Jo Ch. 01

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My Girlfriend is called Jo and she’s 5ft8, slim, long-legged and although her breasts aren’t huge, they’re a nice size and shape, and firm. This is topped off with dyed Blonde hair that hangs below her shoulders (but could do with dyeing again cos about 1cm of her dark roots are growing in, giving her a bit of a skint hooker look)!!

We’ve been dating for 2 month and she seemed far from that tho… a little shy and quiet at times, nice dresses or jeans/blouses, sexy not slutty outfits, and our dates consisting of meals, drinks, cinema, and days out at the coast and in the countryside. Afterwards, shes given me a blowjob twice, and a few nights of sex….. usually with me on top, once she was on top but all fairly standard dating stuff.

Then last weekend, the sun was blazing so I rang her and asked if she wanted to come over for a BBQ. She agreed and said she’d be over in an hour. I put beers and wine in the fridge, and a bottle of vodka in the freezer, got the garden furniture set up in the back garden, and did a bit tidy up in the house while I waited for her to arrive. When I heard her car pull up in the street outside my house, I looked out the window and saw her getting her bag from the passenger seat so went to open the front door.

By the time I got there, she’d sorted herself out and was walking down the driveway…… by which I mean she was tottering….. she had on a pair of Black leather thigh high stilletto boots, and a pair of tiny cut off Denim Shorts and a white vest top….. no Bra and her nipples were clearly poking through the material. Giving me a big smile, she didnt give me the usual ‘hiya’ and polite kiss, she just walked up to me and shoved her tongue into my mouth, pressing herself up against me hard and gave my cock a rub through my jeans…… Breaking away she said “The sun always makes me super horny.” A bit surprised, I mumbled a bit of nonsense, let her in and closed the front door whilst feeling my cock start to stir in my jeans. She threw her bag into the corner of the living room and walked straight over to my leather sofa whilst undoing the buttons on her shorts, and in full view of the Bay Window dropped them down and kicked them away from her ankles (the view from the street is mostly blocked by bushes, but anyone passing the actual drive entrance or gate would have a great view) Anyway, she slowly bent over the arm of my sofa and that was when I saw that not only was she not wearing any underwear, but she’d also shaved her pussy bare…… and had a bright red Buttplug jammed up her arse!! Looking over her shoulder she said “I want you to fuck my arse hard and make me come,” before biting her lower lip seductively. And then, reaching back with her right hand, she started to play with the toy, pulling it out a little until the widest part at the base started to stretch her ring and Maraş Escort then pushing it back inside a couple of times.

I couldnt pull my Jeans off fast enough, and by the time Id took them off and thrown my T-shirt away, she’d pulled the plug out completely and I could see it was about 5″ long and about 1.5″ wide at its base. Still looking over her shoulder at me, she flicked her hair and started to lick the length of the toy and said “Do it hard.”

I stood behind her and started to push my rock hard cock gently against her still slightly open ring

“Shove it all in, in one go, really hard…… don’t worry, there’s plenty of lube in there off the plug,” she said, so taking a deep breath, I grabbed her waist with both hands and pulled her back onto me as hard as I could while at the same time thrusting my cock forward as hard as possible…..

The feeling was unbelievable as I felt all 7″ of my cock force its way deep up her arsehole hard, stretching her out, making her scream and her body start to spasm as her legs buckled (not that she could balance in them boots anyway) and she fell forward across the arm of the sofa! Pausing for a few seconds, I adjusted my stance and enjoyed the red hot temperature and vice like grip of her arsehole while I let her get her breath back and for her shudders to die down.

With a slightly glazed look in her eyes, she braced herself on her elbows and she gasped “Yes, just like that….. fuck me hard,” so I slowly withdrew half my length, then without warning jammed it hard forward again. This was met with a “ungghh” and I did it again. and again. and again. each time been met with more grunts or a ‘yeah’ or a ‘fuck me’ or a ‘harder’

After a minute or so of this, we were both pretty breathless, sheened in sweat, and Jo was almost constantly shuddering as her pussy squirted juice onto the arm of the leather couch, which bounced back up onto my cock and balls, adding to the lubricant already there from the toy.

Carefully I withdrew almost all my entire length from her, just leaving the tip inside her now gaping hole, and admired the sight….. my cock was shiny in the sunlight streaming in from the window and from all the lube and pussyjuice, plus it was at least an inch longer and thicker and harder than ever before!! Even the veins running down its length stood up at least 2mm giving the entire thing the look of an obscene ridged plastic dildo. And with a merciless grin I thrust it back into her gaping arsehole harder than ever before, taking her by surprise and making her scream again and flop down onto the sofa as her arms buckled too!! without pausing this time, i pulled out almost all the way again, and began to pound her constantly as hard and as fast as possible

“Yes, Yes,” she moaned “It feels so good ungghh…… fuck me like a nasty slut….. Maraş Escort Bayan Ungghhh the dirtiest bitch in town Ungghhh……make me your dirty fuckwhore Ungghhh…….. I’ll do anything you want Ungghhhh.”

Now, smiling to myself, I thought ‘well, if thats what you want’ and, still impaled deep in her arse, I grabbed hold of her white vest and pulled it up over her tits and shoulders, and threw it off to the side while she collapsed face down across my sofa, her sweat sheened body sticking to the leather and making suction noises as she continued to writhe under me as I pounded her arsehole. Reaching forward, I gathered her hair into a ponytail, and gripping it in my right hand, twisted it round my wrist and pulled back hard, forcing her arse back onto my cock harder and for her to arch her back up off the sofa and her glazed blue eyes to look into mine as with my left hand I reached down and grabbed her left tit, my fingers and thumb finding her rock hard nipple and giving it a hard squeeze as I again started to fuck her arsehole but this time with long hard slower strokes as I felt myself reaching the brink

“I’m your slut, your whore….. fuck me harder, I want your cum,” she gasped as I looked into her eyes and for some reason I spat onto her upturned face!

“oh yeah….. treat me like a worthless dirty anal slut,” she gasped, and propping herself up with one arm, used her free hand to smear my spit all over her face while continuing to talk utter filth to me.

This was too much for me and I gasped “Im gonna cum,”

Jo then pushed back onto me harder than ever, and almost bouncing forward, she slid off my cock and dropped to her knees as she spun round, my cock now in her face. With her right hand she grabbed its base and started to wank me off slowly but firmly whilst licking up the length and sucking on its head and I felt her left hand slide between my thighs and the tip of her index finger start to gently rub my own arsehole. My legs trembled and i put a hand on the top of her head to steady myself as I felt my cock swell, and she felt it too, because she suddenly pushed her index finger inside my arse, as she pulled her head back, mouth wide open and wanked me hard, directing the first huge jet of cum into her mouth, the next up her cheek nose and eyes, the next over her hair, and then back into her mouth and on her face

“oh fuck” was all I could gasp as I looked down at her laughing, and she gave a little giggle back and a sexy smile as she pushed the spunk out of her mouth with her tongue, and let it dribble down her chin, neck and onto her tits. then using her hand still holding my cock, she used its tip to smear the cum all over her face! God, she looked like the dirtiest slut I’ve ever seen in any video crouching there at my feet still in her stilletto boots Escort Maraş and covered in sweat and cum, her hair a matted mess and a filthy glint in her eye!! She looked up at me and whispered “clean me up with your piss”

Considering I’d just shot a massive wad of spunk, I was still hard, and the fact that she was still playing with my bum wasnt gonna change that, so with a massive strain I managed to squeeze a few drops out and this quickly and easily turned into a full flow. Id expected Jo to close her eyes and mouth, but instead she again opened her mouth wide and directed the jet into it. Then she moved it to spray her face and thoroughly soak her hair as she let the piss run out of her mouth and down onto her tits and pussy and thighs. As my stream died down, she caught the last in her mouth and with a wink, swallowed it down.

Then she went back to sucking my cock, cleaning the mix of piss, cum, lube and her own arse off it, while beginning to wank me hard again! With another quick movement she spun around underneath me again, and spreading her booted legs wide moved back a little and started tonguing my balls and licking around her finger which she’d started to slide in and out of my own arsehole again all the while wanking my cock back to full hardness again. I sank to my knees on top of her, and as she continued her rimming and wanking, I got my first view of clean shaven pussy. Giving it a lick, I wasnt surprised to find it was absolutely dripping and so I thrust 2 fingers straight up as I sucked on her clit and felt her start to spasm as another orgasm shook her body!

Moving round, I repositioned ourselves and slowly slid my rock hard cock into her sopping hot pussy for the first time that afternoon, and we started to fuck each other hard, fingering each others arses and gasping and moaning we spoke absolute filth to each other urging each other to get nastier and kinkier and all the things we were gonna do to each other! Eventually we had a massive climax together, and maybe blacked out for a little while!! As we recovered, we held each other tightly and kissed deeply.

Jo looked at me and said “I meant it, every single word….. I want to be your nasty little anal slut and be your dirty little fuckwhore…… and next time I want it all on film!!!”

Straight away my cock started twitching back to life as I snogged her deeply and promised that I would make her come harder than she ever dreamed possible and this was just the beginning of our relationship!! Breaking away from our kiss, I said “Lets grab a beer and head to the shower to get cleaned up.”

“Good plan,” she giggled, and we headed to the fridge, grabbed a 6 bottle pack of beer and a 2litre bottle of water, and then ran upstairs, only pausing halfway up when she was a few stairs ahead and i reached forward, parted her bumcheeks and started licking her red still slightly open arsehole….. She responded by spreading her pussy lips and let a flow of piss stream over my hair, face, chest and legs……….

We staggered upstairs and into the bedroom, but thats the beginning of another story!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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