Leery Lactations

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My name is Rick Reynolds and I run a small two-person insurance agency. Besides myself, the only other employee is my secretary, Jasma.

Jasma is the 18 year old daughter of my best friend, Tom. Jasma is a delightful 4 ft. 11 inch black woman-child with petite hands and feet, but everything is offset by her mammoth torpedo tits and ample ass. Although I try not to notice her attributes as she bustles about the office, I can’t help sneaking a glance now and then at her skin tight ribbed sweaters and knit slacks that reveal a jiggle in her butt that screams “thong!”

Last year, Jasma got knocked up by her boyfriend, who then ran out on her. The family decided to have the baby on religious grounds, and I held Jasma’s position open for her upon her return.

Today, Jasma came back to work for the first time in three months. She was wearing a light grey v-neck sweater and matching tight grey slacks. The pregnancy weight was almost gone, but I noticed she had the top clasp of her slacks undone to accommodate things.

What I noticed even more strikingly, was the fact that Jasma’s fat chocolate jugs were even bigger than when she left, no doubt swollen with breast milk. They stood straight out in her tight top, and there was a hint of puffiness outlined on her ribbed sweater. Jasma wore a large gold chain that swung and bounced into her cleavage as she bustled about the office.

All day today I tried to stay behind the desk, embarrassed that my hard-on would become noticeable to my friend’s teenage daughter. At one point, Jasma leaned over me to read a report I found, and it was all I could do to keep from ripping her top ankara masaj yapan escort off.

At the end of the day, Jasma went into the common bathroom. I could hear quiet sniffling and became concerned for her welfare.

I locked the front door and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Everything O.K. in there?” I inquired.

There was no answer, so I gently tried the knob, and the door swung open.

Jasma stood facing the sink, rubbing her abdomen with one hand and lightly touching her breasts with the other. She glanced at my presence in the mirror.

“They-they hurt, Mr. Reynolds.” she said haltingly. “My-my breasts feel so swollen.”

Her words were like a thunderclap to my crotch, and my prick immediately sprang to full erection.

“It’s alright, honey.” I reassured her. “But if you’re going to bottle feed your kid you need to get that milk out of there somehow.”

I fought to control the tone of my voice, but I knew if I touched her I’d cum in my pants.

“What-what do you mean?” she said slowly.

“May I show you, Jasma? Strictly as an exercise you can do?” I bit my tongue and waited for an answer. She might just slap me or tell her dad.

“O-O.K. But please be gentle. I’m very sensitive”.

My face flushed and I moved in behind her. I slowly reached up as we both looked in the mirror and gently squeezed the bottom of her fat tits through her sweater.

“Ooo..ooo..” Jasma cooed as I firmly applied soft pressure.

My cock was leaking pre-cum down my leg like a broken pipe. I made sure to rub my erection all over her fat teenage mecidiyeköy escort ass.

Suddenly, I squeezed her areolas through the material. Jasma’s physical and vocal response was electric.

“Shit-shit-shit…” she stammered as a flood of warm milk soaked through the light gray sweater.

“That’s a girl.” I reassured her. Now I pinched her nipples hard at the tips.

“Gonna..gonna…gonna..cum,Mr. Reynolds.” she wheezed with her tongue hanging out.

“There, there.” I whispered. “Let all the milk and your other juices flow”.

I looked down and noticed that Jasma’s fingers were busy in her slacks, and the front of both her sweater and slacks were soaked through with a dark halo.

Jasma ground her ass against my cock as I milked and milked her young tits.

“You’re getting messy.” I said quietly. Let’s milk you in the sink with your top off.” As I raised the sodden sweater and bra over her willing outstretched arms, I swooned at the odor of slightly sour teenage milk mixed with sopping black quim juice.

Jasma’s bare tits were breathtaking. The dark, angry areolas puckered and oozed of their own will, and her fat two inch nipples were distended and raw. Her jugs swayed obscenely in the mirror, and I fought to regain control of them as she ground back into me.

“Uhh..Mr. Reynolds.. my-my pussy is on fire..we’d better stop now.” Jasma snorted with her hair and head leaned back into my shoulder.

I pretended not to hear her and roughly sprayed the entire surface of the mirror with a pint of hot milk.

As Jasma saw the mersin escort rivulets running down the mirror, she started to reach back for my prick.

“I–I want it. Pleaseee..” she moaned as she tried to fumble with my zipper.

“Tell me how you got pregnant.” I hissed through clenched teeth as I helped her free my hard cock.

I yanked down her slacks as she stepped out of them. At no time did my wet hands stop milking her tits all over the sink basin and on the mirror.

“My-my boyfriend came over when I was baby sitting–and he fucked me.” Jasma breathed through slitted eyes as she tried to see the cock in her hand in the mirror.

“Like I’m going to do now!” I said with vigor as I stuck my fat middle-aged cock deep in her sensitive baby tunnel.

“Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Gonna cum!” Jasma cried.

I placed her hands on her own tits and she tried to feed the milk up into her own face.

Now I gripped her hourglass hips with gusto and slammed home for all I was worth. Jasma’s clothes lay in a wet puddle at our feet as I fucked with a frenzy only a teenager can induce.

I watched Jasma in the mirror, her face a milk-wet mask of complete ecstasy. How much pent-up milk did this kid have,I wondered?

I stood up on tip-toes and unleashed a boiling surge of hot spunk into Jasma’s tender belly.

I reached around and regained control of her swollen, sore tits and hung on as my seed filled her and ran down her legs.

Jasma lay over the sink, huffing and puffing as she came down from her own climax.

I could see milk drip off her bangs and eyelashes into the sink.

I shuddered myself when Jasma contracted her pussy walls and drained the last bit of seed out of my prick into her womb.

“What if I get pregnant?” she wondered tentatively.

“Then we’ll have more milk, won’t we?” I said smugly as I placed my wet cock into her willing, nursing mouth.

This office would be closing an hour early every day from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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