Kelly’s Bad Day at the Office


As usual on a monday morning the bank was busy. Kelly, the banks branch supervisor, was at her desk working on a presentation that she would be giving later that day to her supervisors. Kelly was an attractive woman in her early thirties. She is about 5’4″ with long brown hair and brown eyes. She has a nice athletic body with large breasts which she normally hides beneath loose fitting blouses. Today was no exception as she dressed in a sharp blue business blazer with matching skirt, and a loose fitting cream blouse that showed little if any cleavage. Whenever she was giving a presentation to her supervisors she was extra calreful to dress as professionally as possible. A problem Kelly has always had to deal with is that her 36C breasts were topped with abnormally large nipples that always seemed to poke through her shirts, so she wore padded bras, and added extra padding to keep her nipples from poking through.

The bank was busy with costomers, so Kelly did not notice the five men that walked in and positioned themselves throughout the bank. One stayed near the door, one walked to the drinking fountain, one went towards the other door, one went to the loan desk, and one got in line for a teller. As if on que they all pulled ski masks over their faces and pulled out guns.

Everybody hit the floor, this is a hold up!!!! yelled the man in the teller line. Everyone do as your told, and no one gets hurt!!! Women started screaming, as some dropped to the floor like they were told, and others stood in shock. The masked men were going around yelling at the ones still standing to get down on the floor, and shoving those that did not cooperate. Soon everyone was on the floor.

The robbers seemed to know exactly what to do as they secured the doors, jumped the counters, and started going through the registers. Two of the masked men stood atop the counters and kept an eye on everyone. The leader went to the vault and demanded that Kelly bring him the keys. He knew her name, and that she was the manager, so they obviously had done their homework. The leader was listening to a police scanner and shouting directions at his crew to hurry it up. Kelly got up off the floor and brought the keys to the vault as she was told to do.

The man grabbed her roughly and shoved her in front of the vault. Open it!! He shouted. Kelly put the key in and punched in her code. Unknown to the robbers, she had two different codes. One code opened the vault for normal operations, and the other opened the vault, but notified police of a robbery in progress. Kelly chose the latter. That code notified dispatch, and dispatch alerted officers who knew to respond silently. It was a decision she would soon regret.

Before they knew it, the bank was surrounded by cops. The robbers panicked and were cussing and yelling. They were surrounded with no way out. But again they seemed to be prepared for this as they ordered everyone down to the basement. Three of the robbers stayed with the hostages, and two were upstairs making demands to the police.

Kelly was trained for these situations and knew that they must do whatever the robbers tell them to do, and that is exactly what everyone had done. Sitting in the basement with her eight employees, and about 12 unfortunate customers Kelly was so scared she thought she might cry, but she she knew she had to keep her composure. Many of the women were crying and the men were silent with fear.

They were in that basement for about two hours with the three robbers, while the other two upstairs negotiated with the police. Man I’m bored. Said the biggest of the three masked robbers. Hey Kelly, get over here. HE ordered. It disturbed Kelly that he knew her name and used it as if they were aquantances
Kelly got up off the floor and walked over to him. Entertain me. HE said.
Kelly just stared at him and gulped in fear. What do you want me to do? She asked nervously. Well, ya got any talents? sing? dance? Kelly just stood there. No. She said. Well, ya ain’t got any talent, and I’m bored, gaziantep lezbiyen so why don’t you start by taking your clothes off. Kelly just stood there silent in fear and disbelief.

Do it, or my friend there is gonna stick that fat pig. HE said as he pointed to one of the other masked men holding a large hunting knife to the stomach of one of Kelly’s employees. Kelly still didn’t move, and the man with the knife stabbed the guy in the thigh. He screamed in pain as his pants turned red with blood. Everytime you don’t do what I tell you to do we stab him again…got it. Kelly stared in disbelief.

Now…take off your fucking clothes. Kelly slowely unbuttoned her blazer. She removed her blazer and stood silently. Keep going. He ordered. She dropped the blazer to the ground and unbuttoned her blouse. Tears welled up in her eyes as she removed her blouse. She now reached behind and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. She then removed her panty hose, leaving her standing in front of her captors, employees, and customers in nothing but her bra and thong panties. Very nice. HE said. Keep going. Kelly paused and said. Please, don’t make me do this. She heard a scream from behind as her employee was again stabbed in the leg.

Tears were now freely running down Kellys face as she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She let her bra fall down her arms and revealed her large
breasts. Her nipples were about the diameter of a quarter, and stood erect about one inch. They were huge. Fucking A, look at the size of those nipples!! HE said. Kelly stood in shame as everyone in the basement stared at her exposed breasts and abnormally large nipples. What are you waiting for? Said the man, and Kelly knew that was her que to take off her panties. To make matters even worse, just last night Kelly’s boyfriend shaved her pussy completly bald. She didn’t want him to do it, but she didn’t want to lose yet another boyfriend for being boring in bed, so she let him do it, and now she was going to show her employees, and customers that she has a bald pussy.

Kelly slowely slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. When her bald pussy was revealed the three masked robbers just laughed, hooted and hollered. Kelly just stood in front of everyone crying as they stared at her bald pussy, her bared tits and huge nipples. She had never been more humiliated in her life.

Well, don’t just stand there. HE said…do something!!! Kelly was in shock, and didn’t know what to do and just stood there. Another scream from her employee, and she knew they stabbed him again. She started dancing. Her movements were mechanical and forced. Dance like you wanna be fucked Kelly!! HE screamed. Kelly forced her movements to be more erotic, and was shaking her big tits, and thrusting her hips.

Finger Fuck that bald twat. HE said Kelly put her hand down and massaged her bald pussy. I said Fuck It!! HE shouted, and Kelly shoved her fingers into her twat as she gyrated her hips and bounced her big titties. HE didn’t give her any other orders, so Kelly just kept on fingering herself and dancing. HE let her finger herself for awhile, then HE got up and walked over to her. HE grabbed her and led her over to the man they had been stabbing in the leg. His name was Derrek and he was a new trainee whom Kelly hired only weeks ago.

Derrek lay on his back with his legs bleeding. He pulled Kelly down and forced her pussy onto his face. Eat that pussy boy. Said the man holding the knife. Derrek pushed his tounge out into Kelly’s pussy. Go on and fuck his face Kelly. HE said. Kelly slowely started gyrating her hips on Derreks face. He forced his tounge deep into his supervisors twat. Kellys movements became more desperate, and she fucked his face harder and harder. To her humiliation Kelly climaxed and splashed her pussy joice all over young Derreks face.

She caught her breathe. Her heavy breasts still heaving. She opened her eyes hoping that it was all just a bad dream, but to her horror it was every bit as real and humiliating as she had feared. Her pussy still gyrating on the young boys face, Kelly looked up and saw that all of her employees watched her have an orgasm.

Steve, get over here. HE said. Steve was Kelly’s assistant branch manager. He got up and walked over to where they were standing. Steve had a huge gut that hung over his belly, and his belt was hopelessly lost under his fat. They stood in front of Kelly as she staddled her young employees face. Suck his cock. HE
said. Kelly knew they would stab Derrek again if she didnt’ do it, so she reached up, and pushed his fat stomach up so she could get to his belt.

She pulled his pants down and pulled out his cock. It was fat, heavy, and covered in hair. Kelly leaned forward and took his fat hairy cock into her mouth. She sucked on his dick as it swelled and grew in her mouth forcing its way further and further down her throat. She bounced her head up and down Steves fat dick until it was hard as a rock. Derrek was still licking her pussy. HE grabbed Steve and pulled him away, ripping his cock out of Kellys mouth.

HE pulled Steve around and placed his disgusting fat white ass and raging hard on right behind Kelly. Kelly’s legs were spread just a little as she straddled Dereks face. HE placed Steven with his hard cock just touching Kellys ass hole. Spread her ass cheeks. HE instructed Derek. Derek reached up and grabbed his supervisors butt cheeks and pulled them apart. With Steves cock touching Kellys ass hole, HE said. You like it up the ass don’t ya Kelly? Kelly shook her head and protested NO!!!! You telling me you never had it up the ass? HE asked. Again Kelly shook her head. You lie to me!!! HE screamed his eyes were all crazy as HE stared at her through his ski mask You’ve had it up the ass before haven’t you!! HE screamed. Kelly knew the answer was yes, and she shook her head. And you love having big hard cocks in your asshole don’t you. HE said. Kelly again knew to shake her head yes. And you want Steves fat hairy cock in your ass right now don’t you? Again Kelly nodded her head.

Say it. HE said to Kelly. Kelly said nothing. SAY IT!!!! HE screamed. Meekishly through tears Kelly said. I want Steves fat hairy cock in my asshole. Steve began to push his cock into her ass before HE even said to. Kelly winced in pain as her virgin ass was being invaded. Steves slimy sweaty fat hairy belly was constatnly slithering on Kellys back as he thrust in and out of her asshole.

Kelly knew that Steve didnt’ like the way she bossed him around, so she wondered if he was actually enjoying fucking her in the ass. Her questions seemed to be answered as Steve violently and enthusiastically slammed his fat cock in and out of her ass enjoying the sounds of her shameful cries.

Get over here Todd. HE said. Todd walked up and stood as Steven continued pounding his meat into Kellys shitter. HE told Todd to take his pants off, and he did. Kelly wondered if her male co-workers were actually enjoying all of this. Humiliating the boss must have some sort of erotic pleasures right? Her answer came as Todd lowered his pants exposing his huge hard on. Suck it Kelly. HE said. Kelly opened her mouth and took Todd’s hard on into her warm wet mouth and he gladley shoved it in. Todd grabbed her hair and started forcing her head faster and faster on his raging hard cock. They are loving this Kelly thought of her co-workers enthusiasticly fucking her asshole and mouth.

Lay on your back Todd. HE said. Todd pulled his cock out of her mouth and lay flat on his back. His cock standing straight up like a flagpole. Go Fuck that thing Kelly. HE said to her. Kelly pulled herself off of Dereks face, but still Steven was holding on to her waste pounding her asshole for all he was worth. Kelly tried to pull Steven off, but he wouldn’t let her. So she forefully pulled her way up to Todds cock with Steven pumping in and out of her ass the whole way. Steven gives her a little room to move and she swings her leg over Todd and straddels his raging hard on. Steven continues trenching her ass as she lowers Todds prick into her shiney bald pussy. She winces in pain, then wheeps and holds her breath as she is being violated by two cocks at the same time. She can feel the friction of the two cocks against each other through the thin layer between her ass and cunt.

This goes on for what felt like forever to Kelly when HE then says Beth come up here. Beth cries but walks forward as the raping of Kelly’s ass and cunt continues. Take your clothes off Beth. HE says. Beth cries histerically and doesn’t move. Derek screams in pain as again he is stabbed in the leg. Beth still crying starts to remove her clothing. For a woman in her late 40’s Beth was in pretty good shape. She stood trembling as HE lead her over by the arm and placed her hairy pussy right in Kellys face.

Eat it. HE said to Kelly. Already beyond humiliation she opened her mouth and took her secretarys hairy cunt into her mouth. Beth just stood there at first, but as Kelly probed her snatch with her tounge Beth slowely started to gyrate into Kelly’s face. Her movements quickend and she grabbed the back of Kelly’s head, pulling her head into her crotch. Kelly again stuck her tounge deep into Beth’s hole and Beth let out a meekish squeel and tightened up her thighs as an orgasm ripped through her and came gushing down through her love hole into Kelly’s probing mouth.

Kelly coughed up Beths love juice and bowed her head to catch her breath, but Beth continued rubbing her wet, hairy, stinky cunt up and down Kelly’s face and Steve was finally blowing his wad in her strained and stretched asshole. Todd just lay beneath her, his hard cock still firmly planted in her cunt. Fuck him harder. HE said. Beth pulled her hairy snatch away from Kellys face and watched as Kelly really started working Todds cock in and out of her bald cunt.

From behind you could see the man juice from Steven was dribbling out of Kellys ass and mixing in with her cunt juices. Kelly was really bounicng on Todds cock now and her big heavy tits were bouncing in every which way with no apparant rythm. Kelly was working him so hard it almost seemed as if she were enjoying it. Maybe she was. Todd reached up grabbed her tits pulled her nipples hard, making her cry out in pain and mabe a strong thrust up into her cunt as he shot load after load into her wanting pussy.

Kelly started to lift herself off of Todd when he stopped her with her pussy just above his soft cock. Let it drip out of your holes onto my cock. Todd said. This motherfucker is loving this shit. Kelly thought of her sub-
bordinant. Kelly squated over Todds prick and the juices slowely started oozing out of her well fucked holes and dripped onto his cock. When Todd was satisfied that all of his and Stevens Joy Juice had dripped out of Kellys fuckholes and onto his cock, he let her get up.

Todds cock was covered in a thick layer of gooey white sperm. Come over hear and lick it up. Todd said with a glimmer in his eyes. Kelly shot him a fuck you stare, but she saw that Derek was still bleeding pretty bad, and she didn’t want him to get stabbed again, so she lowered her face to his crotch, just above the gooey mass. Todd pulled her hairback so he could see here better. Kelly’s tounge reached out and touched the mass of cunt and ass sperm and licked it up into her mouth.

She seemed to wretch and grabbed for her stomach, but she then regained her composure, opened her mouth and gobbled up almost the whole portion of the Man Mustard swallowing hard as she choked down that sperm as if it were warm jello. Kellys face was a mess with cum splattered all over it. She opened her mouth to take a breath and noticed security cameras in all the corners. All four were focused on her, and all four had red lights on. Who was watching and recording this?

Her face a mess with pussy juice and joy jizz, cum dripping off her eyebrow and dribbling from the corner of her mouth. Kelly stared up at the cameras and although she was scared as hell she had no idea how those tapes were about to alter her life.

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