Jenny Ch. 02

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“I can’t wait to see you either, Tommy. It’s been too damn long. I wish I didn’t have a ten page paper due tomorrow, and three tests after that.”

Jenny was talking to me via the Internet, the Sunday before Finals week. It was 10:00 PM, and I was trying to get ready for my tests when she called me. The sight of her lovely, crinkly blond hair got my attention, and she looked happy to see me as well. She was wearing her favorite pink bathrobe, and I could tell by the rustling in the background her roommate was fiddling with something. “We’ll have Friday night, Jen. Mom says she has something special in mind when you come over to trim the tree.”

“Is your dad going to be there?”

“Nope, he’s got to visit Grandma, some legal shit. Mom can’t stand her. Dad and I have to see her separately over the holidays.”

“Aren’t you going to see your dear, old, sweet granny too?” Her voice rose to a raspy, high shriek as she imitated an old women.

“No, I want to 69 with my girlfriend that night.”

She looked around anxiously and gave me a dark look out of the corner of her eye. After a few anxious moments, she got her phone and sent a text to someone. Two seconds later, my cell buzzed with the message, “Careful stupid we aren’t alone.”

I gave an apologetic look and she settled down. “Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?” I asked.

“Some of it. Still got a couple of friends to go. You know what you’re getting, so don’t say anything.”

Still shooting glances across the room, she gave me a quick smile before getting serious again. “You?”

“Oh, I’m pretty much done. UPS is bringing it.”

There was a rustle on the other end, and Jenny’s roommate Doris’ voice came across the room, “You want a pizza, Jen? Just gonna see if anybody else on the floor is up for it.”

“Sure,” Jenny replied.

“K” and with a slam of the door, we were alone.

“Oh, I can’t wait to…” I started.

“Slow down, honey, I know, I know. She’ll be back anytime. Here’s something to tide you over.” She opened her robe and slid it down her shoulders, pulling the front open, then moved the laptop screen down to reveal her perfect tear drop breasts. The nipples were standing up hard, luscious and lickable. I started salivating immediately. “They’re waiting for you, like my dripping clit. I’m hungry for you, baby. Can’t wait to get your man meat…”

Before I could reply, she closed her robe up again just before her roomie returned. “I’m gonna send the order in, Jenny. Plain cheese again?”


“Good. Should be here soon.”

I waited until Doris was occupied again, and said, “Gotta go, Jenny. See you Friday night. Mom’s cooking, and dessert will be special.” She giggled. “Love ya, babe.”

“Love you, babe.” She puckered up to blow me a kiss, sneaking her tongue out for a lick around her lips, before closing the browser window.

There were some light clinks of sleet hitting the windows, so I wondered if we’d have class the next day. Then I remembered: shit, it’s Finals. They’ll have them even if the world is ending.

Before I could get down to work, my Mother waltzed in through the door carrying a tray. The smell was delicious: she’d baked my favorite peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and brought up a huge plate with a big glass of milk. “How’s Jenny?” she said, “Is she going to make it through Finals all right?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Good. I bet that got you nice and hard, didn’t it? Let Mommy see.” It didn’t surprise me she was wearing nothing but a white apron around her waist. Ever since Fall break when she tutored Jenny on the art of oral sex, she usually went around the house naked. She told me she did that all the time until I was three, and only started wearing clothes around the house because she and Dad thought it would warp my development. Dad and I usually wore clothes.

I swiveled in my office chair to face her and she smiled to see the bulge in my pants. “Well, what a good boyfriend you are! Jenny will be happy to see him when she comes home. But Momma’s little boy shouldn’t wait a whole week with this frustration. Let Momma take care of it for you.”

Dad must in bed already, and by the look in Mom’s eye, they probably screwed each other silly before he went to sleep. Mom only Escort Bayan slept about 4 hours a night, and was always doing something. She took it upon herself to do me twice a week, saying it was healthy now that I was sexually active. Normally, she’d suck my cock first thing in the morning before I went to class, coming in like clockwork on Monday and Wednesday mornings. It was nice to wake up with her wonderful lips on my organ. I think she was spying on me, and knew I’d be turned on after talking to Jenny. She did that a lot, too.

Setting the tray down beside me, she pulled a hair band from her wrist and tied her red hair back in a ponytail. Usually she cut it short for the summer and let it grow when the leaves started to turn. It was glossy and luxurious, not quite as much as Jenny’s wonderful mane, but nice. Her skin was Irish white with freckles all over; her bright blue eye were shining with hunger. Kneeling in front of me, she fished my dick out of my sweat pants and licked the head, blinking her blues at me. “Mommy’s already taken care of Daddy, he’s sleeping like a baby. Need to keep my little man happy, too. Eat your cookies before they get cold.”

It was rather unusual, I never heard of anybody getting sucked while eating cookies before. It was damn wonderful, I’ll tell you that, letting the warm, gooey goodness melt in my mouth while my dick was getting rock hard in hers. Her tongue knew every tickling spot on my shaft and balls. I watched her every step of the way, and she put on a show for me. She was a master: this time she kept me going and didn’t take me over the edge until I’d finished my snack before letting me shoot my load in her hungry mouth. Damn, I’d have to make sure she gave Jenny her recipe sometime.

Mom kissed my balls goodnight before standing up and taking the tray. “Don’t stay up too late studying, Tommy. You need your rest if you’re going to do well on those tests.”

“Yes, Mom. ‘Night Mom.”

She gave me a peck on the forehead, ” ‘Night, Tommy. Sweet dreams.” I watched her leave, savoring every freckle and watching her ass twitch as she went through the door. Hell, she even gave me a wiggle before disappearing.

I survived my week’s finals, and Jenny did, too. It seemed like forever from when I woke up on Friday until I picked her up at the train station around dinnertime. Dad was my outbound passenger, and as we got out of the car, he turned to me with a strange look on his face, “Son, your mother and I have a very healthy relationship. You probably know this, but I’m aware of her morning visits to your room and what she’s doing. She’s got a special request for you tonight, and I’d like you to consider doing it seriously. It’s OK for you to do what she wants you to do in my book. She’s been so excited for Jenny to get home, she’s barely able to contain herself.”

“What does she want me to do?” I asked. Damn, I was worried.

“She wants to tell you and Jenny herself when she’s ready. I think she’s already talked with Jenny about it.”

“Damn, do women always do shit like this: make plans and not tell us?”

He smiled and shook his head. “Get used to it, son. Just hope that in future it’s always a good surprise. Remember me, I’ve got to talk your grandmother into signing some stuff she doesn’t want to sign. See you, Sunday.”

“Dad,” I said as he started to get on the train. “Should I be worried?”

He smiled and shook his head no. Right after he disappeared into one car, Jenny bounded down the steps from the next one back, laden with three suitcases and a couple of bags. They all went to the pavement as she jumped into my arms and gave me a kiss that took my breath away. She wore a winter coat with a long, Dr. Who scarf, and fuzzy earmuffs that let her lovely hair stream out behind her. “Miss me?” she said after letting go of my lips.

“Da. Let me get your bags.” I took the suitcases as she collected no fewer that four bags and we started back to the house. “I want to pull over and make out with you before I get you home.”

“Nope,” she said coyly, a twinkle in her eye. “We go straight to my house and we aren’t staying even though my folks are out of town for the weekend. We drop the bags off and go straight to your house. You’ll be glad we did.” No threat. promise Bayan Escort or playing with her panties one handed in the car could change her mind, so we whisked through our stop to unload and headed straight home.

Great smells came out of the kitchen, and Mom had a wonderful soup for us with crusty bread. She was dressed (thank God!) festively in a short red dress with a green sash around the waist and black heels. A red hat with elf ears sat on her head. Jenny was wearing a similar outfit under her coat, putting on a hat similar to Mom’s, and I started fearing for my life. Mom had left me alone all week after the milk and cookies blowjob, so they were expecting me to produce. Or tease the shit out of me, or both.

After dinner, we went into the living room, lit only by the Christmas tree and a couple of candles on the fireplace, and Mom brought out a red bag. “Tommy, there’s something else I’d like to try tonight, something I’ve always enjoyed that you’ve never known about. I know you’ve seen it on the Internet. I’m into bondage.”

I looked at Jenny, who gave me a knowing look. Mom started unloading her toys and continued. “I like being tied up, restrained just about any way there is. The night you were conceived your father tied my wrists and ankles to the bedposts.”

“Crap. I didn’t want to know that.”

Mom continued as nothing were strange. “I thought it would be fun for you to restrain me and let me watch you and Jenny make out. I’ve seen it before, and Jenny’s agreed. The only thing I want you to do is tickle me when you’re done; I absolutely adore being tickled when I’m tied up, especially my swollen tits.”

“Where do you want to be tied up?” Jenny asked.

“Surprise me,” Mom answered.

We’d just put up the Christmas tree the night before, and there was a little room beside it. I got a stool from the bar and put it next to the tree. “We can do it here, with you sitting up. Maybe we could wrap a little tinsel around you, a strand of lights, an ornament or two? Like a second Christmas tree.”

Mom’s eyes lit up. “That’s my boy, I love it! You can cuff my hands behind my back; I can take it longer there. I’ll be your second Christmas tree. You want to get started?”

“Can we tie you up naked?”

She out of her dress in a flash, but I made her keep the hat. There was a long green rope in the bag, and she instructed us in how to bind her hands and tie her legs to the barstool. The last of the rope went around her tits, and she wanted them tied tight. We kept the heels. Jenny absolutely giggled like a maniac as she wrapped a couple strands of tinsel around my mother, and I followed with a spare string of lights, which I wrapped around her boobs. There was a ball gag in the bag as well, and which went into her mouth.

“Will the lights get too hot on her skin?” Jenny asked.

“No, these are energy savers, LEDs. Mom had us wear them for the family Christmas picture last year, and made us sit through a 45 minute session before she got the pose she wanted.”

Jenny and I were under the mistletoe hung from the center ceiling fan, and I treated her to a long French kiss. On a whim, I started kneading her ass, and she ground into my body in acceptance. A look over at Mom showed she was enjoying it. I pulled the bottom of her dress up, and noticed she was wearing green panties. My hands went inside, and Jenny’s tongue went all the way in my mouth. Her thigh was rubbing up against my balls and my cock got hard.

We broke and I spun her around to unzip her dress. Her bra was green as well. My hands shot up and under to cup her breasts and she leaned back against me, putting her hands on my head and turning to kiss my jaw. The strand of lights around Mom’s tits started blinking. I got tired of this and pulled the bra up to get my paws on Jenny’s titflesh, two scoops of deliciousness. Her nipples hardened and I started squeezing them. Her hand reached around and started massaging my package through my pants.

The clasp was undone, and I threw it at Mom when it came off. The bra landed on her left shoulder, and a little of her saliva was dripping down on her legs. Jenny spun around and knelt, pulling my pants and shorts down in one movement, my cock springing to attention as it was exposed. Escort “I envy you, Mrs. Strickland. You’ve gotten to savor this nice cock for a couple of months now, while I only got to dream about it. Dream about its taste, its rubbery feel in my mouth, its slickness in the palm of my hand.” She started to stroke it, and Mom moaned a little. Jenny smiled exposing her braces, “I’m gonna make him cum on my braces. You wanna see that?”

“Mmm, mmm!”

Jenny started licking the shaft, putting on a good show, then moved down to work on my balls. It was like a dare: sticking your nuts in a mousetrap and pulling them out before it snapped shut on you. She gave me a little teeth before sucking the head into her mouth and running her tongue all over the corona. “Damn, that girl is good! Thanks for teaching her so well, Mom.”

“Hmm, mmm-mmm!” By the look in Mom’s eyes, she was getting into it as well. She had a little room to rub her thighs against each other, and her lower lips were damp.

“Oh hell, she’s sucking me all the way in. I don’t know if I can take it.” My hands went to Jenny’s head, where I buried them in her luxurious tresses. My pelvis started thrusting and she let me fuck her face. I knew Mom would want to see me shoot my load on her lips, so just before I climaxed, I pulled out. Jenny pumped me hard, taking everything I gave her, smearing the semen on her lips, getting it on her braces. Mom was going nuts, shaking on her stool. My girlfriend pumped me dry, licking the last drops off like an ice cream cone, and moving over to show her the goo up close.

It was Jenny’s turn. She sat on a foot stool, lit by warm candles on one side and flashing Christmas lights on the other, her legs parted and her goodness moist at the promise of my arrival. I started kissing her thighs right away, my hands reaching up to squeeze her breasts as she liked, playing with her slit but not committing to it right away. Mom moaned in the corner: envious, I guess. I circled in, and soon my tongue was inside my lady love, making her squirm. I could tell she was getting ready to peak, so I slowed down a little. “Let’s sixty-nine,” I said. “I bet Mom wants to see that.”

“Huh huh huh huh hmm, mmm-mmm!” I was getting hard again, and I pulled off my clothes to settle naked on the rug, my cock standing straight up in the air. Jenny climbed on top, her knees next to my ears, and soon her lovely mouth captured my stiff pecker again. She played with my balls as she sucked, and as she got closer her cocksucking got more intense. From the sounds in the corner, Mom was going through something extraordinary, too, and I thought I heard her hit the high note of an orgasm.

“She’s really getting off on this,” Jenny said, coming up for air. I replied by attacking her clit and she let out a yip of delight before sucking me in again. It wasn’t long before we both orgasmed, her flood arriving just before mine.

After breathing a bit, I took the gag out of Mom’s mouth. “That was wonderful children, simply wonderful. You’re going to have a long, happy life together if you want it.”

“Is there anything we can do for you, Mrs. Strickland? You into anything in particular when you’re tied up?”

“Just take the feather out of the bag and tickle me with it. You’ll also find a dildo: when I ask for it, shove it in all the way and pump it until I come.”

I took the feather and looked at Mom. Her tits were turning a very light red, but when I rubbed the end of the feather across her nipple, she let out a little yelp. Going all over very lightly, I had her shuddering and quivering enough I was afraid she’d fall off the stool. Jenny undid some of the ropes, and we led her over to the couch to sit down, her hands and boobs still bound. I kept teasing her tits and she went nuts, thrashing and rolling around, but I knew she didn’t want me to let up. Her legs parted, and I could see she was extremely wet. Jenny handed me the dildo and I thrust it in: it was ten inches long and very thick, but it went in easily. Fifteen seconds of thrusting and she hit the high note on her orgasm scale.

We untied her and she laid down flat on the couch, breathing heavily and sweating. I laid down on the floor and Jenny came into my arms: I made a pocket for her to use my left shoulder as a pillow while I tickled her left nipple with the feather. Her hair smelled wonderful, and even after two shots my pecker stirred with interest. “You need to rest, Tommy,” Mom said. “We’ve got all weekend.”

“Merry Christmas, Jenny. Merry Christmas, Mom.”

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