Kiss Me – I Am Irish

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Until recently, I wasn’t particularly fond of St Patrick’s Day, viewing it as merely an excuse for many of my co-workers to get drunk and make bad Irish jokes. I am proud of my heritage, my family having moved from Tyrone just a couple of generations ago. So in general, I think more respect should be given and less drinking done. I know that sounds strange coming from someone who is Irish but that is just the way that I feel about it.

My opinion of St Patrick’s Day changed this last one. True to form, the company I work for threw a party at one of the local bars. I did my best to be a good sport, drinking a few rounds with my co-workers before I slipped out and made my way back to the office to pick up some files I wanted to work on at home. I was sitting at my desk, when Brenda also came back to grab something that she forgot. Seeing me, she came over to my cubicle to ask me why I had left the party. I told her I wasn’t much in the mood to be drinking while I had paperwork piling up. Times are hard and one needs to keep moving if one is to avoid being downsized.

“Bob, you worry too much,” she told me, “You should let your hair down and get wild more often.”

“Like you do?” I asked.

“Yes. When was the last time you had a good time?” she asked me.

“I have fun,” I insisted.

“Yeah, right,” she retorted, “How many times did you get kissed today?”

“Kissed?! Why would anyone kiss me?” I asked. Brenda was a nice girl but obviously out of her mind. There was no reason for anyone to kiss me, especially canlı bahis considering that I was without a girlfriend at the moment.

“Yeah, kissed,” she went on. “You are Irish, ain’t you?”

“You know I am Irish, but why would that make any difference?”

“Because today is Saint Patrick’s Day.”

I guess my confusion was apparent on my face for she continued. Tapping her ‘Kiss me, I am Irish’ button, she went on.

“I have been kissed a dozen times today. It was fun.”

I shook my head. Brenda is a nice looking girl, of course she was going to have people attempt to kiss her if she was silly enough to wear a button like that—it was like standing under the mistletoe, men would come in droves to steal a kiss from her.

“Would you like to kiss me?” she asked.

My mouth went dry as she leaned forward. Her cupid lips begged to be kissed and I found myself wanting to kiss her very much as she licked her lips. Slowly she approached me, reaching out and grabbing a hold of the back of my head, drawing my mouth to hers. Our lips meet, and I found myself being kissed by her. Our mouths parted and our tongues crept into each other’s mouths. I found myself pressing my body against hers.

Pulling away slightly, she pointed to the side of her neck and said, “Kiss me here.”

I did so willingly, and then she told me to kiss further down near the base of her neck, which I did. Running her finger along the top of her breast, she told me to kiss her there. I lowered my head and kissed her there, my hands coming bahis siteleri up to grasp her globes. I gently held them in my hands as she reached back and loosed up her top. Freeing them from their confines, I marveled at their roundness as I kissed them, slowly working my way towards her nipples. As my mouth hovered over them, Brenda told me to kiss them. I did so gladly, sucking on her nipples gently.

Brenda drew my head away from her for a second, and pointed to her stomach, “Kiss me here.”

Lowering my head to kiss her stomach I wondered if she was going to allow me to continue working my way downwards. I sunk to my knees and kissed the front of her crotch. Brenda smiled down at me and lifted her skirt up, revealing that her panties also said, ‘Kiss me, I am Irish’ in bright green letters. I kissed the top of her panties, and then reached up and dragged them aside. Kissing her sacred mound gently, I slipped a finger across the surface of her lips.

“Yes,” she sighed. “Kiss me there.”

I did so, running my tongue and fingers into her crevice. She responded by grabbing the back of my head and trying to force my face deeper into her recesses. To my surprise, I found her aggression to be gratifying and I ate her with vigor. She didn’t last long before she was cumming on my tongue. I lapped up her juices greedily.

After I was done with her, she smiled at me, drawing me to my feet. Then she told me that it was my turn to be kissed. Dropping to her knees, she undid the front of my pants, pulling them down to free bahis şirketleri my cock. Looking up at me, she asked me what I wanted her to do.

“Kiss me,” I told her.

“Why should I?” she asked me teasingly.

“Because I am Irish,” I replied.

My answer seemed to delight her. She grabbed my cock with her hands and kissed the tip of it. Then she opened her mouth and allowed the head of it to pass between her lips. I looked down at her, she looked so wanton on her knees like that, my cock in her mouth as she sucked on the end on it. Closing my eyes, I ran my hands though her hair, attempting to resist the urge to drove my cock deeper in her mouth. When she grabbed me by the ass and dragged me further in her mouth, I realized that I was about to lose it.

“I am about to cum,” I gasped.

Brenda removed my cock from her mouth long enough to say, “I want you to cum in my mouth, give me a drink you big Irishman.”

I opened m eyes and looked down at her. She had a wicked grin on her face as she inhaled my cock again. Taking the entire length of it in her mouth, she sucked on it, milking my balls with her hands, I couldn’t help myself—grasping her head I held it down on my cock as my balls started to jerk, pumping cum into her mouth. She gulped it down like it was some fine liqueur. Releasing her head, I fell back against the edge of my desk.

“Happy Saint Patrick’s Day,” she told me as she pulled herself back together.

“We will have to do this again next year,” I laughed.

“Why wait?” she told me, “I am free this weekend.”

And so we got together again for the weekend, and for many others. Now we are going steady, sucking and fucking one another. What a wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day, it turned out to be.

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