Julie Goes to College

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Julie sat in her room. She felt a little weird being in college now. She began to unpack. Her parents had just left so she was alone. Her room was a double, her roommate was a sophomore named Susan. She was still at cheerleader practice. Julie felt a pang of jealousy like she always did when she thought of cheer leaders. They always seemed so unbearably sexy. Julie in comparison was just an average girl from a catholic school since preschool.

Her room was the last on the girls’ side of the dorm. There was no door to the boys’ side but it made her feel a bit unholy. Well, she didn’t come to college to feel holy, she came to learn. Susan came in to the room. She was still wearing her cheerleader costume. “Hey you must be Julie” she said thrusting out her hand.

“Hi,” Julie took it and noticed just how soft it was. “So which bed do you want?”

Susan laughed “Oh we’re not keeping these ratty old things, we’re getting a new one.”

Julie saw no problem with the old beds but as long as Susan was paying she was fine. Julie finished unpacking while Susan took a shower. Julie was about to leave when Susan stopped her “wait, help me.” Julie didn’t want to make an enemy of the girl she would have to spend the next year with so she helped.

The 2 went to classes and luckily, it being the first day, neither had too much homework to do. Julie was all ready to go to bed when Susan grabbed her hand and pulled her close. “Do you want to try out for cheer leading?”

Julie was taken aback, she had no talent in athletics. “Not really, I’m more into drama and I’m not very athletic.”

“You don’t have to be, you just have to be sexy in college.” Susan said.

Julie laughed “I may not know much about it, but I’m confident that you need to be athletic.”

“No, your job is to distract the audience from watching your team fail because they too are watching you.” Julie had never thought of it like that. “I’ll show you, bend over.” Julie obeyed “Now that is stretching. The only difference is that your back should be to me and you should take off your pants.” Julie raised an eyebrow “let me show you.” Julie took off her skirt and stood in only her underthings. “Now when I bend over, think that you are a horny 18 year old boy.” Julie tried. She could see that Susan was hot.

“Okay so I could warm up with you, but I can’t do the actual cheering.” Julie imagined the girls doing splits and handstands and standing on each other’s backs.

“Come to practice tomorrow, just watch me and find out how it is done.” She told Julie.

“fine, I’ll cheer on the cheerleaders.” Julie jokes.


When school finished, Julie and Susan both went back to the dorm to do homework.

“How do you spell hypocrite?” asks Susan.

“H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E.” Julie answers. Susan thanks her and tells her she is really smart. Susan asks her to help her spell more words, then she asks Julie for help in math. After about 40 minutes of listening to Julie explain Susan just tells her to do it. “But then you won’t learn.”

“House wives of rich guys don’t need to be smart, just hot when they are 20.” Julie realizes that çapa escort it is sadly true. She does Susan’s homework and her own before they go to cheerleading practice.

When they get there, the coach tells Julie that she should try out. “I’m not very athletic.” Julie tells the 30 year old man.

“Put this on and say that again.” He gives her a pink top and a mini skirt. Julie looks at it in horror but then she sees Susan, well if Susan doesn’t have a problem with it, what right does she have to?

Julie goes into the girls’ locker room and puts it on. She feels a bit exposed but decides that if it is what cheer leaders do, then who is she to argue. When she goes out to the field, the coach tells her that she is going to go on the top since she is so light. Julie gets on Susan’s back and then shoulders, she is good at cheer.

“Nice job Julie.” Susan says as they walk off the field together “I think you should formally try out, but keep in mind, you don’t need to wear that obvious white underwear, you can do more if you don’t limit yourself to underwear.” Julie thinks about it and notes that Susan herself does wear underwear, but maybe once you are on the team a while, you get so good that underwear doesn’t stop you.

“Sure Susan, I won’t wear underwear when I cheer, that is if I get on the team.” Julie tells her.

When they get back to their room, Susan changes. Julie just sits on her bed. “What are you doing Julie?” Susan asks as she comes back out of the bathroom.

“I have no plans so I was just sitting here.” Julie admits.

“I’m going to the mall with a couple of friends, want to tag along?” Susan asks.

Julie can’t process how nice she is being, does she WANT to? She had been hoping that by the end of the first month of college she would be invited by freshmen, not go to a sophomore get together in the first week. “I’d love to”

“Great.” Susan says “But you aren’t coming wearing that.” Susan looks over Julie

“I usually just wear jeans and a tee.” Julie tells Susan.

“Oh that won’t do. You need to make an impression on the girls. You can only make one first impression.” Susan goes through all of Julie’s drawers without finding anything that caught her eye. “Ugh, Julie it’s no wonder I’m your only real friend, you have nothing good. We’re selling it all and buying new beds and some better clothes for you.”

Julie feels ashamed that she didn’t have a good taste. “I’m sorry Susan.”

“Ugh, it’s fine let’s just get there early so we can buy you something to wear. Until then, wear my miniskirt and this skin tight spaghetti strap.” Susan thrusts the clothes at Julie

“OK.” Julie says. She goes to the bathroom and strips. She feels bad that she has made Susan so ashamed of her. She looks at herself in the mirror. She is a blonde. Her breasts are just small enough to know that they haven’t been altered, her ass is very tight and her vagina is very hairy since she doesn’t shave it. She feels her tender breasts before putting on her new bra and the shirt. It seems a bit to transparent for Julie’s liking. The miniskirt looked fatih escort good though.

“I didn’t tell you to wear that hideous bra!” Susan says as Julie comes back into the room. “Take it off. Now.”

Julie feels bad and starts to go back to do so. “We don’t have time just take it off here.” Susan tells her. Julie turns around to hide her tits from Susan “Oh don’t tell me your embarrassed.” Susan says “You’re not that small, turn around” Julie does trying to hide the red in her cheeks. Susan puts the shirt on Julie and feels her tits. “Relax girl, I’ll make sure nobody is mean to my little whore.”

Susan finishes putting on Julie’s shirt and they go to the mall together. Julie stays next to Susan the entire time, afraid that the other girls will try to be mean to her. Then they go to Sleepy’s. “We are getting a king sized, it looks better.” Susan tells Julie.

Julie is happy to be able to share the bed with her friend. “What kind?”

“heart shaped one.” Susan says.

She hops onto a bed with a red comforter and pink pillows. The price tag says $2350.

“Who is paying?” asks Julie.

“Well you of course, unless you want to stay a loser forever.” Susan answers stroking Julie’s hair.

Julie puts it on her credit card and they go back to school. The bed will be delivered tomorrow.

Susan and Julie get into the room. Susan puts on a big tee shirt as PJs, Julie is about to put on a tee as well when Susan grabs her arm “Sleep naked for me Julie.” She takes her shirt back from her and takes off Julie’s miniskirt. “Don’t wear any more bras Julie.” She says as she walks over to her bed.

“OK Susan.” Julie says as she herself gets into her bed.

“Julie.” Susan says “You don’t jerk off much do you?”

Julie is taken aback, she had never in her life jerked off. “No, I would never!” she answers defensively.

“That’s too bad, it’s cool to, everyone who is cool does it.” Susan says “Here I’ll teach you.” She gets out of her bed and walks over to Julie’s bed. “get up bitch.” She commands as she slaps Julie’s bare breast. Julie obeys standing without trying to hide anything from her friend. “Now put your hand on your vagina.” Susan says seductively. Julie obeys silently “Good now rub up and down.” Julie obeys “Harder Julie.” Susan tells her “Now put your finger inside yourself” Julie obeys “You are horrible, let me show you.” Susan reaches out and rubs Julie’s vagina. “See how I do it a little harder every time.” She is right, she is much better than Julie.

She does it until Julie comes “I took about 3 minutes. Now you try, you’ll take like an hour.”

“OK Susan.” Julie says as she tries again. Susan was right, it does take her a long time to come, almost 7 minutes.

“We’ll try again later, get in your bed and go to sleep, I’m going to sell your clothes and buy you new ones.” Susan says as she dumps all of Julie’s clothes unceremoniously into a big trash bag.

Julie gets in her bed and wants to masterbate again. “Susan, can I jerk off again?”

Susan drops Julie’s clothes and storms over to her. She slaps Julie’s etiler escort cheek. “Don’t you ever ask to jerk off again. I will tell you when you can touch yourself and when you are forbidden to. If you ever ask again, I will make sure you never make any friends ever!” She slaps Julie’s cheek again for good measure.

“Yes Susan.” Julie says fighting back the tears. She lies back down and goes to sleep.


When Julie wakes up she forgets where she is and why she is naked, then she remembers and smiles. She gets up and sees that her clothes are gone “Susan, where are my clothes?”

“Oh my little whore, those old stinkers? I got up early and sold them all. You still owe me $200 though.” Susan answered.

“For what?” Julie asked.

“For the trouble of making you cool.” Susan answered as she walked to the bathroom.

Julie didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t follow, she had no clothes to wear. She just waited for 30 minutes or so until Susan came back.

“Put on this miniskirt Julie.” Susan handed Julie a piece of cloth that seemed as large as a single finger hole in a glove.

“What about my underwear?”

“You don’t get to wear any from now on. You have to wear exactly what I tell you. If I don’t tell you anything, don’t wear anything.” Susan said as she stroked Julie’s bear breast.

“Okay Susan, I will” Julie says as she puts on the shirt.

Susan takes a sports bra out of the bag of new clothes and holds it up against Julie’s bare breasts. “yup, pink was the way to go.” She kisses one of Julie’s breasts and puts the bra onto her toy.

“Susan, where is my shirt?” Julie asked as she stood in their room.

Susan grabbed Julie by the hair and thrust her onto her knees. “What did I tell you about questioning fashion?” She slaps her on the cheek and then pulls off the sports bra to bite Julie’s left tit.

Julie screams in pain “Susan stop that it hurts” Julie ran out into the hallway with her bra still only half on.

“Get her John!” Susan said. Then Coach Thread came out of a secret passageway from the boy’s side of the dormitory. He grabbed Julie by the wrist and whipped her around back into her room.

“Mr. Thread? What are you doing? Let me go-” She was interrupted when he thrust his cock down her throat. She didn’t want to be expelled so she sucked.

“Good girl.” Mr. Thread said “You are probably confused right now. Don’t worry whore, Susan will make sure you have a place to sleep every night and food to eat every day. Susan is a sex slave dealer, and you were supposed to be sold, but she likes you and I do to so we have decided that as long as you promise not to tell anyone anything that happens while either of us are present you get to continue with your normal life, only a few changes.” He pulled Julie’s mouth off of his penis to let her answer.

“Okay sir, what do you want?” Julie asked and immediately after finishing her words he thrust her back onto himself.

“One. You wear exactly what Susan tells you to.” Mr. Thread told Julie he let her nod her head. “Two, you will fuck who ever I tell you”

He pulled her head off of his penis “Yes sir.”

“third,” Susan said “You will not waste either of our time complaining that you don’t want to do something, we are saving your life and even letting you continue your normal life so we don’t want to hear it.”

“Okay Susan” Julie said as she crawled back into their room with her new owners.

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