Julia’s Journey Ch. 02

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This story is a continuation of a wife who has a one night stand with a mysterious man and the implications it has on her life…

The hotel room phone rang. My eyes open slightly. My mind was still dazed as I looked at the clock.

6:00 AM

My flight would leave in two hours. I lifted my tired body out of bed. I was nude; a bit tired, but not hung over. I walked into the bathroom and flicked on the lights. I was taken aback by the woman standing before me in the mirror: my long blonde hair was a complete mess, my still-perky breasts hung well but the nipples were red and raw. My eyes trailed down by body to my sex. My little bald pussy was swollen.

Freshly used. Aching.

I looked back at my face in the mirror and noticed, for the first time, the crusty dried residue of my lover’s semen. I reached up and touched it. Crusty cum covered the entire left side of my face into my hair. I suddenly felt humiliated. I had given myself to a complete stranger. I let him fuck me however he wanted. He used me, and then marked me as his slut by cumming all over my wanting face. I didn’t even know his name.

My mind immediately thought of my husband. He was home waiting for me. Completely unaware of the dirty slut I had become.

Craig was always good to me. But our sex life had become stale. We would only make love a couple times a month. It was often over minutes after we started, leaving me unsatisfied. I frequently had to use a toy, after he had finished, in order to climax.

Last night was different.

That mysterious man was completely in control. He put me on my knees, fucked my face, then stretched my pussy. He made me scream and beg for more. He showed me exactly how much of a slut I could be.

And, I loved bursa escort it.

As I recalled the previous night’s events in my mind, I felt my body begin to respond. My breasts became sensitive. I watched myself in the mirror, as if I was a voyeur watching a sexy exhibitionist play.

My well-manicured fingers slid up my body. My dark red nails gently scraping up my tummy under my breasts. I cupped both of my C-cup tits, squeezing the slightly. The contrast between the soft white flesh that had gone protected from the sun and my well-tanned skin made me giggle. My lover the previous night had not even bothered to remove my bra.

My fingertips found my nipples, pinching them simultaneously. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you? You dirty little slut.” I whispered to myself.

My knees weakened as I pulled and pinched my nipples. They were long and pointy, like pencil erasers. Most boys I had been with, loved to play and suck on them. I had even cum once from just having my tits played with. It was a long time ago, with a distant lover.

My pussy began to moisten as I played with my tits. I squeezed them roughly and pulled on the nipples, elongating them. I lifted my right breast upward as far as it could go as I leaned my head down looking at the woman in the mirror. My long tongue stretched, the tip finally just flicking my erect nipple.

“Oh, god.” I exclaimed.

Goosebumps covered my body as the realization of who the slut in the mirror was came to me. My pussy was flowing. I needed release. I needed to cum. I reached down and slid two fingers into my pussy. I was already soaked.

I slid them out and brought my well-lubricated fingers to my left nipple, swirling my juices over it. I wished bursa escort bayan there was a sexy man to lick it clean.

I brought my fingers back down my body and inside my dripping folds again. I began to tremble as I slowly slid the index and middle finger of my left hand in and out while my right hand still cupped my breast. I squeezed and pinched my right nipple.

“Didn’t get enough last night, slut?” I taunted myself in the mirror.

I watched as my fingers slid in and out of my meaty bald cunt. I always had a bit more vulva than other girls. My husband used to love to suck on my outer lips. Pull them with his mouth, even nibble on them, but not anymore. I loved the way it looked as I slid my fingers in and out, the pussy lips almost grabbing at my fingers.

My legs were becoming weak. Spread slightly in front of the mirror. I stopped.

Pulling my fingers from my pussy I noticed the glistening moisture dribbling down my inner thighs. I slowly brought my fingers to my mouth, smiling at the slut in the mirror. I slid them in, over my tongue and lips, sucking hard as I did. I then slid them out, putting on a pornographic show for myself. I began to give my fingers head.

I delighted in my taste. I tasted sweet and clean despite the late night fucking. I pushed my fingers as far as they would go, tickling the back of my throat, but not far enough to gag. I loved the soft, wet feeling of my lips against my fingers as I slid them in and out and imagined how good it must feel for man to have his cock here.

I pulled my fingers out of my mouth, and found myself panting.

“That’s what you like, isn’t it? You want all of your dirty little holes filled.”

I lifted my left leg and placed it on the toilet seat. Staring at myself escort bursa in the mirror, my swollen, wet pussy opened. My left leg at a right angle, I slid my hands down my body. My left hand slid over my ass, my fingers teasing the crack of my ass, over my little puckered hole and finally accessing my wet hole from behind. I slid two fingers back in and began to fuck myself.

My breathing quickened as I began to rub small circles over my swollen clitoris.

I moaned a long, slow moan, staring at myself in the mirror.

“That’s it, pump that pussy, you filthy whore.”

My dirty talk only turned me on more as I watched myself. A droplet of sweat fell from face, landing between my cleavage. My right hand was now rocketing in small circles. My clit throbbing. I pushed the two fingers from my left hand as deep as they could go.

I moaned louder, staring at the flowing pussy in the mirror. My fingers pumped in and out as my right hand worked my clit. Faster and faster I rubbed. My pussy made nasty wet sloshing noises. I could feel the cum building deep inside me. I was ready to explode.

My body shook in violent spasms. I bucked and convulsed as I moaned and cried out.


I felt my sudden release, almost like I had to pee. I continued to pump my fingers in and out. I felt a sudden flow against my hand as I came. Moving my hand away I began to squirt. Stream after stream of clear fluid erupted from my aching pussy, covering the bathroom floor. My heart raced as I came, over and over.

I stared at the stranger in the mirror. I had never been an exhibitionist. I had never even been terribly naughty; yet here I was, with dried cum on my face, standing in a puddle of my own cum, panting. I truly was transforming into a dirty slut. What had that strange man done to me.

As I slowly came back down I realized I needed to clean up to make my flight. My husband would be waiting. I wondered to myself if he would like to new me. Was there a new me?

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