewhere.”

I poured tea into the cat’s dish as I sipped mine from a delicate porcelain cup. The cup was gorgeous and translucent. I wondered what it would cost if I wanted to buy one. I had taken things like that for granted. I had spent so much time traveling, buying artifacts and antiquities, and here I was pondering the price of a tea cup.

“I am going to miss Lily,” I said but Sorcerer Cat just kept drinking. “Now all I can think about is her bare ass and that damned violin perched on top of it. She really does have a nice ass.”

I left the cat in the kitchen. I slipped quietly to the open door of the music room. Indigo rose to her feet and set down her sketch pad. She told Lily not to move. The shifter left the room and smiled as she passed me. My desire rose, and I stripped down. Naked, I walked into the room and right behind Lily. It all happened in one smooth action. I grabbed her by the hair and made a fist, at the same time I pulled her down to her knees sending the violin crashing to the floor. Lily opened her mouth to accept my erection. She closed her eyes and went limp in my grasp as I fucked her face.

“The moment I saw the violin I knew I wanted to fuck you rotten.” I told her, and she moaned. “I am going to miss you.”

I slid my cock deep until my balls were touching her chin. Lily just moaned and worked my erection with her tongue and lips when she could. When I asked her how bad she wanted me she reached between her legs and gently pried her pussy lips apart. I slid my cock from her mouth and guided her to her feet. Soon her bare breasts were pressed against the glass of a nearby window. Anyone passing by would easily spy her as I slid into her from behind.

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