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Her flesh was so white that it seemed like a freshly fallen snow. Dipping over hills and valleys and splotched with the merest swirl of red where Alexei had thrown a velvet drape over her hips. She reclined on her side, with her hand beneath her head, propped up on an elbow. Her breasts were large, but not overly so. She was not buxom, not like the maids at the local brothel… but she had flesh on her bones. The effect was altogether stunning, her skin so white, and the candlelight shining in the auburn tresses of hair that fell through her fingers and across her shoulder. On her lips there was the barest hint of a smile, quirking with mischievous abandon and making her look altogether devilish. Her eyes were covered by an elaborate mask, her face shielded from his view by midnight blue velvet, faux gems, and ostrich feathers.

She was the talk of London, this mystery woman, she was a body that everyone recognized… she was that mask. She was the epitome of their desire and avarice; she was the root of their lust. It was rumored that she was a noblewoman who found her kicks in this particular way. It was also rumored that she was just some street slut with a beautiful body. There were rumors that beneath the mask she was hideously scarred; there were rumors that she was so beautiful her looks must be hidden lest the church condemn her for each of the seven deadly sins. She was a much-talked-about mystery… and he, Aeryk deMonteford, had felt a compelling need to see her for himself.

Her breath hitched slightly as she sighed, moving her hand ever so slightly in order to stifle a yawn before settling back into the exact same position that she’d held a moment before. The light scratching of brushstrokes on canvas caught his attention and he turned his head. Alexei worked with a thick brush, deftly creating each fold and shadow in the only piece of fabric covering the woman’s body. He transferred that snowy flesh to canvas with a sure hand and a keen eye and once again Aeryk had to thank the fates that had made Alexei his friend. He turned chocolate colored eyes on the woman again and found that her blue eyes had come to rest on his form. She was so intent upon her inspection that for a moment she didn’t seem to realize that he was watching her. When their eyes finally met, it was like a jolt of electricity passed between them. That quirky smile faded from her lips and she looked disconcerted, almost afraid. Aeryk took a step forward, hands reaching out to touch her…


The sharp word, spat into the darkness of the boudoir, stopped him in his tracks. He glanced over his shoulder at Alexei. The man glared at him with a venom unmatched by even the king himself. A slight shaking of his head was all it took for Aeryk to repress an irritated sigh and step backwards.

This had been a condition of his. Alexei had been blackmailed into showing Aeryk his model, this woman… but not without certain conditions. One, Aeryk was allowed to look… but not touch. He was not allowed to speak or pursue the woman outside of this studio. Aeryk… had agreed. Now, he felt like reneging on that promise.

He idly wondered if he could threaten Alexei with the same secret he’d used before. It would probably work. It wasn’t everyday the court found out that one of their most prominent lord’s heir… enjoyed boys as lovers. Aeryk thought it through then sighed, he’d pressed his luck with that charge before… he wasn’t willing to shatter a friendship that had lasted decades… over a woman. And so he stopped, and looked back… and she was gone.

He hadn’t even heard her move, so silently she’d fled. She was gone, however, and his dark eyes flashed around the studio in a vain attempt to find her. Without glancing back at Alexei, he started forward, jogging toward the door and catching his hand on the jamb. He stood there, brow furrowed in confusion as he looked about. Just as he was about to duck back into the studio, he caught sight of a corner of red, velvet cloth vanishing through a door toward the end of the hall. He started after her, nearly running in his haste to catch her but when he reached that doorway, she was out of sight already.

Stepping into that room, he noticed an adjoining door and crossed the expanse of floor. Flinging open that portal, he stepped through and followed a stairway downward. The torches were not lit here, the stairway was completely dark but for a streak of moonlight filtering in through roughly hewn windows in the estate wall. His feet trod heavily as he took the stairs two at a time, slipping, he fell türbanlı porno and skidded down the rest of the steps with a curse on his lips and a developing bruise on his bottom. Once he came to a halt, he stood and saw her there, draped in the red cloak and standing over him. She seemed concerned, worry glittered in those sapphire eyes. Reaching out, he tried to grasp her, but did not move fast enough. She danced out of his grasp and he listened to the cool slap of bare feet echoing against the stones of the floor.

Aeryk launched himself upright and followed after her. It was a moment before she realized he was still following. She began to run. Holding the red velvet clutched tightly in her hands, she ran, bursting through the kitchen doorway and out into a small courtyard. The night was cold and there was a fine dusting of snow on the ground. He followed after her.

She was more agile, flitting away with the grace of a nymph, he clomped after her, his boots crunching heavily in the frozen remnants of grass. Her figure loomed closer and he reached out to touch her back. His fingers brushed the spot just between her shoulderblades and she sprinted then, with the quickness of a doe she ran… and he followed suit. It seemed to him to be a game as old as time, this mating ritual. She lured, he wanted, she denied, he took…

The courtyard’s small width was traversed in moments and she hit a door on the other side. Momentum carried her forward so that she hit the door, her hands out in front of her to brace for impact. Her feet skidded in the snow and she reached for the latch to the door, her frozen fingers fumbling clumsily. She panted, her lungs aching from the air, her breath exiting in a puff of condensation. She glanced back over her shoulder as he approached, and she scrabbled at the latch even harder then.

God, why had Alexei brought this stranger? But no, he wasn’t a stranger… not completely. She’d seen him for years, known his name, his face, the dirty blonde hair that fell haphazardly in his eyes, those eyes… God, those eyes. They were warm, brown, earthy, and held just a spark of mischief. She knew him, Aeryk deMontefort, had known him for the entirety of her two decades on earth. He’d watched her grow up… and he didn’t even know it.

His body slammed into hers, knocking the breath from her lungs and a startled bleat from her throat. He had her trapped there, the wall of his chest pressed against her back with her forehead touching the cold wood of the door. Her hands fell from the latch as he grasped her upper arm and swung her around. She faced him then, with the mask between them. His gaze delved into her eyes, he panted… so did she.

Their stares locked for an uncountable moment. They just watched, paused, his warmth seeping into her through the velvet of the robe. His hand came up and he touched her face. She turned her head, denying him the privilege of seeing beneath the mask. His finger touched her lips then, giving in to her wish to remain anonymous. Just the barest fleeting touch, the slightest tickling pressure from the very tip of his finger. He touched her lips as they turned blue in the cold, ran his flesh across the tiny drop of glistening moisture that had wetted her bottom lip. His hand cupped her cheek and his thumb brushed across the artificial ridge that hid her eyebrow from his view. He seemed to be trying to fathom the flesh. It was as if he was attempting to fill in the missing gap that was left by the mask.

His eyes met hers once again and those dark eyes bored into her, making her shiver with cold and a sudden need. A second’s pause more, then his lips touched hers. His palm rested on her jaw and he tilted her face upward so that he could drink her mouth. His lips were warm and they spread their fire to her own. His tongue darted out, wetting her mouth and giving her the first heady taste of masculinity. Gentle, at first, the barest touch of mouth to mouth.

He lifted his head and glanced downward. The red cloak covered all that had been revealed before, all that had been naked to his view. The hand on her jaw slipped downward to rest at the nape of her neck. The other hand slipped within the opening of the cloak and he rested his hand flat on her ribs. She gasped from the chill that his fingers imparted into the warm skin of her belly. His hand roamed upward, cupping a warm breast, kneading the soft, soft flesh and pressing against a nipple that hardened against the chill.

He found her eyes again, all this time she’d watched him, her breathing slowing türk porno by the smallest increments, only to speed up again when his hand delved beneath the cloak. Her eyes were closed now, her head leaning back against the door, the beautiful curls of her hair reflecting the pure, white moonlight. Her skin was so pale, and yet the smallest flush sufficed her cheeks, giving her color. He kissed her again then pulled back, waiting, wondering, asking with his mouth… … if she denied him now…

But she didn’t. Those sapphire eyes opened again and she looked up at him, that smile returned and her hand slipped from beneath the cloak, parting the fabric and giving him a perfect view right down the front of her. Her hand came up, perfect fingers with their beautiful nails. She grasped the back of his neck and jerked his head downward. Passion broke then, and he took her mouth, raped it and felt her moan into his throat. His tongue thrust into her mouth and tangled with her own tongue. Lips meshed and tongues twined. He licked the nape of her neck, then kissed there, sucking at the flesh and bringing the blood to the surface. Marked, she was marked… his… and he would mark her more.

Her fingers slid into his hair, grasping and pulling, keeping his mouth near her skin, keeping his tongue near her lips. Aeryk kissed her again and she sucked at his tongue, then bit his lip lightly, nipping and pulling. His hands found her ribs and he held her there, the robe parted around both of their hands. The back of his thumb barely brushed against the lower swell of her breasts. Warm, she was so warm. Slipping his hands around to her back he pulled her closer, melding his body to hers and bringing them so close that not a whispered word could pass between them. His hand slipped lower, passing over the soft swell of her buttocks and delving into her passage from behind. She was wet, so warm and slick, and his fingers slipped into her easily. The walls of her passage massaged him and he felt her groan into his mouth.

His thigh slipped between her legs and she mounted him, moving her hips against him as he thrust his fingers in and out of her. She whimpered and her head fell back, he kissed her neck, kissed her chest then parted the robe to suckle her hardened nipple. His fingers slid free of her mons and he trailed her beautiful cum up her back and around until he lifted the hand from her flesh and moved it to her mouth. At first his thumb rested against her bottom lip and for a second he caught a glimpse of confusion in her eyes before the tip of her tongue slipped out to taste. He forced her then, sliding the finger deeper into her mouth, urging her to suck. Her eyes closed as she tasted the hot musk of her own sex upon his skin. Slightly salty and completely earthy she could smell it as well, and the idea aroused her even more.

He was hard, rock hard and wanting her. Aeryk tore at the laces that held his pants closed, practically knotting them as he tried to get them open. He was frantic. She sucked on his finger for a moment longer before he reclaimed it, sliding it from her mouth and adding it to the other hand that worked so furiously to unleash his cock. Finally he released himself and groaned as her hands immediately closed around him. His hands grasped her around the waist and he lifted her, pressing her back against the door as her beautiful white legs came about his hips.

His mouth found hers again as she grasped him around the neck to keep herself steady. He kissed her passionately, near violent in his need to possess her, take her, mark her.

Mine, mine, mine, mine….

He couldn’t tell whether that particular mantra was echoing within his head, or throughout the confines of this small courtyard. He didn’t care. He just took himself in hand and positioned himself at her entrance. She froze and his eyes shot up. An errant lock of hair fell across his forehead, making him look as maddened as he was feeling. His lips were hot, swollen, hers were as well. She looked up at him so earnestly, entreating, begging, pleading so innocently… but for what?

His face contorted with the madness of his desire and, with an animal grown he plunged into her.

She screamed.

The sound echoed across the night, wailing through the courtyard with its agony.

He was buried to the hilt inside of her and she sobbed into his shoulder. Confusion inundated him and he stood there, frozen, staring at the crown of her head and the glorious locks of auburn that fell between them. Her head lifted and one hot tear türkçe alt yazı porno burned a path down her cheek, finding its way across her lips from beneath the garish mask. She looked up at him, her mouth open around some words that couldn’t spill forth. That tear followed the crease at the side of her nose then, and he watched it. Watched as it shone, watched as it trickled over her cheek and onto her lip, following the contour of her mouth around until it settled like Balm of Gilead on her bottom lip.

He touched it then, with the tip of his tongue, and she closed her eyes, leaning into him. He moved his body, pulling out of her warm sheath, and felt her gasp. He looked down and saw that his shaft was streaked with blood. Their eyes met again. Passion strained, then broke, and instinct made him selfish and rough. He thrust into her again, and held himself there. Aeryk ground his hips into the juncture between her thighs, daring her to take him all. Her body swallowed all of him, drawing him in to the very core of her. He pistoned her then, drawing back and thrusting in again and again and again.

Her body was crushed between his chest and the door, her legs tightened around his waist. God, she was so warm and wet, like coming home. He pinned her back roughly, his hips and chest keeping her there. Her breasts were flattened against him, so tightly did her hold her. She bobbed up and down with each thrust and he could feel her muscles slowly contracting around his cock. Her cunt was so tight, so eager to take him… made for him…

Mine, mine, mine, mine….

Over and over in his head he chanted it, willing her to hear his thoughts and acknowledge his claim. The pain dispelled, she began to feel only pleasure. With each thrust he soothed over the initial jolt that proceeded the rending of her virginity and made her more aware of the sweet, wet friction of two bodies joining. He pounded against her womb, reaching for her inner most depths and trying to split her body in twain. The moist sucking of her passage and the muffled slap of flesh against cloth was the only sound in the courtyard, there was no one around. The moon illuminated the snow and leafless trees cast dark spiderwebs across the ground.

She panted in his ear, more and more frantically as the moments passed. Her passage tightened involuntarily as she came closer and closer to climax. He pounded harder, furiously, into her virgin passage determined to be the first to spill their seed here. The first…

The only…

Mine, mine, mine…

He breath caught in her throat and she bit his shoulder, drawing blood as she tried to hold back her scream. He didn’t feel the pain, only her pleasure reverberating through him and shaking him to his core. Her passage convulsed around him, like a tight fist pumping him and begging for his cum. He climaxed then, violently and filled her with his cream. He held there for a moment, inside of her, then slowly thrust thrice more before coming to rest again.

Her breathing stilled as her orgasm settled into that afterglow lethargy. Her forehead rested against his shoulder, her arms loosely hugging his neck. He kept her pinned to the door, though relaxing his hold somewhat. He gasped and tried to catch his breath but couldn’t. She’d stolen that completely.

A few moments passed before she finally leg go, allowing her legs to slide down his hips and to the ground again. He grasped her, unwilling to release her so soon. She protested, pushing him slightly away. Once on her own two feet, she stared up at him. That magnetic connection was still there. Her swollen lips were closed, warm now from his violent caresses. He seemed as if he wanted to speak but did not… she smiled. It was that devilish smile that choked him and stopped the words from coming.

She glanced down as she felt the liquid of his desire slip past her labia lips. Slowly she allowed her hand to glide down over her stomach and through the dark thatch of curls that hid her womanhood. Her middle finger slipped into her slit and dipped into her passage. A second later she drew the hand forth again and held it up before here eyes. His white cum glistened on her fingers, marred only by a streak of red that was her virginity… she smiled, and slipped the finger into her mouth, sucking as eagerly as she had upon her own juices.

He growled deep in his throat and reached for her again. Dancing out of his grasp, she finally managed the latch on the door. Slipping through the portal she felt him grasp her arm again. She turned back and eyed him questioningly, her head cocked slightly to the side. For a moment he didn’t speak, then he croaked…

“Your name…”

She smiled again and shook her head. Lifting one finger, she placed it to his lips.


And she was gone…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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