Jesse , Norma Ch. 02


Jesse awoke from their post-coital nap, and it was still bright outside. The afternoon had not yet faded into evening, and rays of sun peeked through the west-facing window and bathed his woman in angelic sunlight as she lay sleeping on her side next to him. Norma’s dark hair cascaded across her face. The curve of her breasts flowed into the slope of her waist, followed by the rise of her hips, encompassing her amazing ass. Norma had amazing legs and dainty feet. She was petite, shapely, and sensuous. Jesse had never been attracted to skinny women. Norma was fit, while keeping a lovely curvaceous shape to her. Jesse brushed her long dark hair away from her face and kissed her cheek. Norma smiled and pushed her ass into his manhood.

Jesse’s cock sprung to life as he felt her ass nestle him. He nibbled her ear and began to kiss her neck. Norma moaned quietly and began to turn into him. Jesse continued kissing her neck, now to the front, and began making his way downward. He began to lick her right breast, paying close attention to her perfect nipple and areola while he cupped and fondled her left breast with his right hand. Norma leaned her head up to kiss her man’s ear.

“I love you.” Norma gently whispered. “Show me how much you love me, Corazon.”

Jesse began to kiss his way downward as Norma opened her legs. She had waxed her pussy as a gift for her man, knowing she wanted to please him. Jesse kissed her navel and continued downward. When he arrived at Norma’s Garden of Eden, he kissed her clit and licked her. Norma shuddered in pleasure. She opened her eyes to see her man going down on her, and his rigid cock Sivas Escort was mere inches from her face. Norma reached for her man, pulling his hips, begging him to mount her. Jesse complied without stopping the pleasure he was giving his girl. As he mounted her, Norma engulfed his cock in her mouth. Jesse was stunned by the intensity of the pleasure. Norma pulled his cock into her mouth while she moaned. Jesse sucked on her clit harder, eliciting moans of pleasure as Norma spread her legs wider, wanting more.

Jesse and Norma slowly pleasured each other orally, enjoying physical ecstasy that each of them had dreamed of but hadn’t yet told each other. Jesse could tell that Norma was close. Her juices were flowing, and the salty taste encouraged him to keep going. Norma moaned louder and sucked her man harder as she approached climax. Jesse pulled up her knees, giving himself unfettered access to her Garden. He pushed his tongue as far into her pussy as he could, alternating the tasting of her juices with sucking her clit. When he moved to her clit next, Norma grabbed his ass and pulled him into her Garden hard, her moans now a shriek muffled by his cock in her mouth. She pushed up her hips, and her whole body shook. Jesse continued sucking her clit hard until she stopped shaking. As her climax ended, Jesse removed his still-rigid cock from her mouth. As he turned to face her, he took notice of her beautiful Garden. She was glistening with wetness, and he wanted to be inside her.

Jesse turned, moved up to face his woman, and kissed her. They embraced, and Jesse mounted his woman, pinning her arms above Sivas Escort Bayan her head, Norma’s legs still spread wide to welcome his cock into her Garden. Jesse’s cock found its home, and he thrust deep into her. Norma smiled at him.

“That was amazing, Corazon. Now, give me a baby. Make a child with me. I want your seed inside me every day.” As she spoke, Norma clamped her pussy onto Jesse’s cock, refusing to let him go until she had his seed inside her.

Jesse began to thrust into her, the wetness and tightness of her Garden making him harder than he had ever been. He looked into her eyes, and she returned the stare, submitting to him, wanting him to care for her, wanting to be his wife, his lover, the mother of his children. Jesse could no longer control himself.

“God, Norma, you are so beautiful, so sexy, and you are mine. Only mine. I love you. I want you. Every night. Give me a baby!” As Jesse spoke, his thrusts got harder and harder, Norma’s tits shaking each time. “I want to keep you pregnant, make you my little woman.”

“Yes, Baby. I’m yours. My pussy is yours, any time you want it. My tits are yours to see and taste whenever you please. I’ll give you a whole brood of children, Corazon. I’ll take your name and be your little woman. You can fuck me any time you want. I’ll wear whatever you want. And you can do whatever you want to me. Love me, Baby!”

Jesse was losing control. The combination of her love for him, his love for her, Norma’s submission to him, and her strength as a woman was culminating in this moment of consummation. He kissed her deeply as he pushed Escort Sivas hard into her, their bodies slapping together, the world around them disappearing as they made love. Norma began to shake with another orgasm, her pussy refusing to let her man go, her cervix begging for his seed. She pulled his ass into herself with each thrust. Jesse was out of control as he slammed his cock into her, making her tits bounce wildly. Jesse felt his seed about to explode, and he pushed deeper into her than he thought possible, wanting to plant his seed and impregnate her. He exploded inside her, shooting his seed deep into her womb. Norma wrapped her legs around him to keep him deep inside her, accepting his gift, enjoying the feeling of his many chest crushing her breasts. She milked his seed, wanting every last drop. Jesse stayed inside her, wanting none to leak, loving the feeling of her breasts against his chest.

It may have only been moments, but it felt like an eternity. They lay in bed together, Jesse still inside his woman, both breathing heavily, speechless, yet communicating their love for each other. Jesse’s cock slipped from his woman, and he rolled over, still holding on to Norma, refusing to stop holding her. She nestled in his arms, and they both lay quietly together, enjoying what would be their first of many weekends together.

“Marry me, Norma. Be my wife.”

Normally her man was not that bold, that demanding. He was a giver, more than a taker, and this moment of dominance was what she wanted. She loved his giving nature, his heart, and she wanted to be his submissive wife. “Yes, Corazon. I’ll love you forever.”

They would later stage a proposal that would satisfy their very religious parents, but they each knew that this was the beginning of their building a life together, a family, a future. Inside Norma, a life was beginning, the product of their love for each other.

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