Jason and Dayce Ch. 01


“Here Dayce.”

Jason handed me the plant. It was a thing with thick vines with bright purple flowers placed here and there on the wrist-thick vines. I looked at it and than up at my best friend.

“What do you want me to do with it?” I asked him.

“Take care of it for a few days.”

He begged me with puppy dog eyes. I rolled my eyes at him. He always gave me the puppy dog look when he really wanted something because he knew it always worked on me.

Damn. He knew me so well. But not well enough, I reminded myself. He still didn’t know I had been in love with him since junior high. That had been years ago. I had told him I was gay in high school, so he knew that.

It had surprised me that it hadn’t freaked him out too much. He had just looked at me and than said that he wasn’t helping find me a boyfriend. I had laughed even though his words had ripped a bigger hole in my chest.

Guess it was too much to ask for him to be my boyfriend.

“Fine, how long do you want me to take care of it then?,” I asked him after agreeing like he knew I would.

“A week, I am having some remodeling done and I am not going to be able to take care of it.”

I smiled at him. We both had come a long way from going to school together. Both of us had our own houses and jobs. He’s an author of erotic novels that he had no idea I knew about. My job is a video game creator.

Though my games are for the definite 18+ group. Some have even been based off of his novels.

But, neither of us though has found gaziantep escortlar anybody to settle down with. My reasons were obvious and I guess he still hasn’t found the one.

“Thanks, Dayce. Hey can I come over the night after tomorrow?” He asked as I walked over to my car to put the plant in my passenger side seat.

“Yeah, come on over. I’ll feed you.”

He pumped his fist in the air. I rolled my eyes but thought it was cute when he did that. For some reason he loved my cooking. But then he was the only one to try it. I only cooked for him.

We chatted for a while and then he said he had to go and ran off towards his car. I got in my car and sat thinking for a few minutes. I needed to get over him. I really did.

I started my car, shaking my head at my naïvete. I pulled out of the club’s parking area and headed home, missing the twitching the plant beside me started doing.


Jason rubbed his hands together as he watched his best friend’s car leave the parking area. Phase 1 of the plan was complete. His best friend was going to enjoy his little magic laden gift.

Jason just wished he would be there to watch. It would be glorious. His cock hardened as he thought about all that pale skin covered in sweat and the sounds Dayce would make as he’s tortured with pleasure.

Jason groaned. If he wasn’t careful he was going to come just thinking about it and then he would have to drive home all uncomfortable.

He thought to the first time he saw Dayce. It had been the beginning of junior high and it had been love at first sight for him. Dayce had stood there in the lunch line oblivious to the appreciative looks thrown his way by both girls and guys.

Dayce’s golden brown hair had kept falling into his gold eyes because of its length. He had been slightly shorter than some of the other guys there at 5′ 6″. He had only grown two inches in high school so he now stood at 5′ 8″.

He had always had a runner build. That had never changed. Well that and Dayce’s intelligence. Jason had always thought it was adorable when he started talking his nerd way.

Compared to him, Jason had always felt to big and muscular. Jason looked down at his 6′ 3″ muscle-bound frame and sighed.

Maybe if he was better looking then Dayce would look at him. Jason was bisexual, unlike Dayce who was fully gay.

Jason had never told Dayce for fear of him finding out about his feelings for Dayce. Besides Jason didn’t think that Dayce was into being a submissive. But he had decided to take a chance.

He didn’t want to lose his best friend but he was at his limit. And he never saw Dayce date,so Jason knew he wouldn’t have a lover.

After being in love with Dayce for a good dozen years, Jason figured at 26, he couldn’t get any more pathetic. He may as well try to see if his feelings could be in any way returned and if they are to go ahead.

If Dayce couldn’t handle his dominant tendencies then he would take what he could get from him.

Jason started his car and headed home. He needed a cold shower, icicle cold. If his plan worked then he would also need to clean up his house and get everything ready. He wanted everything perfect.

Dayce would want for nothing if he chose to love Jason. After all Jason was filthy rich from his ongoing erotic novel-writing career. He just needed someone to spend the money on. And he really wanted that person to be Dayce.

Jason turned into his driveway. He parked his car in his garage, closed the doors with the remote and headed into his house through the door in the back of the garage. He kicked of his shoes at the door knowing Sandra, his cleaning woman, would take his head off if there was mud in the deep carpet pile.

He dropped his clothes as he walked across his living room. He looked at the pictures on the mantle. There were eight picture frames and they were all the same person, Dayce.

He continued on, walking through the hallway that led to his suite. He opened the door at the end and after going through it, closed it behind him. He looked down at his bobbing cock.

He was hard enough to use it as a god damn crutch. All from just seeing Dayce and imagining something sexual about him. It wasn’t even that perverted either. Because it could have been much worse. Like ball gag, restraints and a riding crop across Dayce’s spectacular tight ass worse.

Shit, that’s what he got for imagining that. He was even harder. Pre-cum was steadily weeping from his cockhead. Now he didn’t need a cold shower, he needed a thirty-second masturbation.

He sighed at his own pathetic self. He really hoped Dayce enjoyed his gift. If he did then, then Jason might have a chance.

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