Kinda-Sorta-Maybe Nerd-Boy Ch. 02


PART 2: Just a Girl Next Door


This could be heaven. Maybe Amanda was the girl I was destined to meet. College sweethearts, married right after graduation. Promising careers. Maybe a few kids and a little suburban home with the white picket fence.

Then she sucked in again and all those thoughts flew right out the window. I just groaned in appreciation that Amanda knew exactly what to do when we woke up with my morning wood poking into her back. We had no sooner exchanged sleepy “g’mornings” than she’d turned around and sort of lazily drew my erection into her mouth.

I’d moved to return the favor but she stubbornly resisted all my efforts, not relaxing until I just sat back and put my hand on her head while she fed on me. She may have been a virgin until just last night, but she knew exactly how to give head.

She brushed her long, dark hair back behind her ears and then told me not to hold it back. The sooner I finished this up the sooner we could get to the main course. So within a few minutes of her expert blowjob, she was jerking my pole off into her waiting mouth as she swallowed and swallowed until all of my jizz had washed down her throat.

She climbed up atop me, her naked body pressed against mine, her heavy tits dragging against my skin as she leaned down to kiss me. I didn’t resist, I would still kiss her if her mouth was full of mud. It was a strange, yet not altogether unpleasant salty flavor. But then her hips settled over my crotch, and she began to grind herself against me, leaning forwards to let my outstretched lips give her nipples a tongue-bath.

Amanda was beautiful in High School, and age had only developed her curves until she was all woman. Perfect legs rubbed against mine. Nicely flared hips tapered down to a tiny waist. Not an extra ounce of fat around her trim abs, leading up to her perfectly shaped round bosom. Her tits were actually a little too big to be proportionate, but on her petite body they gave her a comic-book heroine kind of goddess ness. Her skin was flawless and her elfin-beautiful face was now pulled back into an open-mouthed moan as she continued to grind herself against my reviving erection.

I made a move to go down on her. I wanted to please her as much as she had me, but she still resisted my every effort to do anything other than what she wanted to do. I realized that if she’d wanted me down there, she would have moved me down there. I was only too happy to obey her every wish.

At last she was satisfied with my hardness, and prying my stiffness into an upright and locked position, she sank herself down upon me.

My eyes were open, but I felt a veil of light descending over my irises as the tight ring of her cunt descended around my shaft. And when she began to move all I could see were starbursts like fireworks going off in my head. She brought my hands up to clamp down on her heaving breasts, my fingers automatically caressing and rubbing them with vigor.

I had to get closer and I sat up to bury my face in those bouncing orbs as our hips continued to drive against each other. She was just as tight as last night, and the sensations coming from my crotch were phenomenal. When Amanda started streaking towards her first orgasm of the morning, her hips took on an urgent thrusting as she bounced on top of me so fast that I had to relocate my hands to her hips. I lay back watching her throw her head back and wail into the morning daylight the pleasure rushing through her. With her strong legs thrusting and my hands tugging her down to me she set off into her climax.

Three thrusts later she got off of me and moved onto her hands and knees, her steaming wet pussy staring back at me between her legs. “Come and fuck me this way Jay-baby!”

Like I was going to turn down a request like that. I got to my knees and grabbed her ass tightly in my palms. I leaned in forwards, and the instant my other head tucked inside her she threw her body back, sinking me into her in one go. Howling with pleasure we began to rock atop her bed, Amanda taking up the chant of “Fuck me~! Harder~! Come on baby FUCK ME!”

And I was doing my best to comply. My hips were slamming into her ass with a meat-like thud. It was such a precise repetition you could set a metronome to our fuck. Less than twelve hours ago I had been a virgin. And now I was screwing the hottest woman I had ever laid eyes on over and over and over again. This could truly be heaven.

She had two more orgasms this way, with me fingering her clit and my hands on her swaying tits. Then I lost it and blew my load into her trembling pussy. But she wasn’t done with me yet.

We were like kids let loose in a toy store for the very first time. We didn’t have class until tomorrow, and had all the time in the world to try out every position we had heard of or could think of. It was all so new to us, and Amanda was proving to be quite adventurous. We fucked in the shower, on the floor, on her desk, in her chair, against the wall. We fucked bursa escort bayan from the side, we fucked wheelbarrow, upside-down, bent over the sink. Neither of us put any clothes on the entire day and paused only to piss, drink some water, and to eat some dry cereal and bread. I’d shot my stuff down her throat, in her cunt, on her tits, in her face and in her hair.

I finally ran out of juice around midnight, having cum more than ten times that day, the last one with her fucking on top of me facing my feet and sucking on my toes as I fingered her ass. She was still sucking on me, but it just wouldn’t go up any more. She finally gave up and cuddled against me, her hand on mine as I rubbed her ass-cheeks.

She looked dead on into my eyes. “Hmm, we never did try it in there,” she mumbled, guiding my hand back to where my finger had opened up her rosebud hole. “We’ll do that next time.”

I smiled at the thought of buggering my dream girl up her ass. Amanda grinned and then leaned down to kiss me. Midway through, my stomach grumbled at the lack of real food for the whole day, and she giggled into our kiss when she heard it. When she pulled back, she pecked me on the lips one more time and then sat up. “Okay, one last shower. Then we’re going out to find some food.”

We got cleaned up and dressed casually. With her hair in a loose ponytail, demure sweater and jeans, Amanda seemed to be just a nineteen-year old girl as scared of the real world as I was. She was still gorgeous to be certain, but now she seemed more like a comfortable girl next door. I wasn’t nervous around her anymore.

The only places open were cheap fast-food and your Denny’s kind of diners, and we opted for the sit-down restaurant. There was a family run place that catered to the college crowd, and thus was open until four in the morning. We headed out and asked for a booth. The place was packed with students, and I felt a great amount of pride at holding hands with such a gorgeous woman. Let everyone stare at me and see who I was with.

A student waiter came to lead us to our table, and following him through the restaurant I caught sight of Marcus and Kendra, sitting at a booth nearby. They hadn’t ordered yet as they still had their menus in front of them and I stopped the waiter for a moment. Looking to Amanda for confirmation, I said hello and asked if we could join them. Marcus scooted around the table and I slid in after him, Amanda next to me on the wing. She said hello as well and we struck up a friendly, if slightly awkward conversation.

The four of us had been out to eat before as a group of friends, but tonight was very different. Amanda didn’t let go of my hand, a fact which Marcus took very conscious note of. Kendra’s expression was difficult to read, but we managed to keep things cordial. We ordered food and shakes, my stomach still growling. Amanda then excused herself to go to the bathroom, Kendra going with her as girls so often do. I always wondered, do girls spread the need to pee telepathically to all other females within range? How else do they all need to go at the same time?

Marcus and I chatted about nothing for a minute before he screwed up his face into a very serious look. He reached his hand out to me, and I took it, letting him shake my hand firmly. “Congratulations. You finally got your dream.”

“Marcus, I’m sorry.”

“No need to say you’re sorry. That night I took her out, what were the exact words I used? ‘I know you’ve had a crush on her since Day 1 of High School… We all knew you were never going to do a thing about it.’ Well, I guess ‘we’ were wrong.”

“Actually, you weren’t wrong. She made the first move.”

“Either way, you got your dream girl. We knew something like this was up when you didn’t come home last night or at all today. What have you two been doing all day, anyways?”

“Uh, no comment.”

“Bastard,” Marcus grumbled, grinning. “No sordid details?”

“A gentleman does not discuss such matters out of respect for the lady.”

“Speaking of which…” he trailed off, glancing behind me. I turned my head; Amanda and a much happier Kendra were walking towards us. They must have had a productive conversation.

Marcus directed his question to Kendra as the girls sat down. “Satisfied?”

Kendra nodded. “I just made her promise not to break Jason’s heart.”

Amanda just laughed as she wrapped herself around my arm, giving me a peck on the cheek. The food was hot and tasty, and went a long way towards calming my growling stomach. Afterwards we went our separate ways, Marcus and I back to our apartment, and the girls to their Sorority House. Amanda made me promise to call her later.

I was asleep thirty seconds after I my head hit the pillow. My aerobic exercises with Amanda had completely exhausted me. And tonight I didn’t need to dream up any fantasies. I had perfectly good memories to replay in my mind all the way until morning.


I had thought that I wouldn’t be able to see bursa merkez escort Amanda again until the weekend. School was a priority for both of us, and it was our midterm exams week. In my head I had already planned out my study schedule, and I didn’t have much free time in that schedule.

But when I called her that Monday night to wish her good night, Amanda demanded that I come over to her room. She had already spent most of the day without me fucking her and she wasn’t about to let me get away from her for a full 24-hour period. So a few hours after midnight, and several orgasms from both of us later, we finally collapsed onto the bed, this beautiful girl in my arms with my hands on her tits as we drifted off into oblivion.

This became something of a routine. We would wake up groggy and thick-headed and try to just survive through our midterms. We’d retreat back and study for most of the evening before I walked down to her place for a night of fucking and sucking before we passed out. We finally got around to trying anal sex. It was the hottest, tightest thing I had ever felt. But while Amanda enjoyed it well enough, it wasn’t something she wanted to do every time.

Neither of us wanted to have sex at my place, because we would feel way too weird screaming and banging against the walls at my apartment with Marcus in the next room. However, screaming and banging against the walls was the norm at her Sorority House, so we felt no such compunctions to restrain ourselves.

And we had tried studying together, but we never got any actual work done. Only by getting a good couple of blocks between us were we able to keep our hands off each other. Amanda was an insatiable nymphomaniac. Years of being the object of lust for every man she met had driven her into a sexual frenzy that she had never felt comfortable unleashing until we got together. And despite my difficulties passing my exams, that week was absolute heaven.

This is why it was such a shock to me when Saturday morning rolled around and Amanda told me she was busy that day. It was the first free day we had without exams or other studious requirements to keep us apart from each other. I had been building up in my head a day-long orgy like we’d had the previous week, and when she said she had other plans I was crushed. No morning blowjob. No between the sheets (and everywhere else in the room) romp to start off our day.

As I trudged my way back to the apartment I shared with Marcus my head flew through every possible reason. She had given me no explanation save that she “had plans.” Did she just want to go out with the girls? Did they have some planned Sorority event? Or to my abject horror, was she tired of me?

Once unleashed had she become a sexual predator, no longer satisfied by a low- level nerd-boy like me? Did she want to go out and find the star University quarterback? Or some other “popular” guy?

That morning when I got back Marcus immediately took note of my depressed state. Like a good best buddy, he skipped the petulant inquiries as to how I was feeling, and instead just pulled out his PlayStation 2 and plugged it in. It was the perfect way for me to blow off steam, and we spent the next four hours trying to beat our digital opponents’ heads in.

But when Marcus left to go to some meeting for an Engineering project, which left me alone to sulk once again. I became convinced that as a recent virgin, I lacked the experience and the knowledge to properly satisfy my woman. My relationship with Amanda was more or less purely sexual. There was nothing more to it than our previous “Miss Popular and ‘Safe’ Guy-Friend” relationship plus wild sex. I had made some initial forays into being romantic and building this into a real boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, but Amanda seemed to be comfortable with being fuck-buddies for the time being. And that was all I had to offer her right now. She didn’t want me for anything else. And now, if she was tiring of me as a convenient dick, then I was in trouble.

Then I realized that I’d always had two best friends, Marcus AND Kendra. So I headed back to the Sorority house, this time to find Kendra. I wandered the halls, half-expecting to bump into Amanda with some six-five football jock, but I made it to Kendra’s door without incident.

She was home, much to my relief, and we sat down on her bed together to exchange the usual small talk and catch up on each others lives. Inevitably, Kendra asked how my relationship with Amanda was going.

I told her that things were well, but explained how Amanda had ditched me that morning, saying she had other plans for the day. Disappointingly, Kendra told me there was no Sorority event that day, but offered that maybe Amanda just wanted to hang out with her friends and Sorority sisters. The past week had been a rough one and with me monopolizing all of her free time, she hadn’t seen her friends in a while.

I told her that I hoped so, but then decided to tell bursa sınırsız escort her everything. That’s what best friends do, and I had always been completely honest with Kendra throughout our relationship.

“The night of the party, Amanda dragged me back to her room and we kinda had sex.”

Kendra gave me a withering “duh” look. “I knew that. Hell I passed by her room and I could hear you guys. And the whole house has heard you guys every night for the last week. Congratulations, Jase. You finally lost your virginity!”

“Hey, don’t say that so loud.”

“What? VIRGINITY!!!”

It was my turn to shoot daggers from my eyes. “But, that’s all our relationship has been so far. We’re not actually dating or anything. We’re just fucking.”

“You’re a guy. Sounds like a PERFECT relationship.”

“Well, maybe. But what if I’m not very good?”

“Believe me, we can hear her. You’re not bad.”

“But now I’m convinced that she’s tired of me. I’m kind of worried that I’ll lose her if I don’t get better.”

“So what, you’re asking me for sex advice?” Kendra gave me a funny look.

“No, not necessarily. You’ve got to be less experienced than me.”

“And how do you figure that?”

“Well, you’ve never had sex before, have you?”


“Whoa, a boyfriend you’ve never told us about?”

“No. I-“

“One night stand?”


“Well?” I just looked at her expectantly. “I’m here spilling my guts to my ‘supposed’ best friend and she’s been hiding something from me?”

“Well, it’s just that I know what a woman wants, how she wants to be touched, that sort of thing. And yes, I’m still a virgin, technically.”

“Define ‘technically’.”

“Oh. Boys are so crude!”


“I broke my hymen already, but I haven’t had a real penis in me. Does that spell it out for you enough?”

“Sure. Now how exactly did you break your hymen?”

Kendra was blushing furiously now, and I had a wicked grin on my face. “Well I had a dildo in there, okay?”

The thoughts flooding through my head were all in a jumble and quite confusing. It wasn’t proper to interrogate a woman about her sexual activities like this. On the other hand, Kendra was my best friend for years and we’d always shared stupid things, including sexual secrets. And on top of that, the thought of Kendra shoving a dildo into her pussy was getting me a little horny. I’d cum more times in the last week than in the previous nineteen years, but I could still get it up at the thought of a pretty girl’s pussy. Then another thought hit me. “Hey, when did you get a dildo?”

“I don’t have one.”

“Then where did it come from?”

“Uh, well. I, uh, borrowed it from one of the girls.”

“You’re lying. I can always tell when you’re lying.” Six years of watching Kendra try to bluff her way past her parents had clued me in.

“Okay damn it. This is a Sorority house. Some of the girls are… into other girls… and experimentation is a very common thing. So one night I got drunk and just, kind of… went for it.”

“You had sex with another girl? With dildoes?”

“Well, three other girls. But yes.”

Okay, now I was really getting horny. “Who?”

“Hey, do I pry really deeply into yours and Amanda’s sex lives?”

“No, no. I’m sorry. I take it back.” There was only so far best friendship would go. At some point, you have to respect at least a certain level of privacy. “But you were saying, you know how a girl likes to be touched.”

“Well, yeah. I AM a girl after all. And the other girls were very helpful in teaching me. And its not like it was only the one night.”

“So are you a lesbian now?”

The pillow caught me just behind my ear. Kendra still had a little of her tomboy strength left after all. “Okay, okay. I take it back!”

“No I’m not! Well, maybe I’m a little bisexual. But I really like guys!”

“Fine, I’m dropping the subject now. But can you tell me? Can you teach me what a girl wants?”

And so she did. She started to explain a woman’s body in a clinical sex-ed kind of way before taking things a step further. Kendra wanted to know what ways I’d had sex with Amanda because she’d heard a lot of things from her friends and “experimentation-girlfriends” and what they liked. The more we kept talking the more I realized how horny we were both getting. She was picturing Amanda and me fucking like rabbits and I was picturing Kendra in a four-way lesbian tryst. Kendra finally blurted out “Oh god I’m going to have to masturbate this off once you leave.”

She was in the middle of trying to explain the idea of a woman’s G-spot and I was having a hard time getting through her description of what it felt like. Kendra finally just threw her hands back and exclaimed, “Oh, fuck it. You’re my best friend anyways.”

She reached down and unsnapped her shorts, pulling both them and her panties away and leaving her half-naked before me. We had both gone through the “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” thing in High School, but this was something completely different. She grabbed my hand by the wrist and brought it to her steaming cunt. I noticed that she was shaved completely bare, and a questioning look rose into my eyes. She wasn’t shaved the last time I’d seen this.

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