Katie Loves Her Mom Ch. 05


Ryan’s trial was set to begin Tuesday. He left the day before, but took the shuttle to the airport so I could watch Katie’s team play, and win, the conference championship. Afterwards Coach took the girls out for pizza, inviting the parents to tag along. While eating she discreetly approached me, “After we’re done we’re having a seniors-only meeting at my home. If possible, I’d like you to join us.”

“I’d love to, but I first need to go to Federal Express and ship some boxes to my husband.”

“That’s fine, you know where I live.”

I arrived at her home about an hour later. Cars were parked around the yard. I knocked and when no one answered, let myself in. The foyer was empty. I heard a sound from the first room on the left and peeked in. Cheyenne was on a couch, her powerful legs locked around Andrea’s head. Neither girl was vaguely aware I was there.

In the next room Principal Jones was exchanging long leisurely kisses with twin girls from the team. The girls were brunettes and although not built as powerfully as Cheyenne, were big-boned and rangy. Their breasts were large and round, featuring wide brown areolas and dark brown nipples. The principal’s breasts were small, pert and firm. Her pale skin contracted nicely with the darker hue of the girls. She noticed me.

“I’m providing the requisite supervision. What you want is upstairs.”

The top of the stairs provided an overlook of the backyard. I saw another ten girls or so in various stages of undress. There was a buzz between my legs that was becoming an increasing distraction.

It was then that I heard a happy squeal from a room down the hall. It was Katie.

I followed the noise to a bedroom and found my daughter. She was laying naked on a bed, her limbs tied to the bed posts. Her pungent odor and the way her vagina glistened in the sunlight left no doubt how strongly aroused she was. Coach, wearing only socks, a baseball cap, and pins through her small breasts, was surveying my bound child. Katie opened her eyes when I stepped on a loose board.

“Hey, Mama!”

Coach glanced at me. She was non-plussed. “Glad you could make it Lois. Care to join us?”

If two weeks ago you had asked me how I’d answer such a question, I’d have told you I would’ve grabbed my daughter and run; but who was I kidding? I had known, but not admitted to myself, that this was the reality of her life. On top of that, helpless and tied to the bed my daughter’s curvy sexy helpless body was irresistible. I nodded yes and climbed on board, running my tongue along Katie’s labia, scooping up some of her plentiful juice. My little girl was some turned-on.

The bed shifted. Coach was moving towards me, licking her lips. Our mouths met a few inches above Katie’s pussy in a series of tentative exploratory kisses. Coach’s strong hand wrapped around the back of my head, holding me firmly in place. Her tongue forced itself into my mouth. Her abrupt attack at first startled me, but her tongue soon mastered mine. I steadied myself with my hands and pressed my face to hers. I was completely lost in the moment when my daughter interrupted.

“Uh, guys?”

Coach broke the kiss. I was panting. We looked at Katie, the two of us disoriented by our sudden explosion of passion.

“I’m glad to see you two getting together, and watching you guys is really hot, but there’s a bodacious eighteen year old blonde tied to this bed who needs her pussy eaten.”

Coach issued instructions. “Lois, you take her clit; I’ll get her cunt.”

Coach rammed several fingers inside Katie and licked her pink pussy lips. I swiped my tongue around and over her clit. Katie soon was bucking underneath us, moaning hard.

“Mom, Coach, lick me, lick me, I’m so close. Oh god, lick me, it feels so good.”

I rolled back the hood of her clitoris and flicked my tongue against the hard happy bud. At the same time I captured her pert hard nipples between my fingers. Coach had buried her strong tongue inside my daughter and was attacking her cunt’s inner walls. The powerful odor of Katie’s sex redoubled, filling my nostrils. Katie grunted and gyrated, straining against the ropes binding her to the bed. Her body shook and quivered. She was close, so close, and then she suddenly jerked, yanking against the ties. Juice bubbled from her snatch and poured down her thighs as she shouted, “DAMN, OH DAMN, KEEP IT UP, YEAH, YEAH, I’M CUMMING, AIEEEEEEEEEEE…..”

Katie flopped violently on the bed. As she did Coach rolled the heel of her hand back and forth over Katie’s clit, bringing her a series of rapid-fire follow-up orgasms. As she came and came Katie thrashed and twisted, her muscles straining as she bucked against the straps, until eyes half-closed, lazy with sex, she sank into the bed and said simply, “Enough.”

It was only then I noticed the Principal, the two girls she’d been with, and several others standing in the doorway.

One of the twins said, “I want to be tied up next.”

Principal Jones disagreed. “We have a guest. She gets first choice. Escort bayan Lois, would you like to be tied to the bed.”

Bondage was not among the games Ryan and I played. Now I wondered why not. With a tremor in my and voice before anyone could interrupt I said, “Yes, yes, I would.”

Word spread around the house and several more girls hurried into the room. The ladies stripped me naked, strapped my hands and feet to the bed. As I pulled on the restraints, testing their strength, the twins walked to either side of the bed and teased my nipples with their tongues. I closed my eyes basking in the sensation. Sparks leapt from my nipples, filling my bosoms. I was squirming in delight when they stopped. What happened? Why? They were really starting to get to me. I looked around, confused.

Coach winked. “The one who’s tied up, with her we take our time.”

All the girls but the team’s second baseman left. She, a sweet tiny Asian girl, crawled onto the bed and lay next to me. Her breasts, like her slim body, were small, but capped with large brown nipples. She took a second to study me.

“My name is Rose. I think you’re pretty.”

She kissed my lips, exploring their contours.

“When you’re at a game I can’t keep my eyes off you. Between innings, in the dug out, I stare at you, imagining you naked in my bed. Coach has to remind me to keep my head in the game.”

She kissed me again. This time she was more aggressive, her tongue sweeping along my lips. I opened my mouth, wanting her inside, but she resumed her monologue.

“I get jealous of Katie. I wonder if she ever sees you naked. Then I figure when you don’t think you’ll get caught, you must peek at Katie. When you do, do you get all turned-on? I mean, I know she’s your kid and all that, but she’s some hot piece of ass. “

She buried her face in my neck, nibbling along its crook, reaching my ear, licking it in long smooth motions. She explored the turns and crevices of my ear flap. My cunt was on fire. I instinctively raised my hands, wanting to drag her closer, but my wrists pulled tight against the leather straps. My cunt quivered.

Rose seemed oblivious to my mounting need. “But I’m not jealous of Katie any more. I got you all to myself.”

She got on top of me, pinning my body to the bed. She took my chin in her hand — her slender fingers were surprisingly strong — and angled my face towards hers. Her tongue entered my willing mouth, visiting every corner and cavity, then running along the inside of my lips. When I tried to wrap my arms around her the restraints snapped my arms back into place. I felt a sharp burst in my vagina. I strained against the leather straps, futilely trying to break them. My helplessness left me even more aroused.

Rose buried her face in my neck, sucking hard on my flesh, then she kissed me, her tongue moving unhurriedly against mine. When she pulled away my tongue jumped from my mouth, yearning to re-establish contact.

She smiled, got off the bed, walked to my purse, and removed my make-up mirror.

“Look what I did.”

The mirror showed a big hickey on my neck.

She started towards the door. “See you later.”

“No, I need you, please come back.”

“Don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of me.” And she was gone.

Jesus Christ, was I aroused. I wanted to scream, to beg her to come back, but decided not to give her the satisfaction. I lay back down and tried to relax. A few moments, however, seemed like forever. Time crawled by. There were happy moans throughout the house. Was I the only unattended woman there?

Another girl entered the room. She was the starting right fielder, a thin fleet-footed small-busted light-skinned black woman. Her hair was cut short. She looked at me. Her stare was near contemptuous, her voice placid and calm.

“Hi Kate’s Mommie. My name’s Vanessa. I have a confession. I love to seduce older woman, especially woman like you, white woman of privilege. I like listening to them beg my little ol’ black ass to eat their pussies. I bet I’ve been with a few friends of yours.

“Another confession, sometimes in the outfield we vote on who’s the hottest Mom. You always win.”

I said nothing. I was confused, frightened, and turned-on. She pulled up a chair and ran a dirty fingernail over the curve of my breasts. They responded instantly, turning deep red in color. My nipples hardened. A sharp, “Ooooooohhhhhh……….,” confirmed the effect she was having on me.

“I’m a wee bit flat chested. Maybe I’m jealous, but I’ve always liked your tits, nice and round. Not as big as Katie’s, but big enough. Let’s see how they taste.”

She ovaled her lips around my areola and flicked the nipple with her tongue. I squirmed, my initial reticence forgotten, “Ohhh god, do it again.”

She didn’t. Instead she got up and walked to the other side of the bed. Her pace was slow; she was making a point, she didn’t need to hurry. Once there she pressed my nipples into my breasts and watched them bounce Bayan escort back while my tits jiggled. I reached for her, but was stopped by the tethers fastening me to the bed. The restraints sent a shock wave through my groin.

She smiled. “You liked that, didn’t you.”

Trying to keep my voice calm, I said, “Yes.”

Her smirk showed my pretense was transparent; she knew how desperate I was.

“Well, maybe if you do me, I’ll do you some more.”

She got on the bed and lowered her chest towards my face. I wanted to stay calm, to wait, but she was slow, oh so slow. Her areolas were dark, far darker than the rest of her, and large, covering most of her breasts. My resolve collapsed. I jerked my head up, stretching my tongue to its limit, the tip fluttering, waiting, yearning, reaching for her hard distended nipple. She ran a hand through my hair and pushed my head back, and then, with a malicious smile, lowered her breast to my hungry mouth. I’d like to say I was subtle and careful, but no, I was frantic. I took entirety of her breast into my mouth. My lips gnawed on its outer flesh, I licked and sucked the areolas, and my tongue lashed her jet black nipples.

She pulled it from my mouth and lowered the other. As she did she said, her tone mocking, “You are a hungry little girl, aren’t you.” I attacked the second breast with as much need as I had the first. Although I was intensely working her breast with my mouth I seemed to be getting no reaction from her. Were my hectic efforts to please her having any effect? Then, out of nowhere, she exhaled a thin breath of air and issued a slow low moan, almost a purr. My pussy spasmed.

I sucked even harder, but she pulled away. I raised my head, trying to recapture her breast, but failed. Damn it, I wasn’t done. I wanted more. I needed more.

She lay on the bed next to me and placed her hands on the outside of my breasts, just holding them, as if assessing them. She pushed them together and teased the nipples with her thumbs. She ran her thumbs from my nipples to the edge of my areolas, and then reversed course. She pressed her thumbs directly onto the nipples, pushing them into my breasts and moving them in wide circles. Her index fingers joined her thumbs, catching and rolling my nipples between them. I was a guinea pig in an experiment in which Vanessa was cataloging my reaction to various stimuli and I loved it, I wanted more. My breasts swelled; my breathing intensified; I tried to egg Vanessa on with compliments.

“Oh, I like it, it feels so good, honey play with my boobies.”

Vanessa covered my breasts with her hands. Serenely, slowly, smoothly, she squeezed them. Sweet sensations swept my body. She gauged my responses perfectly, increasing the intensity of her hands in sync with my growing arousal.

I had shut my eyes and was aware of her next move only when I felt a quick swipe of her tongue across a breast. She held my breasts in her hands, squeezing and kneading them, while exploring my flushed hot titties with her mouth. In a house in which the air was redolent with the odor of overheated pussies, mine, I was sure, stood out.

After covering my breasts with sweet kisses she straddled me and leaned forward. I kissed her, tasting my tit flesh on her tongue. I wanted to kiss her longer, to let it go on and on, but she broke contact. “Mrs. Stepton, I can see where Katie got her fine tasting tits.”

She returned to my breasts, pushing my left breast forward and, starting at the bottom, dragged her tongue hard around its edges, across the top, and then stopping just short of my nipple. I groaned in frustration. If she intended to torture an already overheated woman, she was succeeding. I squirmed, ravenous with need.

She smiled and pushed my breasts together, drawing circles around the areolas with her tongue, then sucked them into her mouth and licked my nipples. She trapped the nipples between her lips, rolled them back and forth, and occasionally swiping the tips with her tongue. Finally, she licked hard, enjoying the way my breasts bounced in response. I was whimpering in delight, making no effort to disguise my urgent need. I ground my cunt against her leg: I needed her mouth between my legs; I needed to cum. Then I felt it, her hand walking towards my crotch, across my stomach, around my belly button, heading for my pussy. My pussy lips swelled in anticipation. I needed to cum

Then she stood up.

“Mrs. Stepton, thank you. You do have the loveliest titties.”

She started to the door. I had not begged Rose to stay, but my steaming cunt had burned my pride away. Pulling on the restraints, I said, “Vanessa, please please please please please please, my pussy. Please play with my pussy! Please eat me.”

“No, that is for someone else.”

“Please untie me! Let me play with myself.”

“Mrs. Stepton, that’d be against the rules.”

She left.

I pulled on the leather straps; I needed to escape, but my helplessness only turned me on more. I squeezed my legs Escort together and rubbed my cunt with my thighs, but that only pushed me to a higher state of arousal.

I was so focused on my cunt that I didn’t hear two sets of footsteps approaching in the hallway and was surprised when Cheyenne and Andrea entered the room. The contrast between these young women was striking, one a powerful six foot plus tall black girl and the other thin pale red-head, at least half a foot shorter than her friend.

The ever upbeat Andrea greeted me, “Hey Mrs. S!”

Cheyenne was more circumspect. She walked to me slowly, the grace and strength of her stride and evident intelligence of her eyes imparting gravitas to her movements. She looked at me. Tied to the bed I was helpless; this powerful young woman could do anything she wanted. My eyes locked on hers; I couldn’t break her gaze. My pussy twitched.

Andrea came up and stood next to her lover, placing a hand on her ass. Cheyenne leaned down and kissed her, their tongues playing together in Andrea’s mouth. When done Cheyenne, wordlessly, got on the bed. She straddled my head and, facing my feet, lowered her vagina to my face. It’s scent was powerful, intense, primitive, overwhelming.

Andrea, watched her friend with reverence. “Katie’s been bragging about your talented mouth. And no one is telling Cheyenne she can’t go first.”

Cheyenne held herself an inch above me. Drops of juice plunked onto my face and rolled down my cheeks. I wasn’t sure what she wanted, but was sure I didn’t want to displease her. At the same time my burning lust was a runaway train, something I couldn’t control. With a high pitched yelp I lifted my head and buried it in her sex, coating my face and filling my nostrils with her juice, hoping I could give her what she wanted.

Cheyenne said, “Oh yeah….,” and sat down, driving my head into the bed.

Cheyenne was in complete control as I hungrily ate her pussy. She was not gentle. She moved her sex against my face, directing me to where she wanted to be licked and sucked. I savored her clittie, perineum, vulva, and, when she shoved her hips down, pushing her pussy against my lips, I gulped down her intoxicating juice while snaking my tongue inside her, probing, roaming, reveling in her sweet tart flow. My tongue ached but I kept going, desperate to please this emissary from Olympus.

Andrea’s soft hands roamed across my belly and along my thighs. I yearned for her to push a hand into my cunt.

I kept gnawing at Cheyenne’s sex. Her body trembled and she started to moan. I must have been doing something right; I was close to drowning in her flow. Finally, Cheyenne spoke. “Katie was right, you have a talented mouth.” I couldn’t see what was happening, but Andrea must have pouted, for Cheyenne quickly added, “Don’t worry baby, no one’s as good as you.” She then returned her attention to me, “Tongue fuck me.”

I rammed my tongue in and out of her cunt over and over. My tongue was going numb and I was losing muscle control, but I went on. Cheyenne must have sensed that I was closing in on exhaustion, for she pulled her pussy from my mouth and slid her labia over my face, fucking herself on my nose and chin. Her cunt was the only thing I could see, taste, touch, hear. I was it’s plaything.

As I went on Cheyenne started grunting, the powerful bursts emanating from deep within her solar plexus. Juice was pouring from her in quantities I would have thought impossible. My own sex was on fire. I had known Andrea since she had been a little girl. She had always been a sweet girl, a good girl, a girl you didn’t have to ask twice to do something. If I asked her, if I begged her, would she eat my oh so fucking damn hot pussy?

Cheyenne centered her clit on my mouth. I heard Andrea, “Suck her clittie, Mrs. S.”

I wrapped my lips around the button and pulled it in my mouth, whipping it with my aching tongue. Cheyenne rocked her crotch into my face. The mattress bounced up and down and the impact on my face bordered on the painful. I tried to reach her thighs to slow her down, but the leather straps stopped me. Her grunts became increasingly deep and powerful, she was close to coming. I kept going, wanting to push her over the edge, and then she disappeared. I jerked up in search of her pussy, but was still secured to the mattress.

She had stepped off the bed. Andrea fell to her knees and locked her face to Cheyenne’s cunt, licking avidly. Her tiny white hands clutched Cheyenne’s dark magnificent ass. I felt insane jealously and frustration. I wanted to bring this goddess off. Me damn it, not Andrea.

I watched as Cheyenne’s grunts matched, and then surpassed, the power and intensity of those I had elicited from her. She held Andrea’s head in her large hands, driving her sex into her lover’s mouth. I pulled my hands as hard as I could in a pointless effort to snap the straps tethering me to the bad, desperate to bury my hand in my cunt.

Cheyenne, legs spread, leaned against a chest of drawers, surrendering herself to her devoted young lover. “Good baby, good, good, no one is as good as you baby, Uunnhh…, uuunnnhhh……., baby, baby, uuuunnnnhhhhhh………….., baby, baby, baby, uuuuunnnnnhhhhhh…………….., UUUUUNNNNNHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

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