Kerri’s Descent Ch. 01


I arrived at college my freshman year with lots of expectations. Back then, I had no idea what I would become during my college years. I’m a senior getting ready to graduate now, and I’m so different than how I was back then…

I had been a good little girl my entire life, and I was hoping to change that a little. I was from a tiny little town where everyone knew each other. I went to church with my parents every Sunday and got good grades at my small high school. I had dated a few guys, and we had messed around just a little. But I had always known that if I had sex or did anything too serious, their friends would find out, which meant eventually our whole school would find out, which meant our whole tiny town would find out. I was too afraid of disappointing my parents and friends to do anything too bad. The same went for drinking and trying drugs. The fear of getting in trouble stopped me. When I was accepted into a large college, I looked forward to breaking free of my parents’ rules a little bit. However, while I wasn’t opposed to partying or having fun with some guys, I didn’t want to take it too far. Of course, that was back then …

My first day there, I met my new roommate, Jessie. Our parents were there to help us get settled, but soon they left. We put our clothes away quietly until Jessie broke the silence. She was one of those people who is totally outgoing, even with complete strangers. “You know Kerri, it looks like we could maybe share clothes. We’re probably about the same size.”

“Yeah, definitely,” I thought, though I was thinking that some of Jessie’s clothes looked slutty. It’s true that we’re the same size, though we look nothing alike. We are both small and curvy, with little bubble butts and small round breasts. But I have dark skin and dark brown shoulder length hair, while Jessie is paler and has long blonde hair.

While we unpacked, we talked more about ourselves. Jessie was definitely more extroverted than me, and I got the idea from her comments that she was wilder than me too. She was from a large town, so it met my idea of the crazy city girl. She said several things about drinking and I admitted that I had never even been to a real party. “Really?!” she couldn’t believe it. “We are so taking you to a frat party this weekend!” I tried to protest, but I actually did think it sounded like fun.

The first week of classes went by unbelievably quickly. Jessie and I became fast friends. We were total opposites, but we had the same sense of humor. We hung out a lot and were getting to know each other pretty well. When Friday night rolled around, Jessie started going through her closet. “I think I’m going to wear this, what do you think?” she asked.

I turned around, surprised Escort Bayan Gaziantep to see that she was standing there topless, holding up a skimpy tank top. I laughed. “You don’t mean you’re going naked, do you?”

She smiled. “Nope,” she said. “But what do you think about this top?”

“Slutty,” I thought. “Cute,” I said. “Good,” she said, “Now let’s find one for you.”

I was pretty anxious as she went through her clothes. I wasn’t used to showing a lot of skin. Finally she picked a sparkly pink tank top. I tried it on, and it was skin-tight and partially see-through. She convinced me to also wear a short black skirt (also hers) and heels. I felt ridiculous in my new clothes, but I didn’t want to look out of place at the party.

Walking to the party, I could already hear the music and laughter at the end of the street. I had no idea what to expect and I was terrified. Jessie acted like she’d been to a million frat parties, and marched right in the front door. A guy at a table smiled, said hi, and gave us each a plastic cup. I couldn’t believe how easily we got in since we weren’t on the list, and I said something to Jessie.

“Are you kidding?” she said. “They know we’re freshman. They’re hoping for a piece of ass in exchange for a little beer.”

My stomach dropped. Was I going to be expected to mess around with someone because I was at this party? What would I do if Jessie went off with someone and left me alone? I calmed myself down by assuring myself that Jessie wouldn’t ditch me.

Jessie and I got some beer. I didn’t like the taste, but I drank it anyway. We danced with each other for awhile, but soon, two guys came over to us. The tall, thin one with blond hair headed towards me. He was pretty cute. He came around behind me, put his arm around my waist and started grinding his hips against the back of my ass. I could tell he was pretty drunk. I liked what he was doing, but at the same time, I felt very self conscious. I drank my beer as fast as I could, hoping to loosen up. Jessie was dancing with her guy and seemed to be having a great time.

My guy noticed my cup was empty and offered to refill it. I agreed. When he came back, he said his name was Matt. “I’m Kerri,” I said. We started dancing again. I still felt pretty stupid, considering how I’ve never been a good dancer, so I chugged my beer again. By now, I was starting to feel it a little. I had never drank before, so I was quite the lightweight. Matt’s hand was moving around from my ass to the front of my thigh. The skirt Jessie had lent me was so short that his hand kept brushing against my panties every time I moved. It felt so good, it was making me wet. But I still felt very self-conscious. There were so many people around…wouldn’t they notice? I didn’t know how to stop it, so I just kept dancing and pretended not to notice. Soon, I was saved by Jessie.

“Hey, Ryan and I are gonna do some shots in his room, come with us,” she said. “Ok,” I said, wondering if Matt would follow. He did. We left the party room and went upstairs to the brothers’ bedrooms. Ryan and Jessie were talking and laughing like they’d known each other for years. Matt and I stayed quiet.

Ryan’s room was small and covered with posters of half-naked girls – a typical college guy’s place. He pulled out a bottle of clear liquid from behind his bed and poured some into four shot glasses. I watched Jessie as she threw her head back and swallowed the stuff. I tried to do the same thing, but after I swallowed my throat felt like it was on fire. I started coughing. “Are you ok?” asked Matt. “I’m fine,” I managed to choke out, embarrassed. “She’s never drank before,” Jessie explained. “Well in that case, we’d better get you wasted tonight!” said Matt, laughing.

Ryan refilled our shot glasses three more times. I felt really drunk and the room seemed to be spinning. Matt led me over to a couch where I laid down. I looked up and saw the bottom of Ryan’s bed, which was built on a loft above us. Matt asked me if I was ok. He started rubbing my shoulders. His hands drifted down and soon they were on my breasts. Normally I would have stood right up and left the room, but it felt so good…and because I was drunk, I didn’t really care.

I looked up and noticed that Jessie and Ryan were getting heavy in the corner, making out and feeling each other up and down. For some reason, this turned me on even more, and I squirmed against Matt’s body. I could feel his dick through his jeans, it was long and stiff. Matt took my hand and put it at the waist of his pants. I was scared, knowing what he wanted me to do. My hand didn’t move, so he pushed it down further. I felt his huge, hard cock against my palm and I gasped. This was as far as I had ever been with a guy before.

I heard the bed above us creaking and realized that Jessie and Ryan were getting in it. I rubbed Matt’s dick and listened to them laughing and whispering. Matt moved his hand to the edge of my skirt and tugged the crotch on my panties. I moaned softly. This was so wrong…I didn’t even know his last name. Was I really going to let him put his fingers in my pussy? He moved the panties over to the side and slipped one finger into me. I gasped as he wiggled his finger against my clit. He pulled my panties again, and this time I let him slip them all the way off. I heard Jessie and Ryan having sex on the bed above us as it creaked back and forth. Matt was rubbing his dick against my leg as he fingered my wet pussy. “Kerri,” he whispered, “I want to fuck you.”

“No, no, I can’t,” I whispered, “it’s bad, it’s …” I couldn’t think of what to say, and I knew I just sounded stupid. “C’mon Kerri, it feels so good, please,” Suddenly I had an idea.

“What if I do something…else, instead?” I asked. He smiled. “Mmm, that would be nice,” he said. He pulled off his pants and boxers. His huge cock sprung out. I was terrified of what I’d just agreed to. “Can I have another shot first?” I asked. He laughed. “Sure,” he said, and went over to pour me one. He came back with two, and I drank both of them. “Ok,” I said, “I’m ready.”

I got on my knees on the floor and Matt stood up. I put my hand over his cock and put my mouth on the top. I tried to remember what I’d heard in movies about giving head. I pretended like his dick was a delicious popsicle, and I sucked it as hard as I could. I could hear him moaning. I made slurping noises as I sucked, which was really embarrassing. Matt didn’t seem to care though, and Jessie and Ryan were making plenty of noise of their own. I couldn’t believe I was even doing this. Here I was, good little Kerri from Farmerville during her first college weekend, kneeling on a frat floor not wearing panties and sucking on the cock of some guy I didn’t know while I listened to other people have sex in the same room. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but feeling slutty turned me on even more.

Matt grabbed the back of my head and started pushing me down further on his dick. I felt like I was going to gag. It was so long that it was touching the back of my throat. “Feel my balls,” Matt commanded. I reached up and touched his balls. They were huge too. All of a sudden, Matt putt both his hands behind my head and started slamming his cock into my face. His balls smacked against my chin. “Oh yeah, fuck yeah, oh Kerri, you’re such a little slut, you know that?” All I could do was nod. “Now I’m gonna cum in your mouth you little slut, because you want me to, don’t you?” I nodded again. I was afraid, because I knew what was coming, but I was excited too.

Matt fucked my mouth harder and faster. All of a sudden he stiffened and I felt his cock pumping juices into my mouth. There was so much, I just had to keep swallowing and swallowing, and Matt wouldn’t let go of my head. It tasted strange, but in a good sort of way.

After I had cleaned myself up, and Jessie had found all her clothes, we said goodbye to Matt and Ryan. I was sure we’d be seeing them again soon. On the way home, Jessie talked about how big Ryan’s cock was and how they’d had sex twice, and how next time she wanted him to fuck her ass. All I could think about was how I had gone to the frat party a silly little virgin and was going back home a little slut. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it yet, but something in me liked it. A lot.

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