Jyll Part 2


Chapter Two –
I spent the rest of my night sitting on my couch arguing with myself over last night’s events. Try as I did I just couldn’t quite justify what had happened. I knew what I did was wrong on many levels but what really got to me….. what really caused all the problems….. was that I enjoyed it. Jyll is a beautiful young 22 year old lady and she damn well knew it. She was not above flaunting herself if it helped her get what she wanted. Many times she used that charm on me. Because I had been without sex from her mother for so long I was right for the picking so when she turned that charm onto me, my dick over rid my brain and I fucked every hole in her. We both enjoyed it. Only difference was she was piss drunk. I doubt she will even remember what happened and am betting she will wake up and wonder why her ass hurt then put two and two together and realize someone came in her. I don’t believe she will know it was me or even if it was just one guy so if I play my cards right I should be okay.
We had to get the store open and there was precious little time so I took one last drink of coffee, a few deep breaths and walked into the bedroom. Jyll was pretty much as I left her. She had obviously woke up at some point of the night and drunkenly tried to pull the blanket around her. The result was a drunken burrito kinda look. We’ve all been there. Her eye makeup had run… a lot, and eyes were red. Partly because she had been crying but mostly because I had fucked her throat. One breast wasn’t covered so I took a minute to admire it. No tam lines. Areola perfectly centered and slightly undersized for her breast size and that nipple….. still hard or is it always like that? I let out an audible sigh and tugged up the blanket while I gently shook her awake. She seemed dazed. Probably still buzzed a bit. Sober enough to realize I was covering her however. She blushed.
“Sorry dear but we open in a few minutes. There are towels in the bathroom and coffee in the kitchen.”
“Okay……. Thanks……” Then she rolled over going back to sleep and exposing her ass. I resisted slapping it and instead headed for the shop. I knew she would be over in an hour or four.
I opened the shop and of course had a flood of customers right off the bat. It was like someone fired a starting pistol. Jyll surprised me and walked in about an hour later not looking her best.
I joked, “You look like I feel.”
Still half out of it, she replied, “What happened last night.”
“Hell if I know. You called me for a ride home from the bar and we ended up having some drinks before we left. From the shot glasses on the counter it looks like we broke into my vodka stash. I guess I cant drink like I used to”
She didn’t remember shit to my incredible relief. The rest of the morning she Sex hikayeleri was pretty useless while she came down off her buzz. She worked, but at half speed. For lunch I went and grabbed us some greasy burgers (at her request) and sat down with her for a quick lunch in the back room; video camera keeping an eye on the front room for us.
“So I wasn’t asleep when you came in this morning.”
I froze with a fry hanging half out of my mouth unsure what to say.
“You were looking at my tit.”
“You were awake huh.”
(Insert awkward stunned look here.)
Shaking her head, “honestly I didn’t care. I was still drunk and am not shy even when I am sober.”
I just stared at her.
“Look don’t worry. I’m fine with it. Really. I’m actually flattered,” she pulled down on her shirt exposing a bit of bra and grinned. “Its been a long time since someone actually took time to admire my body. What I can’t figure out is why it feels like I was fucked by the football team.”
“Ahhhhhhhh I’m afraid I can’t help you with that one.”
“Yeah? Too bad. Cause judging by how sore I am if it was just you…. Holy fuck I missed something great.”
With that she got up and tossed her empty wrapper in the trash, took a long swig of soda, walked over to me and placed a light kiss on my ear lobe. She whispered, “time to get back to work” and with that walked out of the office. The combination of that kiss, the whisper and watching her tight ass walking to the door gave me an instant uncomfortable hard on. My mind instantly went back to the memory of my cock buried in that tight sweet ass.
Her head popped around the corner, “are you coming?” Her gaze lowered to my crotch. “Oh…. Do you need a minute to finish?” Her head disappeared around the corner again only to reappear a second later. “The fries I mean.” With that she was gone again. Sitting alone in the back room I realized the rest of this day was going to be hell.
Thank God for customers. They spared me for the next 4 plus hours. After that it was game on. She started off with “So when you met my mom what attracted you to her?”
“What I’m just making conversation. Come on what was it about her?”
“We like the same things, we did the same thing for a living, she was pretty….”
“How come you didn’t do her on the first date?”
“JYLL!!! I was being nice. You know, a gentleman.”
“But you did on the second date. She told me all about it.”
Shocked, “She told you that?”
“She tells me everything. She told me you were great in bed but a little too aggressive.”
“Too aggressive? She seemed to enjoy herself.”
“Oh she did. She said it was the best fuck she had in years. She thought you would never cum.”
I already know where this is going so I tried to avoid eye contact and stock shelves.
“You came in her ass that night didn’t Sikiş hikayeleri you? That’s hot. I love have my ass filled with cock. Only thing better is having my ass full of cock and my cunt filled with my vibrator.”
I should have stopped while ahead but my brain shut off. “Not two guys?”
“You’re the only one here but if you have a friend I’m game.”
Realizing what was just said I tried to put myself in that place we call full denial, face the wall and stock shelves. Jyll wasn’t having any of it. She came up behind me and pressed her body into my back and her hands on my hips. I could feel the warmth of her skin. I could feel the swell of her breast and the hems in her bra. Her breath on my back as she whispered, “She’s in another state you know. She wont find out and I need this as much as you want it.
I just stood there frozen. My mind spinning with what she said and the implications before me. She sealed the deal sliding her hand off my hip and over my hard cock. Her fingers messaging my shaft and thumb teasing the head. “I’ll take this as a yes.”
She took a step back and I turned around slowly, clearly flustered and stunned to silence. Her nipples were clearly visible and she had a mischievous grin on her face and glazed eyes. Her head was slightly tilted to one side. She took a step forward and gently placed a hand on my check before giving me a light, soft, slow kiss on my lips. She then started backing to the door. “Its almost closing time, I’m gonna go in the back and get some stock.” She pointed at my still rock hard cock while still backing away. “And keep your hands off that. No wasting.” With that she slipped through the door into stock room.
Time seemed to slow to a crawl. The kind of clock watching crawl that used to drive us all crazy when we were younger. Suddenly the thought of “what stock” came into my mind. It had been at least ten minutes since Jyll went in the stock room. She had not come back. My cell phone vibrated letting me know I had a picture message. It was from Jyll. The text said “Is the door locked?” and the picture was of her wet pussy lips with a finger embedded between them.
Very quickly I locked the door and turned off the lights. I found Jyll in the stock room, pants and lace g string on the floor. She had bent herself over a half pallet of dog food, naked ass facing me. Her left leg was planted on the floor and her right leg was hiked up on the pallet wildly exposing her pussy and ass to me. Three fingers of her left hand were buried inside of her. Her juices literally dripping off her knuckles. I could audibly hear them squishing in and out of her along with her panting and soft moans. Or maybe it was me panting. I haven’t seen something that beautiful in a long time and I wasn’t going to waste any of mine once I saw that forth finger, her Erotik hikaye pinky, slide between her shining lips.
Right to my knees. I licked the droplets of her juice off her hand tracing up her hand to her open pussy. She tried to pull her fingers out but I stopped her. Her lust filled eyes looked back at me. “Not yet”, I said. “Keep them in there.” I continued my tongue up across that soft electric skin, sending shivers through her body, and then continued up onto her ass. She hissed when my tongue came into contact with her flower. I laid down a liberal amount of spit before sliding a finger in her ass. With my other hand I released my hard cock from its confines and with one swift move stood and shoved it deep into her gaping pussy. Her fingernails grazed the underside of my cock as I piston in and out of her my cockhead bumping against her sensitive cervix. I took my time enjoying the feeling of her fingers and velvet walls but was forceful each time making sure I went as deep as possible. When she came it was like a torrent and was accompanied with an “Ohhhhh fuck me” rising in pitch.
With her juices running down our legs I slid out of her pussy; her fingers still four deep but idle. I positioned my cock at her flower, the entrance to her ass, and began to slowly push in. Her body tensed and mouth opened into a silent scream as her tight ass slowly gave way to my invading cock. With only about half of me in her I reached forward and grabbed a hand full of hair. Then, with one swift move, I yanked her hair back bringing her off the pallet and shoved my cock balls deep. Anyone outside would have heard her shriek. Not of pain but bliss. I took her right leg off the pallet and swung it over my head resting it on my shoulder. This caused her body to rotate onto her side. Her left leg still firmly planted on the ground and her right leg on my shoulder had the effect of putting her into the splits almost giving me full control of the situation. With my free hand I ripped her shirt from her shoulders, broker both straps to her bra and hauled them down to her waist so I could have access to those wonder breasts and nipples.
Her panting was increasing as she began fingering herself again. Eyes glazed over and really were not focused on anything. Soon she began to whisper “Oh God oh God” over and over again. I could feel my balls begin to tighten. Through clenched teeth, “I’m about to fill your ass”.
“Oh God yes baby!”
One final hard ram into her ass and I erupted sending rope after rope of hot cum into her. She screamed and began to shake as another orgasm rocked her body.
I released her leg and she slid down the pallet, uncontrolled, to her knees. My cock at face level, she took it in her mouth and sucked making sure all cum was drained from me. Licking it clean.
Myself not too steady, I went to my knees also and we both collapsed into a heap on the floor.
She laughed and playfully punched me in the shoulder. “Hey”, she said, “you need to take me shopping and replace these clothes.”

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