Just Enslaved


Richard smiled looking down at his beautiful young wife, Emily. After a hell of six months putting up with his bridezilla, they’d arrange to keep them both happy during the wedding plans. He would get to decide two things about their wedding, just two, and Emily would decide the rest. She had an extensive list of things he could not plan. The list covered almost every detail of the wedding ceremony and reception and it made him angrier and angrier. He understood women’s needs for the perfect wedding but, it was like he wasn’t even part of it. She was so enamored with her dream wedding that she had forgotten how important the groom was to this dream. His mind took a dark turn… and he thought of his dreams for their marriage, one where his opinion mattered and was taken into account. Sure, Emily could have her wedding; he’ll have the marriage with a large side of punishment and revenge.

After much thought, he decided what two things he would be in charge of; the priest and the honeymoon. Emily seemed incredibly eager to accept, thinking herself the victor in their arrangement. Little did she know, she just sold her body, mind, and soul to her husband.

To understand better, you must know that the beautiful Emily is a devout Catholic believer. She takes her wedding vows to her god very seriously. Now imagine her surprise when she’s standing across from her future husband, before the priest, all our families and friends and, of course, God, when the priest makes her vow to love, cherish, and obey her husband till death do we part. Her amber eyes were as big as saucers and her face snapped to mine. Those wedding vows were ancient and it was because of their old fashioned views on marriage and women’s constricting role as a wife. It was hard to contain the grin but I managed, giving her a confused stare before she repeated the chant slowly and hesitantly. My cock twitched in anticipation. Emily was finally mine. Forever.

She seemed to have forgotten our vows the minute we kissed. The wedding was pretty much pictures and smiles all day. I could barely contain my excitement when it was time to leave for the honeymoon.

Emily had gotten a bit tipsy and had been partying so much that she fell asleep on the ride there. It was almost too perfect. The ride to the cabin in the middle of the woods was long and it was better if she didn’t ask too many questions.

Finally arriving at the quaint two-floor cabin, I stopped the car in front of the porch. Emily slowly woke up and noticed the cabin. “Where are we? Is this what you planned? A romantic getaway to a cabin? Oh, husband, I love it! It looks so cozy! Thank you!” She leaped to kiss his cheek and he turned, kissing her mouth instead. She gasped into his mouth and jumped back, breaking the kiss. “Save it for inside, husband.”

He scowled but she had already gotten off the car and ventured onto the porch of the cabin. He got up and took their luggage off the trunk of their jeep and joined her at the door. He unlocked the front door and let her in. She seemed extremely pleased with the look of the place. It was quite cozy with its fireplace and couch with many pillows and fluffy blankets. “Wifey likes?” he said and she grinned, nodding and going to hug him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. The way that drove him crazy. He moaned into her mouth, dropping their luggage and carrying her in his arms, His hands cupping her ass as he took her to the couch. She fell onto the couch and lost her thoughts as he threw himself on top of her, kissing all her senses into oblivion. His mouth took her lips, her tongue, her throat, her entire neck. She panted and writhed, crazy with need but no idea why she was feeling so hot.

Richard pulled her white gown down to expose her but, she stopped him once more. “Wait. Let’s check out the bedroom.” He sighed and rolled off her. She was playing with fire and didn’t even know it. Soon, she’ll know what it’s like.

He helped her up the couch “You go, I gotta check the basement.” She nodded and gathered her skirts to go up the stairs. Richard watched her go, amazed how beautiful and so very innocent his lovely wife was. A part of him hated doing this but, another part, the one controlling the blood flow downstairs, could not wait for another second to do this to her, over and over again in any way he could think of. Richard went down to the basement, the lights were dull and it didn’t light everything all the way. He’d made sure it was dark enough to keep areas away from her curious eyes. At least until he wanted her to see those areas. Descending the stairs, he took a chair and dragged it down under the stairs where it was darkest and waited for his bride to grow impatient and come looking for him.

Emily looked at herself in the mirror. It was simply appalling to look so… indecent! Her long soft brown hair curved her defined jaw and high cheekbones that now had a startling reddish color. She was blushing fiercely at seeing herself in a white babydoll. Never had she had one of these? She should have gone for the respectable nightgown. It was more of her. The white babydoll barely covered her thighs. She could see the cheeks of her ass. Not to mention the white thong, of course! It left nothing to the imagination, just her fat ass for him to see with no problem whatsoever. gaziantep lezbiyen It was utterly embarrassing! Turning around, she looked at her low cleavage. Her breasts were almost leaping out of the delicate fabric. She couldn’t look at it any longer and decided to wrap the white silk robe that barely covered her legs as well. Luckily, she’d gotten some white stocking that reached her thighs. Looking at herself in the mirror, she decided she would simply tell Richard to make love to her with the lights off and the robe on.

Emily got on the bed and called for her husband. After getting no answer for a couple of minutes, she grew worried something was wrong. She left their bedroom and kept calling after him. When she received no answer, she went downstairs and announced she was getting worried. When he finally answered and told her he was in the basement, she sighed with relief and went down there to see what he was up to.

The basement was dark in areas and lighted in others. It felt creepy and cold and Emily hugged herself growing chilly in her silken attire. She walked deeper into the basement “Richard? Honey?”

A light turned on atop her head, and she was able to see she had entered what seemed to be a cell. It was a prison of some sort with a bucket, some chains, and handcuffs to the walls, a large hook on the ceiling, and a small mat on the floor. She turned around, suddenly feeling sick to her stomach and found Richard locking her inside the cell. She ran to the door just as he locked it “Wait! What?! What are you doing? Richard?! Let me out! This isn’t funny! Richard?”

“Be quiet, Emily. From now on, you’ll do everything I tell you. This is the honeymoon I chose for us. You will do every single thing I tell you to do and I will take you, however the fuck I want.” Emily was in shock at what she was hearing and he took the opportunity to take the ribbon that tied her silk robe about her waist, letting it reveal the lovely white baby doll to his eyes. She yelped and tried to take the ribbon from him only to have him grab her wrists and tie them on the iron bars with that same ribbon, leaving her body helpless to his roaming hands. Richard grinned, his hands toying with her robe, dropping it below her shoulders “Well, guess what Emily? This is my plan for the honeymoon. You’re going to stay here and obey my every desire.”

“Richard please don’t do this. I didn’t mean to leave you out of our wedding. I just got caught up in the moment. Please, I want our marriage to work. I love you, Richard. You know I do.” She squealed when he took her right breast, shutting her up as his fingers found her nipple. She cried out when he tugged hard enough to reveal her breast to his feasting eyes.

“Our marriage will work. Don’t worry Emily. I love you too. Now be a good wife for me and push your tits through these bars.”

The command was so crude, she almost grew dizzy. She didn’t even know how she found her voice to protest after hearing her husband say something so demeaning. “I will no-ah!-“he twisted her nipple in his fingers with a grin.

“Also, since you’ve seemed to have forgotten them already, I want you to recite the vows you made to me before god while you have your tits through these bars.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Who was this man? Who did she marry?

“And don’t look at me like that. I’m not asking you to murder anyone. I’m asking you, my wife to show me, your husband your beautiful and sexy naked body on our honeymoon. Did you forget you let me decide how our honeymoon would be? You’d said I’d be in charge of this so do as I say before I lose my patience, Emily.”

His stern voice made her tremble in fear of his threat. What would he do to her if she did not obey? Would he hurt her? Kill her? She couldn’t believe he would but the thought made her want to hide from him. Instead, what she did shocked her. She felt compelled by his threat to obey. She had no idea how she managed to slide her tied hands down the bar and push her chest between the bars.

Her husband lost his breath and took a step back to admire the look of his wife’s tits, even if one was still covered. It looked so slutty, his member started poking through his slacks. His hand pushed her other breast out of the lingerie and he told her to stay still and start reciting. When she didn’t start immediately, he took a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and began pulling slightly making her moan and begin breathlessly. “I-I Emily take thee Richard to-to be my lawfully wedded husband. To have and-d to hold from this day forward, for—“ he took her other nipple and began a slow agonizing tugging, eliciting moans throughout her speech and making her lose focus for a second before continuing when he began cupping and kneading her breasts like clay “for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish, and to obey, till death do us part, according to God’s holy ordinance; and thereto I pledge myself to you.”

He grinned in satisfaction to her words and simply stared at her breasts for a long time before he finally spoke: “You have the best pair of tits I’ve ever seen.”

The compliment appalled her and she huffed, looking away from him “Don’t be so crass, Richard. What has gotten into you?”

He laughed mockingly and she blushed even deeper if that was possible. Richard left her standing there like that and after a couple of minutes, she grew worried. Was he going to leave her here like this? He had told her not to move and she was afraid to disobey him but staying like this all night was just cruel.

Before her thoughts ate at her, he returned with a large rectangular object. Emily couldn’t tell what it was until he placed it against the chair he’d put in front of her cell. She flinched and shut her eyes when she realized it was a floor-length mirror that was currently in her direction. “No! Put it away!”

“Open your eyes. Now.” She did as he said and almost cried at her reflection. Her coppery nipples were hard and prickly cold from the iron bars, her face flushed, her body barely covered by her negligee. “You have gotten into me. I see a slutty wife in need of a good lesson.” He went to her then, leaving the mirror in her direct line of sight so she could see the moment he took both her breasts and grope them before pulling on her nipples, making her arch her back against the bars. He wasted no time stuffing them into his mouth. Licking and sucking on each breast as if his life depended on it. Emily writhed and moaned against the bars, hating herself for the feelings that went through her. She couldn’t believe her body was enjoying this depravity. The way he kept looking at her breasts and the way his knee rubbed against her thighs was driving her insane. She couldn’t take much more of this. Her nipples were so sensitive now; she felt a terrible heat between her legs. “Get down on your knees and suck my cock, wife.”

She shook her head wildly “Richard, please. I can’t…” She knew some women did the deed of… putting a man’s member into their mouth but she was a religious woman. The act in itself was a sin!

“Do it and I’ll untie you and open this door.” He kept playing with her nipples, making it hard for her to think straight or argue much before weeping a bit and nodding. Slowly getting to her knees and struggling to unzip his pants with her cuffed hands until she was finally able to free his cock and immediately gasped at the sight of it. It practically hit her nose as it sprung out, all big and menacing and slightly curved. “Come on. Suck it.” She tried to snap out of it and took out her tongue tentatively. She was trying to avoid the glistening tip and go towards the shaft, but he grabbed her hair and pressed her tongue against the head of his cock, moaning as she was forced to lick his head up and down. His pre-cum didn’t taste that bad actually, just a tad bitter. Then he made her swallow his length inch by inch until she started struggling. He kept urging her to relax her throat and open her pretty mouth. He coaxed her with sweet words while he drove his massive cock down her throat. He told her to keep her head there and his hands moved to her nipples again while he face-fucked her. Her hips started grinding on their own and she took in more of him inside her mouth, forgetting about the discomfort to her throat as she felt the heat between her legs return. “What a good slutty whore I have for a wife. God, it feels so good to fuck your face. I’m gonna cum all over your pretty face and I want you to stick out your tongue for my cum.”

She whimpered hopelessly, feeling so embarrassed as he fucked her throat harder. He was nearing orgasm and after a couple of hard thrusts into her throat, he let her know he was cumming and push his dick out of her mouth just in time for the first load to hit her on her top lip and splatter throughout her face. It felt warm and gooey. She embarrassingly stuck out her tongue as he commanded and soon was given another load into her mouth and against her tongue. It made her gag “Take it all, whore. Take my fucking cum in your slutty face.” After he was done, he rested against the bars, leaving his cock against her tongue to lick at his remaining drops of semen.

After both their breaths calmed and she sobered up, she was ready to fight. The anger and disbelief at what just happened were more than she could cope with. The way he talked to her was beyond unacceptable. She didn’t even know how she would confess this to the minister next Sunday. The worst part is that she had lost herself on his debasing of her. She felt a longing between her legs that she despised.

Little did she know, it was just the beginning. If she had known, she wouldn’t have demanded he open the door.

“You said you would let me out of here now. Please, open the door.”

He smiled and looked down at his wife. Her big brown eyes were hopeful and unsure. Her face covered in his cum, branding her as his woman, his whore, his love slave. She never looked lovelier than she did then in her knees with her tits out, cum dripping from her jaw and onto her tits. “I said I would untie you and open the door.” He clarified with a devilish grin while he untied her wrists.

Emily stood and quickly massaged her wrists. She stared back at him when he opened the door and approached her, not giving her any room to escape her cell. “You tricked me.” She exclaimed and tried to cover her breasts with her arms.

“I did not. I was very clear. The cell is open and your wrists are free.” He grabbed her wrists and held them at her sides, exposing her tits again. He turned her over, pressing her back against his chest and running his warm breath on the side of neck “Get on your hands and knees.”

“Richard, honey, I’m your wife… you can’t… you can’t do this to me…” her entire being shook when she was ordered to turn around on her hands and knees in her sheer white baby doll lingerie. Her delicate white thong visible and the sight of her round, untouched virgin ass got him semi-hard. “This is our honeymoon…”

“I know it is, baby. I’m having a great time. You got to choose our wedding song, our wedding attire, our wedding theme, and our wedding guests and in every one of those decisions, I kept quiet and let you do what you wished. You did not care for my opinion so I expect you to let me do things my way now. As it was agreed.” He knelt behind her and she made a startled shriek when he spread her ass cheeks apart and buried his face in between “Richard! Oh my God! Richard stop! That’s not—ah!” his tongue played with her puckered little hole, the thong doing very little to shield his administrations and he spanked her to stop her complaints. She stilled as she felt the sting of his palm and he caressed her a second later, continuing his eating of her virgin ass all the while. When his tongue delved inside her rectum, she tried to run off which got her a second much harsher slap on her ass. Emily began to sob as she felt his finger entered her tiny hole. She heard him spit on her ass and felt his saliva coat his finger before entering her again. She couldn’t believe this was happening. He was fingering her asshole! She felt her ass spread by a second finger and lost the strength of her arms, going face down and making her ass lift even higher and spread even more for his pleasure. He moaned at the view of his wife’s spread asshole.

“Fuck, Emily. You’re such a fucking whore. I bet your pussy is soaking wet and I haven’t even touched it yet. “ A distressing sound was all she could muster when he lowered her thong down her legs to reveal a very wet slit, strings of cum stuck to her panties’ crotch as he took them off, making a mess down her thighs. If he could see her, he would notice the deep red blush that spread through her face when he revealed her pussy. Emily thought she was going to pass out from embarrassment “Fuck.” He cursed and struggled when he spread her pussy lips exposing her wet cunt even more. He could see her virgin cunt soaked all over. “Oh, baby.” He couldn’t stop himself from having a taste… or a meal to be more realistic. His face wasted no time digging in her pussy. He licked and slurped as she struggled to keep her legs in place, losing the strength with each taste he took of her pussy. She squealed when his hand cupped her pussy, gathering her juices in between his fingers before reaching out to her mouth and forcing them past her lips “Taste your cum, baby.” He fucked her mouth with his hands and she felt his cock rub against her slick pussy. She braced herself, whimpering at the realization that this was how she was going to lose her virginity. She’d spent twenty-five years saving herself for her husband but, she never thought it would be in a dark basement with her ass up in the air, her tits out and cum all over her face.

Richard grinned when, at the last second, he aimed higher and pushed the head of his cock into her asshole. She screamed and tried to sit up before his hands stopped her, gripping her hips hard to keep her in place. The pain was so bad, she could barely think, she could barely breathe. “Your ass feels so fucking tight. How does it feel losing your ass virginity first? I heard it can ruin a woman into liking anal. That’s just a rumor though. I’m sure you would never like anything like this. Right baby?”

She gritted her teeth “It hurts really bad. Please stop. Please!–” She felt her sphincter contract as the last of his member was inserted deep into her until his pelvis slammed against her round ass. He stayed there, deep inside her, taking pleasure in their union. “Just relax baby. Open up to me. Don’t fight it.” Emily was afraid to speak or do anything that would make him move but, suddenly, he reached down between her legs and rubbed her little clit while he started a steady rhythm in and out of her ass. Slowly, the pain transformed into something worse, something wicked and evil. It was pleasure, pleasure coming from her ass and pussy. She couldn’t believe it. He fucked her slowly at first, but, soon his rhythm was unapologetic. Her moans became louder and her words were slurred by the intensity of his thrusts. She couldn’t think. She cried out from the mix of pain and pleasure. Her ass felt full and hot while her pussy made her feel like she was water, rippling through waves and waves of pleasure and before she knew it, something exploded inside of her making her scream her husband’s name loudly. She convulsed on his dick, her ass contracting and milking another orgasm from him as well. She shivered when his warm juices filled her ass to the brink and his weight fell atop her, making her fall on the floor under him, his cock twitching inside of her.

Richard removed a strand of brown hair from the side of her face and softly kissed her cheek. “I love you, Emily…” He whispered in her ear and continued the trail of kisses down the length of her neck and shoulder before she drifted off to sleep from exhaustion. “And you’re mine. All mine.”

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