Journey Towards Love Ch. 02


I awoke sometime in the early morning. It was still dark; the blue screen on the TV cast a surreal glow about the living room. We had fallen asleep during the movie and hadn’t stirred since. Still cradled in her arms on the couch, I stared into the blue darkness and briefly relived the events of the night before. Never before had I experienced such an intense emotional moment in my life. What Carol had shared with me that night was so incredible that at the time I thought, “nothing could ever surpass this euphoria”. And Euphoria it was. I was still dizzy with nerves and giddy realizing what happened to me. I would have been content to stay there in her warm embrace if it weren’t for the overwhelming need to go to the bathroom.

Peeling back the blanket that covered our entangled bodies, still only wearing the panties that we never removed, I strained to sit up without disturbing her slumber. Achieving this, I covered her back up with the blanket before the coolness of the air could wake her. Pausing for a moment I gazed at her through the blue light. She was beautiful – almost radiant. She looked so peaceful lying there. Here eyes closed so delicately, not at all straining and a look of contentment adorn her face. It was wonderful realizing that I helped put her in that state of bliss. For an 18 year old, I felt very grown up just then. Then my bladder reminded me of why I got up in the first place. So off to the bathroom I went, walking almost with pride about the milestone that I had passed the night before.

As the morning progressed and we both ate breakfast while draped in the fluffiest bathrobes I’ve ever worn, very little was said about the night’s events. I don’t believe we were avoiding the topic; it’s just that we fell back into our normal routine when spending time together. Not that giving each other a kiss now and then was “normal” for us, but the conversations, the joking and the way we felt comfortable was all as natural as before. Carol had brought me this robe from her bedroom and mentioned that it was new. She wore a similar garment and it looked as pristine as mine.

The time finally came when I needed to head home. Mom and Dad knew I was spending the night but needed me back before lunch as they had plans of their own to celebrate my graduation from high school. I was sure that what they had planned would be fun and exciting and that I’d treasure any gifts that they felt like giving, however, nothing would compare to the gift given to me just a few sweet hours ago. I took one more step closer to adult hood, and though I was still a teenager, felt very much like a young woman that morning.

I found my dress and other clothes neatly placed on the couch. Carol had obviously done some straitening up while I fixed breakfast. Our garments were no longer strewn about the living room floor. I made my way to the bathroom and dressed myself back into the outfit that Carol helped remove the night before. I didn’t bother with the shoes as tying up all those straps just to walk two houses down and take them off again would be insane. I emerged from the bathroom in my little outfit but not looking as stunning as I did originally. No new make-up was applied and my hair was a mess, but the dress was still nice looking. In one hand I carried my heels and in the other I held the robe. Walking up to Carol, her blonde hair just as out of place as mine but still looking beautiful, wisped around when I reached out and handed her the robe, asking what she wanted me to do with it.

“Oh – I’ll wash it and hang it in my closet for you Rose.” She said without hesitation. “You can use it next time you come over” she finished and went about her business.

I was frozen once again. What did she mean by “next time”? Although I was completely at ease with what transpired between us that night and the thoughts I was having of feeling all grown up and womanly were euphoric, when she said that, I felt like the scared child once again. My inexperience began to show through when I didn’t know how to respond to her statement.

Not wanting to mess up what was a beautiful time, I chirped, “Ok – thanks”, grabbed my purse and started for the door. She caught up to me from behind and a scene reminiscent of a wife kissing her husband goodbye as he goes off to work played out. Here I was in my nice clothes, purse in hand instead of a briefcase with Carol dressed in her robe, wrapping her arms around my neck and giving me a kiss farewell. I kissed back but not with the certainty I had before. Luckily, she didn’t notice and I was released to exit the house. As I walked down the path to the sidewalk, she stood in the doorway watching me as I headed home. I felt strange just then. I couldn’t tell if I liked the feeling or if it was too weird.

The week dragged on slowly. The memory of my time with her danced in my thoughts. Talk about being confused – I was the picture in the dictionary next to the entry of confused. I didn’t know what to think. I loved every moment we shared – would love to do it again, but not sure if what I was doing was right or bursa eskort bayan very wrong as well as not knowing what to do next or how to act. I made no attempt to contact her that week.

Friday was finally here and I looked forward to the weekend. I didn’t have anything major planned but still under the routine that the weekend was a fresh start and I foolishly thought I would feel differently come Saturday. It was approaching dinner and the phone rang. Mom had answered and came looking for me with cordless phone in hand. “It’s Carol” she said with a smile and handed me the phone. ‘Oh Mom if you only knew’ scooted through my head. I held back a chuckle when I took the phone from her.

“Hi Carol,” I answered in a cheery voice not wanting to show my state of confusion.

“Hello Rose, haven’t heard from you all week” Carol said with a noticeable tone of concern, “is everything alright?”

“Oh yes – just fine” I lied. “Thank you again for my party last week” I said to indicate to her that Mom was still in earshot and I couldn’t talk freely.

Knowing that she could say anything she asked quite directly “I didn’t scare you off with what we did, did I?”

I quickly responded “No! Not at all. I’ve just been really busy.”

“Do you have time for a swim tomorrow? You can use your robe again.” With that it clinked in my rusty head. That must be what she meant. I could use it next time I came over to go swimming. Oh how the young mind works. All week wasted over worrying about nothing. With that, it felt as if a heavy weight had lifted from my shoulders. I was instantly at ease. I knew the weekend was a fresh start after all.

“Sure I have time. I’ll be there. What time?” I asked. She suggested lunchtime. She’d make us a fruit salad; we can talk a while then go for a dip. I was excited. I had missed talking to her all week and now everything seems back to normal. I couldn’t wait. I asked if she wanted me to bring anything and all she said was “just bring yourself”.

Lunchtime Saturday came and I strolled over to Carol’s house. I couldn’t wait to see her again. It had been only a week, but what a week. Stuck in the quagmire I put myself in I was looking forward to sharing some fun times with her. Walking up the path to her front door I could see it was open but with the screen door closed. She just loved to keep the house smelling fresh by letting the breeze pass through the open windows and doors. I knocked and peeping around the corner from the kitchen was Carol motioning to come in as she was on the phone. I assumed it was some business related call because it sounded so serious. I didn’t actually listen to the words she was saying, only her tone of voice.

I stayed in the living room waiting for her to finish, as I didn’t want to disrupt her. The one phrase I did pick up on was when she started to say good-bye I heard “well…she’s here so I gotta go…” That in itself didn’t hit me as being odd but to a worldlier mind it probably should have raised questions. I was too busy staring at the painting over the fireplace once again. I loved that painting!

I soon found the mirror on the wall where so much was revealed that night. I was not in the same form that I was then. No frilly dress or styled hair. No heels with straps coming up my legs. Not even much make-up. Today I looked like Rose. Plain Rose. I had a yellow t-shirt, showing some bare midriff and denim shorts. My shoes were far from glamorous; last year’s sneakers and tennis socks. I was normal looking and I think that’s one reason I was feeling comfortable. I wasn’t playing any roles, I wasn’t dressed up or trying to impress. I was just Rose.

Carol’s image then appeared in the mirror. She walked up and took her place behind me much like she did that night. For an instant, I saw us both standing there, looking at each other in the mirror, nude as we were then. My nerves then began to tense up, but only for a short spell.

“How are you Rose?” she asked in her sweetest voice. I said I was fine and just waiting for her to end her phone conversation. “I’m glad you came over.” She continued. Motioning me to take a seat in the Living Room, I obliged and we sat down on the couch where I spent my first night in the arms of a woman. I thought it was strange that after all that kissing we did that she didn’t offer me one. She then turned all serious looking and it worried me. Had I done something wrong? Was she mad at me? She staid silent for what seemed like an eternity. Looking around as if trying to find something to talk about, she took my hands and began to speak.

“I asked you over for a few reasons Rose. The first reason was to go for a swim but before that I need to have a small chat with you about what happened last week.” Here it comes. She’s going to tell me it was a mistake and it should never have happened. I’ve seen it plenty of times in the movies and it always starts out like that.

“Last week was a very magical and special moment for me as I hope it was for you.” This was not what I expected. bursa merkez escort Maybe she’s sugar coating it. She continued, “I did something very irresponsible and wanted to talk to you about it.” What could she have done that was so wrong? I wondered what happened after I left.

“First let me ask you how do you feel about what happened.” She said. I told her I was fine. I was a bundle of nerves for a few days but other than that I was ok. So that was a partial truth. I was as confused as I’ve ever been but I wasn’t about to tell her that. I was afraid of what she’d say if I did.

“Honey, I know you’re 18 but I have to ask for my own piece of mind,” she continued. “Do you understand what happened last week? I mean…well…” This was the first time I ever saw her at a loss for words.

“I know what we did Carol.” I said rescuing her from her stumble. “We kinda sorta made love though we like really didn’t because we kept our panties on and besides we only kissed and felt our breasts but it was like showing each other how we felt then we fell asleep in each other’s arms on the couch we are sitting on at this time.” I blurted out in one breath as only teen girls can.

“You took the words right out of my mouth!” she said with a laugh. I chuckled too and then said something that I realized only for the first time since that night…

“That and you seduced me.” Silence fell upon the room. What possessed me to say that? I never thought of it that way before but when you think about it, that’s precisely what she did. She initiated everything and seduced me.

“Yes” she said while hanging her head. “You’re right. I did seduce you and I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because you had no idea what my intentions were and I forced myself on you. I’m 8 years older than you and I should have known better. I could have ruined a wonderful friendship by pulling that stunt.” She was nearly to tears when I butted in.

“But it wasn’t all you! I was there right? I could have stopped you any time. I was enjoying that moment as much as you and you were nothing but the perfect teacher.” I couldn’t think of a better word for that. “Besides, you kept asking me if I wanted to stop and I didn’t. And as far as ruining a wonderful friendship…I’m here now aren’t I? I’d say you’ve done nothing but enhance it.” God I sounded so mature – so adult. I couldn’t believe the words coming from my mouth. I don’t think she was prepared for that either.

“Guess I’m a little more mature than we both though huh?” I added.

“So you’re ok with what I did?”

“What WE did Carol.” I came back with while taking her hands in mine. “It was the most memorable night of my life and I hope it doesn’t end with that.” Ohmygawd – what was that? Did I just open up the window of opportunity there or what? My heart was fluttering. I can’t believe how I was so immature and ‘young’ most of the time then I come up with moments of pure adult phrases. I think I watched too much TV in my youth.

There was an awkward moment – a space in time where neither of us knew where to go from there or what to say. “Who was on the phone?” I blurted out when I remembered her line of “…she’s here – I gotta go…” She explained it was a friend of hers and she was asking her some advise.

“Must have been about me,” I queried and told her what I heard.

“Yes it was sweetie. I was asking her how to talk to you about, well, what we did.”

“She give you some good advice?” I asked.

“A bit – yes.” She said.

“Did it help?” Pausing in a moment of what seemed to be instant replay in her head, she replied…

“Not one Damn Bit!” With that we both burst out laughing and from then on we were fine together. I knew we had reached the summit of our crisis and that it would be pretty much back to normal from now on.

“How about that swim now?” she asked. I nodded a yes as I was still giggling and we both got up. “Lets go change into our robes Rose.” her voice returning to the angelic tone I so loved, playful and comforting at the same time. As we made our way to the bedroom, she asked me rather bluntly if I had enjoyed myself last week. I was able to speak more freely with her now for some reason, not as timidly as I was a week ago, and told her that it too was a magical moment for me. As we meandered down the long hall we talked freely and I found myself admitting to her that I had never done anything like that before and more surprisingly confessing that I thought about it a lot during our time apart. She looked at me with the smile I so loved to see on her lips and simply said, “I’m so glad.”

We walked into her bedroom where she had laid our robes out on her bed earlier. “Would you like to change here with me or do you want some privacy?” she asked. Hesitating only for a moment, I though and decided that I would no longer let my inexperience get in the way, and exclaimed to her that we could change in here together. I felt a comfort bursa sınırsız escort bayan with Carol that I did not want to loose and I was more than willing to follow her anywhere.

With her smiling back at me after hearing my statement, she simply said “wonderful” and brought her fingers up to her head and pulled out the stick that was holding her silky blonde hair up in a bun. Letting it fall to her shoulders she used her fingers to comb through her hair and let loose all the strands that were held captive for so long. I still found myself unsure of what to do or how to handle myself around her. I was enjoying just watching her.

She began to undo the buttons on her shorts and I did the same when she looked up at me. When she pulled hers down her legs and stepped out of them, I mimicked her actions. I had the bottoms to my bikini on under my shorts, but she was wearing cotton thong panties. I felt my heart begin to pound once again much like it did last week. She had a beautiful figure, showing very few signs that she had a baby not long ago. Before last week, I had never looked at a female in that sort of way. Sizing her up is the best way to describe it. That task was usually saved for the cute guys that I found in my daily life. But her body was so appealing. I couldn’t help but notice.

She then took hold of the bottom hem of her t-shirt and in one motion lifted it up and over her head. As she did she turned her back to me and I saw that she had no bra on once again. I was beginning to wonder if she ever wore a bra. Maybe I was missing out on something by wearing one all the time. Again I mimicked her and lifted my shirt up and over my head, tossing it on the bed just like her. I also had the top to my bikini already on under my shirt. I felt ready to go swimming but she through me a curve ball. Still with her back to me the next thing I witnessed was her bending down and removing the thong panties, discarding them onto the bed, then picking up her robe and twirling it about her until she was snug inside it’s folds. Before she could turn around and see me in my suit, I hurriedly Reached behind my back and grasped the string to my top and yanked it loose, letting the fabric fall away from my body. As she turned to face me I very calmly, as if this was all natural for me, began to untie the straps of my bikini bottoms. I thought for sure she would notice my shaking fingers.

I must have fooled her by looking so calm and such because as I nervously pulled the swimsuit off my body, she picked up my robe and opened it like a butler holding a coat for his master. I stepped into the terrycloth and she wrapped me up in it. From her position behind me she tied the rope and then proceeded to hold me in an embrace that seemed to calm me all over.

“I’m so glad you are here Rose” she whispered in my ear then proceeded to kiss my lobe while giving me a little squeeze. I then curled my own arms about hers and hugged them while letting out a little hum of contentment. I was feeling very comfortable now. My inhibitions seemed to fade away. At that moment I happened to notice the absence of her baby daughter. I leaned back into Carol’s hold and asked her where she was. Again she said that Grandma and Grandpa have her and that brought a smile to my face for I remembered what happened last time the baby wasn’t there with us.

“Oh do you have something special in store for us today?” I questioned in a most obvious sarcastic tone.

“Hmmmm – perhaps” she hummed at me. I could feel her squeeze me tight and kiss my neck at that moment. She released her hold on me and I turned around to face her. With her arms about my neck and mine finding a most natural place on her lovely hips, we both smiled and fell into our first kiss since that morning she “sent me off to work”. The feeling of her soft, warm lips pressing against my own sent surges of energy through my body. I could feel the surface of my skin electrify with sensation. My face began to blush as I felt the heat start at my eyes and work it’s way down my cheeks. I was becoming quite warm in that robe. Carol must have been experiencing the same effect for as we broke our kiss, she took a deep breath – like a sigh – and fanning her face with her fingers said she really needed that swim now. I nodded and taking me by the hand, she lead me out the bedroom, down the hall and out to the backyard where the pool resided.

Her backyard was simply one of the most glamorous I had ever seen. Not very large in size, it gave the feeling of openness as well as privacy by virtue of the way it was landscaped and decorated. She spent a lot of time making it look so beautiful. This was truly her escape from the world. The yard was lined with tall shrubs and trees that blocked the view from neighboring houses while keeping the center yard open and spacious.

The pool and guesthouse were nestled in the back-left corner with the pool half surrounded by a natural rock out cropping that included with a waterfall complete with a love seat ledge behind it. A diving board was built into the rocks and was colored brown to look more like a fallen tree than the typical turquoise board. The pool itself was also made of material colored to take on a more natural look, like a pond or river with a dark bed. The rest of the pool’s rim was lined with slabs of dark granite. The water just sparkled in its environment.

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