Kim and Me Ch. 04

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Friday afternoon with Kim


I stopped at the store and pushed a cart around for a while. I wanted to get enough interesting food that we could stay in all weekend if we wanted, although I was sure that we’d be going out for dinner at some point. While there were plenty of staples at home, there weren’t many interesting nibbly things of the “cheese-and-crackers-and-fruit” type and those were the things I focused on. Having known Kim for so many years, I had a good idea of the things she liked eating, which was almost anything, really; she was as omnivorous as I was. A woman that can keep up with me on sushi and likes spicy Korean food, barbecue, and curry isn’t likely to have a lot of limits on the food she’s willing to try.

I got a selection of cheeses, including a couple of locally-made chevrés and an Irish cheddar. I also made a point of getting a fresh mini-Brie and a slice of Camembert. I had some wine in the house, but a bottle of ice wine found its way into the cart because it was very sweet and the perfect sweet evening drink to have together. I also got apples, pears, and a couple of clusters of grapes, .

Dinnerish thoughts started coming to mind. I really didn’t know if we’d end up staying in or going out, but I wanted to be prepared. I bought some prawns so I could make shrimp vindaloo and also got a couple of T-bone steaks. Halfway to checkout, I wheeled around and scampered off to the coffee aisle for a pound of French roast. While I was thinking about it, I snagged a small box of Godiva truffles and took a look at greeting cards. I read romantic cards for five or ten minutes and found one I liked.

Finally ready, I headed to the front and paid for everything. As I stood in line, I added a bouquet of mixed flowers from one of the convenience bins. They’d look good in the bedroom. On the way out, I bought five bucks worth of scratch tickets and a lotto ticket just for fun. My luck seemed to be riding high and, at worst, the state education fund would see $6 it hadn’t had a few minutes before, so what the heck?

When I got home, there wasn’t anything special in the mailbox from the day before except for a royalty statement, which unfortunately proved to be just a statement of accounts on a book that was still in print and had long since stopped generating money. I threw all the mail into the bags of groceries and walked to the door.

Even as I was getting the key in the door, I could hear Cookie and Fuzzball complaining. When the door was opened, both cats ran outside for a moment, then ran back in as I walked into the house. I was right: they had been fighting polar bears and crocodiles and I was getting to hear all about it. I picked each of them up and snuggled them for a moment, then got a can of food and dropped it in the bowl. The noise died down rather suddenly as two fuzzy faces got busy eating.

A quick survey: the house was in pretty good shape since the cleaning lady had been in only a few days before. I put groceries away and tucked the wine into the fridge to start chilling. The flowers went into a dark blue vase that I set on the bedroom dresser. It was a nice day, so I opened the bedroom windows.

Next on the list was email. I spent the next half hour sifting through a couple hundred emails. Most of them were fairly perfunctory and I skipped all but a couple e-newsletters. There wasn’t anything from my publisher but my agency had sent me a note with an idea for the next book. Hey, hey! I sent email back saying that it sounded good and that I was going to be busy for the weekend, so I’d talk to them Monday.

There wasn’t anything else I particularly needed to do so I turned on the tube to a movie I’d seen before and enjoyed and I jumped on the treadmill for the next 45 minutes. I grabbed a shower and did a load of laundry and looked at the clock: 11:30. Figuring Kim might be out of her meeting, I called her work line and left a message. About 10 minutes later, Kim phoned back.

“How’d the meeting go?” I said.

“The meeting was fine,” Kim said, “but I kept thinking about getting away so we could start our weekend. At one point, I forgot what I was about to say, but I took a deep breath and it just looked like I was considering.”

“Oh, good! So, shall you be able to break away soon?”

“Yup! As a matter of fact, I should be able to scrape my desk off in about 5 minutes and take off for lunch and not return. About half of the office does this on slow Fridays so it’s no big deal. I should be there around 2:00.”

“Excellent! I’ve just gotten in some exercycling, the agency has a new book idea for me they want me to look at, and the cats are fed. I’ll hang out and wait for you and we can map out the festivities when you get here.”

“I’ve got a list,” Kim said, “but we’ll discuss it later when I’m not at work. See you shortly!”

I went into the kitchen and put a small tray together of cheeses, fruit, and crackers Antalya Escort for later that evening. At that point, I had nothing I needed to be doing so I laid down on the couch to watch some TV. Cookie saw his chance and leapt up on me and started purring. Pinned to the couch, I had no choice: I took a nap.

I woke up a couple hours later to Kim’s voice calling “Hello?” from the front door. I hollered “One second!” and struggled to sit upright, which was a little more difficult now that I had both cats asleep on me. I made it to the door and kissed Kim hard. I said “Hello, beautiful! I’ve missed you.”

“Which is why you didn’t hear the doorbell?” Kim said.

“I was held hostage on the couch by the cats. They threatened me. I was only able to break away at dire risk to myself.” Cookie wandered over and looked at us. “Ask them if you don’t believe me.”

Kim snorted and said “Your cats are notorious liars; I wouldn’t believe them no matter what they said.” Kim hugged me again and said “I am so looking forward to this weekend with you.”

“Me, too!” I said. I saw that Kim had not only her gym bag, which was stuffed full, but there was a small overnight sized suitcase as well. “What did you bring with you?”

“Well!” Kim said. She picked up the suitcase and straightened the gym bag on her shoulder and marched towards the bedroom. “I’ve got fresh clothes so I don’t have to look rumpled, a small make-up bag, gym stuff for me for tomorrow, and some surprises for you.” She set the suitcase down in the bedroom and saw the flowers. “Oooh, I like that. Are those for me?” She moved closer to me and stroked my cheek.

“They are, sweetie.” I took her into my arms and we kissed for a while. Kim’s tongue was as magic as before. I broke off for a moment and she said “Awwww!”

“Before we get too distracted with anything else, I wanted to be nice and ask you how the rest of your day went,” I said.

“Oh!” she said. “Well, let’s see…” I felt her hand making its way down my front and she started tugging at my belt. “After I phoned you, I sent a few more emails, checked with my admin, and headed out the door. I got home about quarter after and decided I’d do some exercycling for a while before packing up.” Kim wasn’t having much success with my belt, so I said “Here, let me,” and unzipped my fly and moved pulled my already-hard cock out. Kim wrapped her hand around it gently and said “Ooooooh, I like that you’re ready for me already.” She started stroking me very gently and continued.

“Nobody was in the exercise room, so I got the cycle nearest the TV and I could switch the TV to whatever I wanted. I was there for about 10 minutes and who should walk in but Trish!” My cock jumped at Trish’s name and Kim laughed and said “You are SUCH a guy! You haven’t even met her yet and just the idea of someone else fucking in the sauna is turning you on.”

I blushed and said sheepishly, “I’m sorry, keed, I’m a complete scuzzbucket, I know.”

Kim laughed and said “I really don’t mind, but it was far too good not to give you shit about it.” She leaned forward and kissed me, then continued with her story. She was still stroking me, too. “So, I’m there pedaling away and I hear ‘Hi, Kim!’ and Trish walks up to me with this HUGE grin on her face. She says ‘I figured that I was going to call you this weekend and find out what was going on the other night.'”

I said “Did you tell her you were likely to be unreachable by phone this weekend?”

Kim said “Yup, I told her she’d probably get my voice mail as I wasn’t likely to be answering the phone.”

“What’d she say to that?”

“Trish actually applauded and said ‘Brava!'” Kim said. “Then she asked me who it was and I told her it was you. She’s never met you but I’ve talked about you to her on occasion so she knows who you are. Trish then got on the exercycle next to me and said ‘Tell me more!'”

“Well, tell me more! What did you tell her?”

“What did you want me to tell her?” Kim said with a grin. The stroking sped up a bit.


“That’s what I thought you wanted me to tell her,” Kim said.

I blushed again. “Okay, okay, I am SUCH a guy! So, give me details, you fiend.” I kissed her on the cheek and moved my hands up to fondle Kim’s nipples.

“Oooooh, well, if you put it that way, I suppose I can tell you what I told her.” Kim sat down on the bed and started stroking my cock with a slightly more determined grip.

I said, “If you keep this up, you’re going to have to divide your attention between what you’re saying and what you’re doing.”

Kim said “I’m not a guy, I actually have enough blood to do two things when I’m aroused.”

I said, “Well, all right, but I am a guy and I’m going to have trouble paying attention to what you’re saying if you keep doing that. I’m going to eat you and see just how well you can maintain your concentration.” Kim’s eyes sparkled and said “I’ll risk Antalya Escort Bayan it! Bring it on, mister!”

Kim had changed from her work clothes to a pair of black jeans and a light pullover blouse, with a pair of short harness boots I knew she was fond of. I tucked myself back into my pants (a difficult job; I didn’t bend very easily by now) and zipped my fly back up… then I shifted my cock around so I didn’t break it in half when I moved. Kim extended one leg and I pulled her boot off, followed by the sock. She wiggled her toes at me, so I picked her foot up and kissed them. She smiled and said “Why, thank you, sir!” I pulled the other boot and sock off, then unsnapped her jeans and slipped them off her legs. Her red panties were bunched up slightly. I admired them for a moment before slipping them off, too. I dropped them on top of the jeans. Kim spread her legs wide for a moment, giving me a great view of her pussy. I said “Oh, the heck with it!” and whipped my clothes off in record time, leaving Kim’s blouse and bra the only clothing left on either of us.

Kim lifted her arms over her head and I slipped the blouse off. Her breasts overflowed the top of the bra slightly. She reached behind and unsnapped the bra and slipped it off. I said “Scoot over” and Kim slid over to the far side of the bed. “Not that far,” I said. “I just needed some room to get on.” I scooted up next to her and we kissed for a little while, during which our hands were roaming around each other’s bodies. When I got to her crotch, Kim cocked one leg in between mine and I spread her pussy lips with my hand. “You’re nicely wet!” I said, holding my fingers up under my nose and inhaling deeply. “Mmmmmm!”

“I have been ‘nicely wet’ as you put it all day and I was worried about actually leaving a wet spot.”

“My, you have been worked up!” I replied, pushing two fingers deeply into Kim’s pussy.

Kim closed her eyes and arched her hips into my hand. I obligingly worked my hand in just a little deeper and Kim gasped, then dropped back on the bed. “The bet was actually that I was going to eat you and you were going to tell me what you and Trish talked about,” I said. “Scoot up a bit and let me work my way down and you can continue.”

Kim wiggled up so she was half-sitting up and spread her legs. I kissed her and then kissed my way very slowly down her body. It was a lovely trip and when I got to the latitude of her pubic mound I kissed my way around it and down her right leg. I kissed and licked the back of her right thigh, got a reaction out of licking the back of Kim’s right knee, and continued my way down to her ankle. Kim lifted her foot slightly. She was watching me with a mixture of amusement and lust. I kissed the top of her foot and then played “This little piggie” for a moment. I then did something I’d learned from a girlfriend years before: I held her foot up and gently licked in between a couple of her toes. Kim said “Oh, my, that makes me feel a little tingly!” I did it again and she said “I like that, but I don’t want to wait any longer. Eat me now!”

I moved up to her pussy and dove in. Kim said “Yes!” I licked her for a moment (Kim tastes so good!), then I lifted my head and said “Your part of the bet?” I went back to licking while looking up at her. “Fiend, yourself!” she said.

“Okay, where was I? Oooooh, yes, do that! So, Trish was on the exercycle next to me and asked me how we got together. She knows we’ve known each other since the 80s and she said she was dying to find out what got us together at last.” There was a short silence and I said “Kim?” “I can’t think; I’m sure you’ll have to put your fingers in me while you lick me to get the brain started again.”

“This sounds like you’re adding conditions to the bet,” I said.

“Take it or leave it,” Kim said.

“Oh, all right!” I said, sounding as cross as I could with my mouth full of pussy.

I slid my fingers into Kim and she said “Trish then asked me what we’d been up to last night in the sauna.”

I lifted my head up and said “You know her that well?”

Kim said “If you keep stopping, we’ll never get anywhere with this bet. Get back down there!” She pushed my head back down. Back to work, back to work. I licked her clit roughly and got a nice sound from Kim as a result.

“Yes, I know her that well. After I walked in on her and her boyfriend last year, we’ve compared notes on a few occasions. Yes, I’ll tell you about that later—” Kim pushed my head back down again as it started rising up to ask the obvious question “—after I’ve told you about this. And keep that up, what you’re doing right… there!” She wiggled her hips a little and inhaled.

“Okay, so she wanted to know what we’d been doing down here. I explained to her that we’d had a shower together and that you’d eaten me really well from behind. Almost as good as you’re doing right now, as a matter of fact. Trish liked the sound of that and said Escort Antalya that she’d wanted to have someone eat her in the shower like that because she likes fucking in it. She’s told me about at least three different occasions.” Kim pressed my head down and said “Laterrr!”

“Trish really wanted to get some details from the sauna. I told her I’d stretched you out on the bench and sucked on you and then rode you until you exploded.” This last was getting a little breathy and I started pushing my tongue into Kim in time with my fingers and licking all the way up her clit. I reached up with my other hand to squeeze her tits and discovered that Kim was already squeezing and tugging her nipples. Kim spread her legs a little more and lifted her thighs. “Trish didn’t have a lot… more to say.” I paused in mid-lick and mid-finger and didn’t move until I heard Kim say “All right, all right, there’s something else! Just don’t stop now!!” I resumed and listened intently.

Kim grabbed my head and managed to gasp out “Trish said she’d love to walk in on us in the sauna like I did with her so she could see what you looked like in action. Okay, NOW!!!” Kim pushed her pussy up into my mouth and I licked and fingered her as fast and hard as I could. Kim shouted “Yes! Right there! Lickmelickmelickme!” She rocked back and forth on the bed, all the while holding me down to her pussy. I kept it up until she squeezed my cheeks with her thighs saying “Stop, stop! No more!”

I carefully pulled my fingers out of Kim’s sopping pussy, which made her shiver just as they came out, and rested my head on her pubic mound. “You got distracted and lost your place,” I said.

“Not hardly,” Kim said. “I just paused strategically at times for dramatic effect. And the bet was simply that I’d tell you what Trish said, not that I wouldn’t get distracted occasionally. I win!”

“We’ll call it draw, then,” I said. “Besides which, any winnings I made on a bet with you, I’d take in the flesh like this, anyway, so what the hell?” Kim smiled at me and stroked my hair. “I’m so glad we’re doing this at last,” Kim said softly.

I moved up to spoon her. Kim rolled over slightly and kissed me over her shoulder, then rolled back. I wrapped myself around her and she put her hand on my hip and stroked me slowly. I kissed her head and nuzzled her neck. I could smell pussy juices on my face, which was still slightly damp. Reading my mind, Kim said “You smell like me.”

“So what was that about Trish saying she wanted to pop in on us?” I asked.

“Just what she said,” Kim replied. “Trish likes sex a little on the daring side and I think she’d get a big charge out of surprising us. Or sorta surprising us.”

“Wow!” I said. “I’m not sure how to respond to that. But it does tickle my fancy at one level.”

“A level of about 10 degrees south, I’d guess,” said Kim, reaching for my cock, which was pressing into her left butt cheek. She stroked my cock hard a couple times, then fingered the tip of my cock. She held her hand up and touched her fingers together and pulled them apart. “Sticky!” she said. She licked the bit of precum off her fingers and said “Mmmmmm! I’d like to suck you off and taste more of that, big boy.”

“Your lips and tongue should get the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval—” Kim made a smacking noise “—but I want to fuck you.”

Kim said “I could go for that!”

“I’ve gotten you nice and juicy and all puffy from eating you and I want to slide my cock deep into you.” Kim smiled and I continued “What I want is to pin you to the bed and really pound your cunt hard and have you talk dirty to me.”

Kim gasped and said “God, yes, please fuck me!”

I rolled her over on her back and got on top of her. My cock was diamond-hard at this point. I positioned the head slightly between Kim’s pussy lips and slid it home hard, all the way up. Kim groaned and threw her legs over mine. She gripped my arms and pushed up into my cock. “Fuck me, honey, fuck me now!”

I pulled out and pushed it deep into her again. Kim said “Don’t stop, slam it into me!” I started pulling out almost to the edge of her pussy and slamming it in as deep as I could. My poor abused pecs were getting still more workout but I didn’t notice much: I was holding myself up so I could get my hard-on deeper into Kim .

Kim had her back arched and her legs wrapped around mine. Her head was back with her eyes closed. She was biting her lower lip. Every time I plunged back into her, she made a little “Unh!” noise. Kim’s mouth opened into an “O” for a moment then closed again and she opened her eyes wide. “God, yes! Pound my cunt! I’m hot and wet and I want to fuck you in public! Fuck me harder!”

Kim was right: the sounds coming from our midsection were getting a lot squishier and I could feel the way getting smoother from all the liquid. I felt my orgasm fluttering in the background—not there quite yet but I could feel it. I said “Grab my nipples!” Kim pulled hard on my nipples and I started to crest. I grabbed Kim’s hips and plunged into her another 10 or 15 times as the first few spurts left me until I couldn’t move any more. I held on tight and arched my back and neck and went “Ahhhhhhh!!!” as the last shots of semen squirted into Kim.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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