Jason Hits The Jackpot Ch. 1


Chapter 1 – Entrapment

Jason Watkins watched the tousled head of Mrs Ann Meecham as it bobbed up and down on his hard throbbing prick. One of her hands cupped his balls and the other stroked his shaft. This time Jason was determined not to shoot his load so quickly.

He could hardly believe that less than an hour ago he was cutting the lawn for this delectable business woman. He had been cutting a neighbours lawn this Friday morning when he was hailed by this lady in a smart business suit, A lady he guessed to be about a little older than his mother who was in her late thirties. She had introduced herself as Ann Meecham and asked if he could cut her lawn for her and now she was sucking his prick for him. No business suit now, she was buck naked apart from her hold up stockings.

When Jason had cut half the lawn on this hot afternoon she had called him to the kitchen. He was surprised to find her in a towelling robe and she explained she was just off for a shower but thought he might like a cooling drink. As she turned the robe opened and he found himself looking at her huge tits with dark brown nipples and a pussy mound covered in black fleecy curls. She was wearing a pair of black self supporting stockings that did nothing to detract from his view of this mature womans cunt. He had no control over his cock, immediately it hardened tenting the front of his shorts.

“Well, hello, what have we here” she had purred,” I am so sorry that my robe came open but I see you appreciate the view.” Walking over she’d put a hand on his hard cock.”Ooh now thats a beauty, let’s have a closer look. Deftly unzipping his fly Ann Meecham had released his hard prick from his uindershorts, the head was already smooth and purple as she leaned forward and took it in her mouth.

‘Ooooooooh,ooooooooh Noooooooooooo Oooooooh yesssssss” yelled Jason as his control disappeared and he pumped the sticky fluid into her sucking mouth.

“Oh I’m sorry, I’m sorry oh dear.” Sobbed the disheartened youth.

“No matter, was that your first time?” Jason nodded miserably.

Ann Meecham smiled, “Much better than wanking isn’t it,” she said, “how old are you, 17, 18, and your first experience of having your cock sucked.”

The use of such words excited Jason even more and he stuttered that he was 18, . “Come on, lets go upstairs, I think you will last longer next time and then perhaps you would like to fuck me.” She said.

Taking him by the hand she led him upstairs to what was niğde escort obviously her bedroom. She saw him looking around. “Its alright Jason, No husband to jump out on you, I am, divorced and believe me it is a long time since I had such a lovely hard big cock as yours in my mouth or fucking me in my cunt for that matter.”

The use of such crude language not only startled him but excited him too, he wondered if his mother ever called her vagina, a ‘cunt’ or referred to sex as ‘fucking’

Quickly Ann removed his ‘T’ shirt and his shorts and undershorts and pushed him back on the bed.

Now he was enjoying the sensation of her tongue a second time and then she moved around and straddled his face, he was looking up at her pussy and now he noticed the labia was truly engorged and shining with her juices, the aroma of musky sex invaded his nostrils and without a seconds thought he stuck out his tongue and licked her. He heard her surprised groan and a whispered ‘Please’ He stuck his tongue between the sticky lips and then noticed the engorged flesh at the apex of her cunt. he knew what it was but had never seen one before and Ann’s clit was big. He licked it and the clitoris emerged from its hood, pink and hard like a little prick and Jason obeying his instincts, sucked on it.

“Oh oh yesss yes oh God yess, no no” he wondered what he had done wrong, but Ann was gabbling. “No no don’t, I want your prick in me before I ‘cum’ I want you to fuck me.” Turning around again she spread her legs and holding his hard cock upright sank down on it taking the whole of his 9 inches straight into her hungry cunt.

Jason was surprised at the fury of her fucking and soon she was yelling out that she was about to cum. her own fingers were rubbing her clit as she sank down hard on Jason dick at the same moment that the young man’s prick erupted a second time, this time flooding her cunt with his rich cream instead of her mouth. “OH God what a very naughty boy you are forcing me to enjoy your lovely cock.” They both laughed.

They lay side by side for some time and Ann told him she hoped he would visit her again.

“Oh Mrs Meecham” he gasped, “I should love to.”

“Next weekend then, will that be OK? Your family not going away for the holiday weekend? One thing, I don’t think you addressing me as Mrs Meecham sounds right after me sucking your cock and then you giving me a good fuck, do you.?” she laughed.

“I can arrive on Friday again ordu escort or Saturday whichever you wish, yes my Dad, mom and grandma are going down to our summer home for a long weekend. It’s in the wilds near Montcalm, my God, it’s so dreary, no-one around for miles and no other town or even village after Montcalm.”

“Oh Friday then, OK now you had better get home you dont want your mother worrying as to where you are and Jason have a shower before you go, even mothers know what cum and cunt juice smells like you know.” She said with a laugh.

Twenty minutes later, the lawn still only half finished, Jason leapt onto his cycle and rode home. As he disappeared down the road a rather flushed couple emerged from the second bedroom.

The woman was in her early 30’s, the man black, was younger. “Wow Mom” said the younger woman,” Did you have to go so far, I was rubbing off like crazy in there and Clive must have shot his load about three times.”

Ann Meecham smiled at her daughter. “Did you see the size of his cock, LIsa, no way was I going to miss out on that, anyway, did you get what we need?”

“Oh yes” it was the turn of the young man, “we can edit what was said and if we need to use it we will. You are sure that it was Lawrence Watkin, Jason’s grandfather who swindled your father?”

Ann Meecham nodded. “Yes, I am positive, now what are you going to do with the tape?”

Her daughter laughed,” Oh I think we can add it to your porno collection mother, its the sound track we are after. When we have edited it, you will be heard to say, ‘No no no, don’t fuck me’ and then “Oh God, you are forcing me, oh your cock no”

“Good” said her mother, “then what”

“Oh dont worry, we will be waiting for that family up at Montcalm, what will you be doing, surely you wont be fucking him again. Put a note on the door that you have been called away, the place is only rented and you used a false name anyway.”

Ann Meecham smiled, “We’ll see, he has a lovely cock and I would love him to fuck me again.”

“Oh Mom, what about Clive, you love his 10 inches of black meat in your hot cunt, you can have him.”

“Darling your husband is great, I love him fucking me in fact why dont the three of us have a good session now I am really hot for it. and you must be too.”

Lisa took her mother in her arms and both women slid their tongues in and out, round and round each others mouth. Lisa pulled away momentarilly, but only osmaniye escort to shrug out of the shift she was wearing. She was naked underneath. Meanwhile Clive removed his shirt and trousers and sat back his gigantic cock in his hand as he watched his wife and his mother-in-law, having fallen back on the large king-size bed kiss and fondle each other, playing with nipples kissing and then sucking their nipples and then very quickly moving into the 69 position on the bed. Lisa was on top, her legs spreads whilst her mother held her lips open and licked at her daughters cunt, reaching up and sucking on the younger woman’s clit. Clive could stand it no longer, he walked to the bed, his long hard dick bouncing and almost rigid against his flat stomach. Lisa was busy licking and sucking at her mother who had opened her legs wide to allow Lisa to get her face well into her crotch. Ann looked up and saw the large black cock pointing straight up in the air, the large black sac of her son-in-laws balls in front of her face. Talking hold of his gigantic dick she gently eased it forward until the hard round plum coloured helmet was opposite to her daughters cunt. She wiped his prick up and down Lisa’s crease a few times and then lined it up to the waiting cunt. Lisa was wide open wet from her own juices and mer mother’s licking. Clive lunged forward burying the length of his cock deep into his wife who gave a gurgle and immediately pushed back against her husband taking his prick full length.

As Clive fucked her daughter, Ann licked and reamed her cunt and his prick and balls then as Clive increased the pace of his stroke, obviously his previous playing whilst watching Ann and Jason had brought him to the brink sooner than he preferred. Ann recognised the moment. and reaching up stuck one finger into her daughters arse and one into Clive, both roared and began to ‘cum’. Avidly licking away at her mother, Lisa quickly sucked her clit into her mouth and nipping it between her teeth she pushed her finger into her mothers arse. The Oohs and Aargh and Fucks resounded through the bedroom as the three sexually charged people shuddered to an orgasm.

Clive pulled his cream covered prick out of his wife cunt with a ‘plop’ and Ann quickly seized on it, taking it into her mouth, almost gagging but managing to take most of the ‘cum’ off the shaft and head before she turned her attention to her daughters satisfied cum that was leaking her juices mixed with her husbands ‘cum’.

After showering they sat around, and planned the kidnapping they intended to engineer the following weekend, to take in Jason’s mother, father and grandmother, being aware that the grandmother was none other than Mrs Lawrence Watkins, the widow of the man who, so Ann Meecham believed, robbed her father.

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